Tutorial: Install .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 Packages

At the beginning when we start in Linux and look for a program, it is normal that we find a .deb or .rpm and in many cases we find programs with the extension .tar.gz y .tar.bz2These files are compressed and usually contain instructions to install it apart from the program.

The installation for these two types of packages is exactly the same

First we enter the folder where we have the file, if the folder has several words we have to put them with "" or if it does not look for folders with each word

cd folder where the file is located cd "folder where the file is"

Inside we unzip the file

tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz tar -jxvf filename.tar.bz2

We configure


We do make (compile)


Now make install

make install

Sometimes it can give us an error in ./configure, in that case it does not need compilation and with running we have plenty, in a terminal we

how to
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Commands to know the system (identify hardware and some software configurations)
program name

Or we create a launcher.

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  1.   moskosov said

    wow, +1

  2.   proper said

    actually the correct thing to unzip is
    tar -zxvf file.tar.gz
    tar -jxvf file.tar.bz2

    and for the configure there is an infinity of options (depending on the software) to customize the installation

    ./configure --help

    With that they will see the different additional options when installing a program.
    Not all distributions use / usr / local to install programs, that must be mentioned as well.

    You forgot to mention how to uninstall a program installed that way. In addition to defining optimizations for each architecture.

    Anyway, good initiative but you missed a lot ... too much information to share.


    1.    Courage said

      It is something that I have hardly ever used, most of the programs I find in the official repositories.

      The truth about decompressing is that it has always been good for me like this.

      I wrote it because it bothers me all those who say, "when you unzip it read the instructions."

      Anyway, I see the .tar.gz as the last resort, if there is none in the deb / rpm package or in the repositories

      1.    proper said

        "The truth about decompressing is that it has always been good for me like this."
        we agree, I do not dispute that, but it does not mean that it is the right thing to do. Not all distros decompress "intelligently", some have to add more parameters.

        1.    Courage said

          Man, it's not my fault that there are subnormal distros hahahaha

          1.    proper said

            KISS man ... KISS

          2.    Courage said

            Man, KISS is not moron, you already know that with Slackware hahahaha

          3.    proper said

            That's why I tell you that

            Simple! = Easy.

  3.   Yoyo said

    +1 for proper

    1.    Pepe said

      One more asshole than the other. These "genius" are off topic.

  4.   Lithos523 said

    If you change the "make install" to "checkinstall" (you can install it with aptitude, it is in the repositories) it will install the program, but also:
    -Create a .deb so you can install it on future occasions
    -The installed program will appear in Synaptic, so you can easily uninstall it from there

    1.    Courage said

      Arch users have it involved with Aptitude ...

  5.   jelpassenger said

    Sorry for my ignorance, but does the alien app solve all those problems?

    1.    proper said

      nope, because alien works with compiled packages and tar.gz or tar.bz2 are compressed files with the source code.

  6.   pandev92 said

    You can't really do a tutorial on this, most of the time, at least the qt packages are compiled in other, even weirder ways.

    1.    hypersayan_x said

      Exactly I was going to say the same thing.
      The ones that use qmake from Qt are more or less like this:

      cd CarpetaPrograma
      sudo make install

      And I add another case that are the cmakes:

      cd CarpetaPrograma
      mkdir build
      cd build
      cmake ..
      sudo make install

      Or there are others that just have to run make && sudo make install.
      Those are the most common cases, but there are many more variants: s

      1.    mcder3 said

        There are times that some applications made in QT do not bring the makefile. So it's time to create them with the following line:

        qmake -makefile


  7.   jelpassenger said

    Let's see if I clarify, when I have to use a tar.gz or a tar.bz2, all I do to generate a .deb or an all.deb using alien is to put sudo alien install + package name. Isn't that the same as compiling?

    1.    hypersayan_x said

      No, compiling is transforming the source code of the program into machine code.
      Whereas what you do with alien is repackaging which is converting the package format of one distribution to the package format of another distribution.
      To make it simpler, it is as if you had a file compressed in RAR and you want to transfer it to ZIP, you would decompress the file in RAR and compress it again in ZIP, that is what alien does.

  8.   StuMx said

    Compilation is done in make, not in configure. The configure file is a script that verifies that the system complies with all the dependencies to compile the program, then it generates the make file (which is the one that defines how it will be compiled) according to our system.

    1.    Courage said

      Now I remove it because this article is already a long time from when I wrote it in April or May. I did not check it almost removing some bad word nothing else

  9.   jelpassenger said

    I don't think I'm explaining myself very well. Alien not only transforms an rpm package into a .deb, if you take the source code of a program, be it gz, or bz2 it transforms it into a self-installable deb. Hence my question. I've been on Linux for a short time, bear with me.

  10.   Marco said

    excuse my ignorance, but these steps are also valid in Chakra, or does something change ???

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      No man at all 😀
      As such, these steps are almost a standard in all distros, but it is not 100% sure that these are ALWAYS the steps to follow. That is why I recommend that you always read the instructions file (README usually) before doing anything.

    2.    proper said

      as @ KZKG ^ Gaara says, this is not always the case, it is a standard that will work for all distros as long as the program is written in C / C ++

  11.   Carlos-Xfce said

    When I am faced with one of those .tar.gz, I will return to this article. How I detest such such packages!

    1.    Courage said

      Fuck are you old enough to install these packages HAHAHAHAHA

  12.   VulkHead said

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge, this installation method works for Debian too. Because I try and I try and it gives me an error.

  13.   Laura Tejera said

    That's why nobody uses Linux, to do anything stupid is a trick

    1.    elav said

      How curious, some of those stupid things you mention, the "super gifted" users of Windows and OS X cannot do them, or are afraid of them.

      1.    Laura Tejera said

        the funny thing is how people like you can follow such a closed OS.

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Have you avoided answering the question? … Can Windows users or OS X geniuses do as many things with their system as we show on this site? 🙂

          By the way, you use Ubuntu so… what are we talking about?

          1.    Laura Tejera said

            keep up the mediocre manga

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              Are we mediocre? … Uff… LOL!

      2.    Pepe said

        We are in the year 2015!
        I think it is not necessary to waste so much time studying to work from the console.
        Why not use automated applications for this?
        In any case, those who "like" to write the commands from the console there, let them continue doing it, but in parallel it would be necessary to have those same automated commands. I'm not asking you to send a rocket to the moon.

    2.    Santiago Luis Bazan said

      The reasons for using free software are moral ethics. Never allow anyone to be denied their human freedoms

      1.    Pepe said

        The truth that the sanata of "freedom" in the programs has me fed up. Couldn't they stop praising a non-existent god and be a little more humble?

    3.    Pepe said

      You're right Laura, these guys with their Linux complicate it to the bone. In put0 windows things are easier. I do not demean Linux but it cannot be that to install any pel0tudes you spend hours and hours investigating how tar works and all the meresunda so that at the end of the day you get stuck with that "Linux beginner ...".

      I intend to use a stable operating system but not to take hours off my production because I have to work, I have no desire to become a "Linux graduate."

  14.   Thanatos said

    Something is always missing ... when I give ./configure I get: configure: error: Your intltool is too old. You need intltool 0.35.0 or later.

    Subsequently, the make instruction returns: No target was specified and no makefile was found. High.

    make install: There is no rule to build the `install target

    I'm a newbie and it's good to do research to learn, but FUCK, can't you explain it with colored pebbles for those of us who are new to Linux?

    1.    ponchu said

      Thanatos I had a similar problem and I share my outcome:
      (First of all, to clarify that I am also a neophyte in the Linux world and my adventures in this context with "flavor" (distro) to Ubuntu is one week).
      Assuming that it enters my folder «Downloads» with the command «cd» where my package of the program «SoulSeek» with ending «.tgz» was located in the terminal or console:
      "./Configure" gave me an error that the file or directory did not exist
      "Make" threw me the same error as you ... so I did not proceed with the command "sudo make install" (sudo is because Ubuntu requires "Super User and his password" to run this command, in other words do an installation) .
      Investigating the previously unzipped file, I realized something that may happen to you and that is that the unzipped file was of the type "executable file" (right click- properties) and it took 2 clicks to execute it.
      Your problem in "./configure" maybe you will solve it with an update of the packages or repositories (these terms confuse me a bit) installed in your Distro, since it tells you that "intItooI" is old and you need a newer one and I think that maybe this package is the one that compiles on your distro. In Ubuntu you do it in the same terminal by typing "sudo apt-get update" and update all the packages on the system.
      I hope I have been helpful.

    2.    Pepe said

      Like I told Laura, this Linux thing takes a long time. It gave me the same error message as yours and I'm like the ghost of Canterville from one place to another and nothing at all.

      My boss told me: "You have 2 days to find the solution, otherwise, we go back to windows."

  15.   Jonathan said

    Thank you

  16.   ivan said

    hello i have the same problem i want to install skype 4.0. In my pclinuxOS, I downloaded the tar, gz2 and decompressed and until there I got, when I do ./configure it tells me that the file does not exist .. where did I get lost or what? tell me, in pclinuxOS (the last released version) skype is installed but it is version 2.2 and I want to install 4,
    Is there any trick I have to do to finally install this? something in synaptic that I don't know ???
    I'm new to this system, I've tried other distros before and so far everything is fine except for this ..


    1.    Pepe said

      Is it me or I don't think anyone knows these questions.

    2.    f7eo said

      Hi, it's been a long time since your question.

      I recommend that you download the latest version of Skype for Windows (R)
      and that you use Wine to run it on your GNU-Linux distro.

  17.   but by said

    Hello! I have the same problem: I downloaded the latest version of the center software with enxtension tar.gz and when I got to the "./configure" instance I got an error, just like in "make". WHAT IS IT"?? THANKS!! Besides the software center has blocked the option to install !!!

  18.   Carlos Rivera said

    Thank you, it helped me a lot !!!!

  19.   michael said

    how to create a launcher

  20.   Angi said

    One question, can you check the dependencies of a tar.gz file before running the ./configure ???

  21.   joseluis said

    I am new to linux, it seems very difficult to install the tar gz gz2 tablets and if I get a deb it lacks dependencies and with the rpm the same if it is i586 or i686 or i386 and the worst thing is that I do not have internet in my house. Seeing so much comment contradicting one confuses you worse.

  22.   gabriel yamamoto said

    good info, but some * .tar.bz2 packages are already compiled and to install them you just have to unzip them in any folder (preferably / opt so that it is available to all users) and make a direct access to the binary in / usr / local / bin

  23.   Gonzalo said

    Very good explanation of how to use tar.gz files. Thank you very much for the information. Greetings to the whole team

  24.   juancuyo said

    It doesn't work for me
    cd / home / ju / downloads / icecat-24.0 ——-> Responds to me
    bash: cd: home / ju / downloads / icecat-24.0: file or directory does not exist
    what am I doing wrong??? The operating system is Voyager 14.04 LTS (xubuntu) Xfce desktop Gdebi is not in the content menu and neither are synaptic but they are in the start menu, even if you open them, they do not recognize the folders, it is as if they did not exist. I unzipped it in the same download folder. Is it wrongly unzipped ????

  25.   claudio said

    This tutorial also works for .tgz?

    1.    joakoej said

      No, the .tgz are the format that Slackware uses and they are already compiled, whether you have downloaded it or compiled it from a slackbuild

    2.    joakoej said

      To install it you have to use installpkg "package name".

  26.   asdf said

    Sorry but it doesn't solve the problem much for me, when you say ./configure and we configure it, you should specify more, right? if I just put ./configure it tells me
    bash: ./configure: File or directory does not exist

    then you say "we do make"
    My result:
    make: *** No target specified and no makefile found. High.

    Make install
    make: *** There is no rule for constructing the "install" target. High.

    And then you say "we run the program"
    Program name

    How do I know which is the name or which is executable? It is very abstract, maybe you take for granted several things that you will know, but those who come to see a tutorial may not know

    1.    Damian said


      I was investigating and the error that arises when giving ./configure is due to the lack of the compilation program (how could we compile without having a program that does it?). the command to install a compiler to enter is:

      sudo aptitude install build-essential

      once installed, we go to the folder where the file to be decompressed is and execute:

      tar -zxvf program_name.tar.gz

      Then we ENTER the unzipped program folder, and if there we execute ./configure and then sudo make install

      I hope I have helped!


      1.    Damian said

        sorry, I forgot to clarify, in my case to perform the "make" and the "sudo apt-get install program" I had to enter the "base" folder inside the unzipped folder, just there I took the commands to compile ( make) and the install.

      2.    Carlos said

        it gives me problems when I use make it says that it does not find anything to build high

  27.   brenda said

    Sorry I have this problem I run this command it shows me an error and I can't create the makefile
    desktop: ~ / Downloads $ tar -jxvf iReport-4.1.3.tar.bz2
    tar (child): iReport-4.1.3.tar.bz2: Cannot open: File or directory does not exist
    tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    Tar: Child Returned Status 2
    please =)

  28.   Aaron said

    Good day friends,
    I am new to linux, however, I have had a little inconvenience when it comes to recognizing a device that is a digital biometric reader, I just googled and apparently found it however, it downloaded with a .tar.gz extension, try Unzip it in a folder, several files were unzipped but I don't know if after that I have to execute something else or paste those unzipped files in a folder on the system, I don't know, if you help me please, to run the process well, it would be very grateful, I have linux Debian 7 installed on OS XNUMX. in advance, greetings and thank you very much.

  29.   Rufo Lopez Retortillo said

    I use both Linex 2011 and Linex 2013 and the biggest problem I find when installing applications is that they are not loaded in the list of applications in their group (graphics, office, multimedia, etc.) and if I want to create a launcher I don't know where I have to go to find the application launcher file. In which folder do you create it? How to do it?
    When they are installed from the repositories the launchers are placed in their group, can this be done by installing the, tar.gz as described in this web?
    Thanks for the help

  30.   Carlos said

    Please help I have another operating system called lps 1.5.5 and I cannot update the program

  31.   Carlos said

    Please tell you again I can't unzip a tar.bz2 file I have an operating system called lps 1.5.5 and I don't know how to use it, please help me, I thank you ...

  32.   joscastel said

    after unpacking the bz2 file, the command ./configure does NOT work because it does NOT exist

    1.    joscastel said

      I have ubuntu 14.04LTS

  33.   you know said

    I don't understand it, in slax the .tar.gz goes to cinema, but in ubuntu I have no way to compile

  34.   Raul said

    What is the best OS? the best OS is that it solves your problems.

  35.   Juanzito said

    Linux people are amazing. I've been trying to install ZinjaI on my newly installed LinuxMint distro for at least 5 hours.
    I'm walking through all the forums that I find and in all (but all, including this one), they give you half the information.
    For example, I already opened the terminal, but I can't put the address of where the downloaded file is located (which is / home / user / Downloads / zinjai).
    All I get is an error: "bash: cd: user: No such file or directory.
    I understand that they want to spread and propagate the use of an operating system, but, denying information or explaining everything in half measures, the only thing they will achieve is that, users like me, who had the firm intention of moving from Windows to Linux, give up and stick with my W7, bad but useful and manageable.


    PS: What did a miserable installer with a graphical interface cost them to do? Why today in the XXI century, should they continue to use something similar to DOS to install a miserable little program ?. Boys ... to see if they live up a little ....

    1.    Ocelot said

      cd ~ / Downloads / installation script path.

      One tip: stick with windows. Each operating system is made for one type of person. Windows is made for people who prefer to be given everything ground and with the least possible effort and I see is your case. There are people who cannot or do not want to aspire to something more than next, next, next ... accept. That is not bad, we simply have to know our limitations and adapt to them.

      Another tip: If you only knew how many things are achieved with humility and using two words like "please." It would surprise you. Do it often.

      1.    Knare said

        Hello Linuxeros.
        Thank you very much for the tutorial, it helped me to install the drivers for the dwa-131 wifi adapter.
        I have a little doubt, I have done everything as they say above.
        Go to the file path, do tar…. and then Make, wait for it to finish and then make install.
        Until that step I did not give any error.
        The question I have is to know if I already have the drivers installed or do I have to do something else.
        Juanzito .. go ahead and give Linux a chance, whatever the distribution, I decided to leave Windows 7 a week ago and I'm more lost than hell, hahaha, but reading here and there you find information that is sometimes difficult for you To understand, everything depends on the effort of each one to want to learn and get out of the monopoly where Windows embeds you (it is my opinion).
        One thing ... on the Linux terminal, capital letters count. 😉

        PS: I have to do something else after Kame install. ??

        Thank you very much.
        Thank you very much and greetings from the Canary Islands.

      2.    Les Arcs said

        And who are you to tell a user to go back to X system? Do you think Richard stallman?

        I agree what they say in some comments that the best OS is the one that the system adapts to the user and NOT the other way around.

        I personally love Windows .exe because as you say you don't need to be a computer genius to install something very simple like a simple notepad; compared here in linux that if it is not in the dedicated software applications you stick to the tangled of the century with a tablet.

        I got here looking for and organizing information to install programs in Linux since I am preparing to install the mint on a productive machine and I know that if I do not prepare I will not be able to install anything if it is not in the repositories.

        Now the "please" everyone asks the problem is that nobody answers them, that's why sometimes people have to be aggressive so don't say nonsense.

      3.    Paul said

        sorry .. but I've always defended the use of free and open software .. I have been using computers for 30 years .. and I'm 37 ..
        the problem is that in general in linux it is perfect that whoever wants or should "know" a little more for something simple such as installing a program, an update or whatever ... the problem comes in that many people need to work and use the pc (with any OS) to do its specific work task .. so even if it takes 10 minutes to download a .gz and install it .. or if as most happens hours will pass .. they are minutes or hours of not being able do your job and that's where almost everyone runs out of patience ..
        in my case .. at work I only use Ubuntu which is what is installed by default on PCs, since it is a scientific center, but that makes me spend more hours trying to install or even unraveling how to make a soft specific (for example I am a geographer) it works .. or after any update of it .. recover all the tools because half stop working within a program ..
        in this specific case .. I needed to see a webinar / forum at work .. and since they use java I miss the sign that I should update it .. ok .. go to the java site .. find the file for my OS, 14.04 .. look at the download and installation "" instructions "" .. download a .gz and from there on .. unzip .. ok, and ... it says "install" .. and voila .. only nothing could be done with the info of this post .. what do I do once I unzip the «jre-blablabla of a lifetime.gz» ??

  36.   Carlos Fabian Ferra said

    this never worked for me in any distro

    1.    yukiteru said

      If it didn't work for you, it's pure Layer 8.

      1.    Yank Carlos said


  37.   Ignatius Navarro said

    As I use it very occasionally, every time I enter here to see how it is done.
    Thank you very much for having written it and for not deleting it after so long.

  38.   ramon said

    as you can see in synaptic the new package installed if it shows you the oldest (stable according to the distro) ¿?

  39.   George said

    everything goes to shit when arriving at the ./configure there is no one who explains well for when it says that the file does not exist

    1.    Elvis said

      I am trying to install wifi from broadcom neither ./configure, neither make nor make install work.

      the logical sequence is 1st execute ./configure but apparently this instruction only refers to a configure directory and execute some file put there, this should come in the package that is downloaded from broadcom but in my case this directory is not there, it that is supposed to perform configure is a check and create the Makefile file, but when unzipping the package I realize that Makefile is incorporated, the other two commands make and make install do not work for me, it would be because the latest version of elementary os does not support it freya based on ubuntu 14.04

    2.    Alexander TorMar said

      The truth? This method has never worked for me and I always opt for .deb packages or commands from the Terminal ... Too bad there is nothing clear to install .tar.gz

  40.   Elvis said

    I am trying to install wifi from broadcom neither ./configure, neither make nor make install work.

    the logical sequence is 1st execute ./configure but apparently this instruction only refers to a configure directory and execute some file put there, this should come in the package that is downloaded from broadcom but in my case this directory is not there, it that is supposed to perform configure is a check and create the Makefile file, but when unzipping the package I realize that Makefile is incorporated, the other two commands make and make install do not work for me, it would be because the latest version of elementary os does not support it freya based on ubuntu 14.04

  41.   Alexander TorMar said

    The truth? This method has never helped me and I always opt for .deb packages or commands from the Terminal ... Too bad there is nothing clear to install .tar.gz

  42.   Alexander TorMar said

    Why is this tutorial not updated? Or do they make a new one?
    Everyone here complains that it did not serve them and it already has its years….

  43.   HECTOR MATOS said

    Hello, I want help, with that to install packages .. I have Ubuntu version 15 .. something .. I want to install adobe flash plugin, for it is very useful to install it, since with adobe flash I can enter some web pages, where you can see the TV and also listen to the radio .. please can you send me a step-by-step tutorial .. I don't have much experience in command line that is to say use a terminal.


  44.   abraham said

    Hello everyone !!! After reading almost all the comments I looked for a linux manual and that's it ..
    Friend OCELOTE, accept this criticism, from my humble and insignificant point of view that I share with millions of Windows users:

    I would love to switch to linux! but many of us find it impossible, why? you might wonder ... because for me the computer is the means I have to carry out my work, it is not the end ... I don't know if you understand what we all want (and JUANZITO has told you well) it is a stable operating system that helps us develop our work, I don't have time to learn how to do such basic things as install a program from the console, everything should be more intuitive and easier ... As a businessman I will tell you that the management you carry with Linux is disastrous, instead of helping the people to make the change of operating system you insist that people lie with things that do not interest them and you block the change yourself ... One who programmed in assembler, java, javascript, html, php and xbase tells you so ... and it touches my nose having to open the console for almost everything.

    All the best

  45.   defcon said

    Stamina DOS 6.22 old !!

  46.   Erput said

    Put you to study and to leave that shit of wuendos that works for some because they make the put as keys, they do not pay them, to top it all, those who made those keys are the linux geniuses and they should, to that is why You are like stupid discussing mamahuevadas, to the businessmen that I tell them, keep paying their license and if what they want is a stable so, they win time what the hell they do writing idiots in these tutos this is for those of us who like linux idiots ... the ace

  47.   GENDA said

    It is not very clear for novice users. For example you say:
    «First we go to the folder where we have the file, if the folder has several words we have to put them with“ ”or if it does not look for folders with each word» ...
    Any user will enter these folders with the «explorer», and will rename without knowing the name of the folder that contains it with the quotation marks. That from the point of view that you read it, «from the point of view of the novice user.

    Then you put:
    cd folder where the file is

    cd "folder where the file is"
    From that point, the user has already gone to the clouds or wherever, because from now on he is lost in the CD with the acronym, you do not clarify how you get there, a step-by-step example, starting with all that ... is opening the console first .

  48.   GENDA said

    For HECTOR MATOS: The adobe plugin, java, and others do not need to be done manually, you only need to be connected to the internet for a while, and in the update manager it will appear automatically, from there it will be updated automatically, for Firefox to Opera, and the rest independently ... normally the launcher is next to the clock in the start bar, in several distros I saw that by default it was there, I don't know if it will be like that in all.

  49.   Max said

    Please be more explicit, a lot of information is missing

  50.   mary said

    try updating python to 3.x and doing make install on completion tells me that there is an error:
    zipimport.zipimporterror can't decompress data zlib not available make *** install error

  51.   f_leonar said

    After unzipping to run ./configure it is necessary to enter the unzipped directory, otherwise it doesn't work. I use KDE and I graphically entered the folder that I unzipped and there I opened a terminal to execute "make" but it doesn't work ...

  52.   Anonymous said

    I have a question, I get this:
    manolo @ mxlolo-satellite-c655d: ~ / Desktop $ ./configure –help
    bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
    what I do…?

  53.   KATSODA said

    All good until the ./configure of the balls came out.
    WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT !? They don't explain it, I just want to install the second fucking life xddd
    «»»katsoda@katsoda-PC:~/Downloads$ ‘/home/katsoda/Downloads/Second_Life_5_0_4_325124_i686’/configure
    bash: / home / katsoda / Downloads / Second_Life_5_0_4_325124_i686 / configure: File or directory does not exist »» »
    I better download Windows 10 and take the ass. (?)
    Well, no. But this is one of the things I hate about Linux. Installing, and praying that your favorite programs are compatible here is quite a challenge.

    1.    gatoo_ said

      It's not to bother, gentlemen, but the creator of the tutorial explains perfectly what to do if you get an error with ./configure. You just have to finish reading the rest of the tutorial (which is 4 lines).

      I find it incredible that so many people complain that it does not explain things when you have not even stopped to read.

  54.   Friday said

    Well, I officially declare myself incompetent for this type of files. I am trying to install java and this is what it is;
    javier @ loft: ~ / JAVA / jre1.8.0_151 $ tar -zxvf jre-8u151-linux-x64.tar.gz
    tar (child): jre-8u151-linux-x64.tar.gz: Unable to open: File or directory does not exist
    tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    Tar: Child Returned Status 2

  55.   Roger deku said

    in linux ubuntu 18.04.01 lts you just have to type ./namedelprograma into the same folder after unzipping it and voila !!!

  56.   jia said

    Very good, it was very helpful.

  57.   Emerson Gonzalez said

    in av linux this does not work
    I do not know what extra me; or every time you install a distro you start the way of the cross
    you see how the keyboard goes

  58.   Jose Felix Paisano Morales said

    Hello everyone, I use Ubunto 20 and I consulted this page to install the scanner of an Epson L4150 (I downloaded the drives from http://support.epson.net/linux/en/imagescanv3.php?version=1.3.38#ubuntu).
    I followed the steps and used 'tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz', when unzipping I used
    '$ cd imagescan-bundle-ubuntu-20.04-3.63.0.x64.deb', which is the folder that is created.
    Inside the folder I used './install.sh', which is like using './configure', the system asked me for my password and everything installed fine.
    I tried my scanner and it was great, thanks for giving me the directions, I was able to use my scanner