Top 9 Bittorrent Clients for Linux

BitTorrent is a protocol designed for the exchange of files from peer to peer (peer to peer o P2P). The Bit Torrent protocol was originally developed by the programmer Bram cohen and it is based on free software.

Here is a list of the best Bittorrent clients for GNU / Linux.


Transmission Is a customer P2P lightweight, free and open source for the network BitTorrent. It is available under the MIT license, with some parts LPG, And it is multi platform. It supports the following OS: Mac OS X (Interface Cocoa, native), Linux (Interface GTK +), Linux (Interface Qt), NetBSD, FreeBSD y OpenBSD (Interface GTK +) and BeOS (native interface). The first version, 0.1, appeared in 2005.

Transmission was designed to be fast and easy. It uses a much smaller amount of resources than the rest of the Bittorrent clients (such as Vuze). This excellent program seeks to provide useful and easy-to-learn functionalities, avoiding overwhelming the user with a bundle of functionalities that end up disorienting us instead of helping. It is for this reason that it has less functionality than the rest of the more "complete" clients.

Transmission is the official client of the popular distribution Ubuntu.

key features

  • Selective download and prioritization of files
  • Support for encrypted transmissions
  • Multiple support Trackers
  • Trackers support HTTPS
  • IP blocking
  • Torrenting
  • Azureus and μTorrent compatible font sharing
  • Automatic port mapping (using UPnP/NAT-PMP)
  • Port single listening for all .torrent.
  • Quick resume - with peer caching
  • Auto-seeding options (share downloaded data)
  • Auto-Ban of customers who submit false data
  • Notifications Dock y Growl
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Advanced progress bar
  • Automatic updates using Sparkle

Install: it is already installed in Ubuntu. It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.

Official Website:


Deluge Is a customer BitTorrent , created using Python y GTK + (through PyGTK). Deluge can be used on any operating system that respects the standard POSIX. It is aimed at providing a native and complete client to GTK desktop environments such as GNOME y Xfce. An official version for Windows is currently in development. The program uses the C ++ library libtorrent.

Recently, development has focused on bringing Deluge to other operating systems. Starting with version, Deluge is available for Mac OS X through Macports and an official installer for Windows is available.

Deluge was designed to be light and discreet. It allows multiple downloads at the same time, displaying them all in the same window. When you need to do something else, you simply minimize it to the tray and your torrents download beautifully without interfering with your work.

In my opinion, the best Bittorrent client for Linux, along with Transmission (although the latter is a more "thin" and less "complete" client).

key features

  • Torrenting included within the main client
  • Plugins implemented as modules

Deluge supports the following connection options:

Additionally, Deluge has the following features available:

  • Allows downloading of multiple files from a single window
  • Full pre-allocation and compact allocation
  • Global speed limitation or per torrent download
  • Ability to select files from a torrent before starting the download
  • Option to prioritize the first and last pieces of a file, to allow media preview
  • Ability to specify a global download folder, and a folder of completed files
  • Queuing system for better bandwidth management between downloads
  • Ability to stop sharing a file once a specified ratio has been reached
  • Ability to be minimized to the systray, and optionally password protect the tray

Deluge supports a full plugin system, and many of them are included with Deluge, including:

  • Block list importer
  • Desired ratio
  • Additional stats
  • Locations
  • Network activity graph
  • Network health monitor
  • RSS Importer
  • Torrent creator
  • Torrent notification
  • Torrent search

Install: It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.

Official Website:


KTorrent is a client of BitTorrent guidance on KDE written in C++ y Qt. Be part of KDE Extract, and his user interface is simple. It is the best and most popular BitTorrent client for KDE.

The equivalent of Ktorrent for GNOME it would be Deluge.


  • File download torrent sites in a grouped way.
  • Support for IPv6.
  • Support for SOCKS up to version 5, allowing it to function even behind a firewall.
  • Cancellation of the download of torrents if the space in the HDD it is scarce.
  • Limiting the speed of uploading and downloading data, even individualizing each torrent.
  • Internet search for torrent files using different search engines, including that of the official BitTorrent page (using Konqueror through KParts), as well as the possibility of adding your own search engines.
  • Tracking UDP, more information.
  • Configurable bandwidth scheduler in one-hour intervals for each day of the week.
  • supports UPnP y DHT.
  • Ability to import fully or partially downloaded files.
  • Filter IP addresses unwished.
  • Protocol encryption.
  • Allows grouping torrents.
  • Automatic downloads from feeds RSS.

Install: It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.

Official Website:


BitTornado Is a customer BitTorrent. It is the successor to Shad0w's Experimental Client. It is considered the most advanced client for this protocol.

The interface is reminiscent of the original BitTorrent, but adds new functions.


  • Download / upload limitation
  • Prioritize downloads when multiple files are downloaded
  • Detailed information about connecting with other clients
  • UPnP Port Forwarding (Universal Plug and Play)
  • Support for IPv6
  • PE / MSE support

Install: It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.
Official Website:


qBittorrent is a fully featured Bittorrent client written entirely in C ++ and Qt4, based on the libtorrent-rasterbar library.
It is an excellent alternative to any of the other advanced clients.
It is very fast and includes support for Unicode as well as many other functionalities such as, for example, a good integrated torrent search engine.


  • Download / Upload Multiple Torrents Simultaneously
  • It allows you to search a directory and download all the torrents that are in it.
  • Support for DHT (Decentralized BT / Trackerless)
  • Support for µTorrent Peer eXchange (PeX)
  • Support for Vuze encryption
  • UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding
  • Subscribe to RSS Feeds
  • Preview audio / video files as they are downloaded
  • Limit download and upload speeds (globally or torrent x torrent)
  • Trackers authentication
  • Trackers edition
  • Download in order (slower but better for previewing files)
  • Select only some files within a torrent to download
  • Possibility of creating torrents
  • Integrated torrent search engine
  • You can upload a torrent directly from its URL
  • Support for proxies
  • Support for IP filters
  • Shows the download / upload ratio of the torrent
  • Web interface for remote control
  • Styles support
  • Unicode support
  • Multiple language support (~ 25)

Install: It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.

Official Website:


rTorrent is a client of BitTorrent en text mode able to rival other GUI clients; especially for its low consumption of resources.

It is available for any linux distribution and a partial implementation for Mac OS.

rtorrent is based on the LibTorrent library. Both were written in C ++ with the emphasis on efficiency and speed, while still providing the functionalities that we can find in clients with graphical interfaces.


  • Use a URL or path to add the torrents
  • Stop / delete / resume torrents
  • Optionally, automatically upload / save / delete torrents in a specific directory
  • Supports safe and fast summary of torrents
  • Shows a lot of information regarding peers and torrent

Install: It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.



aria2 is a very useful tool to download files from the console.

aria2 can download a file from various sources and / or various protocols and tries to use the maximum available bandwidth. Supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and BitTorrent protocols.


  • Console interface
  • Download files using HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and BitTorrent protocols
  • Segmented / Partitioned Downloads
  • Support for Metalink v3.0
  • HTTP / 1.1
  • Support for PROXY authentication
  • BASIC authentication support
  • Verification of peers in HTTPS using trusted CA certificates
  • Client Authentication Certificate in HTTPS
  • Loading of Firefox3 and Mozilla / Firefox (1.x / 2.x) / Netscape Cookies
  • Support for custom HTTP header
  • Support for persistent connections
  • Upload and download accelerator
  • Extensions for BitTorrent
  • Rename / change the directory tree structure of downloads
  • Run as a daemon process
  • Selective download in multi-file torrent / metalink
  • Netrc support
  • Configuration file
  • Support for parameterized URIs

Install: It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.
Official website:


Vuzebefore Azureus, is a program for P2P. He is a client of BitTorrent and it's from open source. It is developed in Java programming language, so it is multiplatform, having installed the Java virtual machine. Works both on systems MacAs Windows o GNU / Linux.

The client of BitTorrent is fully compatible with the BitTorrent network and also includes what is expected to be the future in the p2p, The streaming of videos in high definition or quality DVD through a company content service californian Vuze Inc. Through peer networks allows users to exchange their videos, categorize them, rate them and add comments.

Vuze is developed in Java, Is open source and is licensed LPG and is available for operating systems Microsoft Windows, Mac OS y Linux and generally, for any operating system that can run Java and supports SWT. The azureus logo is represented by the image of the toxic frog Dendrobates azureus, which lives in South America, in the basin of Amazonas.


  • Advanced Statistics - Provides advanced information on torrent progress, activity, and transfer.
  • Auto Organizer: categorizes torrents based on their file types (music, movies, etc.)
  • Auto Speed: automatic adjustment of the upload speed based on the "saturation" of the network.
  • Auto Seeder: automatic file seed based on the torrent content and its directory tree.
  • Built-in chat, using the cr3.2 protocol
  • Download multiple torrents simultaneously
  • Limit for uploading and downloading torrents, both globally and individually
  • Advanced rules for seeding
  • Adjustable disk cache
  • It only uses 1 port for all torrents.
  • Supports UPnP (port-forwarding)
  • Supports the use of a proxy, both for the tracker and for communications between peers
  • Fast and secure download summary.
  • Allows you to set a download directory and move completed downloads
  • Allows you to import torrents automatically from a specific directory
  • Highly customizable interface
  • IRC plugin included for quick help
  • Embedded tracker

Install: It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.
Official website:


Torrentflux is a client of BitTorrent ready to be installed on servers using systems Linux, Unix y BSD. Once installed and running on the server, the user can access the program administration through a fairly intuitive and simple web interface.

It supports multiple languages ​​and users, so that everyone has their own list of downloads and files on the hard drive. From the administration panel, you can add new files to the download queue, clean downloaded files, modify configuration parameters, navigate through user directories ... the usual tasks in any client of this type. It even allows you to search for torrents directly in the Trackers most famous and add them to the queue without leaving the administration panel.

Due to the extensible nature of torrentflux-b4rt, there are a huge variety of third-party tools and extra utilities that can be enabled from the control panel.


  • Support for Bittorrent, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Usenet.
  • Unified transfer control
  • Stop / Start / Resume / Delete operations that affect individual transfers, all transfers or only those selected.
  • Change settings "on the fly", without the need to restart the program: upload and download ratios, how many connections to use at the same time, etc.
  • Each individual transfer can have its own settings.
  • Display of transfer information: upload and download speed, ratios, percentage completed, etc.
  • Registry of all torrents, which allows to detect and solve problems more easily when they occur.
  • Seeder and leecher x torrent graphics.
  • Support p
  • fluxcli.php - a full version of torrentflux-b4rt for the terminal / console.
  • Check RSS feeds regularly and download them
  • Schedule cron jobs to "watch" folders and detect when new torrents are added to them. Then start downloading them automatically.

Install: It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.
Official website:

Finally, I recommend you see this comparative table of ALL currently existing Bittorrent clients made by friends at Wikipedia.

Sources: Wikipedia & Linux Links

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  8.   Adr1one said

    Hello, I just arrived in the Linux world and I have a question with the bittorrent client «Transmission»: when I click on the «magnetic link» on a website to download a series of files, I don't know how to select the files I want to download and the ones I don't , in "properties" I do not see the files that I am downloading ... If it's any use just before switching to linux I tried to download that same set of files with "Utorrent" and if I could select which ones I wanted.

    1.    let's use linux said

      I think transmission doesn't have that option. Maybe you can try Deluge or qbittorrent.
      Hug! Paul.

    2.    Aliana said

      Better late, more than a year late 🙂 than never.

      @ Adr1one
      The thing about Transmission and magnets is that until you start downloading a magnet no file appears in the Properties of that magnet.

      I don't know if this also happens with other clients, because I have only used Transmission for years.
      If someone can tell if it happens with other customers, the information will be appreciated.

      This of the magnets does not happen with the normal .torrent, as soon as you put them to download the different files (if there is more than one) can be seen in the Properties of that .torrent.

      What I usually do with magnets is to let them start to go down and then (when the files already appear) I give "Pause", right click on the magnet >> Properties, I mark what I want or not to download, the priority and / or other options and I hit «Play» again.

      For me Transmission is the best.
      And for most of the distros (starting with Debian), which for a reason include it as standard.

  9.   waco said

    and Tixati is my favorite for windows and linux !!!