What was the best distro of 2010?

This year there were distros for all tastes and needs. Some were better for servers, some for netbooks, some for reviving old compus, etc. But, if you had to choose: which was the most complete, the best of all?

What was the best distro of the year?Market Research

Previous survey: what email manager do you use?

Direct from the web (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.): 412 votes (45.98%)
Thunderbird: 280 votes (31.25%)
a: 146 votes (16.29%)
Other: 23 votes (2.57%)
Kmail: 21 votes (2.34%)
Claws: 11 votes (1.23%)
Sylpheed: 3 votes (0.33%)

It's surprising how many people still use Thunderbird or Evolution. On the other hand, more than half continue to use traditional email clients instead of online alternatives. I don't know, it strikes me because I don't see many advantages over old email clients. Anyway, they are tastes ...

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  1.   hrenek said

    Linux Mint Debian Edition. It shows the initiative of this distro to stop being a personalized Ubuntu. It also allows users who want to continue learning not to go directly to Debian, but to polish their knowledge into a simpler and equally powerful option.

  2.   Let's use Linux said

    Thanks, David!
    We greatly value your comments. We are open to receiving proposals for topics or concerns related to Arch that you would like to see reflected in future posts on our blog.
    A hug! Paul.

  3.   Alexandrofrancisko said

    For the common user Linux Mint wins by far ... although I am an inexperienced user, I tried ubuntu 8.04, 9.10 and 10.10 (a true birth), but by far I stay with LM9 Isadora, I have never had problems, zero crashes (usual in ubuntu) ... my 12 and 10 year old nephews handle a thousand and that is the important thing that I see in this distro, which allows the common user to easily migrate from windows ... I hope one day to migrate to more powerful distros like Arch (goal for this 2011), but at the moment I feel great with LM ...
    Greetings and thanks to all of you for your comments and thanks to the blog that gives us daily info about our distros ... Happy 2011 !!!!!

  4.   madek said

    arch no doubt

  5.   BachiTux said

    These polls are a good opportunity to take off your Distro shirt and vote for the one that contributed the most in innovation, stability, performance and Community.

  6.   LlorchYisus said

    Archlinux has undoubtedly been the one that has won the most users! Or so it seems to me, because all God has come to Arch! 😉

  7.   (╯ ° □ °) ╯︵ ┻━┻ said

    Fedora, for me, is still the best thing I've ever dealt with. I don't like ubuntu.

  8.   Bill said

    Arch is invincible… I have tried others but the lack of AUR, Pacman (apt-get doesn't match it) and the availability of the latest software make Arch irreplaceable! Also the configuration is much simpler (until now I don't understand how modules and daemons are handled in Ubuntu).
    Also (counterintuitively) Ubuntu always works much worse for me, for example 10.10 does not allow me to scale the processor frequency and it overheats! :OR
    Long live Arch!

  9.   Fernando Fernandez said

    Arch ... After years of learning with Ubuntu I came to the conclusion that he couldn't give me more ... Now I use Arch, for 3 months and I like it more every day.

  10.   Don said

    I don't want to be a spoilsport, but Ubuntu XD will win

  11.   madek said

    yes, but only by volume of users, not by quality
    Also, honestly, everyone who hasn't voted for ubunto (fedora, arch, etc) doesn't give a damn if ubuntu comes out first

  12.   pilgrim said

    Considering that "best" can refer to the balance between simplicity in everyday use and certain technical details and millimeter measurements, stopwatch in hand, I think Ubuntu is the "best". Arch can be a powerful distribution, adapted to the physical system of the PC, etc ... but you have to install it and then adapt it to the user with a keystroke (which is very cool, I'm not saying no). And if quite specific knowledge is required to install it, it is not enough for me to rate it as the best.

  13.   Juan Barra said

    Trisquel without a doubt, 100% free and with great beauty

  14.   Dasinex said

    I agree with you, Triskel without a doubt. The only problem is that your community is not as large as you would like.

    A greeting.

  15.   Let's use Linux said

    Trisquel I really liked too! The only problem is that I really "suffered" not having Flash and mp3 playback. Above all, the latter since, thanks to HTML 5, the lack of Flash could have less relevance.

  16.   Morpheus said

    Windows is the most used OS and yet I do not know many users who have installed it or who know how to do it (in fact it is easier to install Ubuntu than any Windows). In any case, quite specific knowledge is required to install an OS. It is not the responsibility of the "common" user. So Arch is the best, by far, ahem

  17.   Daniel said

    I vote for linux mint! 🙂
    releasing this year its version based on debian
    and the same year releasing a more recent version
    Oh, you can see the work of those guys to grow! 🙂

  18.   Saito Mordraug said

    As in all kinds of surveys related to personal appreciations, I think that we are not going to agree, but let's not start insulting each other.

    The best distro will always be the one that meets the personal needs of the user. My personal needs were fulfilled (and still continue) for a long time Sabayon, now I use Ubuntu for the simple reason that a great person made me want it, although with flaws such as when critical updates come (to shake) because maybe something leaves to work and I have to go to the trouble of wasting 3 minutes to fix it (which has never happened to me with Arch or Sabayon). But the simplicity and the fact that my mother uses it make me choose it as my personal distro - although Fedora and Arch are always the most innovative.

    So this year I used Sabayon and Ubuntu, so I think they are the best for me; D.

  19.   Let's use Linux said

    I can't agree more with you Saito. Linux, unlike other systems, is about freedom. This freedom is what allows hundreds of distros to exist that best suit our tastes and needs. There are some distros that are better for people with disabilities, some that are better for newbies, some that are the delight of experts, some that are better for education, etc. The truth is that there is no THE best distro. That will be the one you choose, you like it and it serves your purposes. 🙂
    I simply asked the question because for blog purposes it can be useful to know which distros readers are interested in. In fact, as a result of the survey, I am looking to test Arch.
    Greetings to all and I wish you a very happy new year! Paul.

  20.   Fernando Torres M. said

    this vote is mostly "which distro did you use during 2010 (or which distro do you use)"


  21.   Fernando Torres M. said

    I am a net lover of free software and Debian-based distros… however, you say that it is easier to install Ubuntu than Windows ??… honestly, you give us to think that you have never used Windows in your life… so congratulations man! =)

  22.   Morpheus said

    Didn't you try Arch yet? So when you do, you'll know that there is THE best distro. It is true that its installation is not very intuitive, but you are going to do it only once in your life, because of the «Rolling Release» ... The best thing about Arch is that YOU decide which system to have (with pacman)

  23.   Morpheus said

    It is true that in my house there have been no "windows" for years, but I still have to suffer it at work (although it is true that I am not in charge of the installation there). From what I remember, installing a windows was a headache, between the time it takes, plus the drivers, codecs, programs, etc. With Ubuntu you have a fully functional system in less than 20 minutes.
    In any case, I insist again, installing an OS is not the task of a common user, and also, considering that Arch is "Rolling Release", the installation is done once in a lifetime, there is no need to reinstall the next version . Disqualifying Arch for his installation is a crime

  24.   Fernando Torres M. said

    installing windows is easy on windows XP (the problem is finding the drivers if you don't have them backed up).

    installing windows is more than easy with windows 7 (no driver problems at all) ..

    eye, I am not saying that windows xD is better, I am just saying that it is not difficult to install it ...

    a user who knows how to install windows, installs linux and goes to hell (in the part of the partitions), that makes it more complicated than windows when installing it.

    However, the saying "what costs is good is true" xD

  25.   Morpheus said

    You are assuming that a Windows user installs it on the entire disk, regardless of the partitions, while the Linux user needs to pay attention to "the part of the partitions" to maintain a Windows in another part (and that does not is my case!!). If you hit "Use the entire disk" in the installation of Ubnuntu there is no such problem. Try to partition your disk and keep another operating system in the Windows installation and you will agree with me.

  26.   David amaro said

    Vote for Arch because I love his philosophy, I have more control of my system, it is lighter for my netbook and it is different from the others.
    Although I also thought about voting for Fedora, since it was my favorite distro a few months ago. It is a strong alternative for Ubuntu users and its integration with KDE is fantastic.
    Congratulations on your blog, it is the first time I comment :).

  27.   Tux_Man said

    My vote goes with Mandriva. It is much easier to use than any of the * buntus. Another advantage is that you can change the repositories. The MCC makes the configuration simpler without the need to use the command console.

    Maybe * buntu is better known but that does not mean that it is the best. The same goes for Microsoft 😉

  28.   Let's use Linux said

    This is how you say Ale! I fully agree with your choice: Mint, the best for newbies (perhaps together with PCLinuxOS) and Arch for the more "advanced" users. Ubuntu is becoming more and more a copy of the Mac. Too bad ... although it has some interesting things. In principle, the emphasis they put on improving and polishing the aesthetic (creating a new font, a new theme, etc.) is not bad at all.
    Cheers! Paul.

  29.   @llomellamomario said

    Arch without hesitation. That of gaining COMPLETE control of your system ... simply great. If we add to that its package system, pacman, yaourt with AUR, and without the need to make major updates (a pacman -Syu on the console with some regularity and leaves it completely updated, something that with a little skill I imagine that it is You can leave it programmed), an incredible wiki, both in quantity and quality and some forums with people willing to give you a hand (yes, in English as usual, but I assume that there is a minimum of handling in it) do Arch Linux one of the best current distros. The growth of Arch I think is due to the large number of Ubuntu users, who are getting a bit more into Linux, and seeing how small Ubuntu is in this aspect, they go to Arch, due to searches for a distro something more "free." When I looked for other distros after the skids that I took with Ubuntu 10.04 most of what I read was that, although Arch was cost at first, later it was, and a lot, in one, both in the management of the OS (an OS itself "Yours") as the way to understand how it works. And the truth has not disappointed me. And let's see if video game developers give something for Linux as a platform, I would like to remove that dependency that I have on Windows = D