Tips: Fix error with windows in Xfce4

Today in the morning, after updating my system (Debian Testing) and restart it, when I entered my session Xfce I was surprised to see that the Window Manager (xfwm) Neither the pointer nor the panel elements were shown .. WTF?

After delete, save and restore settings He was determined to reinstall, as he was short on time and did not know what packages he had installed that could cause such a mess. But before that, I decided to keep looking and found the solution. All we have to do is delete a folder:

rm -Rv ~/.cache/sessions/

I restarted my session and voila!

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  1.   night said

    Tremendous this case, that's how it happened to me in Zenwalk .. and to think that even a script made me so that when I started the system it would clear the cache.


  2.   Courage said

    This is the super Debian that never fails

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      That's right, Super Debian never fails .. 😛

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

        ¬¬ ... yes yes of course ...
        Arch with all that you criticize him, does not fail for "love of art", that is, if the system collapses it is only because the idiot who controls it (in some cases myself HAHA) does not do things as he should.

        Whereas your much adored Debian, just logging out and then logging back in crashes LOL !!!

    2.    Oscar said

      One question: Do you use stable or testing repositories in Arch?

      1.    Courage said

        Stable, I don't trust testing

        1.    Oscar said

          I understand that you are using LXDE, if so could you give me some reference regarding use and performance? I have time trying to decide to use it, especially considering the high consumption, and constantly increasing, of Gnome3 and KDE. I appreciate any recommendation in this regard.

          1.    Courage said

            I don't have any monitor to check all that but look at this image from my desktop:


            The box with the green graph in the right corner is something like a very simple monitor that indicates the consumption of resources.

            With Firefox open, only the consumption is minimal, it hardly leaves the minimum, with YouTube at most you can go to half or something more.

            The computer I use has 512mb of ram and 1.27 Ghz of processor if I remember correctly.

            One thing, it is a very bare environment, it barely has a file browser, the terminal and little else.

            As for Openbox (since it is the window manager that it uses) it is quite shabby aesthetically, but we can always download a theme.

            Anyway, I don't like to distort a lot but hey, I couldn't contact in any way, a blog forum or something similar would be fine over time for these things

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              I used OpenBox for a long time and once you get it up to speed, it is truly beautiful. I like LXDE, but it's too simple for my taste, and trust me, I've managed to tweak it quite a bit. It is an excellent option if we are not very demanding.

        2.    Jesus Ballesteros said

          Since when do you use LXDE ?. Weren't you KDEro later? 😀

          1.    Courage said

            Since KDE 4.7 came out, the mouse was stuck and I said "it's over"

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

              What do you mean, "got stuck"? Explain a little better that now I have a doubt hehe ...

          2.    Courage said

            I was going like in slow motion, moving the mouse and the pointer moving after a while

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

              Uff no idea, if you used Ubuntu it would tell you something like "change distro" or something like that ... HAHAHAHA nah it's fucking HAHA.

  3.   oleksis said

    Well, I had told you about this error, and it happened to me yesterday 😀 and a quick solution was to delete the user, delete the home of my user and recreate it, a little clumsy but functional and fast 😀

    I will try this tips when I run out of Window Manager (xfwm) again


    PS: the associated error that xfwm gave me said something like the following lines:

    (xfwm4: 2996): xfwm4-CRITICAL **: Xfconf could not be initialized

    (xfwm4: 2996): xfwm4-WARNING **: Missing data from default files

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Well, deleting the entire user is something a bit beast hahaha. You already know how to do it even easier .. 😀

  4.   Oscar said

    Thanks Courage, your desktop looks really nice, I'm tempted to give it a try, it looks very interesting.

  5.   Carlos-Xfce said

    Hi. Speaking of updates with LMDE, I have a problem: I had Firefox 7 but it did not update me to 8. I decided to delete it and reinstall it (hoping it would work, obviously), but what a surprise: it went back to version 5! I don't know how to update it. The last time I followed a tutorial (from another blog) downloading the .tar file and messing with the / opt folder, I muddled it (was wrong) and screwed up Firefox. I had to reinstall the entire OS to fix the bug (if that's correct). Any ideas to fix this problem?

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      0_o Did you have to reinstall an entire OS to have Firefox in its latest version? But if it wasn't necessary. As you said right, just replace the folder / opt / firefox with the one that comes in the tar.gz. Here is how to do it.

      1.    Carlos-Xfce said

        Yes, that was over a month ago. A whole story. Thank you. 😉

  6.   Sergio said

    Thank you very much for the solution, something similar was happening to me; the windows were visible without the title bar or buttons to minimize, maximize, etc. It also appeared right in the upper left corner, on the panel, and it did not appear with the transparency that I put on it. What chaos and what a simple solution. A greeting!

  7.   kurt said

    Thank you, for those of us who started to move from windows, these contributions help us a lot.


  8.   Alberxan said

    Thousand Thanks

  9.   Miguel said


    1.    elav said


  10.   written tear said

    You saved me!!!! I owe you a beer, thank you very much !!! 😀

  11.   drink said

    Very good contribution, I had already installed another desk, because I thought I had petaquido Xfce ...
    Thanks a lot…

  12.   Raul said

    Total boss you prevented me from uninstalling or worse, you really deserve a prize haha ​​master !!!

  13.   Gilberto GV said

    Thank you!! It worked perfectly for me, really great.

  14.   Facundo said

    Thanks a lot. You have taken away a good headache

  15.   Julián Ramírez said

    Fantastic!!!!. Thank you very much man. I was breaking into pictures. I use Xubuntu 14.04 and from one moment to another the buttons to maximize, minimize and close had disappeared, as well as the bar at the top of the windows. I can't complain because I'm using free software, but sometimes you feel like you prefer to pay for options that don't screw your life up for these things, especially ordinary users like me.

    Thank you very much, my problem was solved.

  16.   harriroot said

    Very functional I had that problem in arch and it was perfect 😉

  17.   Cristian said

    Thank you
    It had the super crazy graphical environment in mint Xfce.
    Nothing worked without xD commands

  18.   Iñaki said

    Thank you very much, it worked great. My debian jessie lost the window frames and they were recovered with that command and a reboot :)

  19.   els said

    Thanks it worked

  20.   elagabalus said

    Much appreciated, why is this error?

  21.   FoxShadow said

    Thank you very much!!
    Fixed my problem on Kali Linux