Windows is very easy, but GNU / Linux is too

I was reading a comment from a reader whose nickname is "The passenger" which he put a few moments ago, and I quote:

Windows can be reproached for many things, but it is simple, simple to use from the beginning, regardless of the knowledge one has or the lack of it.

It is not my intention to revoke the right to have that opinion, but I definitely do not share it and explain why.

The ease of a Operating system they depend in part on the user's habit of working with it. If a child, youth or adult who has never touched a computer, you sit him in front of any Distribution de GNU / Linux or any version of Windows, you won't know what to do no matter how hard you try.

If that same child, young person or adult, continues to sit in front of the same computer, he finds people who teach him basic things such as using a file explorer, an office suite, he learns to surf the Internet and solve his doubts, little by little the Operating system that you are using becomes familiar, easier and more intuitive.

Let's say our example subject started with Windows. Five months later, after learning to work with him Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and other applications that are integrated into the desktop of that Operating system, it will feel very strange if for the moment you change the computer and put Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian or any other distribution.

Basically it can show you where the menu is KDE for example, or the user himself may realize the similarity with Windows Vista o Windows 7, but when I open Dolphin, as much as I know (or be shown) that it can do the same things "or more" than with the Explore, it will feel uncomfortable, strange, at least at first. And the same happens in the reverse way.

Nobody can tell me that this guy who has never used a computer, in the process of installing Windows you will know how to partition a hard drive. But we must not get to such a technical issue, it is very difficult for our inexperienced friend to even know how to configure the Internet Explorer Preferences.

That is why I do not share the criteria that Windows it's easy and intuitive and GNU / Linux no. They both have in one way or another Support and Help, Communities, Forums, IRC channels, that is, places to nourish, inform and learn.

However, there is a small difference. I say it as a user that I was from Windows for more than 5 years, and as a user that I am from GNU / Linux for more than 4. Once you learn to work with GNU / Linux, that you learn that the solution to your problems can be found in the System Logs or modifying a configuration file; once you learn to understand that by reading a little you can solve most of your doubts, then it becomes very, very difficult to work with something as simple as it can be (or they say it is) Microsoft Windows.

When I sit in front of Windows XP, or any other version, I feel tied. It does not help me that after an error a little window appears saying:

Submit error 0x00120YI00123 to Microsoft Support

Because that doesn't solve my immediate problem. Because that doesn't tell me what my real problem is. And that's one of the reasons why I use (and I will use) GNU / Linux, because in most cases, I know where to look to find the solution to an error, problem, failure, or whatever arises.

I go back to the beginning, say that Windows is easy it's a mistake. To say that GNU / Linux is difficult it's a mistake. The difficulty is given according to the ability of each person to be able to solve certain things in certain situations. It is in the capacity of each one when it comes to learning and improving himself. It is in not knowing what we are dealing with and how each element works. In short, the difficulty is in ourselves.

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  1.   mitcoes said

    I have not used MS WOS for 2 years now ... this is how Alcoholics Anonymous should give us medals.

    When they now ask me to reinstall or fix their computer, I put Ubuntu on them - it is the easiest for them to understand -

    Install freeciv on windows for example?

    1.- Search for freeciv in google
    2.- download
    3.- give the exe

    In Ubuntu

    Graphic method:
    1.- USC
    2.- search for freeciv
    3.- click to install

    "difficult" method
    in console
    sudo apt-get install freeciv

    learn the "sudo apt-get install" - and maybe someone would make a script to "install package" where you just have to put the name.

    Regarding installing the entire system WITH APPLICATIONS and CONTROLLERS

    MS WOS: simple method

    1.- Go to ninite select the programs and install

    2.- go to each website, download the latest drivers and install

    3.- subscribe to a web laguna that will notify you of the updates - NOT AUTOMATIC - of drivers


    Install and voila, with drivers and the programs that you would have to download from ninite.
    2.- If you want to use the proprietary controllers, two clicks
    3.- It is updated ONLY, well it asks you and asks for your password

    For anyone it is easier to use Ubuntu than MS WOS, I have given classes on how to use MS WOS, at the end, "as a gift" I am going to teach you Linux what they tell you is so difficult ...

    1.- look for wubi
    2.- run it
    3.- follow the instructions
    5.- Use Libreoffice to do the MSO exercises and if you have any questions, ask

    6.- I go out to smoke a cigarette, there are NO QUESTIONS

    1.    Courage said

      I do have one

      I go out to smoke a cigarette

      What if you quit smoking?

      I couldn't help it

      1.    Carlos-Xfce said

        If you don't miss a spelling mistake (like me), you had to miss some little detail expressed with a certain sarcasm, ha ha ha.

  2.   Oscar said

    I always make a comparison, Windows is a car with an automatic box and Linux is one with a manual box, the first I feel that it controls me and the second that I control it.

    1.    Perseus said

      Good analogy

  3.   Courage said

    The same thing happens to me, if I now use a Windows computer I feel strange, like a useless person who does not know what to do with it

    1.    Courage said

      Transfer for uL

  4.   proper said

    I think "The Passenger" is wrong.
    Let's look at the following case:

    Install an OS on a desktop built by yourself or buy a laptop without an Operating System.
    Let's see the steps to install Windows and the steps to install the most User-Friendly distribution of GNU / Linux.

    Windows installation (This case covers a large number of users, or the majority)

    - At a certain stage of the installation process, we must tell them that we will activate the product later (because of course we do not have the license, I repeat not to all of them because there are people who buy the licenses: P)

    - Once the installation is finished, you have to look for the component drivers because Windows does not recognize all the hardware and if it does, the internal Windows drivers leave much to be desired, especially with the video drivers.

    - Then you have to find a loader that works, such as "Windows Loader by Daz".

    - Just done this! we can update the system.

    - You have to find an antivirus and crack it or use a free antivirus.

    - The same for Spyware

    - And for the anti rootkit (:

    - Find, install and crack the office on duty. Because they don't know that there are free and very good alternatives.

    - You have to install codecs to play music and video

    - Install the relevant players for what was said in the previous point or use Windows Media Player for everything.

    - Install messaging programs like Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo, depending on what you use

    - Install a browser if you don't like Internet Explorer

    - Install file compressors / decompressors (WinRAR) and hack it, there are free ones too, but if you want to use the algorithm of "RAR Lab", you have to pay.

    - Install a disc burner like Nero along with its respective crack or use a free alternative that there are several for Windows but most people say: "I want to burn, where is the Nero?"

    With that we would already have installed our new Desktop / Laptop that came without a basic and functional Windows OS.

    let's see the other case

    Installing the GNU / Linux Plus User-Frienldy distro

    - We insert the disk
    - We press the button next, next, next ... (yes, it is a windows installation) until the installation process is finished.

    - install the drivers (from a list shown by the system itself), in case you have hardware not recognized by the kernel.

    - to update

    - enjoy

    As you can see, all the software that must be installed in Windows comes installed in these User-Friendly distros.

    Ah! I forgot ... If you need additional software there is a window that shows you a huge list of software to install simply by selecting it from the list and clicking the install button, without cracks or anything.

    As I see it, Windows is more difficult.

    That would be my contribution.
    I agree with elav, it all depends on what we are used to, it took me 4 or 5 hours to install Windows with all that battery of additional software that must be installed, not with GNU / Linux.

    1.    kik1n said

      Win is not difficult, it is only commercial.

      After the installation you mention of Win,
      How long does it last? Minimum 2 to 3 hours each.
      It is to look for the program, download it, see that it works, put keys, crack.
      Antivirus is putting time, looking for the keys, etc.
      Drivers put a lot of time, IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE ORIGINALS

      In linux (Ubuntu) the installation lasts at least 20 to 30 min
      In case of looking for programs in the same Ubuntu Center you will find it. If not.
      Place repositories.
      In Arch it is only to see the Wiki and that's it EASIER.

      Like Win, Linux, Mac, Unix. It can be easy.
      Seeing that Win is the most commercial, they teach it in schools and discard the others.
      If they taught Linux, Mac, Unix. It would be the same or easier than Win.

      No OS is better than another.
      Their differences are essential in their field.

      On linux you can play Gears of War as pacman.
      Do you know what OS uses Xbox ??? Do you know what OS uses PS3 ???
      Homework 😀

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

        20 minutes? Nah man, Ubuntu Natty installed me in LITERALLY 7 minutes, amazing haha ​​😀

  5.   hairo said

    To God be the glory, and to us Linux…. I just installed LMDE on my pc at work. I'm crazy, even though I don't know a whole lot about this, I like the way my pc moves.

    Unfortunately I can't install it in my house because I don't have internet and maybe it's ignorance on my part, but Linux depends a lot on the internet.

    even so I'm happy, now I'm going to find a way to play the only game in which I lose my time league of legends….

    Thanks guys… especially to Gaara who helped me with his comments… ..

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      hehe ... I leave you the solution to install LMDE at home without internet 😉

      A pleasure to help you friend 😀

    2.    Nano said

      Come on, LoL runs bad when you virtualize it on Linux, I've already tried it and everyone's the same. Better have a little partition for that specific. xD

  6.   hairo said

    I cannot enter my Data Partition, this partition is NTFS and in GParted it tells me that this partition is Unknown.

    Any guidance?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      Check if you have the packages installed: ntfs-3g y ntfsprogs

      1.    hairo said

        when I install the Ntfsprogs it uninstalls Ntfs-3g…. I have installed the Ntfs-3g now what I don't know how to get to it….

    2.    Courage said

      NTFS, with that you say it all, is exclusive to Windows

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

        Not exclusive actually, it can be read and modified without problem on OS like GNU / Linux

        1.    Courage said

          Ah well of course I forgot about the super Ubuntu that is capable of materializing money and those antidotes for old age that you so need JAJAJAJAJA

  7.   Nano said

    Well, everyone has made their point and I now come * with a heroic pose * to put my cards on the table.

    They have all given monumental, cute, and well explanatory speeches, but they miss the character commentary. I summarize it in something as simple as "paradigms" and a mediocre and emasculating computer education. Let's face it, what do they teach the computer dwarfs? "This is CPU, this is monitor, this is MS office and it is used like this (half)" -professor and linux- * face of infinite contempt * Out of class!

    They just don't teach anything standard, they polarize and lock students into a system and create tunnel vision syndrome for them. In the end, paradigm created and to show a button: put a 14-year-old boy libreoffice (interface ultra similar to MS office) and he will rip out his hair and yell at you that that suite is shit! (believe me, own experience).

    1.    ren said

      I strongly agree, because it is not difficult for children to learn and when it comes to computing much less, my 9-year-old brother is fluent in LMDE, so the problem is not that GNU / Linux is difficult to learn If not, as you say, this is where they put any idiot to teach them to use a system that ties, controls and betrays you.

    2.    Courage said

      Well, at 14 I used Linux perfectly, but there is no rule without exception

  8.   Ruben said

    A work experience, from about 4 years ago:
    I was working at the time in a company that was migrating to free software to save licensing costs.
    In this context, a girl who did not know how to use computers was put in front of a PC with Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Evolution, Firefox and a terminal 5250 emulator for AS / 400
    He learned to use OpenOffice writing notes and spreadsheets, he sent and received e-mail with Evolution, he used instant messaging with the Jabber Spark client, he used Firefox for intranet applications and he accessed the internet.
    One day a manager was hired who shouted to heaven because he did not want to make the effort to use OpenOffice, although let's say this man was not an advanced excel user who would use the features that were not available in OpenOffice at that time, and demanded to use MS Office.
    To please the aforementioned - and in view of the standardization that is being sought in the IT areas, the plan to migrate to free software went back, although not 100%: windows were used again, more licenses were bought. office for managers - but the rest continued using openoffice -that there were no salary increases that year may or may not have to do with it-
    The interesting thing about this anecdote is that for the girl who first learned Ubuntu, it was a bit difficult according to her, to learn Windows XP, although she ended up learning it.
    What can be concluded is that much of what makes linux difficult is that users have learned windows before.

    1.    Carlos-Xfce said

      -that there were no salary increases that year may or may not have to do with it-

      It seems that this little mistake is common on the blog. There it goes again, for you Rubén and everyone: the expression of existence "there is" is always singular, in all verb tenses.

      There are salary increases; there were salary increases; there were salary increases; there will be salary increases; there would be salary increases; there have been salary increases; there will have been salary increases; that there are salary increases; that there were salary increases; that there have been salary increases; that there are salary increases; etc.

      1.    elav <° Linux said

        Thanks for the Carlos-Xfce class, it is true that sometimes misprints of this type escape us 😀

  9.   hairo said

    Can someone help me with the installation of Wine in LMDE, I have browsed but I can't find something to help me….

    1.    Courage said

      sudo apt-get -y install wine

      No more no less

  10.   hairo said

    what happens that wine is not within the DEBIAN repository, I downloaded it but I can't install it

    1.    Courage said

      Go to where you have the file

      Now do

      tar -xvf nombredelarchivo


      sudo make
      sudo make install

  11.   Ernest said

    I rather see Windows as a system with limitations, or rather that it limits you as a user. And that (without the need to enter into arguments about corporations, IT multinationals, proprietary software and others) is already a compelling reason to qualify it as an inefficient OS, and therefore it must be abandoned.
    Using Linux, on the other hand, the user experience has no visible ceiling, there is no limit to freedom, there is always something new to know and you will always find something to tinker with.

    If someone finds GNU / Linux complicated, they need to broaden their sights beyond the .exe.

  12.   Gabriel said

    It depends, there are people who will say that it is not so simple just because of the games issue, when that is because of the companies not of gnu / linux.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      It is also true, game developers put very little effort .. I don't know why the truth is, the game can be sold the same for Windows as it is for Linux.

      1.    Ernest said

        For lifelong gamers this is a serious problem. Until I switched to Linux, a very important part of my team was games, although there are many good video game emulators on Linux. But anyway, sooner dead than using Wine.

  13.   hairo said

    Well, apparently I can't find LMDE, I have no way of seeing my hardware, I haven't been able to install the sound or video drivers ... nor anything else, I haven't been able to see my NTFS partition ....

    I think I'll stick with fedora, although I really liked this distro….

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      One question .. When you run the LiveCD does everything work?

  14.   Thunder said

    I have been 5 years with Windows and 2 with Linux ... the truth is that I got to learn a lot of computer science with Windows but it was to make the leap to Linux and freak out xD not to say that my whole family jumped with me, because I am brings the topic computers at home xD. My brothers who have also been on Linux for those 2 years know Kubuntu better than any Windows, they even ask me why in their institute the computers have Windows and not Kubuntu, with how "easy it is" (I quote).

    So the ease of one OS or another is given by the desire of the user and the time spent. There is no doubt that if a person who has never touched a computer will see GNU / Linux just as difficult as Windows. (Although I must admit that the learning curves are not the same).

    As I no longer play PC games, Windows is no longer necessary for me (I used to have Dual Boot), and with Linux I will continue until the end of time unless some force majeure forces me to do the reverse step xD


  15.   Carlos-Xfce said

    After reading all the comments, of which I liked the anecdotes a lot, I realize something that I had forgotten: how annoying it is to manage the system with Windows. Really, updating everything with the password is a luxury, plus you don't have to restart every so often. I stayed in XP: I have no idea how Windows 7 works (read "seven" and not "seven"). Anyway, I don't miss anything about Windows. And well, the games ... I've never been a gamer. With my old XP I played with the SNES and Gameboy emulators; Surprise! They run on Linux, so I didn't miss a thing.

  16.   0N3R said

    In my house, my family uses GNU / Linux. My brother and my mom use Mint 11, I use LinuxMint 10 but right now I am downloading the Twelfth version of it. We only have one black sheep in the family and it is an Asus Laptop with W7 but don't worry it will drop very soon.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Hahahaha .. If he does not want to fall you send it to me that I will make him pay for bringing the devil inside haha

  17.   hairo said

    Hello, I already managed to discover what was the problem with the partition, I had forgotten that in windows I had activated BitLocker so I could not mount it, I entered windows and removed it puff….

    now I need help with something that will allow me to see the hardware of my pc and install the drivers.

    1.    Courage said

      To see the architecture with do uname -a he tells you

      As for the rest I do not know, but if you have Intel graphics you will not have problems

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      You see, it's always Windows to blame LOL !!!!
      If you use Gnome, try HardInfo 😉

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