Two alternatives to NERO for burning CDs and DVDs for Linux

We use CD and DVD drives less and less, because we have migrated to Blu-Ray and USB, but they continue to be around us. It is very likely that many of us have years of work, games, music and movies backed up on these discs, and many people still use them on a daily basis.


For example, when I was working in public relations they were very useful to deliver information to journalists and in an economical way. It is still an excellent option for these cases. It is also useful to make a music mix for a family member or friend, since some cars still have CD players. And for computer scientists they can be useful when they need to replace an operating system on an old computer, where the USB does not work.

Whatever the reason, there is a strong possibility that Let's continue to use CD / DVD drives for years to come; and for those who have migrated to open source software it is convenient to get a tool to burn discs with ease. That is why we present you a couple of programs, different from BLACK, which can help you now that you have a GNU / Linux operating system.


Designed by Gnome and distributed for GNU / Linux, Brazier it features a clean enough GUI interface to create a variety of discs. When you open it for the first time, it presents you with a series of options to create an audio, video or data disc; as well as you can 1: 1 copies of existing discs. It includes a cover editor, which is not as advanced as a program for the creation of covers but it is good that it has it. Finally, something positive about Brasero is its interface with expansions, which allows different tools to be added separately.


How to install Brasero

We can download Brasero from:

Dependencies required by Brasero

gst-plugins-base-1.8.3, itstool-2.0.2, libcanberra-0.30 y libnotify-0.7.6

Then we install Brazier running the following commands:

./configure --prefix = / usr \ --enable-compile-warnings = no \ --enable-cxx-warnings = no && make

Next as a user root

make install


For those who are more aligned with the KDE universe, K3b (summary of KDE Burn Baby Burn) is a great alternative. Like Brasero, K3b is compatible with different types and formats of discs, as well as it is compatible with a series of tools and commands to be used throughout the program. This allows you more control over the process of creating a disc. In essence, K3b is a very nice interface.

This software has not had an update recently, but the existing one is very stable and with many tools. So it should not be a concern for most users.


How to install K3b

Each filtering bag requirements to install K3b are available on its official website, once we have installed the necessary dependencies

  • We download the source code from K3b download page
  • We extract the source code in the directory of our preference:
    # tar -xjvf k3b-1.0.tar.bz2

    We change to the directory that we have created:

    # cd k3b-1.0
  • We configure the code:
    # ./configure
    With previous versions of K3b it was necessary to supply a prefix, but the new KDE compilation system is able to guess it correctly
  • Start compilation:
    # make
  • If the previous command does not throw any error, we proceed to install K3b, as root user
  • # su -c "make install"
  • You can now start using k3b, which can be found in the multimedia section of your application menu

Well, there are many alternatives to Nero, I consider this pair quite good, but if you have another suggestion we would like to know it. Share it with us.

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  1.   Anonymous said

    do people still use nero?
    Since I left XP I have given him up for dead

    1.    Luigys toro said

      Well, they use it, they use it, although I think that there are already proprietary solutions better than Nero, although this is still the most popular .. Now for free software, brasero is excellent

      1.    Tile said

        In fact yes hahaha, I also gave him up for dead, that he was still the most popular, frankly now I doubt it.
        On the other hand, the optical media are already being in the background, even in the bluray you can already watch movies via streaming. Personally, I already opt for USB, SD and other things to do formatting and a lot of things.

  2.   Isaac said

    Good article, certainly k3b much more complete 🙂

  3.   Modem said

    In my years where I burned a lot of DVD for exchange xD, I used a lot of k3b, it's simply excellent, because I always use Gnome, I don't mind installing a couple of Kde libraries at all, something was wrong with the brazier, I usually failed with DVD9, so Fixed I used K3b, now in these times I no longer use DVD and if it is necessary to record something I simply use the command.

  4.   Hermen said

    Like me, I always preferred K3b over Brasero even working in GTK environments… In the same way they are both excellent…

  5.   fprietog said

    Burning CDs or DVDs under Linux is trivial (it can even be done from the shell). But recording a Bluray using a native Linux program is, to say the least, complicated.

    I use imgburn, which is for Windows but works 100% with wine on Linux.

  6.   HO2gi said

    Brasero comes by default in many simple distros, it works without more lapses, you can burn the iso on your disk and make 300 copies of CDs or DVDs, K3b is very complete but most of them do not use their full potential. of brasero and K3b that are already well known today, recording in a memory is faster and easier. Cheers

  7.   Aurelio janeiro said


    I would like to ask a question. When I make a copy (a mix of music in mp3 format), I usually do it (when using Windows) by Realplayer. It had the advantage of passing the entire file information to the CD. That is, when the music was played on the car CD, for example, the song title information would appear. These two programs (Brasero and K3b), do they do the same?

    Thank you

  8.   Kannon said

    I feel like I traveled to the past when reading this post, by Brasero and by the screenshots with the brown color of the old Ubuntu.

    1.    Luigys toro said

      I thought you were saying it for Nero

  9.   Javier said

    I use Brasero, it is already on version 3 in Ubuntu and it allows making both an audio collection (uncompressed for older radio cd's) where only a few songs fit until the data collection (with mp3 files). In both cases with the names of the complete files, although it also depends on the ability of the radio to read the names of the files or the Tags integrated in the mp3.

  10.   fernando said

    Well, I have used both programs and with Brasero, which is very easy to use, I have had some problems such as recordings that had not been produced later and things like that that I have not suffered with k3b when it seems only seems a little less intuitive than Brasero. I would stay in a hypothetical duel in the sun with K3b. Greetings to everyone,

  11.   Marty mcfly said

    I'd like to know your opinion of Xfburn; it was not mentioned in the article and is the default in Xfce… is it bad not to mention it? Or nobody knows him?

    1.    Luigys toro said

      It's not bad at all, it allows basic functionalities (and the few times I've used it, it has worked for me).

  12.   Aurelio janeiro said

    Does Brasero work with Xfce? Does Xfburn pass the information of the integrated tags to the mp3?

    Thank you.

  13.   MorbiDeath said

    I have good experiences only with k3b. Brazier I don't like, but it's not the worst.

  14.   Jorge Rafael Almeida Orellana said

    k3b has a problem with the recording speed of the blu ray, so 100 times faster is Xfburn (recommended)

  15.   Xochitl said

    Hi, I installed Brasero with #yum and ran it but I can't burn or save file to CD.

    Can any of you help me with this?

    Thanks Community.