Ubuntu will dethrone Windows in China

Canonical it's news again. This time because he signed a collaboration agreement with the chinese government to create a new version of Ubuntu. Your name will Ubuntu Kylin.

China will thus develop a new reference architecture for Ubuntu-based operating systems. Ubuntu Kylin will be released next month alongside the regular Ubuntu release cycle. The Chinese flavor of Ubuntu goes beyond the simple translation of Raring Ringtail and its applications, as it includes features and applications specially adapted to the Asian giant market.

Chinese input methods and calendars will be supported, and a new weather indicator will be included. In addition, users will be able to perform quick searches through Chinese music services from the Dash. After Raring Ringtail, future versions will integrate maps from the Baidu search engine, and purchases will be made through Taobao. Payment mechanisms integrated with Chinese banking will also be incorporated, as well as information on railways and flights.

As if this were not enough, the Ubuntu Kylin team is cooperating with WPS, the most popular office suite in China and creating a photo editing system as well as management tools that could be incorporated into other Ubuntu flavors around the world. .

The ambition of the project covers not only the desktop, Canonical wants to expand the platform to servers, tablets and phones. To work on the software, Canonical and China have established a joint laboratory in Beijing where engineers from Canonical and Chinese government agencies will work.

For Microsoft, which currently dominates the Chinese market with 91,62% compared to 1,21% for Linux, this move is going to lose a lot of money. It is the Government that is behind and China is a gigantic market, which still has a lot of growth potential. 

Source: HOnline

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  1.   GDeOroB said

    Hopefully this will help companies "kneeling" before Microsoft, such as HP, Epson and other hardware producers, are forced to start generating drivers for Linux since many times, those of us who are not deep connoisseurs of Linux, are forced to use to the blessed "Windows" and its limitations.

    1.    jor said

      If we expect companies to carry their drivers

  2.   Latin American said

    In Latin America, the computer dependence to Microsoft has reported a good cut at the expense of the public purse. When will the public service understand the added value that the use of free software implies?

  3.   Jesus Roldan said

    The title is a sensational touch, assuming that it is not yet released and at the moment there are 1,21% of computers with Linux (and we are old enough to know that "Linux" is not the same as "Ubuntu")

  4.   Csrpazzi said

    Hopefully everything goes well. ; D

  5.   Miguel Mayol said

    In politics there are paradoxes, and currently partitocracies - and this will be studied - have sold themselves to corporations and banks, being politically more "closed" even than single-party governments, which are not single-minded.

    Unfortunately, there is more plurality of political ideas implemented in single-party regimes, within those parties than in party parliaments - there are more ideas, but less implemented.

    They have the deficit in public liberties, but unfortunately there is less and less distance, and it is not because they are expanding them.

    And I make this reflection bitterly because it should be the other way around, I do not want to make an apology for the one party, simply that where we do not have it I think that we should use the instruments that we have - the vote - to free ourselves from the apparently unique ideology - In Greece with Syriza or in Italy with Grillo it seems that over 20% of the population is beginning to wake up by voting for others.

  6.   Marcelo tamasi said

    More insecure than Windows, just cross the Buenos Aires - La Plata highway at 5 in the afternoon, walking, drunk and blindfolded ...

  7.   Pako said

    Well, I rely on for example android, when it first emerged as it was super safe, and little by little as its popularity grew, crackers have managed to attack it

  8.   Luis Fabricio Escalier said

    I'm not that keen on him dethroning Windows… I just like new things.
    In diversity is true beauty ... linux is beautiful ... 😉

  9.   Emmanuel hernandez said

    Well, I don't see anything wrong with a government supporting an open system, but I think that with this there will be progress and the resistance of Linux will really be tested; We will see what happens if this operating system is adopted by the Chinese, they are many and they are always trying to improve and / or dilute everything, what I mean is that we could see how this system improves or in a different scenario such as the new one Windows.

    What remains to be seen is how successful it will be in China, how open it will be and whether users will monitor and improve the open platforms offered by their governments and one last thing: how much impact will all this have outside of China.

    I forgot: sure many criticisms of the US government and possibly new free operating systems.

    Let's not forget that the Chinese government is very closed (what a paradox) this can have two political objectives:

    harm the US and keep its citizens calm and vigilant. I hope this does not happen because soon we will have many governments doing the same.

  10.   Miguel Mayol said

    What arguments? Escaping the dictatorship of corporations? Try to CHOOSE in the FREE MARKET to buy a computer with Ubuntu pre-installed, let alone another GNU / Linux.

    That public administrations and some corporations migrate to desktop GNU / Linux - on servers GNU / Linux is the leader - is always good news, and that they develop much more software, and in this case that web services are local even better.

    I wish the EU would do it - even creating alternatives to the US companies that dominate the EU market like Amazon or Google - and here we have the EUropea OpenSuse

  11.   Anonix said

    The same is unfortunate, since definitely this version of Ubuntu will put aside all the arguments of free software to be endorsed by the Chinese government apparatus.

  12.   Pako said

    This news gives me a little scary, China is one of the countries that suffers a lot from cyberattacks. Canonical are you ready for this? Is security enough?

  13.   Nicholas said


  14.   Daniel Soster said

    Great news. GNU / Linux is not going to impose itself on Microsoft through the Debian or arch community or any other that they like, it is going to do it with a corporation that supports it and it seems that Canonical is the one that is most aimed at achieving it. And as R. Stallman said "Ubuntu is not the best of free software but it is a thousand times better than using windows"

  15.   Jimmy Mata Garcia said

    Great Ubuntu! you have to beat the damn microsoft!

  16.   Jonas Trinidad said

    Great News!

  17.   micky miseck said

    suck that microsoft !!!!!

  18.   danielcb said

    If you know what it means for the Chinese government to support you to develop your product to sell within its territory? Ask Google if they would not have liked to have similar support, or Apple the same and that they allow them to sell their products there without restrictions or advertising against it, in a country with a population of more than 1300 million inhabitants (more than 4 times the gringo market).

  19.   pandacriss said

    at least I would like to have the Chinese government read what I'm looking for in my dash

  20.   Victor De Vierna Friend said

    how good!! For my Ubuntu it is the best OS in the world and this is great news for Linux !!

  21.   danielcb said

    The distro they took (or replaced by this one) was one based on Ubuntu but developed independently of Canonical (one more fork, then).
    And taking into account that China is governed by an economic system where the State is the one who says what is sold and what is not, to whom it is sold and to whom, this EXCLUSIVITY to Ubuntu is going to ensure a good dollar with support sales for companies and products through the sales lenses of online music stores and companies similar to Amazon.
    Could it be that it could be the beginning of being able to finally become profitable? I hope this is so so that Shuttleworth no longer makes desperate decisions.