The International Space Station will use Debian Squeeze as a replacement for Windows XP

According to what was announced by the website neowin and by ExtremeTech, the computers of the International Space Station will migrate from Windows XP to Linux, precisely with the Debian distribution in its version 6 (also known by its code name "Squeeze"). According to statements by the United Space Alliance, have declared the following:

"We have migrated key features from Windows to Linux because we needed an operating system that was stable and reliable."

Beyond reliability and stability, Keith Chuvala said they were looking for an operating system that “could give them complete control. So we needed to patch it, adjust it or adapt it.

Furthermore, there was a previous incident about a Russian cosmonaut who brought a Laptop with the W32.Gammima.AG worm, which spread to all Laptops throughout the station.

Beyond the mere installation, the entire crew will be trained by the Linux Foundation in order to have a Linux management. Without a doubt, this is a great step that the International Space Station has taken to do its chores without having to depend on an operating system of such flimsy instability.

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  1.   sieg84 said

    It is rare to find a pc / lap with windows that does not have a bug.

    1.    clown said

      if possible to find ...
      … The new ones that have not yet been used

      1.    Leo said

        MMM I doubt it. You have to see if the PCs used by Microsoft do not have a worm or Trojan that sneaks into the installation CDs. Unless they use Linux machines to safely create their installation CDs. 😀

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Or that they do not come with OS, and then install your favorite Linux or BSD distro (except Mac, because if you install it, it would be a Hackintoch).

      2.    Anonymous said

        Good thing that would be, but most new Windows machines by default already intentionally carry promotional software and crapware with spyware in droves.

    2.    estex said

      I have Debian Jessie and he's 10

  2.   staff said

    I want to be trained by the Linux Foundation. 🙂

    1.    kike said

      Bufff !, they will make you sweat doing push-ups on a PC that is compiling the kernel.

      1.    elendilnarsil said


      2.    staff said

        hehehehe, Although I have my doubts that they know what the push-ups are. 🙂

    2.    pedro said

      enter the edx page and there is the linux course sponsored by linux foundation.

  3.   rainbow_fly said

    Debian 6? why not use debian 7 which is stable already?

    Is Debian 6 still supported of some kind?

    1.    José Miguel said

      It has support until 2015.

    2.    pandev92 said

      if they used windows xp ..., what will they care, whether it is the latest or an old version of debian xd

    3.    jathan said

      It is because they will use the Debian Handbook and for now it is only based on Squeeze ja 😉

    4.    mario said

      yes, now it's the oldstable branch. The problem is that according to debian rules it will be without support next year (5/5/2014, a year after wheezy). Anyway, I suppose that NASA will have enough budget to pay the salary of an engineer who sets up a repository and continues to correct packages from that date 😛

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        I will now be installing the Wheezy to avoid the extended support deadline.

    5.    Zerimar said

      I suppose it's for stability, since Debian 6 has been out for two years and at this time it should be more stable than 7.

  4.   juscelk said

    Let's see if they also come out so you can't play on Linux ...

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      With Debian Squeeze, you can't, since the drivers it contains are "too" outdated to be able to play Half-Life 1 or 2 on Steam (with Wheezy it can be solved if you have the updated Mesa 3D driver on hand and if you have an NVIDIA or ATI / AMD brand video card, the drivers well configured).

      Even so, if we look at users who use Linux, most of them have PC's that even make Windows XP run as if it were as heavy as Windows Vista, but having GNU / Linux distros like Slackware, Debian and / or CentOS , the applications run as if they were on a Core2Duo.

  5.   ferchmetal said

    very good for them! I already use my debian wheezy and it is excellent!

    1.    Leo said

      Do you use KDE? Does it feel fluid?

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Good for you. Now I will finish downloading the torrent from DVD1 to install it on my PC with XFCE.

  6.   Carlos said

    Good for them who went to the side of linux

  7.   Marco said

    I am left wondering what they would do in the event of a Panic Kernel!

    1.    Leo said

      Debian Stable (or Oldstable) is so stable that in its stabilized stability there are no such words.

  8.   eliotime3000 said

    Good for you. Now I will finish downloading the torrent from DVD1 to install it on my PC with XFCE.

  9.   eliotime3000 said

    Now that I see the post from my Sony Ericsson W200 cell phone, I just realized that there are errors. Apologies for the blunder, but I correct the article right away.

    PS: Thanks for the comments.

    1.    eliotime3000 said


  10.   kavra said

    "... instability so flimsy ..." robust stability? Double negatives affirm or for science less for less = more

  11.   st0rmt4il said

    Well, and another clear example of how entities with respect worldwide set an example and motivate with this to continue making use of SF.

    Off Topic:

    Ubuntu 13.04… Ufff! .. Too stable! .. Unity super fluid and the system responds to me super fast and not as before with too much heaviness!


    1.    pandev92 said

      my experience is the opposite…., for color tastes

      1.    st0rmt4il said

        Ummmm, I personally had bad experiences in past versions with that distribution but daaa, 13.04 .. Too stable! .. and Beware, I'm not a fan of Ubuntu for those who are going to comment with those bullshit! .. xD !. I have tried many distros and so far I have three pillars to choose from, Debian, Sabayon and currently Ubuntu!

        Also, with the Gnome-classic-fallback it doesn't look so bad xD! ..


        1.    merlin the debianite said

          Also, with the Gnome-classic-fallback it doesn't look so bad xD! ..

          "It doesn't look so bad" is the key phrase here.

        2.    eliotime3000 said

          GNOME 3 Classic (fallback) consumes more resources compared to GNOME 2. Since I have a crappy PC, I will use XFCE because GNOME is not like before.

      2.    eliotime3000 said

        The same thing happened to me with Ubuntu 11.04 as well, but I hope they at least made the unpacking process much faster than Mandriva's (that's the slowest unpacking distro I've used so far).

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Congratulations. But I prefer the old acquaintances (Debian), than the new ones (Ubuntu).

    3.    merlin the debianite said

      I have always preferred linuxmin over ubuntu and Debian as my Main Distro.

      The truth is I am still in testing by the way 8 hours after leaving debian wheezy the testing branch updated me 75 mb.

      Good thing that they switched to linux now I can go out without a satellite falling on my head XD.

      1.    st0rmt4il said

        Hahaha! .. xD! .. LOL

      2.    eliotime3000 said

        At least thanks to those who put together the Large Hadron Collider who used Debian, because if they used Windows, we would have a world similar to Half-Life (Xen aliens in every corner, and headcrabs that have to be killed with a clean machete).

        1.    peterczech said

          It seems to me that the Large Hadron Collider uses Scientific Linux based on RHEL / CentOS :). Still, there are rumors about the new RHEL 7 for a month with which CentOS 7 is close: D.

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            Thanks for the clarification. Anyway, I will test CentOS from what I have seen in your installation / configuration manual it resembles Debian in terms of ease of use and stability (although yum may be my only obstacle to be able to handle it fully, I will try anyway ).

    4.    Gabriel said

      Now it is so stable that it got boring.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        But when you find out what you can do with the terminal, the boring ends.

  12.   Carper said

    Very good choice, a very solid, flexible and quite stable XD distribution.

  13.   kerameki said

    Undoubtedly the best choice ... anyone can safely say that if you need an OS for something as important as the space station, if or if you have to get to Debian.

  14.   Alex Martinez said

    I don't understand how an international station could have used Windows !!! What kind of joke is that ??? How long have they dealt with Windows? XD. Luckily, it is never too late to rectify mistakes. Big Linux !! Although Macintosh is also good. XD