Ubuntu / Kubuntu and derivatives drop CD size

The development team of Ubuntu has already released the first Beta version of Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal, whose final or stable version will be released next October.

As announced in the official mailing list of the development team, Kate Stewart, emphasizes that the Ubuntu .ISO images will no longer be packaged in CD, DVD and Alterna versions; since as of Ubuntu 12.10 only a single 800 MB image will be released.

Thus ending with the other Ubuntu installation options, which is simplified once again, since they abandoned the differentiated versions of Ubuntu for Desktop and Laptop. The only version that will not be affected by this measure is the Ubuntu server version, Ubuntu Server.

The same is true for Kubuntu, although it has always had a heavier ISO image, so in the next release it will be extended up to 1 GiB.

This change will bring improvements in the package that Ubuntu comes with by default, since it increases it by 100 megabytes more, and frees developers from having to create different images, since there will be only one of general purpose.

Among the new features of Ubuntu 12.10 are the hard drive encryption support, Update Manager renamed to Software Updater that checks for updates when released, Unity updated to version 6.4 with support for new view modes (dash previews and coverflows view), and migration from Python 2 to Python 3.

For Kubuntu there are many new features alike:

  • KDE updated to the latest version 4.9.0.
  • New Telepathy-KDE chat program.
  • Calligra as a new office automation and graphics suit.
  • New LightDM Login Manager, which adds Login as Guest.
  • Update to DigiKam 2.8, to have a better handling of the photos.

You can always see the official announcement with all the changes.

Thanks Eddy Solís Santana!

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  1.   Courage said

    Pocket hurts… Eh Canoni $ oft? Hehe how the duster looks on these.

    And on top of that, the CD is cheaper, which is more convenient for people's economy, yes, you are also worth less a CD than a DVD

  2.   raimel said

    as far as I understood a beta is not the same as a release candidate, and in the link offered by the official announcement the 1st paragraph clearly says: «… The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the first BETA release of Ubuntu
    12.10 Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products…. » … Anyway, it's the BETA 1 and not the RC…. Cheers…

  3.   Victor said

    Good news, most of the people I know use USB and at this point it was very strange to maintain the 700 megabytes

  4.   joavig said

    In itself there is no great difference. In the price? pff… less than a dollar more? Most are starting to use USB. In addition, the benefits of the system will be for the better. Regarding your Canonisoft ... it seems to me that we are rather far from that. I would believe that even Slackware if it were massive you would have it as a despot system controlled by one man ... Debian ... a republican ... bullshit no more.

  5.   Courage said

    Sources of the Archoso, because I Vi $ ta I have never used it. That word is still an invention of yours based on an existing name for Ubuntu fanboys.

    Without sources it is not worth it. (One of the rules of the ubunto is this, NEVER put sources to prove what you say)

    I don't think anyone in their right mind is going to use a virtualized Arch from Vi $ ta. Maybe to test but for normal use or joke, I tell you, because it is silly.

    By the way ... Can you tell me where I attacked someone? More than anything because I consider that I have not done it, but the same is me who is wrong.

    And come on, I don't know what world you live in because what has been in fashion for a long time is to attack any user who uses any distro other than Ubuntu.

    Things work like this, if you use Ubuntu everything is fine, but if you use any other distro you are a taliban, troll, disgusting, son of ..., you have to die, etc.

    Then these users are the same ones who say that Linux has a bad reputation, and I am not surprised because with the things they do, anyone is intimidated.

    A good example is you, who does nothing but prejudge and insult me.

    But come on I know that you are going to come again with your insults and disqualifications for the simple fact that I do not use Ubuntu. If not with your prejudices towards others.

    If I don't use Ubuntu for whatever reason it is as respectable as whoever uses it. Point.

    There will be people who are affected by the DVD, imagine that there are unemployed people who hardly even have enough to eat, and that between the two of them the only thing that reaches the CD, well no, they have already screwed up.

    LTS? Yes, but they are not used by everyone, since the normal version is enough for them.

  6.   Anonymous said

    It is one thing not to be rich, to be low-income and quite another to fall into the ridiculousness of not being able to assume the cost of "a miserable DVD every 6 months" due to an absurd criterion of savings that in this example is non-existent or never it could be applied and simply because of the very large difference in time that exists and that this expense supposes, in addition, we are talking about only pennies for every 6 months, also that over time the trend is that the storage media tend to decrease even more than price, more reason to say that your savings here is not even linear (it would not be strange that soon or nothing, even a CD becomes more expensive than a DVD, as has already happened with floppy disks vs CDs, diskettes being much more expensive and strange).
    However, nobody forces to spend a DVD every 6 months to record the Ubuntu version on duty, it is not necessary, since in case you don't know, there are LTS versions that come out every 2 years and with 5-year support, in that case It would be in the assumption of wanting to go to the latest and try the latest version, in which case the cost of trying to go to the latest is not linear to savings, so stop being ridiculous and get to work whatever it takes to make it even acceptable (and if you like) spending a DVD every 6 months.
    By the way, I have not invented Archoso, I have already seen it in some places and they use it in the same way as the term Ubuntoso, they are terms that apparently we have not invented neither you nor I (like Winbuntu, although I had already wanted to be the inventor of that or those words, all as funny as they were ridiculous at the same time), and in your case I have used it to refer to you, simply because you fall into the same definition that you use to describe a taliban or fanboy who attacks another for using a distro X, in addition to that currently what is most swarming (if you have noticed) are the users of other distros discrediting anyone who uses Ubuntu, just for having a company behind, like many other distros also have companies behind them and that like any company, they seek to fill their pockets (there is no good and better company).
    So my dear "Archoso" (user who uses Arch virtualized since Windows Vista and who is dedicated to attacking users who use other distros for X reasons, be it for resentment, trauma or go to know why the hell -by the way, it sounds more disgusting Archoso que Ubuntoso-), you already know.
    Oh and my comment isn't racist at all, I'd say it's just "realistic."


  7.   Courage said

    «From his mouth only comes the worst insults towards all women in general»

    But what happens to this one ??

    I think something very strong has been smoked xD

  8.   Anonymous said

    Ubuntuso rules? WOW Haha ... You made me laugh, no idea that existed. From what I'm realizing that word seems to be your invention more than anything else, is it that you set the Ubuntuso rules? Are you the one who defines when and where a particular suffix should be used? I already said that only a child was capable of creating such an aberration.
    Unfortunately I don't have enough time to find where I saw Archoso, but I have seen it in some comments where both "Ubuntusos" and "Archosos" and "Mintosos" (yes, I have also seen it xD) told each other their entire lives, I think That it was MuyLinux, Ubuntulog or in Taringa, I don't remember well, find out if you are so interested, by the way, I am sorry to disappoint you but I repeat it, you can rest assured that I am not the inventor of anything.
    In the end, however it may be, this matter is irrelevant because as far as I know, neither Ubuntoso nor Archoso (and already put: Debionoso, Mintoso, Fedoroso, Chakroso and all the BEARS there have been and to be) have a place neither on Wikipedia, nor on RAE etc ... so ... what is the complaint?
    Ah, remind you that the one who started calling from Ubuntusos «to the staff» (and a user there) is yourself in comments back, so do not pretend to pass yourself off as the little angel, when you notice your contemptuous hatred towards users who use Ubuntu especially , like a good, jilted boy whose girl (for a fool) has turned him around with the most nerd of the institute and that from now on, only the worst insults towards all women in general come out of his mouth, mine has been talking to same level that you do.
    By the way, I have added the "Vista" thing (although the invention is not mine, it belongs to Billy Puertas -check with it-), to give it a touch more flavor at the moment, a touch that I think has worked, seeing as you have run out of arguments to refute about how relevant and obvious the subject of the news is, a comment that I see, you've only used to try to hold an account of a stupidity, the result of an invention of who knows what a poor devil.
    But hey, I am not going to continue discussing with you the subject regarding the news, because with your answer, you have already given to understand your position regarding the note and you have made us see, according to your criteria, which is the bad guy of the film ... Now that I think about it (although it doesn't come to the point) nor do I want to imagine what you will think of distros like Chakra that plan to remove the full 32-bit support to x86, poor users, poor those who cannot afford a 64 computer- bit, these Chakra are about% $ & @ & =)? = ~…. oh wait, they are forgiven because in the end ... they are not Ubuntu.
    Greetings, and without acrimony my dear "Archoso."

  9.   Courage said

    XD go straw has this.

    The typical, without sources.

    He lies more than this colleague speaks.

    Hahaha also has already been bitten hahaha

  10.   Courage said

    What is an archoso? xDDD To my knowledge 99% of the fanboys who use Linux are on Winbuntu, and you are a great example.

    That Archosos you just invented because it does not exist, you have used the name of yours, Winbuntu fanboys to create a little word, because we remember that the argument of ubunctual users is always the same, insult and despise those who use other distros.

    No thanks, I don't use Vi $ ta, I've never used that on my own computer.

    Before judging anyone, you should find out a little about things.

    "Although I doubt anyone cares where you're from either."

    It gives me that there is hidden racism there, because if so I have not made comments that make allusions, so you can save it, that later you complain if they tell you something.

    It is not that I cannot assume it, it is that there will be people who are fair and cannot assume it.

    That difference with a single DVD does not hurt, but if you start adding one after the other every 6 months it already shows.

    The USB thing is ancient, but for economic reasons not everyone is going to afford a computer every X time.

    Land man, you're in the real world, I know a little more realistic that not everyone is rich.

  11.   Anonymous said

    Currently the cost difference between a CD or a DVD is only pennies in most developed and developing countries, where will you be so that the cost difference is millionaire and you cannot assume it, although I doubt that anyone cares Where are you from either.
    But hey, it's what you get when you're a supported kid who lives off his parents like a parasite and can't work to afford even a DVD.
    The other, I think that most computers from the time of the pentium 4 onwards, allow booting by USB and that currently a computer does not allow it is because it simply must be a computer that does not meet the requirements to install any average operating system -current, or allow an acceptable experience. By the way, as much as you dedicate yourself to criticizing Ubuntu and its users, can you tell what you use? Because flat and seeing how you write, it seems to me that you are one of the typical Archosos but that they use it virtualized from their hasefroch view.

  12.   Courage said

    Uff how the colleague judges this without knowing the why of things. If Slackware were massive and remained exactly the same it would not have it as a despotic system, but well, you do your thing, as a good point you will continue in the same.

    In the price? Well, in your country I don't know but in mine there is a lot.

    Most will use USB but not all computers allow USB booting

  13.   Peter said

    ammm I just read the discussion xD but look at me for example I use arch on a pc you can say that good about 4 years ago 😛 4gb ram Phenom II x6 processor gigabyte board with usb 3.0 etc ... worse if I use arch it is because I like to learn to know The operating system that I use, in windows wso well, hardly even dreaming hehe, but I have also used ubuntu and I have to admit that sometimes it saves you a lot the installation work although arch is fully customizable but I have gone through nightmares without lying when I wanted to configure KDE with arch on my desktop, that scares many who have just joined the Linux world, such as configuring printers by browser etc ... so why the fight, each one uses what he likes best and adjusts to his needs, Now if you have time and are so bored without knowing what to do, install in a small partition arch in order to learn and kill time, if you like it well, if not, then delete it and everything is still the community is one we do not have because we said Vidirnos, this is absurd united boys the community will grow if we are UNITED !!