Thunderbird 15 Beta 1 with new design and integrated chat

I have great news for users of Thunderbird, and it is that, even though Mozilla ha decided to put aside this fabulous project, some improvements are still being added as we can see below.

The issue Australis that we will soon see in Firefox It has already been added to the Mail Manager giving it a more sober and elegant appearance. Additionally, support has been added for Ubuntu One.

Another novelty we had already seen them a while ago, and it is that we can already enjoy messaging in an integrated way in the Mail Manager. We can use our accounts Facebook, Gtalk, Twitter, XMPP y IRC.

In the case of the account Twitter, there are things that they will surely polish later, since the interface is not as intuitive as it should be, and it would be appreciated if it autocompletes the names of our followers and friends.

The rest works very well, and as you can see, all our contacts are integrated into the side panel, highlighting with an icon the protocol or account that you are using.

What do you think of all this? Incredibly the consumption with all open IM accounts does not exceed 110MB at the beginning .. I would have to test them for a while to monitor the RAM.


Thunderbird 15.0 Beta 1

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  1.   Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

    Interesting for me laptop in which I use Thunderbird is good news and I am only going to have to open thunderbird nothing else, instead here where you see me is open pidgin, turpial and icedove.

    thanks for the news and wait for the final version to come out.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Fuck… just when a month or two ago I stopped using Thunderbird… HAHAHA

      1.    trolltux said

        we were waiting for you to stop using it to put the new improvements: trollface:

      2.    JP (@edconocerte) said

        I use gmail for all my accounts. I quit thunderbird because with each new version it got heavier.

  2.   tammuz said

    It is great news without a doubt, I had thought of moving to evolution but that is something else

  3.   AurosZx said

    Wow, this sounds great oo If Icedove receives that update in Testing (which I don't think) it would be good 😛 If not, down the page: /

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      I doubt it. In Debian, Iceweasel e Icedove They go for version 10 and with the freezing of packages, I doubt very, very much, that they include it.

  4.   Rayonant said

    I was already telling you Elav, that on the subject of Thunderbird everything had not yet been said, the news and direct development of Mozilla give up to version 16, from then on it is where you will see how the community is doing, but for what that you read on the mailing lists there is a fairly organized topic and several developers who are already starting to fix bugs and so on. I will continue to support Thunderbir and keep an eye on the lists to see what's new and how you can help.

    On the other hand, although at the time it did not seem like the most appropriate feature, it is really useful in business environments and now that my email from the University is through gmail it will be very practical.

  5.   Blazek said

    Excellent news, I still think that Thunderbird is the easiest and most complete email account manager out there.

  6.   federico said

    thunderbird is great, very easy to configure and very efficient

  7.   Azazel said

    What I would like them to do is that when they open the program they ask me for a username and password like Pidgin or other instant messaging programs do so that when my mother wants to see her mail she does not see the messages they send me since some are very private and I have to watch my inbox.

    1.    Rayonant said

      Well you can do a couple of things, or set a master password to Thunderbird, or create a different profile for your mother and when starting the program always ask what profile to start with.

    2.    msx said

      @Azzazel: are there pictures !?

  8.   msx said

    I never saw anything uglier and more uncomfortable than Thunderbird 😛
    For light and functional mail clients there are Claws (excellent) and Sylpheed, already a little heavier although not much KMail (which I don't really like very much but it comes integrated with the Kontact suite in KDE SC) and already heavier but without a doubt the best mail client + PIM for GNU / Linux, Evolution, Outlook clone if you will - in turn, the best mail client and PIM manager that exists.
    For the masochists there is also Pine and Mutt 🙂

    Likewise, and as much as I wanted to use the local mail client, I'm very used to the Gmail interface and let's be honest: who doesn't have a browser open all the time nowadays? Although we do not use it, the browser is _always_ open, that's the way it is, having a local client today serves more than anything to make a backup of our email accounts and to be able to read emails when we are not connected ...

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      ¿Thunderbird uglier than Claws Mail y Sylpheed? O_O

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        WTF !!

      2.    msx said

        I have to take you against! x'D

  9.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    Hey elav

    What GTK theme is that, does it sound like SolusOS? And what about window borders? I need it badly, both things 😉

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Hehehe the Gtk theme is Zukitwo-Dark and the same for Xfwm 😀

  10.   faustodF said

    This version is shown very well, I would like the emails to be organized by groups / people (at least when I stop using it), so the question would be easier.

    But overall I find it excellent. +10

  11.   angelo said

    Sounds interesting

  12.   fernando said

    the file does not come to execute or what is it?