The Linux desktop is dead, according to Miguel de Icaza

I must confess that I don't like him Miguel de Icaza, a man who has had his merits for many jobs / projects that he has developed, but on the other hand, for me (and mind that is my opinion), loses a lot because of its double standards.

Image taken from Wikipedia

I do not know him at all, only what I have read and what is publicly known. Let's see some of the most relevant projects of Miguel de Icaza quoting Wikipedia:

Among his contributions is the founding of the project GNOME, the file or files controller Midnight commander, Gnumeric, the component model Bonobo and the platform Mono...

He is currently the Vice President of Development at Novell (the US company that acquired your company in the 2003) and directs the Mono projectIn addition to participating in multiple conferences for the dissemination or promotion of free software at an international level.

So far everything is very nice, except for two things: MONKEY , which I do not just see with good eyes and again quoting Wikipedia:

His reputation as a programmer earned him an expense-paid trip to the offices of Microsoft for a job interview, which he used to preach the advantages of free software to the manufacturer of Windows.

What I want to highlight is not the fact that you wanted to work for Microsoft under the excuse of promoting and preaching about Free Software, but the simple fact that How a man who has been so relevant to The OpenSource Community, who, according to what he says, is dedicated to talking beautifully about Free Software, and who is also a creator of one of the most popular Desktop Environments, get down to it now that if the OS X Desktop has killed off desktop GNU / Linux?

I repeat, I don't know him at all, but he has always given me the impression of being a rich kid who secretly adores Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, while trying to show that he loves Free Software.

As he says he likes the change he has made Gnome, and although I support something that sometimes there is too much fragmentation between projects and desktop developers in GNU / Linux, I do not agree at all about that OS X has killed / removed the desktop from GNU / Linux.

I have seen and read many posts talking about the accessibility of desktops. GNU / Linux Compared to Windows y OS X, and still no one has convinced me that these last two are better, quite the opposite. In fact, I understand that OS X is highly customizable, but does not reach the level of detail that is achieved with KDE for example.

Maybe I understood all this wrong, maybe since I am not an expert in English, I did not understand the article idea of Icaza, but I am left with the last sentence he wrote in it:

That day I stopped feeling guilty about my new found love for OSX.

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  1.   tavo said

    One thing is the moral conduct of Miguel de Icaza that I think we should separate from what he expresses in the article and to be honest I share a great deal.
    Fragmentation does not necessarily lead to freedom and vice versa, you can collaborate in a free development instead of creating a similar or almost identical one, just for the fact of heading your own venture.
    So we see how, thanks to this, nomadism slows down or even promising projects disappear. I believe that you can throw yourself to the same side without sacrificing freedoms… .only that implies being a little less selfish.

  2.   auroszx said

    Well, if I understood your article correctly, it also talked about the bad backward compatibility of Linux packages. He gives as an example that old Windows XP programs can continue to be used in Windows 8, the same with old OSX and the most current ones. That and other things ee

    1.    elav said

      I can't tell if Windows XP programs work on Windows 8 or vice versa. The problem with Linux programs and their different versions are dependencies. What solution could be given to that?

      1.    auroszx said

        If they work, the typical compatibility mode. And yes, dependencies represent a backward compatibility issue. The point is that new versions of some library should be able to support old packages. After all, they should have almost the same code.
        Another option, I suppose, would be to include several versions of a library (or dependency) so that any program can be executed without problems.
        Now, Icaza talks about the kernel and its drivers too. Over time old devices are thrown away ... no idea about this.

        1.    elav said

          Now, Icaza talks about the kernel and its drivers too. Over time old devices are thrown away ... no idea about this.

          I think he was referring to OS X and Windows, which got confused .. ¬¬

          1.    auroszx said

            [quote] »… but when I got to the cable speakers, I just skipped it.

            Why bother setting up the audio?

            It will likely break again and will force me to go on a hunting expedition to find out more than I ever wanted to know about the new audio system and the drivers technology we are using. »[/ Quote]

            In Spanish it would be…
            [quote] »… But when I was going to connect the speakers, I simply preferred not to.

            Why bother setting up the audio?

            It will probably break (stop working) again and I will have to do more research than I ever want to know about the new audio system and driver technology we are using today. "[/ Quote]

            So I guess you just don't like Linux anymore and went to OSX considering it an easy platform to develop without getting too involved. There he ...

          2.    elav said

            But I don't know what the hell you mean, if I've never had to change audio or anything like that, what do you mean, that in OS X everything works the first time? Of course, it has to be like that, when the OS works and is optimized on a specific Hardware ..

            I would like to see an OS X do what Linux does, work on any Hardware ...

          3.    Edward Medina said

            I'd like to see Apple develop a system that is capable of running across many devices and environments.

            Nobody remembers the failure of Apple in its attempts to break into servers and supercomputers.

        2.    perseus said

          Icaza talks about the kernel and its drivers as well. That over time old devices are thrown away

          In that he is absolutely right, but it must also be impossible to maintain a kernel where there are so many drivers available.

          The wisest thing would be external packages or dependencies ¬.¬ '

      2.    v3on said

        XP programs do work in 8, checked, and yes not, there is "compatibility mode" but not all 8 in XP

        1.    kennatj said

          Well, I can't play on W8 so it won't be all the xD programs

        2.    truko22 said

          I can't use webcam, scanner and other devices that worked perfectly in XP on W8 because the drivers are not available for W8

        3.    commentator said

          They also work in wine; I've tested 8 and 9 year old windows programs, and they work great with different versions of wine.

      3.    frame said

        the issue of backward compatibility would not give problems if the programs would bring the libraries they need, of course any program would weigh over 20 MB, but it is not like that in windows ???

        = mind x it is generally not a problem to install old packages on a new OS, but the problem is when you want to install new packages on old OS

        1.    Hugo said

          Well, sometimes if there are problems, if for example one wants to use an old application that uses old libraries incompatible with the current ones, this happened to me with an application written for an archaic version of GTK that I had no way to make it work with Debian Lenny.

      4.    n3storm said

        If a person, company or organization really needs to use a version of a program that only exists for certain versions, they have quite a few options:

        - the fastest: install any emulator and emulate the distro in the version that the application needs

        - the most elegant: update the application from 10 years ago to the current dependencies

        In between I can think of more ... but come on, using code from 12 years ago with all its flaws seems crazy to me, is it really an advantage?

        In linux there are programs (of the important ones) that have become so outdated? Or is it a use case that is very difficult to come up with and simply serves to defend your position with arguments that seem likely?

        1.    Juan Carlos said

          In addition, generally the most used Linux applications are updated almost at the same rate as distributions, such as LibreOffice and browsers, for example. And as for the old programs, how much time did we spend with Gimp until they updated to 2.8? And in all the distros, as their new versions came out, it could continue to be used.

          As you mentioned, using code from 12 years ago is not only crazy, it's totally stupid. Let's see if this man finds a fool trying to install Word 6 on Windows 7; the "bad backward compatibility of Linux packages" would have to be inserted into one of those holes where sunlight does not shine….

          1.    Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

            I don't know what it's all about but once when I didn't know anything about linux, I wanted to put Office 2000 on an old computer with Windows 2007 and I couldn't and that Office 2003 was heavier than Office 2007.


    2.    Edward Medina said

      I know I'm late, but Mr. Icaza forgot to jump from PowerPC to Intel, which forced many Mac users to spend a pasture just to have support.

      But of course, it's Apple, we can forgive it.

    3.    Edward Medina said

      I know I'm very late, but I'm surprised that no one remembers the trauma that the jump from PowerPC to Intel was for many Mac users, having to invest a lot of money because their applications were no longer backward compatible.

      I flip with the myopia of people when they talk about Apple, and it is how they are very cool because they are forgiven everything.

  3.   chrisnepite said

    "GNOME Founder Says Linux Desktop Is Dead"
    "GNOME flavor of Ubuntu arrives on October 18"


    What's going on here?

  4.   oberost said

    Miguel, you did a great job with Gnome and we will always be grateful to you.

    But now you've made a choice with Apple, so lucky, you're going to need it

  5.   oberost said

    By the way, you have noticed that with that thinness, the black clothes, that gesture of hands and the type of neck is nailed to Steve Jibs

    1.    elav said

      Look at this photo and draw your own conclusions ...

  6.   diazepam said

    one cannot simply do an article on miguelito el panqueque.

  7.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    RIP Linux Desktop

    I have always said and maintained that so much fragmentation does not help Linux, it is scattered in 1000 battles….

    In Linux, the freedom of choice is enormous and is appreciated, but that same freedom confronts us and will kill us.

    There is no more blind than someone who does not want to see.

    1.    vicky said

      But erm, I didn't know when the linux desktop died? Date and time please. That I keep using it and it works very well for me. As long as there are people who use it I believe that it is not dead. That he has problems, yes. Which is not popular, well. But being dead is not.

      1.    elav said


    2.    dwarf said

      There are many options, but how many of them really have the potential to hold their own over time? Almost none and at the desktop level the only ones that are seen to last for a long time and dominate are, first of all KDE and second Unity, which I'm almost sure either totally forks Gnome or manages to make something of its own ... Why what do I say? Okay:

      KDE has the largest community of all and has support from half the world; its technologies are growing rapidly and it is based on QT, the technology par excellence for desktops… it will not die.

      Unity… You have Canonical and your income is simple: money = power.

      Everything else has a better chance of crashing, maybe not so XFCE because of its small code and its adoption, but even the SolusOS attempt can fail.

      Although all this does not mean that Linux is going to die because of its fragmentation ... today one dies, tomorrow it will be taken up again and forked 3 times; it is like a Hydra.

      1.    perseus said

        IDEM 🙂

      2.    CANNON said

        IDEM +1

      3.    commentator said

        Do you have a crystal ball? o Are you simply saying what you want to happen?

    3.    elynx said

      Totally agree with you Yoyo, with so many options, so many alternatives and in the end it only settles for a while and nothing more.

      I think Linux developers should focus on making an effort all together, so I think they will do a great and great job! 🙂


      1.    ferchmetal said

        Why should everyone focus on the same job if I can choose a cake with a different flavor? Ubuntu has done an enormous but enormous job so that what you say happens and people are not distracted so much by other distributions, but I at least personally like Ubuntu a lot but there are other distros that really surprise me and I use them too You cannot stay in the same place as Windows and Mac do, or look right now that they bring out the new Windows 8 the little star that old Windows users who prefer windows xp all their lives, with their desktop of all the Life, oh yes, we cannot be delighted to say that Linux should be only 1 and nothing else, because precisely that is what free software is based on in the great freedom of the user to choose what he most appeals to him. Cheers!

    4.    ferchmetal said

      GNU / Linux Desktop is 100% alive and I know because I have been using Linux for more than 7 years and I have tried all the desktops, GNOME, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, OPENBOX, ETC, ETC and all, I have liked all a lot, when you say that ah died it is because there is not even support or anything to keep it working but on the contrary all are still wonderful despite their differences, linux desktops are for all tastes no matter what, also if was dead we would all be putting commands on a black screen without a cursor or icons or anything, in short.
      although it hurts many GNU / Linux, it gives a very, very big kick to Windows and Mac.

  8.   Mr Linux. said

    We, in these forums, have a name for this class of people: Troll

  9.   v3on said

    I believe that Bill is an excellent person, not just anyone revolutionizes the toilets, and that Steve, despite the fact that he did some things that some called "incorrect", carried out his company and that is more important than what some say

    something else, indeed, the linux desktop is dead, end users hate linux, it doesn't serve them, and that's not my opinion, it's the truth

    admiring these people, saying that the linux desktop is dead and preferring open source makes me a double moral person?

    1.    elav said

      On what do you base to say that the Desktop in Linux is dead? Please someone tell me what OS X does that KDE, Gnome or even Xfce can't do ...

      1.    v3on said

        you are right there is nothing you cannot do with OS X that cannot be done with another system or environment, you know it, I know it, and other Linux users know it

        now tell others, SMEs, schools, individuals, end users, and there you will realize how dead it is

        linux on smartphones - BINGO !!! thanks android n_n
        linux on servers - BINGO !!! thanks debian, centos, and a long etc.
        linux on desktop - ammm n_n »ubuntu, fedora, mint? ok, tell them they have to put their hands on the terminal so that the system is at 100 and you will see the face they make you

        that's what I base on

        1.    elav said

          Look, I understand your point of view very well, because from my own experience I had to confront a whole school with the issue of migration. Of course, if you give a user a distribution so that they can manage as they can, it will feel strange, but if you give it to them already everything is ready, things change.

          There are many, many people I know who, after using GNU / Linux, have not even wanted to go back to Windows, but they didn't have to face a terminal at first, because I gave them everything ready .. Do you understand what I mean?

          1.    truko22 said

            I think elav is absolutely right, in addition GNU / Linux desktop is having a lot of boom in public institutions but because you save cost, every day there are many who know it and every day it is easier to use, install and maintain by new users. Also GNU / Linux every day shows to grow in all sectors and apparently many are scared by this, for example that gnome, unty, kde every day are treading harder.

    2.    dwarf said

      In fact, if it is double standards ... because you like open source but you criticize the major open source developments and say they are dead when in fact many things you see on OS X or Windows come directly from KDE.

      1.    v3on said

        As a user of these, I am in toooooodo my right to judge, criticize and say, because if they are not made for users then for whom?

    3.    sieg84 said

      users hate what they don't know how to use, and that applies to any OS

  10.   Hugo said

    One of two (or both):
    - Miguel de Icaza is a dung
    - Miguel de Icaza is looking for a self-justification to start developing mainly for other platforms

    As for those who believe that the diversity or fragmentation of Linux is one of its disadvantages, how far would they be willing to maintain this position?

    Because nature itself has shown us that evolution / mutation (read fragmentation / bifurcation in computer terms) is good, or otherwise at this point we would still be molecular chains, fungi or something like that, and we would not be debating this issue because life (if it exists) it would be much, much simpler. 😉

    1.    elav said

      Jojojo ... I like that of dung ... On the second point, I had not seen it from that point of view, of course that can be an excellent excuse ... ¬¬


  11.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    If Linux were to unite on 2 major fronts, deb, rpm, Gnome, Kde, and just a couple of powerful distros, it could cope with Windos and Mac OS X

    Now with so many Linux distro, so many troublesome fragmentation and package differences, dependencies and so on, we're just a huge rambunctious bunch of geeks.

    That is the reality it hurts who it hurts.

    That we like being geeks is another thing.

    1.    elav said

      If Linux did that compa, then we would stop being 1 or 2% to become 0.05%.

      The possibility of choice is precisely what many users have brought to GNU / Linux. Remember that not everyone has the same possibilities, and creating the two great fronts as you say, would be more than a solution, a problem for those with fewer possibilities and resources.

      If you make a single, complete, perfect Desktop Environment, then you would be putting things that would increase consumption and that many users would not use. Why do you think there are so many lovers of Openbox, Fluxbox, LXDE or Xfce, being able to use Gnome or KDE?

      1.    Yoyo Fernandez said

        The faithful users of Windows, to each new version that required better hardware have been changing as they have been able to afford it

        Those of Mac OS X the same….

        Those of Linux have to do the same as the distros and their requirements grow, each one within their means ... it's time to banish that Linux is for the poor.

        Where do you go these days with a fluxbox or tilling manager or window manager?

        That's what I mean.

        1.    Hugo said

          That depends a lot on the economic reality that one lives and also on the needs and / or preferences of the user. I have been using Debian on a P4 Dual Core 3 GHz with 1G of RAM for a long time (hardware that is not particularly obsolete) with only openbox and pcmanfm.

        2.    Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

          Look, I have a Core 2 duo with 2gb of ram and a 250gb hard drive, and to be honest, I'm happy with lxde and pcmanfm, it's great and I don't consume many resources, this computer I'll have it for several more years and little by little as time goes by the ram in my computer will increase, but for that there are still 10 years to go before I can use the 2gb with lxde, because my computer starts with 80 mb and the most it has reached is 400 mb, chatting, jdownloarder and playing at the same time .

          so at least I would do the same with win8, mac os X or with linux.

          The only difference is that I am using what I need and nothing else.

    2.    Hyuuga_Neji said

      And what would those of us who like me prefer different things like Xfce or LXDE do?

    3.    commentator said


  12.   cost said

    What about this man is hidden envy towards Steve & Bill, nothing more, obviously he is not clumsy, but vanity can and surely in addition to money he wants to be compared with one of the two mentioned characters. There he.

    About Linux, which is really what matters, I have to say that every day it grows more, and it also works better, chaos theory works for nature and for the disparity of linux developers, that is why there are so many and so many ways , versions, possibilities, options, and without them we would be windows or osx, one fails more than a fair shotgun, the compatibility of applications and I laugh, but we are going to base well, but if it does not work or what is I make specific for it, and here I put even hardware, which I have also seen buy specific video card and motherboard, indicated by the software manufacturer, from Microsoft of course, and all of this is a huge, result; it does not work. And like this, thousands of examples over many years. It all comes down to getting us involved with advertising and, of course, politicians, who are the ones who open the doors to these companies. So in schools to children from small, "güindoll, msoffice" and "güindoll, msoffice", and do not get out of there I search you, and if you ask the teacher, he will tell you that linux, libreoffice, is obsolete, that it is not used, (you should have asked the hustler if he really knew that it is linux).
    In fact, if you visit an apple website / forum and observe a little, you will realize that applications like conky, shortly after starting it has become popular, a similar application appears on mac, but at $, they only have to copy the code, adapt it and charge. I also saw the same with another that adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the time of day, soon another in mac at $. And so it goes on. I have already installed enough linux to people who from the outset put a lot of problems, because they were used to W $ ll, in an age range from 11 to 70, and everyone has been surprised, that they have known how to do the little they need with the pc and they don't need w $ ll at all.
    Another point on which there is not much to do at the moment is the purchase of a pc or laptop, why the hell do I have to pay the bloody w $ license, I don't want it. But M $ is already in charge of spreading and threatening the manufacturers.
    In any case, I see around me that there are more and more opensource, pc's, netbooks, laptops, servers, and each time they work better and of course much more stable than w $.
    There is android, yes it is true that each manufacturer plays it and "bothers it" what it can, but every day there are more phones with it, and every day they will work better.

    Thank you all for being there and sharing your time.

    Best regards,

  13.   Hari seldon said

    I find it very pretentious and self-centered on Miguel's part that he links the future of linux to the failure of his product.
    In any case, he would be the executioner, what a megalomaniac!

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said


  14.   vicky said

    A little question, the system that has bundle chakra, is not similar to what OX does to install programs? Couldn't something like this be used to increase compatibility between versions?

    1.    Windousian said

      Actually there are already "wrapped" programs that include all the necessary libraries and work on almost all GNU / Linux systems. The applications of they do not need installation and are compatible with many distros. It is not difficult to create these programs.

  15.   Mr Linux. said

    Miguel's problem is that he is generalizing. His beloved Gnome is currently being rejected by many people, having more acceptance KDE, XFCE or LXDE, additionally if he has had approaches with MIcrosoft it is the most propitious occasion for him, to criticize Linux desktops in an unintelligent way. Its sea of ​​contradictions, I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow it was talking Linux beauties and hating Windows. As a final point, for me Linux is immortal.

    1.    n3storm said

      hehehe, you could be right and everything, it's actually envy!

    2.    Hyuuga_Neji said

      he himself is to blame for inventing the M…. that one from Gnome Shell which made many users fall into environments like XFCE and LXDE

  16.   gargar said

    I do not think that the GNU / Linux desktop is dead, on the contrary I think that it is expanding more and more. And now with the new Windows 8 which is all synchronized with the cloud and as soon as you install it, it asks for your Live account to communicate with Microsoft's servers, even when these users will be supporting this way, I know that the future is the cloud, but up to a point. We must still have our privacy.

    Regarding fragmentation, then, we are like with Android, but on a worse plan. I recognize that it is a strong point for users, but for certain types of users not for all. But even worse is that development efforts are fragmented, for example:
    - Gnome-Shell
    - Unity
    - Cinnammon
    - Elementary OS Luna environment

    They are all Shell for Gnome 3, or supported by Gnome 3. We have a lot of developers generating code to create different "views" of a windowing system. Wouldn't it be better, a conference with everyone and discuss how to make one that can implement the best of all and that can be configurable from one way to another?

    Package theme: deb, rpm, source code…. There is no way to choose one or another conference and design a new package system that improves on existing ones.

    I am not simply saying that the total fragmentation ends, but that projects be merged to save resources and at the same time (the union is strength) improve what we already have and make it standard.

  17.   José Miguel said

    I don't know if you remember the controversy that broke out when Richard Stallman accused him of being a traitor.

    Well, he was right, at last, time has put things in their place.

    One issue is accepting a well-paying job and another is taking advantage of any opportunity to crush free software.


    1.    José Miguel said

      I did not put a tick ...

      1.    elav said

        The accents don't matter now, I'll take the TRAITOR thing. U_U

  18.   elav said

    Here another interesting reflexión opinion that supports my belief that De Icaza is only after money, using Free Software as a cover:

  19.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    What can you expect from a man who likes Gnome Shell hehehe

  20.   riveravaldez said

    I think everything is quite clear and I agree almost in everything with what the author of the post / blog says.
    I would like to add something about the old theme of "fragmentation" or "problematic diversity" and the popular dream of a "unified free software" or a "standard linux for everything / s.
    This will never happen as long as free software remains effectively free, and it is fortunate and essential that it be so, among other things, because freedom and diversity are only aspects of the same thing. One is not real without the other. The free cannot be standardized without sacrificing freedom: Each standardization is precisely a compromise between sacrificed freedom and obtained compatibility. Do you want absolute compatibility? That's easy, and Microsoft and Apple know exactly how to do it: It's called monopoly and oppression (as "deprivation of freedom").
    Creating a "Unique and Universal GNU / Linux" would be the beginning of the end for free software. Diversity (and this any geneticist knows, after all, we are talking about 'code') is a symptom of a flourishing and healthy ecosystem. Uniformity and development in a single direction are symptoms of decline.

    1.    elav said

      Genetically speaking I give you my +1 😀

      1.    riveravaldez said

        Thank you! 😉

    2.    n3storm said

      I totally agree, to illustrate the concept of variety, enjoy this song in Spanish:

  21.   QuiGonJin said

    When I found out that the gnome inventor was Mexican, I felt very proud of the colleague ... now I don't know what to think of him, gnome 3 is a disaster and with this news its creator seems to me an opportunist who let his creation die. luckily now i use lxde and occasionally kde the best linux desktops for me. gnome if it's dead until someone revives it.

    1.    elav said

      To your comment I add Xfce, which is also excellent 😛

  22.   riveravaldez said

    * By the way, now that I see the little icons next to the name I clarify: I am on a borrowed notebook to which I am precisely in the process of blowing up a rotten Win7 to nail some healthy free multimedia distro, yai!

  23.   platonov said

    I see it very simple and I think you shouldn't think about its arguments:
    He is after money, he is a mercenary.
    Linux has been your launch pad to get where you wanted to go.
    I think there are currently many like him within the Linux world (and it is not a criticism, everyone does what they want);
    The only thing: unless Miguel de Icaza does not criticize what has helped him to make himself known, it is very ugly.

    1.    Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

      He is not really criticized for the money, since many debian users sell their discs to install in addition to providing technical support and we charge what any cyber café charges for burning a disc of a game or X program, which is criticized is that it says that the linux desktop has died when it is obvious that the only thing that has died is gnome, but the linux desktop will never die because gnome died and mate was born; gnome died and Cinnamon was born.

      Did you realize that when the gnome died, 2 more desks were born? that although they are still somewhat green but they are usable and if not they are still KDE, Enlughtement, Lxde, Xfce and many others not so well known.

      So you can become a millionaire like bill doors or like those of red hat, but that he says that linux is dead just because his project is finished as if only gnome were linux seems to me really as they said there is only a TRAITOR upstairs would do it, it is plus I'm sure he kissed stallman on the cheek XD.

  24.   perseus said

    Bro, as far as I know, Icaza no longer runs the Gnome project, Gnome 3 is run, with all due respect, by 3 little monkeys who design for themselves, that's why they don't have a well-mapped path of what Gnome could be.

    Waters, I use Gnome and I like it;). But it is also true that they are not doing things as they should.

  25.   befa said

    being honest the title should be
    "Miguel de icaza is dead for linux users"
    "The dead man from icaza lashed out at linux because everyone hates his stupid gnome shell invention"

    Now being honest, this guy only wants money, nothing more, hopefully we never hear from that treacherous again

    1.    Hugo said

      Gee, what a good headline! hehehe.

      In my opinion, the problem is not that I want money, because surely everyone here wants it, and whoever is not in that case and has to give away, let him know; note: I have the one in the queue.

      The problem is that it tries to take as a fait accompli that the Linux desktop is dead (it refers to the death of the desktop in the past tense), when it is not at all. In any case, it will be dead to him, but not necessarily to others. Desktops keep popping up and evolving. They would be dead if nobody developed, which fortunately is not the case, and it seems unlikely that it will be in the short or medium term.

      If you dislike the desktop so much, why not make a better one? Or even, it could well have shifted attention to another project within the Linux ecosystem, which has quite a few packages to choose from. What do you want to migrate to OSX? Man, say it calmly without resorting to falsehoods and voila.

      1.    befa said

        Amen brother!!!!

  26.   ariki said

    Very good to everyone I gave myself the job of reading all the posts, incredible the truth all with very good foundations, I like this community around this blog, now to the point I quote:

    @elav: «What do you mean, in OS X everything works the first time? Well of course it has to be like that, when the OS works and is optimized on a specific Hardware »

    For many Apple manufactures the best machines for their osx, well for them I want to tell them that this is the past, since I can say it from a good source since in my home there are two Macbooks of different years but both with Intel processors and the rest of «jokes» that it brings in the hardware, and I can tell you that they give many problems, that even Apple's technical service cannot fix, we had problems with a usb port with the macbook year 2011, and the truth is a disgusting equipment After 6 months, many problems both in the operating system and in the hardware, now we have it on our feet !! Since it does not work as it should and the replacement of the equipment is in litigation, in short guys we do not believe that because they are large corporations or because their operating systems are years old and are in a single upgrade path they are reliable and better than our beloved Linux ,.
    On the other hand I think that what I like the most is the diversity of software that exists in the Linux world, gentlemen who would not want to say for color and base tastes! since it is a matter of thinking on the fly and you will have about 5 options for each application in linux, for my part I have occupied many distros in these years together with linux some better than others but each one with something better than the other but that is personal taste , Nothing richer than being able to prove that the distro is the one that best suits you, the same with the desktops, wonderful KDE, Gnome Shell without words, 100% functional XFCE, heavy Unity but a good integration with all the components of the distro in my case occupies it with ubuntu. Summing up this boy is wrong and if he wants to be on the news for talking bullshit this is fine, but I think we gave a lot of importance to someone that we should no longer care, lol well I hope you understand everything and excuse the faults of othergraphy I suffer from dyslexia! !! Greetings Ariki boys

  27.   milky28 said

    I do not understand how they say that Linux is not a good desktop, even for me it is easier than windows to see that a system is 100%, I see it this way I install windows I have to install a lot of programs so that it remains 100%, instead Ubuntu already has enough programs so that you can have access to everything except if you want to customize something you might use the terminal but I don't even see it necessary. Keep it from when I update windows and the entire system and programs are updated, on the other hand, in linux all the programs and system are updated, you do not have to go to the webpage and download a file.
    For education, the system can be made, everything is configurable and show it, for something I see here in Uruguay plan ceibal those laptops that use Linux and children can easily access if they want, for something this boom with android shows how configurable it is.
    I say the time you waste in windows looking to hack a program, well you would have used a terminal in linux and faster (if you need it), believe me I have already done many tests. If you work on windows and you want everything to work 100% for you, you have to spend money on Linux, it is not like that.

  28.   Husband said

    I try not to be ungrateful and acknowledge everything that Miguel did for gnu / linux in his early days as a desktop… .. but following news of him since 2002 it is noted that at first he was very similar to the SL (he was called «the Mexican leader of the SL ») Then he changed to OpenSource ... until today he is an indirect employee of MS and uses mac. Icaza no longer has solid arguments to be a linux leader, only his past ... unlike other leaders like Linus or Stallman who have known how to refuse juicy offers, Icaza became one more employee, someone who speaks and sympathizes with the SL / OS but strives to create tools that unite proprietary and proprietary software such as Mono and Moonlight. Speaking of fragmentation ... I think that Gnome is one of those responsible for so much division ... if Icaza had not fought so much against KDE with the argument that qt was not free and develop "its" desktop, resources and research would not be wasted on 2 large desks but in one.

  29.   medina07 said

    This is something not very difficult to understand ... the man already has his position secured in those companies and therefore must be committed to their policy ... or do you think that from his current position he will throw flowers at free software? ... Ever.
    This is purely a monetary matter ... the guy has seen the opportunity to make a profit and has simply taken the leap sacrificing his credibility with the huge community of GNU / Linux users and many others.
    It is more shameful to have created a project that today is a fundamental part of the day-to-day life of thousands of users around the world and then brand it as failed (as this is what he refers to when saying that «the Linux desktop has dead »), along with other important projects such as KDE, Xfce, among others.
    The time and the excellent work of our community in favor of these important projects will take care of the accounts.
    "The Linux desktop is dead" ... let me laugh, sir of Icaza ... Today for KDE as well as Gnome (despite some mishaps), they are more modern desktop environments that exist and are in constant activity and evolution. That your faith in them has died because they were no longer within your priorities is accepted ... but do not come to us with manipulative idiocies that do not convince anyone of anything.

  30.   Tesla said

    If you will let me leave my opinion, freedom undoubtedly leads to fragmentation, it is like that in free software and in real life. What for me may be good, for you not, and if you have access to the code you will change it. Just like in real life, if you don't like my opinion, you will form a new one. But being free means never accepting an opinion without thinking about it. Never let yourself be carried away by another person, and be yourself with the responsibility that this brings with it.

    I mean that for example, in Windows or Mac OS X there is simply a desktop option, its users will never think if they like it or not (obviously yes, but less than us) because there is no other option. They could say: they have this lack, or they have this virtue, but they can never do anything to remedy it.

    If there are several desktops in Linux, it is because at some point in the existence of Linux, they have been (and continue to be) useful for some person, even if only one, who has taken the trouble to carry out that form of desktop and to keep using it.

    That's why when I hear people say that Linux fragmentation is its downfall, it makes me want to respond and say: no gentlemen, fanaticism will destroy anything. The problem is not in the fragmentation, the problem is in who thinks he is a better person for using a specific distribution or a specific environment. These people are the ones who give GNU / Linux a bad image and for which in many forums it becomes unbearable to have to ask something.

    For this reason, I say: in fragmentation is freedom!

    Greetings, and congratulations on the blog that I have been following for a long time!

    1.    elav said

      Excellent comment .. Thanks for stopping by 😀

    2.    ping85 said

      If one person feels better than another for using a certain distribution, it means that Linux is fulfilling its function of reaching people's hearts. The problem is not using it and the comments of members of our community at the service of commercial interests such as those of Miguel De Icaza.

  31.   pandev92 said

    The only truth in Linux as a desktop is that it will never exceed 2% and not because it has bad desktops, but because of the lack of programs such as Windows, commercial programs, and above all, people can pirate those programs with a double click on piratebay. , so simply and for that reason, a Linux with Ms office, Photoshop and some than other games, would have more quota, but in this way we will always continue at the same level.

    1.    n3storm said

      pandev92, the only truth is that nobody has the truth,

      1.    Francis said

        That is a great lie of post modernism, in this world in everything there is always only one truth with different nuances but there is only one.

    2.    elav said

      Seriously? What a caveman thought .. Without acrimony ..

  32.   rock and roll said

    It makes me want to respond in a focused way to many of the comments, but I don't have the time, so I leave some comments to the past.
    * Miguel de Icaza is not the one to sentence the death of GNU / Linux on the desktop. Another computer prophet beating around the bush. The death of the project he devised, as he devised it, may be the only thing that has died.
    * What happens with Icaza is a clear example of the power of money… His years as a revolutionary are over; now he wants to ensure his future, buy a nice little house ... and that others do what he did not want to continue doing. For the same reason, it would be better for him to stop linking with this gang of computer antisitemics and to get closer to a better employer.
    * It is insane to want one or two powerful desktops for GNU / Linux and nothing else, as this would imply conscientiously scrapping millions of computers that can still work perfectly with lightweight desktop alternatives. Also, what if I like lightweight desktops or window managers, no matter how much hardware I have? Fortunately, this desire of some will never happen, because there is no way to stop the development of alternatives in free software; the day there is, it will no longer be free software. In addition, the SL allows just that, diversity. For unification in powerful equipment and with programmed obsolescence there are already Apple and Microsoft.
    * Returning to the first point ... only time will tell which project declines and which one is enhanced. I am not a prophet, but I see that GNU / Linux is growing a lot and I believe (I do not dictate) that it will continue to do so steadily.

  33.   scaamanho said

    The bad thing about «miguelito» is not that he is dressed as one of the greatest plagiarists of all time (who later got angry when they did the same with him), but that he believes that he can overshadow him (at the moment he is on the right track, has several plagiarisms to his credit: GNOME, Mono, Moonlight, ...).
    So much time "defending" free software so that in the end you can see the duster.
    Much insane envy I see in your statements and comments.

  34.   kondur05 said

    Let's see where I start….

    to Miguel, well, everyone thinks and changes as they want, if the fashion thing is coprophagous, well that is their problem, to say that Linux dies is silly, because every day there are new people who want to experiment, well maybe when humanity disappears will disappear. Another thing is that gnome for wanting to be osx disappears which is what seems to happen).

    Regarding the universities, in my own experience I tell you I studied at the experimental university FRANCISCO DE MIRANDA, and through the alma mater project it was that I met and used Linux for the first time, currently I work in INPSASEL and here canaima is being used (from where I write these words). and if I have a vit and there are two more at home (one from my wife and one from my brother) and I use Linux (of course also win but more than anything sporadically)
    Another thing is that I know people (very close to me) who worked in the creation of the software for PDVSA tankers and they are people from PARAGUANA, Falcon state. Now if there are Cubans, I don't know, I don't have proof to the contrary, and you?

    1.    kondur05 said

      I'm sorry I wrote wrong, it's if his thing is that his fashion is to be a dung.

  35.   Carlos-Xfce said

    I don't want to be rude, so I'll just limit myself to saying that I don't like Miguel de Icaza.

    The one who died for me was Gnome after the change from 2 to 3. In other words, the project that he created himself died. But KDE, Xfce, Lxde and others are still alive. Precisely, Unity and Cinnamon were "given birth" when the Gnome project began to sink into the "darkness" of version 3.

    Maybe he just wants to attract attention, that kid. His megalomania leads him to formulate his own value judgments, for his personal world, which he thinks is also the rest of the world. In other words: the Linux desktop is dead ... but only to your selfish, selfish persona! It has died in favor of OS X. But for those of us who use Linux, even Gnome 3, the desktop is just as alive as ever.

  36.   cronos said

    I think there are plenty of desks for different occupations, different jobs.

    A home user has a melting pot of possibilities to choose from on KDE, Gnome (all their colors), Xfce, LXde, Fluxbox, Tilling, etc. desktops, it all depends on whether they feel more comfortable, both as an advanced user or an admin or a developer. .

    I believe that the possibility of having all these alternatives to use makes the GNU / Linux desktop very powerful, another thing is that you do not want to take the leap or lack of knowledge (I am talking about marketing, which takes knowing a product « new »for many); it is clear that not many want to learn computer science. For that there is a technician, a professional, who is going to leave the system operational, by the way, in my opinion, LTS or rolling distros are the ones that should have more space in home computers.

    If the use of the system was taught in school, college; I think another song would be ………… ..well, you know what's next.

  37.   Argus said

    Is that why Ubuntu changes its graphical environment manager?

  38.   eeefece said

    Of course, the desktop in linux is dead ... that's why steam is going to come out for linux, precisely because lightroom is going to be dead for linux ... and it is for that same reason that every time the humble indie bundles bring more and more games to linux and it is for the same reason that more and more governments and companies are choosing to manage their systems with linux. But of course ... that doesn't matter because this man says that linux is dead ...

    Dear Mr. de Icaza ... thanks for participating, go back to trolling later 🙂

    1.    Leo said

      The best comment I have read !!
      You're right.

      For me the following happens:

      In the past.
      For Linux users: Gnome is THE Linux desktop
      Miguel de Icaza: Gnome is THE Linux desktop

      In the present
      For Linux users: Gnome is ONE more desktop for Linux
      Miguel de Icaza: Gnome is THE Linux desktop

      For most Linux users: Gnome 3 is a desktop that is slowly dying.
      Miguel de Icaza: Since Gnome is THE Linux desktop and Gnome 3 is dying, so… 1,2,3 POP! So the Linux desktop (I mean Gnome) is dead.

      In my opinion this is how he reasons.
      (This goes with great respect to the «Gnomers»)

  39.   Claudio said

    I am 100% in disagreement with Mr. de Icaza, the KDE desktop is far more productive than Windows in any of its versions and although I have not tried OS X a little, I am in a position to choose KDE again, which is also open source . The Linux desktop is not dead, not only I use it, but my family also uses it daily at home and everyone finds it very practical and extremely customizable.

  40.   pedro said

    I think the type refers to the problem that software developers encounter in getting their software to work well on any linux desktop. and I think it speaks of a failure in that sense by failing to impose a certain common standard for all desks.

    1.    Leo said

      If so, you got it wrong, I think the desks meet the standards (or whatever you write).
      Example: I am currently using Enlightenment, I am burning a DVD with K3B (KDE), I use Thunar (XFCE) as a file manager and I have Emesene (Gnome for using GTK3) connected. If you don't meet certain standards, how on earth does everything flow like silk?
      And don't tell me about the extra libraries, today I think we all have a disk greater than 8 Gb to install the OS.

  41.   Leo said

    I forgot, Mr. Icaza says that because he never tried Enlightenment 😀

  42.   Nonamed said

    talk about bad linux compatibility?

    windows supports ext2? ext3? ext4? btrfs? reiserfs? etc? etc? etc? etc?

    who is the compatible?

    I do not change my system for windows or mac even if they pay me

  43.   elav said

    Gentlemen, don't miss this debate in which Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox and Miguel de Icaza himself participate »

  44.   Alessandro said

    Rich kid? That's it? So YOU ​​consider yourself poor. Now, he studied at the UNAM (university of the poor) not the IBERO or the TEC of Monterrey (any number of campuses throughout Mexico) Universities of the rich, according to your criteria (implicitly), if you are going to give an opinion I consider that first you soak up the subject and then give your opinion, because of LANGUAGE ME AS A PLATE.

  45.   The boss said

    "He loses a lot because of his double standards."
    Double standards like that of some who stick the terminal up your ass if they can and then complain that gnome is difficult to configure

    "What I want to highlight is not the fact that he wanted to work for Microsoft under the excuse of promoting and preaching about Free Software"
    that innocent, mediocre and pathetic argument, you transgiver the information putting everything backwards, poor devil.

    how sad and how unfortunate it is to have to read this type of people, and even worse that this type of people have the balls to have an information portal.

    I finish, the linux desktop is not dead, it is that it never lived, it has never left the 1%, and the one that best measures up is ubuntu and they attack him with mediocre articles.

  46.   Santiago said

    I joined the comment late.

    I think I understand where the guy is going ...
    Linux does not work 100% on any hardware: I have a Toshiba notebook and I had to recompile the kernel to recognize the battery. The audio was also a problem, since if I put headphones, I listened through the speakers, and also through the headphones.

    However windows on that notebook does wonders. With this I am not saying that I love windows, in fact, I loved recompiling the kernel, but for an average user this is not acceptable

  47.   Hannibal Avelar said

    In some things I agree with you but you are wrong in many.

    Your sources from the start, wikipedia? It is well known that it is not to be trusted, anyone can write anything to even caluminate.

    I do know Miguel, even in person, and several of his disciples (a great friend of mine is a disciple of his). He's not that cute but he's got an impressive talent.

    Another is that he is NOT a rich kid, he is a middle class that based on his efforts has managed to go further, he studied in public school like most Linuxeros in Mexico.

    As for your opinion of Linux on the desktop, you are right, bitterly but true. What an ordeal it is to change laptop and not everything works 100%, as in or
    OsX, that everything works the first time. Right now, for example, my HP Folio 13 does not suspend or hibernate correctly, but I open the OSX and everything is perfect.

    But Miguel himself clarifies that for a server he is a leader and that he grows every day. In addition, its arrival on smartphones via Android makes it the absolute leader in mobile systems (above iPhone OS).

    But yes, Linux on the desktop has no future unless someone rescue it.