Trends 2021: 21 Trends in the technological field for 2021

Trends 2021: 21 Trends in the technological field for 2021

Trends 2021: 21 Trends in the technological field for 2021

Since we are already reaching the end of this last month of the year, December 2020, today we will do a kind of review to glimpse the future "Trends 2021", that is, the IT Trends for year 2021 from the point of view or relationship with the Free Software and Open Source.

Therefore, in this publication we will make a small «Technology Summary» of the best and most interesting of the IT world during the last 3 years., to get a good idea of what's to come in certain technology domains.

Trends 2021: Content

Trends 2021: Past, Present and Future

Where we come from and where we are in free and open technologies

The following sample of previous posts prepared by us in the following 21 scopes, during the last 3 years are a clear example of where technological changes (trends) are pointing favorably through the use of methodologies and technologies increasingly free and open:

1.- New Pro Free Software and Open Source Organizations (2018 - 2020)

02.- Information Security: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Computer Security

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Information Security: History, Terminology and Field of Action

03.- Technological Innovation

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Innovation and Free Software: A good future for technology

04.- Hardware and Free Software

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Hardware Product Certification Program: Respect Your Freedom
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Free Software versus Private Software: Pros and Cons for your selection

05.-Digital transformation

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Free and Open Software: Technological Impact on Organizations

06.- Compostable infrastructure

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Composability: the new trend of 2019 for open-source?

07.- Space Development

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Space Technology and Free Software: 50 Years of the Moon Arrival

08.- From Apps to WebApps

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Software Development: A historical review to the present day

09.- Interoperability

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Interoperability through the Cloud: How to achieve it?

10.- Everything as a service

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XaaS: Cloud Computing - Everything as a Service

11.- Artificial Intelligence

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OpenAI: Artificial Intelligence Projects free and open for all

12.- Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computing: The Future of Free Software Computing

13.- Low code software development

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Low-code open source platforms for app development

14.- Big Data

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Big Data, Free Software and Open Source: Available Applications

15.- Decentralized Networks

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Decentralize the Internet: Decentralized Networks and Autonomous Servers

16.- Microservices

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Microservices: Open Source Frameworks and Software Architecture

17.- Edge Computing

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Linux Foundation Believes Edge Computing Will Outperform Cloud Computing

18.- Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of People: From the Internet of Things to the Internet of All

19.- Digital Mining of Crypto Assets

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Alternative Operating Systems for Digital Mining

20.- Blockchain, FinTech and DeFi

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Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Telecommuting: Outlook for 2020

21.- Education and personal / professional development

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Hacking Education: The Free Software Movement and the Educational Process
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Hacking: It is not only doing things better but thinking better about things

Trends 2021: Future

Where we are from and where we are going in free and open technologies

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Once each content of each publication of each area of ​​the Computing and Informatics, or the Science and technology mentioned here, surely many will be left with the strong impression of an overwhelming boom in the Free Software and Open Source in this nascent stage of human development that many often call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Let us remember that, in this Fourth Industrial Revolution, the existing Tools ecosystem (Applications, Systems and Platforms) of Free Software and Open Source favors the adoption of said new technologies., allowing the organizations may be more competitive and profitable in these times. Although also the human factor it is key, especially in the field of training and mastery of people in these tools.

"The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a revolution characterized by the use of a wide range of new technologies that integrate the existing physical, digital and biological worlds, which impacts on all disciplines, economies and industries, and even goes so far as to challenge the existing ideas about what it means to be human. And precisely, Free Software and Open Source in Organizations makes it easier for these new technologies to be implemented every day at affordable or zero cost, for the business objective of each one." Fourth Industrial Revolution: The role of Free Software in this new era.

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Fourth Industrial Revolution: The role of Free Software in this new era

Immediate future outlook

And finally, it goes without saying, that as creators, users and / or activists of the Community of SL / CA, our north must be and continue to be:

"The ccreate, use, work and support Free Software and Open Source, in the scope of Governments and community organizations, public or private, since these have the immediate benefit of increasing the impact of technological and economic resources, in favor of the progress and development of the same and their Citizens and / or Users." Progress and social development with Free Software and Open Source.

In order to mitigate and / or prevent it from being distorted in the midst of this current panorama, characterized by a huge expansion process, from the traditional niche of Communities and social organizations towards large business organizations and private corporations. As we reflect at the time in the following publication:

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We hope this "useful little post" about «Tendencias 2021», that is, the IT Trends for year 2021 , not only in the field of Free and Open Technologies but in all of them as a whole and globally; is of great interest and utility, for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the diffusion of the wonderful, gigantic and growing ecosystem of applications of «GNU/Linux».

And for more information, always do not hesitate to visit any Online library and OpenLibra y jedit to read books (PDFs) on this topic or others knowledge areas. For now, if you liked this «publicación», don't stop sharing it with others, in your Favorite websites, channels, groups, or communities of social networks, preferably free and open as Mastodon, or secure and private like Telegram.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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