Trisquel 6.0 LTS GNU / Linux: Functionality and Freedom

standard trisquel desk

I've been married for a while now to what I consider to be one of the best distros in space GNU / Linux. I speak particularly of Arch Linux, basically it has accompanied me in the last 3 years continuously without doing a reinstallation of the system during that time, a fact that has resulted in joys of usability, flexibility and complete stability.

Many users will find it somewhat uncomfortable to use Arch Linux As a desktop system, I have given myself the task of looking for a distro that I considered at the time a good option for the desktop user. So in an authoritative way I went to see what happened with  Trisquel Gnu linux proceeding to download it and execute it in livecd mode, finding myself with a pleasant surprise compared to previous versions.

The Navigator Abrowser In its version 19.0, it has a certain sobriety and a lot of stability, characteristics that are undoubtedly appreciated when spending hours in front of the PC, lazy continuously watching videos or on social networks.

Screenshot from 2013-07-05 00:19:57


By default the pre-installed multi-protocol client is Pidgin 2.10.3 Widely known client who will undoubtedly meet practically all the requirements regarding this matter.

Screenshot from 2013-07-05 00:28:12

Like any distribution based on GNOME It has other well-known applications among which are:

  1. Rythembox 2.6 (music player)
  2. Brasero 3.4.1 (Disc Burner)
  3. Gimp (2.6.12) Image Editor
  4. LibreOffice (office suite)

Totem 3.0.1 (Video Player)

Screenshot from 2013-07-05 00:44:40

Taking into account that all the pre-installed applications despite being quite basic and common that is pre-installed in most of the distros, it is noteworthy that all from players to video editors work out of the box, which provides a quite acceptable experience for the user looking for a stable platform for their daily work, with the addition of being completely free according to what is recommended by the Free Software Foundation.


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  1.   pandev92 said

    Based on ubuntu 12.04, no grazie.

    1.    freebsddick said

      This article certainly goes beyond what you say ... it is not that it is based on a particular distro

    2.    Zagur said

      Based on Ubuntu 12.04 and improved by removing proprietary packages that spy on you. 😛

      1.    freebsddick said

        Maybe those are one of the things that you will undoubtedly see as well, in itself it is an advantage but it is not that a user who only seeks to do a normal computation without anything so specific can really appreciate these characteristics, of course it is always an addition as it is. comment, I'm glad you have a clear idea about it.

        1.    Zagur said

          I had tested this distribution on my netbook. And I have to say that there is a great job behind it (which by the way, Spanish distribution!). I've always thought that using only free packages could be a problem. Well, at first, used to using Ubuntu and derivatives it seemed to me, but then (with desire) I realized that I could use alternatives and work perfectly.

          PS: Currently on my netbook I have OpenSUSE, but I use my netbook to test all kinds of distros.

      2.    pandev92 said

        if for you to use a nvidia gt 670 with nouveau, it is an improvement .., well .., for tastes colors ehehhe.

        1.    freebsddick said

          better than using a sis right?

          1.    pandev92 said

            the performance is more or less the same .., although the expense is 300 dollars higher hahaah

      3.    sieg84 said

        it's still Ubuntu ...

    3.    isaac said

      There is a completely free arch-based distro

      1.    freebsddick said

        Of course there is ... but you must face the following question ... would you throw your nephew with little knowledge of the GNU system to install Parabola? ... in particular if it would, so it would get rid of so many blowjobs from graphic installers that only distract and consume machine resources .. but frankly it is not common ..

        1.    pandev92 said

          For those users, trisquel is not an option either, those users want a distro that makes the most of their hardware, and not nouveau, nor does the radeon opensource driver do it, the only ones who could be happy are Intel users.

          1.    freebsddick said

            You just compare your requirements and print them on the others.

          2.    pandev92 said

            I compare the requirements of 90% of pc users :).

  2.   Leo said

    Since we are talking about Arch + common user, I would recommend Chakra.

    1.    freebsddick said

      Sep ... it's not that I can say that I have any experience with that distro ... as in the article for many years that I only follow the rolling path that arch gives me, although for other users I know it also represents an option ... in a particular way I could recommend the distro of the article for how complete it is as it comes

    2.    Staff said

      Or Manyaro, who does an excellent job and doesn't have Chakra's KDE-purist philosophy.

      1.    Staff said

        Manjaro *

        1.    freebsddick said

          hahahaha .. I was coming to see comments like these ... «Purists» haha

          1.    diazepan said

            At least he said purists regarding KDE and not regarding freedom

          2.    staff said

            And what's the funny thing about the word "purist"?
            Did I misuse the term or is that laugh just a conditioned response?

    3.    vicky said

      Chakra divorced arch a long time ago. They have their own repositories, the packages are not compatible and in distrowatch it is listed as an independent distro. They even plan to replace pacman with akabei.

      For those who want to install arch easily I would recommend Bridge Linux

    4.    edo said

      The arch for mere mortals is Artengos or Manjaro, the latter is the one that I recommend

      1.    freebsddick said

        Not at all .. if you know at least one language for which the wiki translation is (logiamente know how to read in that language) and you have at least two index fingers on the right and left hand respectively, a simple «Mortal» can install the distro without any problem

        1.    dwarf said

          Arch is not necessarily the best in the world, for example not for me.

          It should be noted that I have been using Linux for years and Arch has always represented a waste of time for me, although I dare not say that it is bad, it would be to go off the hook talking idiotic; I simply have never been interested in a KISS system, I KISS apply it only to programming.

          What you say that anyone with fingers and the ability to read can, is exaggerating; my dad has fingers, he can read and he's an engineer, and even so he can't stand on the ball in Windows ... you need desire and average knowledge at least, and I doubt that you have left Arch perfect, without problems, neat and beautiful from your first attempt , you have to make several attempts, break some things in order to learn.

          1.    pandev92 said

            that freebsddick came from gentoo so he didn't have too many problems XDDD ...

        2.    pandev92 said

          a simple mortal does not usually install ubuntu, imagine wasting time with arch and its installation by tty XDD ... ,. He is going to send you to the reconchichina, telling you that you better get more two xD

  3.   eliotime3000 said

    Trisquel is the exorcised version of Ubuntu sponsored by the FSF, although if you have a PC with an AMD chipset or NVIDIA or ATI / AMD video, choose Debian Testing.

    So far, I am surprised that they have replaced the GNU IceCat with Abrowser, and I don't understand why.

    I also came across a gnuized Arch called Parabola, which has no AUR, uses the GNU / Linux-libre kernel and its library has been exorcised in the same way as in Trisquel, although instead of Firefox it uses Iceweasel.

    1.    edo said

      Parabola is an Arch without AUR ?. It is simply too limited a distro, rather they should have cleaned AUR instead of removing it.

    2.    cookie said

      Parabola is an Arch without proprietary packages, yes, but the AUR is independent of Arch. Technically you should be able to install the AUR packages in Parabola as long as it complies with the dependencies.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Arch's versatility in its packages and repos is notorious. I hope the FSF does not take away the 100% free distro certificate as it did with Debian, as its nature is almost the same.

        1.    pandev92 said

          As far as I know arch is far from being 100% free, it offers proprietary packages in the normal repositories: flash, spotify, non-free kernel, etc.

  4.   Fungus said

    Trisquel has been my favorite distribution and workhorse since I tested 5.5 over a year ago and I've been with 6.0 since March, what more could you ask for? It is Spanish, it does not have annoying "rolling releases" which I appreciate and is endorsed by the FSF and Stallman himself. Easy and simple to use.

    1.    Fungus said

      Here is a screenshot of my desktop in Trisquel 6.0 Toutatis

      1.    freebsddick said

        quite sober that desk

        1.    Fungus said

          Thanks, and by the way Abrowser is already on version 21, so if they have been slow to update to 22 these days. But nothing to worry about.

  5.   Miguel said

    What Gnome does it use?

    because Ubuntu 12.04 uses gnome 3 and this looks like gnome 2

    1.    pandev92 said

      use a gnome 3 ..., made by them ..., without compiz or anything, otherwise I'm wrong.

    2.    Fungus said

      Gnome 2

    3.    diazepan said

      They use Gnome Fallback

      1.    pandev92 said

        what is gnome 3 XD

  6.   elav said

    I just installed Arch Linux, in fact I am commenting from this distribution that I can say, after Debian, for me it is the best .. Reviews and others are coming soon ..

    Trisquel is not bad, but it seems more outdated than Debian and beware, it's just my personal appreciation. Do not take it bad.

    1.    Angel_Le_Blanc said

      Excellent, for me there is no better distro, I think it is one of the few that developers are clear about how the system should run, simple, without unnecessary additions, a good number of packages, effectiveness. And the saying
      "Do for console what you can do for gui", even better effectiveness.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Although the most intuitive console is Slackware, as it helps you when configuring something manually (in English, obviously) and suggests the best way to avoid having to screw up.

        With Arch, I would have to read the essentials that Wiki tells me and be very aware of any changes regarding its update system or to configure one thing or another.

    2.    vicky said

      What I love about arch (and chakra) are the PKGBUILD and pacman. It is extremely easy to make your own PKGBUILD and use versions of git.

      1.    freebsddick said

        I agree with you …

  7.   itachi said

    That Elav, let yourself be seduced by the crystal clarity of Arch Linux. You will enjoy

    1.    freebsddick said

      Remember that all users at some point have our moments to do fanboy xD

  8.   edo said

    It seems like a very good distro, although it does not seem to be a good distro for newbies, there are proprietary packages that make life easier.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      It has the Ubuntu installer called Ubiquitous, and it is compatible with the Intel chipset (if your board is 99% Intel and 1% Realtec). What I do not know if this new browser (Abrowser) does not prevent me from installing the flash player, since gnash consumes more memory than its proprietary counterpart and is not 100% compatible with the flash format.

    2.    freebsddick said

      Obviously there will be things that correspond to a fully personal use that you will have to look for in the private sphere, perhaps that is the way with which you can undertake the resolution of the problems that arise .. but as I have commented there are many options out of the ordinary clearly it has a goal that could differ from the one you have in mind. That's why we have diversity that you can use if you require

  9.   Alien said

    The artwork seems beautiful to me, it hurts that when installing the artwork in archlinux with xfce but it had a couple of bugs. The icons are if I'm not mistaken they are gnome brave, which in gnome 3 look beautiful, which I also use a couple for KDE.

    I'm quite happy that almost everyone who commented uses ArchLinux. You learn a lot, it does not hurt to also have a dual boot with another more friendly distro like Ubuntu for when you do not want to learn, just use.

  10.   just-another-dl-user said

    I am already thinking of abandoning Arch Linux, since lately I cannot update it with "pacman -Syu", on the official website it says that it is because they made a change in the structure of the / bin / sbin / usr / bin folders , then they show a tutorial to fix the problem, but it doesn't work for me, I followed it to the letter and when I wanted to reboot, PUM !!!, my Arch died and it threw some errors about "init" when booting. (Thank goodness I did a backup of the partition with Clonezilla).
    So that's where I am right now, unable to update it.
    Has someone the same thing happened to me? There is a solution?

    1.    Angel_Le_Blanc said

      You can't say you're leaving Arch just for a problem, you've surely faced worse things. You have the support of the entire community, get into the forums, email lists, irc chat ...

      In the meantime:

      Your solution may be easier than you think.

      1.    just-another-dl-user said

        Thanks, I'm going to test it, but first I'm going to make a backup of my partition, just in case.

        I had already googled about this problem but couldn't find anything, or didn't know how to search for it, so don't think I was giving up. what happens is that lately I had no time to dedicate myself to finding the solution to this, also I did not want to risk destroying my Arch again.

        1.    pandev92 said

          You are not the first person who has a big problem of those and gives up, it is normal, one does not have to be fixing those things.


          1.    Felipe said

            The first distro to use shortcuts instead of folders in / usr and / lib, was Fedora 17 There you don't even realize why it's just install and use. Archlinux started the change to / lib a few months ago and then to / bin. In Ubuntu there are no proposals to use it.

            But neither does "you don't have to be fixing those things." Actually one does not have to go around installing a system like archlinux if what you are looking for is something like ubuntu. Choose your distros well according to your needs and capabilities. There are hundreds of distros.

  11.   Blazek said

    I have tried this distribution on several occasions and I have always had problems with the drivers, since they required private software. Honestly, I like these 100% free software projects but in my opinion, I hate extremes, or 100% free distributions but then you cannot perform certain tasks because it would involve the installation of private software, but I also do not like totally closed distributions that you cannot modify them.

    1.    SevillanaLinuxera said

      Totally agree, I have the same problem with Trisquel.

      1.    platonov said

        I am with you I have always had problems with the drivers, since they required private software.
        What I'm not going to do is buy myself a new computer.
        For practical purposes, Trisquel is as little free as Windows.

    2.    freebsddick said

      If what you comment is a bit outside the scope of this article .. In theory it is assumed that this distro will run on good hardware taking as a concept that hardware that is fully supported that there is a lot.

  12.   SevillanaLinuxera said

    Well, I decided to install it to test it on an old laptop, but as I installed it I had to delete it, because it does not recognize the driver for my graphics card or the wireless card. And the truth is, I need a 100% functional operating system. So I went back to Lubuntu 13.04.
    If someone helps me and tells me how I can make my graphics and wireless cards work without installing proprietary software, I will thank them forever and I may make the leap to Trisquel.

  13.   Elias said

    I recommend Debian stable. I just put on the latest iceweasel and libreoffice (I may miss one) but I do it from the backport and that's it. As I like.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      In my Debian I do the same: keep Iceweasel and LibreOffice up to date (the latter I update manually with the official packages from the same website). The good thing about Iceweasel is that the Flash Player accepts me and works normally as if it were Firefox.

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        I'll have to do the same with my LibreOffice, I'm still on version 3.5.4 heh ... heh ... heh 😀

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Do it, because using the dpkg for the libreoffice is more pleasant than using the repos, plus it saves you 150 MB of updates in the stable branch.

    2.    freebsddick said

      I'm funny that you recommend debian (a good distro) from a system made by the Redmond company

      1.    Felipe said

        In the polls that of this site and that of another, Windows was the winner as the visitor's operating system. It makes me a bit sorry and I commented on it a couple of times. It is a bit false, some take refuge in that they are at work and that they cannot change, I do not know what is worse laziness or falsehood. You should not speak pests of windows and promote free software if you eat thanks to Windows, because you are fooling the reader with an unreal world.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          But more and more Linux is being used through Android devices, in addition to the death that looms in Windows XP, many Windows users who have older PCs will opt for Debian + LXDE or Lubuntu.

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            In reality, the number of Linux users keeps increasing. If you don't believe me, look up "debunking the 1% myth" and you'll find out how many actually use Windows and how many others use Linux for home use.

            Chrome has already dethroned Internet Explorer as the most used browser, because now Ubuntu must dethrone Windows.

      2.    eliotime3000 said

        I have Dual Boot, with Windows Vista and Debian Stable. In this case, I commented from Windows 7 because I was repairing a foreign PC.

  14.   satanAG said

    I love many things about Trisquel: appearance, package selection, stability ... the detail is that my pc has proprietary components and that coupled with the fact that I use some proprietary packages prevent me from using it fully.

    Apart from that, I can say that it is a great distro, practically comes from "install and use" except for a few details that falls in terms of taste.

  15.   vicky said

    Interesting 😀 I really like the appearance of this distro (very sober)

    Although at the moment I am married to chakra linux and elementaryOS

  16.   cookie said

    It seems to be a very good distro from what I read, but it doesn't give me anything that others don't. For purists it must be a delight.

    OFFTOPIC: Until I find someone who knows Psycho-Pass 😛

    1.    pandev92 said

      There are many who know that anime, by the way, the second season is coming XD

      1.    cookie said

        I know, I hope and it's as good as the first one and they don't spoil it. It will be weird without Makishima as an antagonist.

        1.    pandev92 said

          for me as long as they do not put more yuri, everything ok xd

  17.   eliotime3000 said

    You have not seen well the survey that was made of the visitors that was made. What happens is that many times, it is only identified as Linux in the user agent and you have to edit that browser feature to put the distro you use.

    The fact that I comment from Windows does not mean that I use it frequently, because the cases in which I have to format a PC and unfortunately they ask me for Windows due to the ignorance that exists in the country where I live (Peru), in addition to be deeply rooted in proprietary software.

    On my PC I have Windows Vista SP2 and Debian Wheezy as dualboot, in addition to having an android as a smart phone. I use Windows when I do work in CorelDraw, Adobe Premiere and others, but I use Debian to navigate and work Office documents with Kingston Office in the most comfortable way possible.

    In addition, your comment reflects the intolerance towards users who continue to work with proprietary software out of mere fanaticism, in addition that you encourage intolerance of those users who do not want them to use another operating system other than Linux. This is not how people are treated.

    1.    Felipe said

      It is true. I can't stand people who use Windows on Linux pages. Because in my opinion it is false and laziness (if they are at work). But don't worry, I don't read comments with the Windows log, so we won't interact. There are all kinds of people and ideologies, and you are also intolerant of me. I have been using Linux as the main system since 2007, I have not seen Windows 7. I also do not support the inclusion of Adware in Ubuntu so I do not recommend it.

      1.    pandev92 said

        Peace and have a better linden XDDDDDD.!

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Yes, well. And that there are worse in the esDebian forum.

    2.    edo said

      Kingsoft office does not work for Spanish speakers, as it does not have a corrector for Spanish (only English or Chinese), which is a shame, as it has a very nice appearance and very good compatibility with .doc and powerpoint

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        In the case of misspellings, the dictionary of the RAE helps me a lot. I won't always depend on an automated spell checker.

  18.   edo said

    Does anyone know how to make the comment appear from which distro I do? I use chromium

      1.    edo said

        It already works for me, I followed this post
        the difference is that it is done by means of the extension 🙂

  19.   Ghermain said

    Another one that doesn't work for me… 🙁 I have downloaded 2 times through Torrents and once directly and I have not been able to make the ISO work for me, it is also very rare that in all of them it weighs 459MB ???

    1.    Ghermain said

      Well, I won't insist any more…, I downloaded Netrunner 13.06 to try and I really liked the news it brings, but Kubuntu is still my favorite. 🙂

      1.    edo said

        The LXDE version is the best with this GUI that I have seen.
        Does anyone know with respect to usability (video, audio, programs, etc.) how is the user experience?

        1.    edo said

          Whenever I comment, the same thing happens to me, this does not come for here

  20.   edo said

    The LXDE version is the best with this GUI that I have seen.
    Does anyone know with respect to usability (video, audio, programs, etc.) how is the user experience?

  21.   Ghermain said

    I was finally able to download it and record it on a rewritable CD ... (696 MB) I tried it live and I liked its appearance and the packages it brings, but the problem is that the wifi does not detect me and without that ... cold ... and I don't know if I can use wine for programs for professional use that do not yet have an equivalent in GNU / Linux ... for now I put it on the waiting list for some day that I get bored with KDE.

    1.    SevillanaLinuxera said

      I have the same problem too. The wifi does not detect me, so it is quite unproductive to use a laptop with Trisquel. This is what stops me from using that distro.

    2.    freebsddick said

      There may be many modules that are not supported in the distro for obvious reasons .. the modules they need to work contain proprietary firmware .. although of course if you tell me that it simply does not recognize you it could be a half truth .. !! You could pass more of the device manufacturer or info from the output of dmesg and lsub in a terminal .. you may have to make a modification to the system to raise the interface. many times we have to intervene to be able to do things within the system.

  22.   trisquelcolombia said

    I definitely love trisquel, they were going to throw a pc in my old house and I put a livecd of trisquel just to make an lspci and I find that the wifi detects it automatically XD not everyone wants freedom, there are people who need to be tied to live, I like it for freedom more than for everything