Ubuntu 14.04: Brief review about its performance, consumption, appearance and usability

Ubuntu 14.04 It came out just very recently, and from my point of view it hasn't had much of a stir. I say this based on social networks; in Twitter for example my Timeline it was not crammed with Tweets about Ubuntu as it happens on other occasions. And the same with Facebook o G+.

It amazes me in part because after trying Ubuntu 14.04 on a USB stick (which is why I write this article) has not left a bad taste in my mouth after all. But hey, I will leave you in more detail below.

I start by saying that I really liked the detail of showing keyboard shortcuts at login, so working with Unity becomes easier.

Ubuntu 14.04 Shortcuts

Performance and Consumption

Assuming that I did the tests from a LiveCD, I cannot judge  Ubuntu 14.04 for its consumption in general. It is possible that installed on the computer, the use of RAM and CPU is lower, or maybe not, but from the LiveCD, just by booting, I was already consuming more than 700MB of the 2.024 availables.

Ubuntu 14.04 Performance

High consumption does not affect performance at all. I must say that the applications open quite quickly and in general everything feels much more fluid. The test computer has a processor Intel Core i3 that is maintained with very little use in terms of processing.

The video card (AMD / ATI RV505 Radeon X1300 / X1550 Series) behaves exceptionally well. But something that I have always felt a bit heavy are LENS, although in this version at least the DASH it runs quite a bit faster, or so it seems to me.

Ubuntu 14.04_Dash


The default appearance comes from the hand of ambience y Radiance, the official Ubuntu themes for several years. Since the last versions, small improvements have been added to these GTK themes in order to make them look more elegant, but I would have liked more if the toolbar had a flat color, and not that little gradient that gives it depth.

Ubuntu 14.04 Environment

The edges of the windows disappear and the curves appear smoother. I have always liked ambience but now they are honestly a delight to behold. The checkbox y RadioButtons They have also been improved, which is appreciated. I also really liked the option to integrate the menu bar into the title bar of each window when it is not maximized.

The new dialogues such as Shutdown also look very elegant, although I feel that it goes from the line of atmosphere, maybe because of the design of the close button.

Ubuntu 14.04 Shutdown

What didn't I like?

There aren't really many negatives to point out, just a few details. For example, I don't like that I don't have the option to move the Dock to the right, or even down. With two monitors connected, when passing a window from one to the other, the cursor stops when it reaches the Dock, as it blocks it.

Ubuntu 14.04 Monitors

Another detail that I still don't like is the Ubuntu Software Center, has something in its interface that does not quite convince me. And finally, when you put the menu bar in the application window, there is too much white space on the panel. I don't know if a smart solution can be given to this, but I don't like it.


Otherwise, Ubuntu 14.04 it's more of the same, the same apps (except Amazon), the same tools dragged from GNOME with its lack of options. But in the time that I was testing, nothing hung up on me, and everything stayed quite well.

Unity has matured but I do not see it as an alternative to bring new users who are not from OS X. KDE, CinnamonAnd including XFCE, with the correct configuration, I think they are more attractive and similar to the view of users of Windows. I like the new visual details, the effects and the transitions, but I don't know, something doesn't quite convince me.

As I was saying to a co-worker today: I before Ubuntu, I recommend Linux Mint. And I don't give it a rating because my tests weren't very exhaustive.

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  1.   Arturo Sanchez said

    Thanks for your review, it gave me a break, I decided to switch to linux because my xp casually started to fail after 14, that is to say 3 times it restarted and I did not wait any longer, I looked for an option and I found Ubuntu 14.04 without knowing anything and like the You erase I installed it, without realizing it I deleted the partition of an additional HD and it was installed at the same time as my xp, my first stone, Skype, I have not been able to install it on my pc so I am on the lookout for the cel which is where I have it , second stone, drive's for my cannon mf6530 multifunctional I just can't find it, the smallest stone? I am used to using Office 2007 but I think that is the least of my problems, I will find the option for my pininos in accesses, publisher and microsoft Office pictur manager, from there on out and after reading you I do not regret my decision, already I found a series of software that they claim I can recover from my additional disk and then I will continue reading them.

    It is my first participation and my knowledge is limited to being a stubborn user who learns from his blunders

    1.    rocholc said

      I recommend that you try Mageia 4, it goes smoothly, it is for me the best distro for starting from Windows XP or 7, and it recognizes all the hardware perfectly. It has a control center of the best of Linux and every day it refines more.

      I have it installed on a Core Duo and on an Asus Netbook and it works wonderfully on both, with a KDE desktop (Yes Kde, which has the reputation of being very heavy) it flies on both computers.


  2.   pandev92 said

    high consume? my windows 8, it consumes 1,5 gigs just started and it seems a normal consumption, 700 megs seem low.

    1.    elav said

      Compared to Kubuntu 500's 14.04MB on a LiveCD (imagine the rest, XFCE and LXDE), if they are excessive 😀

    2.    kik1n said

      Well, what packages do you have as autostart?
      In my win8.1 I have as auto start: Avira, tweetdeck, roxio2, Rssowl, clementine, utorrent, BetterDS3 and other packages and it reaches 1.2 or 1.4.


    3.    yukiteru said

      And I have Windows 8 on a Celeron 847 1.0 Ghz and it does not consume 800 Mb starting. I think Ubuntu consuming 700 Mb, just starting up means that it is a bit chubby, but normal for the amount of services it loads in boot by default.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        My Intel Atom netbook barely skims 1 GB boot. Later, that peak drops (and that Windows 8 runs like silk on my netbook).

    4.    zzzz said

      then install 8.1 update 1 which consumes even with kav installed and wmware services running uses a total of 610 mb

    5.    Daniel Andres said

      Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits installed on my main disk consumes me
      420MB at startup 😀

    6.    Omar benitez said

      Hello! It is considered high because I have Linux Mint 17 with Cinammon desktop and it only consumes between 400 and 500 MB at startup; currently with 4 Chrome tabs open and the browser my RAM consumption is 1.2GB.

  3.   x11tete11x said

    missing a crucial piece of information, 32 or 64 bits?

    1.    elav said

      Right, I missed: 64 Bits

      1.    x11tete11x said

        ah, so the RAM consumption is quite good 😀

        1.    diazepam said

          that was important.

        2.    DaCooks said

          Well, I have the 64-bit one and it consumes about 450 mb at the beginning 😛

  4.   Anibal said

    Elav, the dock in dual monitor is stuck is because in the monitor configuration you have marked "adhesive edges" ... removing that solves that.
    I also agree that there should be the option to choose where to put the dock

    1.    edo said

      At some point a dev sent a patch for that, but they rejected it because it goes against the identity of ubuntu, which seems good to me, that they protect their identity as a distro. Already highly configurable distros there are several, and then ubuntu is ubuntu. Now, someone could create a fork that applies all those changes if they want.

  5.   Anibal said

    The software center I agree, it seems like rubbish to me, so straightforward. It could be done much better, it is not great science to redesign that ugly thing hahaha

  6.   Marcelo said

    I tested it in a virtual machine on Windows 7 and it is much slower than Ubuntu 13.10.

    And as for alternatives to Unity, I really like Mate.

  7.   ßash said

    I agree, they stayed 2 years ago without renewing. I was in favor that once they take a 360 ° turn and replace the obsolete and cumbersome Xorg with the new Mir, Unity 7 by Unity 8, it needs a strategic change to gain more acceptance among News users who are just entering in this new world.

    1.    Zironid said

      Wait ... Explorer on OS X using GNOME? O_o

      1.    Jose GDF said

        WTF !!


      2.    Garbage_Killer said

        the fun of playing with the user agent: p

      3.    jors said

        I am also surprised with this combination O_o How did he do it?

  8.   edo said

    And what is ram for? 700 mb is ok

  9.   kik1n said

    The consumption if it gets lower when you install it about 200 MBs, but if it is very very fluid, only that after installing it about 2 or 3 reboots, boom, screw it up, it no longer enters after grub.

  10.   Akira kazama said

    Is consuming 700MB of RAM normal or even low? I hope it is due to some error, maybe I would consider it normal compared to Windows but the consumption of Linux Mint Cinnamon 64-bit seemed a bit high to me, 350 MB with the system installed and 290 MB in Live mode. This would be one more reason not to use or recommend Ubuntu.

    1.    Gallux said

      I concur. Ubuntu has always been heavy, compared to other contemporary distros. However, this is an eyesore. I still don't understand how they advertised it as the alternative to XP, it is clear that they had no idea what they were talking about. Either they were talking about 8.04, (the last LTS, in fact) which was one of the last to be a direct replacement in terms of RAM for XP.

      1.    commentator said

        XP, when I have not used more than 8 years ago (Since I definitely left Debian as the only OS on my computer) if I remember correctly it ran decently with 256 MB of RAM, so to say that Ubuntu could be its replacement, it does not seem to me , at least not on computers with less than 512, in which ubuntu crawls a bit; I think that ubuntu starts to run fine on computers with 1 GB of ram onwards, and on those computers people use more like 7, so maybe the only alternatives in the ubuntu family are xubuntu or lubuntu alternatives, at least for those who want to change OS but not hardware.

        1.    Gallux said

          I agree. But I mean this in the way Ubuntu 14.04 has been advertised lately on many tech-related internet sites. Obviously it is nothing more than a publicity stunt and a bad stunt. Ubuntu stopped being an alternative to xp since karmic koala 9.10, in terms of RAM. And I say this from experience. I also opted for Debian because I judged that Ubuntu consumed excessively and the "convenience" of Ubuntu was not, at least, for me, a bargaining chip around the resources it wasting.
          The only thing I missed were the ppa, but I got used to it.

    2.    Las have said

      The ram is to use it, now ... if a pc is going to be 1000 years old then yes, simple desktops like Mate or XFCE are fine. Unity is wonderful, Linux Mint is boring and ugly, color-wise it's a Windows 98 in a nutshell.

      1.    Akira kazama said

        Memory is for applications to use, not for a poorly optimized system to devour.

        Regarding the appearance, Linux Mint varies according to each edition but in any case criticizing it for its default appearance would seem absurd to me.

        1.    louis said

          What a good answer, one of the things that made me switch to linux was because of how I managed the resources of my old pc with 2Gb DDR2

        2.    edo said

          Badly optimized? So I assume that LXDE is highly optimized, and that the lack of desktop effects and good looks doesn't make a difference.

          1.    Akira kazama said

            If you consume more than KDE, since it is much more advanced in terms of effects and appearance than Unity, you are doing something wrong.

            And it is not necessary to go to LXDE to have a much lower consumption, practically all the distributions that I have tried have it ... and very few look like "Windows 98".

          2.    Gallux said

            I continue to support Akira. I will only give a practical example. Imagine that you want the pc to play through Steam.
            I think Ubuntu makes it difficult for you.
            As for the machines from 1000 years ago, I doubt that Ubuntu 14.04 will run a note of 1 gig of RAM from 2008 generating a margin of "scheduled" obsolescence of 6 years. I can say that it is worse than Windows Vista ..
            Now, in order not to be so lapidary I would like to know how much Ubuntu Server spends in terms of RAM to have a more accurate judgment on Unity.

        3.    mmm said

          I stayed a loooong time with linux mint, and it seems to me the best option for beginners but the truth is that some packages do not install well and you have to see why and why ... packages that a sudo aptitude install in ubuntu go like a blow

          1.    Akira kazama said

            I don't know why they focus on attacking Linux Mint, I only mentioned this distro as an example among the various distros that I use and that they don't have that disproportionate memory usage. Although fortunately I have not had any problem installing packages as you mention.

  11.   Hugo Iturrieta said

    I can't believe how incredibly fast it goes, as soon as I started it was PERFECT, I didn't need any kind of adjustment, the drivers, I don't know if they are proprietary or free, but I was IMPRESSED by their high performance in games, impressive.
    I had Elementary for daily use, Fedora for some tasks where Fedora was ahead and Ubuntu for games, but lately I have replaced the other distributions (still in my grub) with Ubuntu.

  12.   Joel said

    Question: my old Compaq CQ40 AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core QL-64, 2GB RAM will suffice
    Currently it runs with 13.04, but since it is no longer supported because I want to go to 12.04 or 14.04 but I am afraid that with this latest version my lap is already obsolete, if not for some time it has been.

    1.    elav said

      I don't think it's out of date at all. I know people who still have hardware much lower than yours 😉

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        In my case, until now, I still use my 1.8 Ghz Lentium IV with 1 GB of RAM, and the truth is that with Debian Wheezy with XFCE / LXDE it runs like silk.

        In fact, even Slackware, Gentoo and Arch are flying on those PCs with Awesome. Openbox, XFCE, LXDE, and other ultralight desktop environments.

        PS: Firefox Australis is APOTHEOSIC.

  13.   eze said

    I have it installed since it came out, two days later, I started to throw the typical error at the beginning, I always put not sending report, but today I put send, and a shipping error came out (the last straw)

    Another thing, when opening the Libreoffice Write, the window bar, which gives you the option to maximize, minimize or close, is hidden under the upper Ubuntu bar, and you have to do many intricacies to get it out,

    Another thing, when hiding the unity dock, and putting it in configuration so that it appears when going up to the left, there are times that by sea you give them with the pointer 10 times, the dock never appears.

    Bugs that a distribution of this hierarchy should not have.

    1.    Jonathan said

      Switch to OpenSUSE is great or SparkyLinux

  14.   eliotime3000 said

    My Windows 8 (32-bit) netbook runs with 1GB of RAM when I first turn it on, but then it immediately drops to about 500MB.

    In Debian, I don't have that boot spike problem like it is in Windows (and I installed the 64-bit version).

  15.   CANNON said

    With all due respect Elav, your review is not very serious, why would I make a review if you end up with "my tests were not exhaustive"? ¿? I don't know if you've heard that "if you are going to do something, do it completely." I think so
    Gentlemen, for reviews only those of La Sombra del Helicopter.
    They are the best.

    1.    mmm said

      I agree, and I don't know the guys from La sombra… I'll see what's up. But yes, heh ... I appreciate the note but it leaves you with that flavor of unfounded opinion ... even if you throw away the data from the ram, etc. but in the end you send a lot I did not try it, it is in a live, etc. that one wonders… and why did you write ???

  16.   manuelperez said

    I have installed it in an Acer laptop with Ati 7xxx graphics and surprisingly the perfect drivers. But I have seen that it is a bit unstable, VLC does not work for me, the videos stop, smplayer is perfect, this has never happened to me, and I have had two complete crashes when I have Chrome open ... I hope it is fixed with the following updates. for others good. Ah I forgot that I put Xubuntu 14.04 x64 not ubuntu.

  17.   ricardo said


    I did not like anything. I actually want to downgrade. Do you know how to do it to return to 13?


  18.   edu said

    I share with elav and I have always said it, to all my friends I recommend starting with Linux Mint, I think that for a long time it is the best option (to start).

  19.   let's use linux said

    "I recommend Linux Mint before Ubuntu." Hallelujah, brother!
    I agree. For newbies, Linux Mint is much better.
    Hug! Paul.

  20.   xgeriiz said

    Elav, you answered yourself in the conclusion of why there was not so much commotion for this version of Ubuntu, it is that it is still more of the same except for the small changes that were made to it .. They are not changes as relevant as to throw rockets and that everything the world looks at it again, lately it doesn't innovate like it has done before. To me, who gave me versionitis this time, I did not think that it happens because of what I said earlier here.

  21.   louis said

    For my ubuntu it died from version 11.04. Since I switched to debian I have not had performance and stability problems, I have even learned more about linux.

  22.   ----- said

    700mb boot ,,, LOL
    My Gentoo xfce x64 with firefox, audacious »let's read this page» does not exceed 577mb

  23.   guzman6001 said

    I like Ubuntu + XFCE, it seems fast (for my PC which is low on resources), nice and VERY easy to use for novice users like me 😛

    1.    Mordraug said

      Yup ^^ many of us adore that wonder called xfce = ^. ^ =

  24.   firecold said

    In my case I am currently testing Kubuntu 14.04 without problems, I did not install Ubuntu by Unity, which never convinced me, although I tried it on a friend's machine and it was quite fluid, already installed it barely consumed 300MB of Ram and very little consumption of Processes, for the rest I think that this version gave very little to talk about with respect to bugs, I think the young people of Canonical did a very good job with this version, Greetings

    1.    firecold said

      I forgot to mention that Kubuntu 14.04 when starting it consumed 350 to 400 MB and was much more fluid than Kubuntu 13.10, I must add that both were tested with Core i5 4GB and 8GB of ram respectively, greetings

  25.   jamin samuel said

    To the NEW user I will always recommend Linux MInt because it brings EVERYTHING already done, it is only a matter of installing and now

    Unity is excellent…. I know it's improved a lot even though I don't use it, but we owe all the credit to Gnome Shell 3.10

  26.   auri said

    For me ubuntu is windows vista linuxero it hurts whoever hurts

  27.   DaCooks said


    «... from the LiveCD, just by booting, I was already consuming more than 700MB of the 2.024 available.»

    This consumes me:

    1.    DaCooks said

      Oops the link did not come out: https://i.imgur.com/51NZUPr.png

  28.   Mordraug said

    Well, unity does not work for me on a 2 quad core Q9300, which although it is not from the Triassic, it already rained for my little girl ^^
    I think that unity is not a good option for "veteran" teams that do not have a dedicated graph (incredible but true), in the area of ​​efficient use of resources KDE is much better (much) and is a thousand times more configurable and aesthetically pleasing. However, as a personal choice, I prefer xfce (for me more stable, configurable and beautiful) in all my distros: xfce + compiz + awn is my winning combination and I don't ask unity for anything

  29.   elforco said

    I must admire how much gnu / linux has advanced but it still does not convince me since I am with windows 8 and it consumes only 500 MB, plus I need my tools and some distraction that there are no distributions, whatever they say, They will do a little but they do not meet expectations (CAD, Graphic Design and of course good games TERA, RIFT, GUILD WARS 2, Grand Chase, Assault Fire, etc.)

    1.    mario said

      Are you sure there are 500? Be careful because starting with Windows 8, it also takes advantage of the memory that is on the video accelerator board (GPU) and gives the illusion that not so much classic RAM is used. There are programs like Windows Sysinternals Process Explorer that show exactly each type of memory that is used.

      1.    mario said

        I just installed it and it is too far from 500 megabytes, more than double and within normal limits for a 64-bit system. http://i.imgur.com/z32pvBb.jpg

  30.   SynFlag said

    Unity creeps like a slug and consumes too much ram for the entire distro to be better than windows or to match it, I don't know why canonical doesn't see that.

    1.    porter said

      Put KDE or Gnome that won't crawl ...

  31.   ppdiaz said

    Any RAM consumption comparison,
    it is logical that if you are running it in live mode
    consumption is going to be much higher,
    the comparison to do it is with 2 systems installed
    or 2 systems in live mode.

    Another thing, everything you have commented on 14.04
    you could have commented on 13.10 or 13.04
    because it has not suffered any variation in these aspects.

    It shows that you are not a Ubunu user, hehe.

  32.   Daniel said

    I think that I don't know what, that doesn't quite convince you, is related to your prejudices. no matter what Ubuntu does, it will never shut you down.
    I use Arch with KDE and I'm going to stay there, but I can't help but recognize that the ONLY user-oriented distribution is Ubuntu.
    They DESIGN the interface and it is the only distribution that does it.
    Cinnamon, MATE… .. seriously?

    1.    raulrojas said

      Lie. The gnome and kde group also design their interfaces and release it for anyone to see and modify their code, or did you think it develops by itself?

  33.   mario said

    In theory, 64-bit programs consume twice as much ram as a 32-bit program (that has been known for years and was one of the disadvantages when ram was expensive), it seems to me within all normal -like KDE- those 700, ( right now with firefox and windows 7 x86_64 1.8GB). Also keep in mind that unity extends to 2 monitors.

  34.   rocholc said

    Well, I stay with Mageia 4 KDE, it goes like a shot both on my Core Duo with 3 GB of ram and on my Asus 1005 PE Netbook. On the occasions when I have tried Ubuntu, I have not liked its performance, its control center and software (very slow), nor of course Unity (very unproductive like Windows 8).

    I think that Mageia 4 KDE without being so popular is much more stable, configurable, and easy to use for both a linux user and for a user who comes from Windows. And for those who say that KDE is heavy, I have managed to install this distro on a Pentium 4 with 512 Mg of ram, with a final consumption of 230 mg after starting (yes, without visual effects since the equipment is very limited and you have to configure the distro according to the equipment where it is installed), and it works very decently for what the equipment is and for a normal user who will not need more than internet, libreoffice and something else.

  35.   kuk said

    Ubuntu more of the same 🙁

  36.   porter said

    Well I liked the review and the highlights, I have always trusted Ubuntu, I like it. The first versions of Unity were very poor in terms of consumption and it seems to me that at that point it has improved a lot (although right now I am not using Ubuntu Unity but an OPenbox).
    What left me a bit doubtful and that made me comment is the recommendation to use Linux Mint, which is a set of bugs and bad practices on Ubuntu, I mean that this system has a bad habit of updating and when they arrive the dist-upgrade from 00 to 01 etc goes to hell because of editing the lsb-release. It is not from my point of view an advisable distro, for that it is better to recommend Zorin, which is much better and does not cut off the functions of pure Ubuntu. It is just an opinion.

  37.   thunder said

    The truth is that I have installed and tested it, sometimes I feel like going back to Ubuntu but I have hardly used Unity.
    What I feel when using ubuntu and after reading many good reviews, is that it does not seem to me to be as polished an environment as they say.
    It will be that I have not tested an OS installed from scratch for a long time.

  38.   George said

    very interesting, I quite liked this ubuntu.

  39.   lokilloboss said

    Thank you for your review, and orita I'm trying, getting juice I still don't see some kind of error, I'm next to windows, Vaio 6 Ram & 1T HDD Intel 5 team.

  40.   raulrojas said

    I installed 14.04 with high expectations, hoping it would be a rock, and I was thinking, after trying it for a few days, to replace my fedora 20 later, especially since my laptop with hd resolution (768) gnome wastes some space.
    After 4 days of use, I came to the conclusion that it does not work for me: when maximizing windows, the upper bar hides and it is difficult to remove it again. When hiding the side panel, it does not return when I move the mouse to the left. At the fifth start I got a poster to send a report for an error that had occurred.
    So much trouble and to top it all, unity is old-fashioned, multicolored, rounded, from another era.
    I put my record back with fedora 20 and made the fonts a little bit smaller. I recommend fedora, and I don't recommend using unity, which to top it off is a bit itchy because it takes the best of free software and adds its proprietary contribution that it does not share: unity and now I looked.

    1.    Daniel said

      «I recommend fedora, and I don't recommend using unity, which to top it off is a bit itchy because it takes the best of free software and adds its proprietary contribution that it does not share: unity and now I looked.»

      Unity: GNU GPL v3, GNU LGPL v3
      Look: GPLv3

      As you can see, both are open source. Let's see if we stop misinforming, which is not the first comment that throws shit on top of the work of others without reading a little of what he talks about.

  41.   Daniel vegan said

    "With two monitors connected, when passing a window from one to the other, the cursor stops when it reaches the Dock, as the Dock blocks it."

    In the "Monitors" section within the Ubuntu configuration, you will find the solution for that case.

    A greeting.

  42.   frameworks said


  43.   Charly said

    my debian wheezy 7.5 with mate desktop consumes 160 Mb of ram with services by default, and I was able to lower them to 90 Mb of ram by tweaking some things, ubuntu ……… you don't exist

  44.   Victor said

    mmm I have a query I have installed ubuntu 14.04 lts as is commonly done but when I turn on the computer I have to wait 5 minutes for the system to load on the screen or until I restart it again and the mouse pointer leaves as a neighborhood effect even having deactivated the option and leaving as false images of pointers everywhere distorting the images well my query would be that it would be the fault (I installed the OS again without any change) thanks in advance!

  45.   Oscar said

    A couple of hours ago I decided to enter the Linux world and install this version of Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro, along with Mac OSX, I still could not test it because I had to go to work, but when I arrive I start messing around. What applications or what configurations do you recommend implementing.

  46.   Raul said

    Hello, I have tested Ubuntu 14.04 lts on a dell 5423 i7 1,9GHz, 8 GB DD3 1600MHz, and I run it from the solid state disk, since in the mechanic I have Windows 7, the speed performance is impressive it takes 10 s in start, the fan rarely turns on, it consumes little ram nothing to do with the amount it consumed with the Windows 8 that came from the factory, I also tried Debian and although it is very good at the time of installation it did not recognize the network so I installed ubuntu 12.04 which immediately began to have problems so I proceeded to uninstall it, one of the problems was that the machine was heating up, another was that it marked an error in the software center, now I have 14.04 which I installed without faith and well it works Very good in my opinion, in fact I run programs like MATLAB, and the tool I use the most is Simulink which is a heavy simulator and the speed performance compared to what I do in Windows is abysmal, the only thing that is too bad is the simulationIn 3d from Simulink on Linux, I think it is a problem of incompatibility with the drivers. To finish I think Ubuntu 14.04 is by far a better OS than 12.04, Debian is a marvel too since I have it installed on a low-performance machine and I liked it so much that I decided to install it alone. The only downside to Debian is that it doesn't support a lot of software.

  47.   Izan said

    Ubuntu is a good OS, but visually it sucks, and it does it very seriously.

    Ambiance and Radiance need an overhaul, as well as the default icon pack.

    I agree with you in the Shut Down dialogs, which do not match anything at all with the Ambiance theme, they have nothing to do with it and this leaves you out of place.

    Ubuntu certainly needs its design team to take it more seriously.

  48.   danielg said

    Obviously the author of this note is pre-arranged to leave Ubuntu badly.

    "It didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth after all."
    "Or maybe not."
    "Or so it seems to me."
    "It has something in its interface that doesn't quite convince me."
    "It is more of the same"
    "But I don't know, something doesn't quite convince me."

    These comments in the journalistic field, apart from being poorly formulated, fall into the category of yellowishness, intended to manipulate the reader's opinion, among other things.

    Ubuntu represents the most advanced operating system that exists today, compared to Windows, MaOS and other Linux distros.

    It is an extremely friendly system, for example, when selecting the languages ​​in Spanish, it installs all the programs in Spanish, that is not done by any, not even Mint, which is a direct derivative of it and uses the same data repositories.

    It has some interesting details that "you don't get in absolutely any other system" such as the menu scale, or the audio adjustment to more than 100%.

    I can fill in 10 complete "reviews" of the virtues comparing them with other distros, but perhaps the most interesting of all is THE CONTINUITY OF THEIR WORKING SYSTEM, that is, it is always the same, that to rebellious infants without a cause, thirsty for nothing, It seems tragic to them. For a company or professional who has no time to waste in nonsense, it is an invaluable quality.

    It is not the first malicious article, hopefully they are heading because Linux needs honest and responsible people.

    1.    elav said

      Well, since I'm the author of the post, I'm going to answer you part by part.

      These comments in the journalistic field, apart from being poorly formulated, fall into the category of yellowishness, intended to manipulate the reader's opinion, among other things.

      It will be that I am not a journalist and therefore I do not master what is tabloid and what is not. Nor do I intend to manipulate anyone's opinion, everyone has their own, or is it that my post made you to change the idolatry that you obviously feel for Ubuntu?

      Ubuntu represents the most advanced operating system that exists today, compared to Windows, MaOS and other Linux distros.

      Please enlighten me .. what makes Ubuntu the "most advanced" in the world?

      It is an extremely friendly system, for example, when selecting the languages ​​in Spanish, it installs all the programs in Spanish, that is not done by any, not even Mint, which is a direct derivative of it and uses the same data repositories.

      Ok, you have this option (which I don't know if it exists in others since I haven't tried all the available distributions), but we shouldn't launch rockets for that. That does not make it more advanced than the rest, it is more, advanced it would be if when you chose the Spanish language it installed all the necessary packages for that language at once and not after installation.

      It has some interesting details that "you don't get in absolutely any other system" such as the menu scale, or the audio adjustment to more than 100%.

      As far as I know, that of the audio adjustment to more than 100% I had it in GNOME 2 if I remember correctly, with Debian. I mean, it's not exactly Ubuntu something. What is the menu scale?

      I can fill in 10 complete "reviews" of the virtues comparing them with other distros, but perhaps the most interesting of all is THE CONTINUITY OF ITS WORKING SYSTEM, that is, it is always the same, that to rebellious infants without a cause, thirsty for nothing, It seems tragic to them. For a company or professional who has no time to waste on nonsense, it is an invaluable quality.

      Continuity of your work system? What are you talking about? What's more, what would Ubuntu be without GNOME, KDE and the applications that we find in any other distro? What has Ubuntu done again that sets itself apart from the rest? I am all eyes for your answer.

      It is not the first malicious article, hopefully they are heading because Linux needs honest and responsible people.

      Not by far the intention of this article, what happens is that some UbuntuLover always appears offended because they criticize their deity. And excuse me if you notice me a little upset with this comment, but it is the hell that anyone comes to criticize you and call you irresponsible and dishonest without knowing you. Hopefully we started on the wrong foot.


      1.    danielg said

        «But it is the hell that anyone comes to criticize you and call you irresponsible and dishonest without knowing you. »
        you are doing a revier of a livedvd guevon
        you are testing 64 with 2gb of ram guevon

        Hopefully we got off on the wrong foot.
        hahahaha eat shit like a good Cuban, you don't even have to buy 4 gb of ram and threats online

        1.    elav said

          I approved of your comment, just to show your cute misspellings, which makes you more moronic than I am right now. And about your nationality and what you may think about it, well, I reserve it, because you are nothing more than a bit of shit ... I do not threaten anyone online, and what's more, your beautiful CANTV IP will be banned until I remember .. bye bye.

          PS: Your comments in moderation have just been trashed.

  49.   Miquel said

    Hello, I have a computer (tower) that has 1gb of ram and the hard drives are still IDE, if I installed ubuntu 14.04 as long as the 32-bit version, it would work well or it would go slow, now I use WIN7 and it is not that I It is going great and I would like to try this system.

    Thank you

    1.    yukiteru said

      If at least your integrated graphics card is an Intel 945, you will not have details and you will do very well with that hardware, although a little more memory (2GB) would certainly not be bad for you.