Tips: How to make Xfce look the same as KDE

The ones we use Xfce we can have the appearance of KDE (oxygen) in a very easy way, as we can see in the following image:

To achieve this we only have to download the following files:

  • For the windows (xfwm): This file. We unzip it and put it inside the folder ~ / .themes o / usr / share / themes.
  • For the topic gtk: This file. I don't remember where I downloaded it from, we unzipped it and put it inside the folder~ / .themes o / usr / share / themes.
  • For the icons: This link o this other. We unzip it and put it inside the folder~ / .icons o / usr / share / icons.

In Debian we can put the KDE icons and cursors by installing the following packages:

$ sudo aptitude install oxygencursors oxygen-icon-theme

Now we select the theme and icons in Menu »Settings» Appearance:

And in Menu »Settings» Window Manager:

Ready, with that we can have what it takes for our Xfce looks like KDE. I leave a screenshot of my desktop:

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  1.   roman77 said

    Very good ... I would have to give Xfce a chance.
    Since Gnome 3 came out I migrated to KDE, but it's good to try other things ...

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      24 hours ago I had KDE, and now I use Xfce (although I have Gnome-Shell installed). Of course, don't expect to find all the things you have in KDE ..

  2.   oleksis said

    Pleasing requests! Thanks once again… +1 for the post. Cheers!

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      I'm glad it has served you .. I love to please lol

  3.   perseus said

    Very good post, if you could expand the installation in LXDE or Gnome it would be great.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      In LXDE things should not be very different. In other words, the same Gtk theme should work, you just have to look for a theme for the Window Manager (openbox). I'll see if I find anything about it.

      1.    mac_live said

        Exactly, it shouldn't cause a major problem, in fact then the themes for openbox, they are not so bad I have, there are some very nice, and pleasant that do not envy anything to those of kde, and gnome, of course they do not have so many effects later , but they look pretty.

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          Exactly ... I used Openbox for a long time and I loved it ...

      2.    David DR said

        It would be wonderful, I thought about trying Lubuntu because I have not heard more than how well it runs on modest PCs, but it is the Openbox windows themes that stop me

  4.   Courage said

    I don't like imitations but this one is quite tempting

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      And that you wait? Above:

      pacman -S xfce


      1.    Courage said

        Eat more than LXDE as I understand it

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          Right now with Chromium + Pidgin + Slypheed + Terminal = 202Mb / 1024Mb…

          What about that?

  5.   Oscar said

    I always considered XFCE unpleasant, now I'm testing Gnome Shell, I don't dislike it, but… it doesn't have to configure almost anything but I want to try it for a while, on the other hand, I plan to give XFCE a try, will you have any tutor to configure it? Present. How does Chromium work?

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      It is true that Xfce by default looks a bit ugly, but well customized it is a beauty. In addition, it has its Window Composer and we can play with transparency effects that make it truly beautiful. I'll see if I do a tutorial on how to customize it thoroughly. And Chromium, well I do better than Firefox / Iceweasel 7 and 8. Especially this latest version shoots up in consumption ... 🙁

      1.    Oscar said

        Thanks elav, I already downloaded Debian LCDE + XFCE, test, of course, I'll wait for the tutorial.

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          Today I have a difficult day, but I hope I have time to do something 😀

  6.   gaBeweb said

    Excellent, I liked it! Greetings 😀

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Thank you very much

  7.   geronimo said

    WHAT ABSURDOOOOO, if I have XFCE, why do I want kde ??? I install the distro with kde. It will be that there is nothing to post hahahahaha

    1.    elav said

      For the same reason that many users, whether they are Xfce, Gnome or KDE, like to have a similar appearance to OS X or Windows.

  8.   oscar said

    Wow! interesting… I really like the XFCE, it's a shame that my team doesn't go very…. very …. agile. Thunar does strange things to me like when you drag a file from any window to the desktop, which shows you a "+" symbol like when you are going to copy and paste, but then what it does is cut and paste removing said file from its source folder .

    Another thing that bothers me a bit is the time you spend sometimes waiting for it to show you the menu with the programs, simply the time it takes to show the drop-down menu when you click with the right mouse button on anything ...

    In general I really like the XFCE philosophy of minimalist, functional and with design ... but I work every day and I found these "faults".

    By the way I use Xubuntu 12.04 (and no, I'm not updating now that it took me so long to configure it and leave it as I like ... I guess I'll have to wait another couple of years for it to be polished a bit more). Congratulations on your great work!

  9.   Son him said

    At the moment I use GNOME 3.2 has not given me many problems, but before I have used XCFE 4.10 and LXDE. I'm interested in trying LXQT but it will be later.

  10.   nelson said

    sooooo thank you !!!