Things Google can't find

This is a humorous strip of images that I have seen in a blog of the few that I read.


There are things that not even google can find There are things that not even google can find There are things that not even google can find There are things that not even google can find


Source: Linux Paradise

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    1.    Windousian said
    2.    stories said

      I thought looking for wall-e was this:
      There is I leave the image in the forum so that they look for it, for not even google can find it.

  1.   Lucasmatias said

    Great XD

  2.   Rayonant said

    Very good! xD

  3.   v3on said


    1.    Courage said

      I'm nothing, totally, since I don't know any of them, I can't tell if they're an asshole or not. From what I read, yes, but hey I don't confirm it either

      What I do have is something against the hoygans haha ​​it makes me angry that all those pringaos write like that.

      1.    William Abrego said

        "Ke ezKriban Azi", who want to hurt, who comb their hair like people attracted to the same sex and who give a bad image to humanity, but what can be done, that's the way the world goes

        1.    Courage said

          Yes, that is said but I do not know anyone to know for sure

      2.    v3on said

        In Sonora, Mexico, where I am from, we call them moxxos, not hoygans hahahaha but yes, it sucks very nice that they write like that, and also it fucks me more that they write faster than me 🙁

  4.   Courage said

    If you don't get it ...

    This is a joke that was made, it is not real, because with any chicken you put in Google, results will come out.

    1.    Windousian said

      The one that I put does not give results (unless you remove the quotes).

        1.    Ozzar said

          Do not keep reminding Courage of the miseries, remember: defective hard drive ... xD

          1.    Courage said

            € 50 the cheapest I see ... If I found one for less, I would wear it.

          2.    Windousian said

            @Courage, use a USB stick while saving 😛.

          3.    Courage said

            I don't have either, the only one I have, I need it in full for the health documentation class

  5.   elip89 said

    Hahahaha very good Courage

  6.   Manual of the Source said

    A girlfriend for KZKG ^ Gaara, hahahaha. 😀

    1.    Courage said

      Let the poor man depress him xD

  7.   Ozzar said

    Very good ... that of emos and deputies are immutable truths of physics.

  8.   CubaRed said

    Hahaha candela what they searched for in google, but why don't they look for something easier to find like "Ubuntu is better than Debian"

    1.    Courage said

      No man, then ubunto sneak into me and I have to be with the whip xD

    2.    fbsd user said

      Search for "Ubuntoso impartial" or "Ubuntoso tolerant" and tell me if you find any results.

  9.   phantom said

    Hahaha, remarkable!

  10.   Merlin The Debianite said


    the last one made me laugh more

  11.   José Miguel said

    The "deputies working" ... Terrific.

    I have a better definition for "political" than that of the "real academy."

    Politician: Faithful servant of the financial system and his personal interests.

    The rest, blah blah blah ...

  12.   mardigann said

    It reminds me a lot of those 404 error pages: if you are looking for a decent job with a decent salary ... I used to go out with the button I'm going to be lucky. Now he continues to come out in first position 😛

    The complete catalog of 404 pages of these people:

  13.   torgek said

    well done and true, if you write a certain color it will not show you options (those that appear when you write something and you have not clicked "search" yet), nor swear words. but by altering a letter, thus the seeker who wants to pass as a saint is deceived. This shows that Google has a rope around its neck for those who sponsor it and those who criticize it.
    He has also not been able to suppress words such as: gay dictatorship mushrooms and others that have a definition, because it would go against all logic and right to consider it a quality and not an insult in itself.
    I also hate that it redirects you to the version of where you are and does not search only in .com and nothing else. Anyway, it is the best search engine even if it does not use its chrome, it is also obnoxious that you want to join all your accounts like YouTube blog and others in one

  14.   msx said

    Hahaha, excellent!