Unity on openSUSE? No

Last night, being almost at bedtime, I remembered an entry I had read months ago, which explained that he was behaving Unity en openSUSE, in this case, U. After much talking on blogs and forums, months passed and we did not receive any official news from openSUSE, on what was the progress of the project.

I finally decided to contact the developers of Opensuse , who answered me:

Hi Francesco,

The port of Unity to openSUSE is not alive anymore, the person doing it initially is not interested anymore and with openSUSE already offering many desktops, there was not enough positive reaction about an openSUSE unity effort that others jumped in.


The Unity port is not alive, the person who made it initially is no longer interested, and Opensuse offers many desktop environments, there was no positive reaction to the port, an effort others skipped over.

So goodbye to the hopes of seeing Unity en openSUSE, everyone is free to give their opinion, but finally it seems that only Canonical you are interested in running this desk (Shell).

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  1.   Courage said

    If Unity likes 4 cats, of course the users' fault is not.

    Everyone makes this decision for something.

    1.    Thunder said

      4 cats = Almost everyone who uses Ubuntu in its versions with Unity? : O XD

      1.    Courage said

        Yes, most prefer Gnome Shell or other environments, you are a good example because you use Kubuntu.

        1.    Thunder said

          I've been using Kubuntu since before Unity existed, so I can't tell you if I'm a good example or not xD

          Unity has its good things, what fascinates me are Lenses, is there something similar for KDE?

          1.    Nano said

            Nope, at least not that I know of

  2.   MetalByte said

    It was clear that this was going to happen. openSUSE is a community distro, why would it support an environment that is not? What those who prefer GNOME and want to save the sad experience of Shell will find is a careful repository with Cinnamon.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Exact. I think that Ubuntu should stop putting so much patch, so that Unity can be used in other distros, like Debian for example. It's the least they could do.

    2.    pandev92 said

      Totally agree, supporting something that Ubuntu does not support for others, I think it was a waste of time ...

  3.   kesymaru said

    Personally, my favorites are gnome shell and unity, unity is quite simple to use, what happens is that it still does not have the "maturity" of gnome shell or kde, even so I find the lenses and the way to accommodate the desktops very productive and also with compiz it looks spectacular, the bad thing is that it is a headache to customize it, it is heavier and slower than gnome shell and gives some problems with compiz.

    In sin, what I like the most is the fact of having the freedom to change and use different desktops with my Ubuntu! 🙂

    1.    dwarf said

      I correct you, G-Shell is not really mature, it needs to grow, but it is on a better path than Unity, that must be admitted.

      Unity is not bad, the thing is that as it has been said before, Canonical is not giving support to port this desktop to other systems simply because, well, apparently it does not care. Sometimes Canonical behaves like Apple or Microsoft, but that is not why Ubuntu should be condemned, as Courage always does, since there are true Ubuntu-based community distros, such as LinuxMint.

      1.    jamin-samuel said

        ufffffffffff my brother correctisimooo !! +100

      2.    elav <° Linux said

        Its what I say. Go to Ubuntu like a distribution, with a huge repository, not like Unity and the monopolistic and mercantile ideas (incidentally not critical) of Mark Shuttlworth. It can be used Ubuntu with any other desktop environment and voila. Understand that the goal of Unity it's not just him desktop, but goes further: TV, Phones, Tablets ..

        1.    jamin-samuel said

          Understood ... could it be said that using linux mint is using ubuntu but without unity?

          1.    jamin-samuel said

            rather .. linux mint uses the huge ubuntu repository ??

          2.    diazepan said

            Of course he uses it, and gives it his particular touch. That's where Cinnamon came from.

          3.    jamin-samuel said

            then we can say that the elegant solution to ubuntu is linux mint xD

  4.   jose said

    People like Ubuntu ... and many swallow with Unity (lack of time7knowledge). This is not the same as liking Unity. New to Linux will probably catch your eye…. but… for me… after so much time of development it is still infumable, all more confused and compressed into two fundamental areas…. and as it is necessary to put "patches" to the systems so that the integration works, etc, etc…. puufff.

    The richness of desktops is a Linux achievement and time puts everyone in their place - when will Canonical end up backing down?

  5.   Wolf said

    The only thing that calls me from Unity is the lenses, something that we will surely be able to see one day in KDE if a programmer dares. Because what is the distribution of the elements can be achieved in KDE (Icon-Tasks here, Global Menu there and that's it), and even more if the plasma Elly theme is used.

  6.   jamin-samuel said

    unity ?? pfff ahahaha please! I prefer cinnamon .. I will never understand what the canonical people went through their heads when they invented that .. they could not place that bar down with if it were a dock nooo but they put it on the left side so that get in the way more

    1.    jamin-samuel said

      sorry for my spelling mistakes 😉

      Aja continuous, the good thing is that they have already realized the disaster that they made called unity and now they know it very well.

      I'm glad to know that in version 12.04 you can install "gnome-panel" which is a kind of gnome 2 or at least something very similar. This is how the gnome3 shell should have been like this ... it looks similar to gnome 2 ... I'm more than sure that most of them will install that package ... and take unity off the map in the next release. ahaha

      1.    Courage said

        It seems to me that the RAE is going to be on the lookout for carcamal

        1.    jamin-samuel said

          Courage what does RAE mean?

          1.    Courage said

            Royal Spanish Academy.

            I thought that in all the Spanish-speaking countries they knew her, mostly from dictionaries and all that.

          2.    TDE said

            And that in Venezuela they have the grammar of Andres Bello ...

          3.    jamin-samuel said

            hahahaha ok ok now if I understood .. well I apologize again for my spelling mistakes, the important thing is that they understood my message.

          4.    TDE said


          5.    sieg84 said

            @ jamin-samuel is the bad thing, "you get the message" many do not give a damn about the spelling.

        2.    dwarf said

          Are we going back to the spelling troll? Fuck Courage, it is perfectly understandable that you should speak and write well, that is not denied, but there are people who, although it hurts, are used to writing badly, and in Venezuela this is a plague, I tell you.

          The thing is, specifically speaking, that being a spelling troll, dear baby, you don't get anywhere, you don't correct or make almost anyone understand and, in the end, what you end up doing is bothering the user or person and a damn flame is created ... Calm down a little and correct what is really noticeable.

          1.    jamin-samuel said


          2.    Courage said

            Well, you didn't have to open your mouth precisely, you give me work with your articles and Hoyganismo.

            Also look at who said first to be forgiven for the spelling.

            Not only in Venezuela, but here I also know HOYGANS who are saying things in the Tuenti style to:

            I'm in mourning, there's a pari? lego boy to a site

            Which is much worse than what we see here, and I shit them but they tell me to go to hell hahahaha.

      2.    TDE said

        Will Unity be taken off the map? If they just released version 5.8
        I do prefer Unity (although not so much the exclusivist policies of Canonical), than Cinammon. I see much more potential for adaptation to multiple platforms, I also see a better aesthetic, and although many do not like it, the Lens issue seems super interesting to me. I prefer Xfce a thousand times, which I am currently testing and it has totally convinced me, than Cinammon. It is simply my personal appreciation.

        1.    Courage said

          It is that yours with Cinnamon is incredible.

          Anyway, what does Cinnamon have so that you don't like anything at all?

    2.    ALX said

      Simple and simple little padawan ... unity was designed for modern screens in 16: 9 format, in which you have plenty of width ... I don't know about you but the unity dock is quite practical and responsive, more than many others in linux, the lens and hud are another gained from unity, they allow a local search capacity far superior even to gnome shell, it is a good environment even if you don't like it, for people who like to move fast and still can't understand why they throw so much excrement at it ...
      As for cinnamon, I do not like the idea or the implementation ... on the computers that I have tested the effects are ugly and needless to say the start ... it's like a bad copy of kde ... (personal opinion)

  7.   Hache said

    Well, I like unity better than gnome-shell and I was always a gnomer. The dock does not seem to bother me, since it works all the time to the left of the screen, since the window buttons are there. It does not seem slow to me, although there are always heavier environments than others, it is like kde, the speed is inversely proportional to the integration of all the tools with each other. It may not be the panacea, but gnome-shell was also (and still is) heavily criticized, just like when kde4 came out, there was no where to get it. Everything is taste and give it time to be polished.
    Another thing is Canonical's decision not to develop it other than for Ubuntu, but it is their project, and first of all it will have to work in their distro, then it will be seen

  8.   ianpock's said

    people switch to xubuntu.

    True story ...

  9.   jose said

    At the moment in the next Ubuntu they are doing their best (and they announce it with great fanfare) to improve the GNOME Fallback mode that they will call Classic. I do not think it is for the love of its users and as something will be ... .. it will be because they are seeing the wolf's ears. With what I liked Ubuntu and ahpra ... the further the better.

    Wouldn't it be better to try hard, even if it's complicated, to include Gnome 3 shell in the same way? By the time they see Gnome 3 Shell as a tough competitor to their endeavors, something is wrong with the concept.

    1.    jamin-samuel said

      absolutely .. if ubuntu had included gnome shell it would have succeeded .. but maybe they invented unity to differentiate itself a little more from fedora .. since fedora does use gnome shell ..

      with my heart in my hand .. I would have liked more if Ubuntu supported gnome shell instead of unity.

    2.    elav <° Linux said

      They know that Unity has been to Ubuntu what Windows Vista to Microsoft.

      1.    jamin-samuel said

        And now that you know ... what will they offer us in the future? ahahaha well I hope it's something worthwhile

        1.    Courage said

          I doubt it very much, rather they will take shit to go pulling like they do in our friends from Redmond.