The geekiest Linux distros

Did you think you knew all the Linux distros? Do you have a sister or a son teenager you want to drag Under world of penguins and free software? Find out which are the distros that Richard M. Stallman secretly uses.

1. Justin BieberLinux

And the blurb on its official website is the most: “Stop using Windows. Don't be gay and use JBL! »
WTF !!

2. Hanna Montana Linux


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  1.   Rockston backston said

    Nooo !, why? Why did they do that? I never expected to have to see Linux and Bieber in the same sentence.

  2.   Courage said

    Seeing everything it says gives me that it cracks a ***** and while it installs them and when it has already installed them it does not stop giving kisses to the computer screen, it is able to install them and much more

    What a silly and childish comment I have, but I could not think of anything else

  3.   Paqco Suarex said

    chidisimo !!

  4.   localhost said

    what stupid distros

  5.   Daniel said

    Instead of saying geeks I should say stupid 🙂

  6.   Look at me, I'm Anonymous! said

    You really are an idiot, did they tell you?

    Project that was born from a joke on / g / one night that a guy said: "I'll make a Justin Bieber distro", say names

    Names like GNU Bieber, JustinOS, J-OS, BieberOS, Biestansoft, etc ... but an idiot said: "BIEBIAN" and he liked it, and they challenged him to do it, the next day, / g / woke up with the theme ...

    Many people got angry ... seriously, it's old and boring right now, you say you're talking about Software, okay, here are some tips that you should follow if you want to keep talking about software and the internet:

    1.- Update.
    2.- Update.
    3.- Update.

    And lastly regarding that joke, you're a bloody fagot.

    And about Hanna Montana Linux, it is an older joke than this blog.

    NOTE: I know you are not talking seriously about "using" these distributions, but I'm not talking about GNU Linux, I'm talking about the "Internet" part of your blog, first of all, update yourself, you are a second behind every day in internet and you struggle to be updated, if not ... who cares about the internet?

    PS: Linux! = GNU Linux.

  7.   Look at me, I'm Anonymous! said

    Did I ever tell you the meaning of…. stupid?

    If it bothers you that they make GNU Linux distributions on this, the philosophy of the FOSS bothers you.

    Because according to this philosophy, you can do whatever the hell you want ... did you know?

    PS: The Guru who made that distribution (Biebian especially), knows at least to change the bootscreen, which at least you have not shown 🙂

  8.   Look at me, I'm Anonymous! said

    Yes, because you are the guru of the century, right? You are a prodigy when it comes to using GNU Linux, you know how the Linux kernel is programmed until the last comment that X person wrote, right? ...

    ZEALOT, you are the cancer that ruins GNU Linux, thanks for participating, come back soon.

  9.   Courage said

    Requesting admin visit by flamewar.

    I refrain from commenting because it happened that this troll insulted me

    All I know is that I discovered them a long time ago and I was quite amused

  10.   fer0 said

    Linux gives so much freedom that many people are either not prepared or do not fully understand it or worse still cannot tolerate it.
    I do not share absolutely anything of these distributions, but that does not give me the right to discredit them.

  11.   cococho said

    hahahaha… that hdp! Che, it seems to me or in the screenshot of your guild is openbox working as a window manager and tint2 as a lower panel? … And… we'll have to try it, hahahahaha

  12.   Let's use Linux said

    Comment blocked.

  13.   Let's use Linux said

    It's a good name for a teen distro.

  14.   DrJuano said

    Woww… bizarre….!

  15.   Let's use Linux said


  16.   Let's use Linux said

    Very real ... although it seems that, obviously, they started it as a way to make fun of the market paraphernalia.
    Cheers! Paul.

  17.   Take Care Dreiii said

    hahahaha without words

  18.   Ikaros said

    Didn't you think of 'The Cure' is Linux (The Cure is Linux) or Use Linux 'U2' (Use Linux You Too)? Well teenagers don't have tastes they'll keep when they grow up, at 13 I liked Britney Spears - until I learned English at 15 and burned my CDs o_0