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At some point I thought about ditching my Linux and moving to Windows 10 to give it a try. But after seeing the default privacy policies that it brings, I regretted it. Things that, thanks to the handling that Google has given Android with all its popularity, seem more normal and acceptable. Many times we hear things like "I don't care if they spy on me, I have nothing to hide anyway", but ask them for their Facebook or bank account password and see what they say 🙂.

The point is that the people who mentioned some of these default options have been alarmed and left aside the idea of ​​updating to windows 10, showing that despite everything many people are still concerned about their privacy but due to ignorance, they do not know they do with their data and this is one of the arguments why many people start using Linux and free software.

So i will speak of this Windows spy behavior and one of the updates: Originally this update that was for Windows 10 testers has ended up sneaking into Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

What data does it collect?
Email address, browsing and search history, microphone, keystrokes (some call it a keylogger), open files and programs are responsible for opening them as well as their performance.

How can it be erased?

Whoever wants to eliminate this behavior must delete these updates: KB3035583, KB3068708, KB3022345 and KB2976978.

Where can I get more information?:…

Not to mention that when antivirus software is installed (in Linux they are almost never used because other types of protection are used and generally in servers) including Windows defender, samples of our files are usually sent to private companies to find out if this is malware, But how much do we trust these companies?.

Linux generally respects people's privacy a lot more because as I said earlier, it's one of the reasons people use it. Besides that it is free software and anyone with enough knowledge can review its source code.

There I leave them. What do you think?

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  1.   pepe the pig said

    NOT all Linux is Free software, or do you forget the drivers and blobs? Oh and what about what happened between Ubuntu and Amazon ?, Linux shitty fags all systems are vulnerable and we are spied on in one way or another, they love Linux but some use Android and now they complain about Windows, which has already exceeded Linux desktop market share, why not do the same in this post with OS X?

    1.    Paulo said

      #FanBoy detected! He defends an operating system as if they are badmouthing his mother. In GNU / Linux there are options and luckily there is a great, great diversity of distributions, luckily not everything in the free software universe is Ubuntu!
      P. D: Cheers Bill!

    2.    Hernan said

      I think you are a little short on information.

    3.    darksaintsaga said

      Well it shows your ignorance transcends your fanaticism for windows.

      1) Android is a Mobile Operating System that uses Linux! Linux is a core and main operating system. What you call Distribution, is a typical desktop operating system that people mistake as Linux, when it is actually GNU / linux. GNU is the set of software and tools that make up a typical Desktop System. Linux is just an operating system, and the main core of the system, but it lacks the tools of what Windows (which put that idea in your mind) considers it MUST be an operating system, easy to use, object oriented and by supposedly his masterpiece; Taking your hands away from any control you might have of what it does and only giving you control of some records with which you can half tell it what to do, but guess; there is no extensive documentation on how to do it unlike Linux.
      2) Security has always been the biggest problem in operating systems and as you say there is no 100% secure operating system. But if we have to choose the most insecure, Windows is by far the one that meets the necessary quota to occupy that position. The simple fact as it is designed is a risk, since you create a user account, it gives you unlimited administrator rights and does not explain the risks that this entails, which differs from linux that teaches you how to do and manage the administration of the system.
      3) For me Microsoft tells you «let me make your life easy, after all computing is for intelligent people and you don't think you are. Leave everything to me. Linux tells you, “this is the knowledge you need to use it, which means that depending on the knowledge you accumulate and apply, you can do wonderful things with me. There is nothing that limits you, everything is in when you make an effort ». To sum up, Windows treats you like a moron while Linux makes you more proactive and understand that being smart is a decision.
      4) Windows outperforms the market by a few simple points.
      a) Windows had the market share before the Creation of Linux.
      b) Windows created a platform on which many programs work and therefore programmers spend more time on it because it is more popular. Whoever owns the market controls it
      c) Custom, the human being likes to use what he already knows how to use and does not like change too much.
      d) Believing that because many people use it means that it can be better. A clear example of this is the consumption of meat, people believe that eating meat is better than insects, but in reality a cricket provides almost the same amount of protein as 200 Gr of meat.
      e) The constant publicity that Microsoft used to discredit Linux. I remember that like it was yesterday. I remember how they said that linux was difficult to use, that was 10 years ago. A clear example of that was when Openoffice started to become popular because they could open .doc files, so they made their move and created the .docx format. That is another thing for which I do not like Microsoft, it is one of the most monopolists of formats. All its formats are closed. See if you can open a .docx without the help of MS office. Either you pay for their license or you hack, but in the end you will end up paying for the license after all, there is no choice.
      f) WIndows is for people who do not like to learn too much and therefore fall prey to it. Linux educates its user and is more difficult to fool about it.
      g) Windows has a greater market share ONLY in desktop environment; but guess who has the largest market share in servers, Linux !. If we compare how much in my modest opinion there are more servers than desktop computers in the world, so I would say that it is the opposite. Linux has a higher market share if we talk about the general percentage of your foundation.

      So before speaking, base your decisions of what operating system to use on facts, not with your opinions without these based on facts. I bet you haven't even tried a Linux distribution for more than a few days at the most. Windows is not that a bad concept of OS would in fact use windows 10 if it were not for the fact of the updates to swear and the fact of affiliating an outlook account to log in or the fact that if I remember correctly that you must connect the pc to the internet occasionally. The fact that Microsoft is so secretive and does not provide clear explanations of why they should be automatic and one cannot decide when they are done, makes me distrust.
      Now regarding OSX I can't say much but I used it for a couple of minutes on a friend's mac is not bad, I'd say it's better than windows but I still prefer linux for personal reasons not because linux is the best or something like that.

      PS: Use what you like the most. But don't feel attacked when they show you with facts and points something you don't like about the tool you like to use the most. Linux is not perfect, that's the point. This is why it has evolved much faster than Windows as far as it is concerned. Because most linux users are modest enough to recognize it, unlike many Windows users who keep saying in ignorance that their operating system is perfect.

      1.    napsix said

        Excellent clarification Darksaintsaga, clearer that the Windowsero friend read and be informed, just one more piece of information, Microsoft uses on its Linux servers. I think that says it all. 🙂

      2.    Pablo said

        The truth is, I fell in love with what Mr DarkSaintSaga said… I love knowing that there are people who know what Linux is thanks to many years of finding defects and trying to "fix" the thousands of errors that Windows has. To tell the truth, the only reason I use Windows is because of the Adobe CS6 Master Collection since I do graphic design and still can't find how to install it in Ubuntu (which is the distro with which I started to "study" about this new way of interact with GNU / Linux-based hardware. Linux is nice, but it's bad. Linux can be nice, but it can also be very bad haha. That's what I love. Most of the advanced Linux users, they are properly hackers, with all the letters, doing pentestings, giving knowledge freely to be free and trying to increase the community to be better ... How lucky that I could find this blog.

      3.    Luis said

        You intend to give lessons but there is very little rigor and a lot of smoke in your comment

    4.    Raul P. said

      There are 100% free distributions, GNU recommends them,

    5.    geek said

      That depends on what linux (kernel) we talk about ... For whoever wants, there is linux-libre and distros like trisquel that are 100% free.

      Then the good thing we have in linux is that if we don't like Ubuntu (for example ...) we can use Debian, Archlinux or any other flavor ... In Windows it is either you swallow what they put you, or also (as in osx ).

      On the other hand, in smartphones it does not matter which mobile operating system you use, whoever claims to have privacy, has it crude.

      Now yes, there is something that I do not understand. Why do you enter a Linux page if you like Windows? It is clear that what you are going to see here you are not going to like, simply because our point of view is that we think GNU / Linux is better and not windows and mac. Do not be surprised that there are people here who complain about Windows things. We don't use it for a reason!

    6.    Camilo said

      Windows FanBoy Detected, his ignorance is infinite xD
      I can assure you that you have never tried Linux.

      1.    pepe the pig said

        Suck my dick with cheese 8 ===== D

    7.    Roberto said

      I do not understand how uneducated users are using Windows and make them look bad disrespecting the Linux community that exposes what they think without offending, this type of people should not have manners even in their own home that is typical of individuals who do not know what respect is .

      I am encouraging myself to want to try a Linux system that is easy to use without having headaches with the terminal, which do you recommend?

      1.    BishopWolf said

        Try Manjaro or Zorin

      2.    mantisfistjabn said

        If you come from Windows, you could choose between Linux Mint, Kubuntu or even OpenSuse. Obviously you have to learn a new way of doing some things, but it is not such a difficult thing either.

      3.    Graff said

        If your computer is not from the year of the polka, as I feel that you will make the same mistakes as me, I recommend that you go headlong to linux mint in cinnamon or mate, but without thinking twice and without hearing many more opinions because each one He will recommend what he uses or the one that seems best to him xD. You will have a simple and friendly environment and it will cost you little to learn where things are and how everything works (the learning curve is less than with Ubuntu). Above all, do not pay attention to extremisms such as "ubuntu is crap go to arch" or "to use Ubuntu use debian which is the mother" or similar mamandurrias. I do not recommend Ubuntu because for someone who has been on Windows all his life, the desktop is groundbreaking and very uncomfortable. Mint will make the transition much easier and if you wish, you can later make the leap to more hardcore distributions (debian, derived from arch, etc).

        Although the best of all is that you install them on a pen or a DVD and take a look at them in live mode ... (you will see that between mint and ubuntu despite having the same guts there is a big difference). If you are limited in time, I also recommend watching videos before trying them and supporting your choice in these (although trying is the best you can do).

        Congratulations for wanting to try to make the leap, I hope you do very well with the distro of your choice.

      4.    yukiteru said

        Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or Linux Mint 17.2

  2.   BSD said

    Freedom is the most precious thing of the person who must persevere, before the attempts of the private monopoly corporations, who want to undermine with all the freedoms and want to be trapped in their cage (system) of spies without the user being able to configure their I like the system. That is the price of using windows 10 that- for many it is more of the same than its previous versions, the user accepts everything that Windows 10 imposes, regardless of their personal data and the use that Microsoft for marketing.

    FreeBSD despite everything, is a configurable system that does not contain SystemD, I hope you reflect on its infographic and comfort that each user leaves when using systems that have been involved in scandals.

    1.    darksaintsaga said

      BSD is a good operating system and I would risk using it if I had no pronounced problems. like the lack of drivers for some hardware that in Linux has already been working for years and does it quite well. Otherwise it looks interesting, maybe I will try it on some old hardware you have.

      1.    BSD said

        My Notebook PC is new with Intel i7, all the hardware works perfectly in UEFI secure boot Activated, it is a matter of patience, with a good installation and configuration that adapts by default to the user's taste, otherwise the FreeBSD system works a thousand wonders and it is a powerful and safe system, typical of the BSD Unix family.

    2.    peterczech said

      I agree completely and that is why I abandoned all the commonly used distros and use Slackware on my pc, laptop and FreeBSD 10.2 on my servers. I just updated to RC3 as it contains major improvements compared to 10.1.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        I continue with Windows 8 with the option to notify me about updates, and not to download them (total, if from Windows XP they already came with those "anti-privacy" options) and Debian Jessie with SystemD and SysVinit together (thank goodness that the SysVinit commands are still there).

        Besides, if I wasn't really into Steam, I would have gone to OpenBSD by now, but unfortunately I'm on Steam and well, even my netbook uses hardware that requires blobs (thanks, Realtek integrated WiFi card).

      2.    peterczech said

        Hello @ eliotime3000,

        Realtek driver if it can be installed on FreeBSD. In fact, you only need to enable it:

        You don't run Steam, but Wine does and you can play all you want :).

      3.    peterczech said

        @ eliotime3000 is also compatible with FreeBSD:

    3.    Julio said

      Hello, I am thinking of switching to FreeBSD; if you have no intention of implementing this systemd crap or something, which is only for gamers.
      I regret that GNU / Linux is being populated with that garbage that only brings problems.

    4.    darksaintsaga said

      GOODI haven't had time to try BSD, maybe something has already changed. But I don't think it will change me, I'm very comfortable in my archlinux distro, by the way I don't use systemd, I have openrc installed and running, it's great!: D

      1.    elav said

        ArchLinux coon OpenRC? And what desktop environment do you use?

      2.    darksaintsaga said

        I use openbox + tint2, I don't need something fancy. Although maybe try I3 or Awesome. So far I find it interesting Awesome.

  3.   Negri said

    I'm going to create my own operating system with sluts, and security measures. Unfortunately, Linux does not offer an ecosystem between devices, in a simple way, for the user with average knowledge. Thing that plays very hard in the post PC era

    1.    BSD said

      The FreeBSD Unix system and the BSD Unix family, give your slut on the back of the neck in security matters ... power and performance, your Windows only cares about undermining the freedoms of its users and is one more spy of the corporate oligopolistic and entities governments who want to dominate the world.

      1.    Tile said

        LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL many windows 10 here, linuxeros and a BSD.
        The guy says that it is not as easy to integrate a pc with a cell phone as OSX and iOS or Windows and Windows Phone do.
        That's true. You cannot integrate an X device in a friendly and native way, in that regard the developers have wanted to try things on portable devices and at the moment they do not offer integration with each other.
        At least the best I've seen is Sync by FF but it doesn't belong to the system.

  4.   Juan said

    A LITTLE REFLECTION: between ... (and more than 000) of data "collected" from a similar number of users received by companies such as Microsoft, Apple, RedHat, Canonical, Intel, etc (many companies still participate in projects and compilations of LINUX and in linux repositories), what do you think is the possibility that they really review your data? ... and if they obtain them, what are they useful for? ... maybe if they hack your facebook it is not normal to close the account And now? ... or if your email is hacked, what is the most interesting thing they can get? ... Do you think that a supermarket clothing store with those gadgets does not get data on how much you buy, passwords, what you spend and others? ...
    THE TRUTH: Everything is destined for banks and the System that you live for marketing, to charge you more or SPAM, in one way or another they live removing information from everything and everything ... for what? What do I know ... my life is not based on what happens on the internet or what the system tells me is best for me ... if you are so concerned about your privacy, the best thing is NOT TO USE A PC, OR TABLET, OR CELL PHONES, OR PHONE, NEITHER VIDEO CABLE, NEITHER PAYING THE LIGHT, NOTHING, make yourself a hut in a field and cover it with aluminum on top ... anyway I think some suffer from paranoia ... that's why it's easy: you have my email account, how much SPAM are they going to send? Should I be worry?…
    PS: for YEARS SUPPORT GNU PROJECTS, and use linux, but I get tired of the instability (of course it is not very recorded sometimes) and honestly there is excellent free software, but it is limited if you need "something else" that is not completely covered ... None extreme is good I think ... in case today I use windows 10 with free software installed and I miss KDEnlive (I don't have a place to edit videos) 🙁 maybe just because of that I go back to linux but leave a partition for windows

    1.    Juan said

      sorry for the spelling, for example HABECES, it's "sometimes" ... hahaha, I wrote everything as it sounded to me ... but it is to express the following: do you want freedom in this world? you will not have it tied to a PC or operating system or to a system ... peace! see you!

    2.    Raul P. said

      "If you are so concerned about your privacy, the best thing is NOT TO USE A PC, OR TABLET, OR CELL PHONES, OR TELEPHONE, OR VIDEO CABLE, OR PAYING THE LIGHT"

      You're talking horse shit, privacy and technology can easily coexist, with a 100% free linux distro as recommended by GNU, an encrypted connection, a browser like iceweasel, extensions like ublock, WebRTC disabled, a proxy, you have the Same privacy as Zuckerberg in his Hawaiian mansion (that one loves privacy).

      1.    Snow said

        100% free distributions (supposedly free .. because they take away your freedom to install private software) seem like rubbish to me, being a semi stallman does not mean that you are going to be safe, I highly recommend true quality distributions like Debian, my beloved Fedora , Opensuse, Arch; that offer you quality and safety without stallmian extremism ...

      2.    rain said

        well I'll explain:
        Linux has a reputation for being more stable and is not used for nothing in the vast majority of supercomputers and servers-

        I do not know if you are clear about the concept of distribution, if I do not recommend going through here.

        what happens is that there are many Linux distributions and some are more stable than others, as already mentioned above, debian is excellent if you are looking for stability.

        but if you use ubuntu it won't be like that or even worse if you use a distri like arch. But it is that they have different approaches, for example ubuntu seeks to be very simple and striking, arch to be extremely customizable and constantly updateable

        If you want something easy and that you do not have problems but without the instability of ubuntu I recommend linux mint.


    3.    Snow said

      you talk about instability and you use the most unstable system par excellence (windows)
      I highly recommend Debian, your excuse to leave Linux doesn't seem very logical unless you've only used Arch distributions without prior knowledge.

      1.    Staff said

        Let's see when we finish with that absurd myth that 100% distros take away any freedom, or that they do not allow you to install anything.

        Anyone who has taken the trouble to use one before criticizing it, knows that ANYTHING CAN BE INSTALLED, free or not, but it is the user's responsibility to get it, configure it and maintain it.

        And so it happens in ALL DISTRICTS, they decide what they store in their repositories and what not, that for that they pay for the hosting and do the packaging work and so on.

        The distros recommended by the FSF do not promote, do not support, or store proprietary software in their repositories. But they don't put a gun to their head, or implement software locks, so that they don't install whatever they want on their computer.

      2.    Snow said

        I suppose you wanted to respond to my other message and not this one, I have already tried a couple of them and I know what I am talking about, reading in the trisquel forum in their versions they focus on finding leaks that allow installing private software, it is true that it may be You can still do it but you would have to skip all those absurd restrictions, (which by the way is not easy) in any case what is the point of using a 100% free distro to install the private software necessary to make it usable by turning it into a non-free distro (in the most complicated way possible) being able to install a normal distro? ...
        I would never recommend one of those distributions to anyone.

      3.    Staff said

        Indeed, I respond to messages where the button is enabled for it, a matter of mere convenience.

        Restrictions are, for example, that you cannot install anything from the official store, that the license says that if you modify the system to be able to install from other sources, they can even sue you, just like Apple did. What happened in the end? They went to trial and lost, breaking the digital jail is not illegal.

        In the 100% free distros, the most that they get is to have an application that notifies you whether or not it is free software, an application that is completely removable.
        And nothing is difficult, any distro that allows you to do something like a make install gives you complete freedom to install whatever you want with the same level of difficulty.
        Parabola (100% free) for example, even allows you to install from AUR, and like Arch, they only make it clear that what you install outside of their repositories is your responsibility.

        These distros are perfectly functional, you can connect to the internet, browse, watch videos, office automation, games, etc.
        Another thing is that the compatible hardware is not so abundant, but that is the fault of the manufacturer and not of the system, so it is up to the user to get the hardware first according to the system he wants to use and not the other way around, because otherwise it falls into the absurd you mention ... install a 100% free distro to run private games.

        It is also worth distinguishing between a completely free distro and one recommended by the FSF, an installation of something like Debian can be kept free of proprietary software and still will not be recommended by the FSF, since they support and store things on their servers that are not. free.

    4.    elav said

      It is true that there is a very poor probability that a normal user, like any of us, is not affected by having our data stolen ... but we are going to dream a little, what if tomorrow you become someone famous, or influential? Don't CEOs of large companies use Windows or OSX? And they are still users. Those data that today are insignificant, tomorrow may have the necessary relevance to destroy your life or career, or simpler than that, to determine how is your way of life, your habits and customs ... etc. You cannot take the issue of privacy so lightly. 😉

      1.    Merlin The Debianite said

        Mr. Elav I take off my sorcerer hat and I bow to him for his comment, privacy is important the more important you are or consider yourself.

      2.    eliotime3000 said

        An example of this is the case of Jennifer Lawrence, who has fully trusted iCloud, and after all, this service was "so good" They have even managed to break into his account and download and replicate all the intimate photos he had showing his entire pelvis and much more.

    5.    eliotime3000 said

      I forgive you for the spelling mistakes because you have made the best comment I have read so far.

      With regard to PRISM, a conspiranoia has been created with respect to data privacy (which has already been reinforcing this conspiranoia when they closed Megaupload), and worse still, the reports, reports and chronicles that were overwhelming about the "attacks against the Privacy" NEVER have clarified what the personal data collected was used for. There was hardly any tangible proof of the negligence of Apple's programmers regarding the fappeningAnd on top of that, when you have a community of software developers that doesn't take what they've created seriously (Did someone say OpenSSL?).

      What is questionable is not only how they convince us to leave our resume when registering, but how the hell they treat users in addition to the data trusted by said entities (after PRISM and the rest of the NSA attitudes, it has been discovered that even in Peru these actions have been imitated for political purposes).

  5.   rhythm said

    All these large companies have opted for the same method, be it Google, Microsoft or Apple, that of needing one of their accounts and that they centralize everything, in order to better unify our devices, better integrate some applications with others and a series of other advantages . The downside? Losing our privacy.

    A few months ago I was looking at how to have my contacts, calendars, reminders, etc ... on various machines (PC, laptop, Android mobile) and this is very easy with the Google ecosystem, but not so much with free applications. There is, in fact we can use Owncloud for many of these things although it requires a server for it or pull an OpenMailBox account.

    With Windows 10 it is similar, if you want the apps from its Store you have to create a Microsoft account, and I did that when I tried it, even if everything is said, I prefer the programs of a lifetime, nor Facebook (another one that I lend some of my data) is translated into Spanish.

    Who knows, any day he will hit me again and I'll try again, and who knows if I even delete (or freeze my account) from Facebook and other similar sites.

  6.   ivanelterrible said

    The linux kernel from version 2.6 onwards has embedded NSA code (it is not necessary to explain who the NSA people are) now no operating system is safe, they spy on us all. so short ... windows, apple, linux, it's all the same ... I'll continue using Linux because I join the other principles of open source, but I know that a secure machine is a machine that never connects to the network.
    You can see the NSA modules in the linux kernel.

    1.    elav said

      Where did you get that information from .. Can you pass me a link at least?

    2.    Snow said

      As far as I know, Linus already denied it, that was one of the rumors that came out when the nsa thing became popular.

    3.    rain said

      you are talking about an optional component that is free software and anyone can see its code-

      elav I think it refers to SE linux, but there are three things to say about it:

      The first is that it is open source and anyone can see it, they provided code but it goes through many eyes and if they did not have the code available and it could be changed, nobody would trust this software.

      -The second is that it is an optional module that many distributions do not bring by default

      -Third there are programs that fulfill the same function that are made by different people

      1.    pepper said

        SELinux also does not give me confidence as it is from the NSA, can it be uninstalled or disabled?

        1.    elav said

          Yep, it can be disabled.

      2.    rain said

        pepe ubuntu does not bring selinux

      3.    pepper said

        Thanks, I was calm XD

    4.    eliotime3000 said

      Be happy that SELInux is free software and that they give you the opportunity to see the source code so you can see if it is malware or not (if you know C ++, of course).

  7.   Ruben said

    Go ahead, I love Linux, but I don't know if they are spying on me just as I don't know if I have a virus because I don't use antivirus.

    I have a new laptop with a Windows backup to USB just in case and I think I could upgrade to Windows 10 for free but I don't like Windows.

  8.   Chaparral said

    Excellent work Thank you for making it known. Although here almost all of us know the tricks that all the people you mention in your writing have accustomed us to. I prefer not to give names but they are known to all (In addition, you already indicate them) and the arts they handle. That is why I resist, and like many of me, to handle a monster like the Wandos.
    By the way, the past perfect of verbs are always written with "h". It is a grammatical rule in Spanish that is fixed, it is always the same.

  9.   x11tete11x said

    DL admins, with respect to the author of the post, but I think that this post should not have passed moderation, it does not contribute anything ..

    1.    elav said

      Well, at least it seemed interesting to me to share what data Microsoft collects through Windows. Yes, it is not a technical post, it does not contribute anything for Linux, but in a way it shows what we are exposed to when using Windows. That's why I approved it.

      1.    eliotime3000 said


        At the moment, I prefer to continue in Windows 8 and Windows Vista so it allows me to notify if there are updates and not waste energy in denying that they install when there is internet. Simply, that happens to launch a software when it still needs to iron out rough edges (that has been seen in Windows ME, Windows XP, the massacred Windows Vista, the "praised" Windows 7, the already "disowned" Windows 8, and the "praised »Windows 8.1).

        As the saying goes:

        Better an old acquaintance than a new one to know.

    2.    Chaparral said

      It is true that my post does not add anything new, to what has already been edited by its author. Furthermore, I could never debate on this and other issues with the author of the excellent published work. I take note and I will refrain in the future from making any comment, I will limit myself to reading and trying to learn. Thanks and best regards.

  10.   George said

    What a bullshit ... I don't have the knowledge to audit the linux code and if I did I wouldn't have the time ... if you like Linux, congratulations, they always talk about the benefits of Linux but never about its difficulties

    1.    rain said

      Nobody says you have to read the source code, what happens is that Linux has a very varied development community including several companies and unrelated people. In addition to people who do read it for any reason. It would be almost impossible to hide a malicious program from this entire community or for absolutely everyone to decide to remain silent.

  11.   Yoyo said

    hmmm the gozadera is already armed r_r

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      I'm going to get my partition ready with Windows Vista to comment ...

  12.   shengdi said

    I am not here to defend Microsoft, I clarify (the hater who begins to attack me is not missing), but I want to clarify that the "default" options are not so by default, since at the time of installation, it tells you "you want to leave the default options or change them? » and if you choose to change them, it allows you to deactivate all that privacy alarmists call "data theft", where really what MS does is take that data to improve the user experience (so that later they don't say that Cortana does not understand anyone, that the browser does not work the suggestions, etc ...)

    1.    Christian said

      The NSA likes this

  13.   Gonzalo Martinez said

    I do not know, thanks to violating privacy, they seize child pornography networks or hacker groups.

    It is not all colored mirrors, but neither do they collect data to feed the morbidity of a fat geek in the US

  14.   Tile said

    It's sad to see fights everywhere and everyone having the same fragmented topic of conversation.
    In summary:
    1) Windows (whatever) does not offer much privacy, in fact it is equally customizable to achieve that end but not to the same extent as a GNU / Linux distribution.

    2) BSD is good, it basically offers a level of customization equal to or higher (according to the bragging of its users) than Linux.

    3) "Distributions are repressive whatever they are" NO, if you have an approach and a philosophy, then there is a distribution for you, the fact that Parabola does not let you install proprietary drivers does not mean that it represses you, it means that it does not want to be tied down (or) to the release and / or revision cycle of each controller, to bugs and anything that is not capable of improving with the same efficiency or frequency as a free controller.

    4) Arch is not unstable, I have more reports of crashes from KaOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and at the time I even had crashes on Mandriva and even Debian, which in a dmesg I did not see anything out of the ordinary in Arch, not an error, not a zombie process, nothing that would make me have to review the documentation. It is a coincidence that if you update the distribution and continue using it without restarting the session or the same computer you will have problems, even the developers themselves say it in the error reports.

    5) I see a lot of fanaticism, Windows is not the universe, OSX neither, Linux less, nor BSD, nor the other * NIX. The PC is the PC, yes or yes there must be variety, that is freedom, freedom to choose, shit it and fix the error, in the end, security will always be little in the hands of a naive or inexperienced user, security is a necessity proportional to the paranoia of the user, in fact I am well served with a system without a firewall, a password of 8 or even 12 in length with special characters and numbers. I know that no one in at least 500 meters would be patient enough to try anything other than Windows.

    Everything is points of view, after all, the bad thing goes when a person gets carried away by it.
    The irony of this is that just yesterday I read that it is useless to "debate" with people, in fact, far from changing your mind, the behavior is further reaffirmed. The desire to counter: v
    Thanks for the opinion.

  15.   Alexander Tor Mar said

    Long Live GNU / Linux!

  16.   Mario Guillermo Zavala Silva said

    As far as my little experience tells me that Windows only serves to play certain Games ... It is so so .. from my Maya under the mpam-fe.exe and sometimes my machine does not recognize it! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT !

    I am 100% in agreement with your publication… ..


    1.    eliotime3000 said

      If you use Windows Vista / 7, the mpam-fe must correspond to Microsoft Security Essentials; whereas for Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10, it should correspond to Windows Defender (actually, it is the renamed Security Essentials, since the original Windows Defender was only an antispyware and not an antimalware).

  17.   Cellos said

    Before going to W $, I burn my pc and buy a canson pad to draw.

  18.   Paul said

    If they use keyloggers then the hand went to that corporation. These updates must be uninstalled

  19.   saeron said

    All right. We live in a world in which we want to or are not spied on, but if you can make things a little more difficult, do not hesitate.

  20.   wake up said

    Dejavu, I'm sure I read this on Taringa not long ago 😮

    1.    rain said

      if I already plagiarized some "# $!" taringa character

  21.   xen said

    Insecurity reigns in terms of privacy, before it was believed that Mac was safe for you and suddenly all the Hollywood stars were naked without their consent, and of course our beloved, praised, alternative and free Gnu / linux was no different when the servers were breached with the GHOST security gap recently. The sad truth is that you are not as far as you would like from windows in terms of security and privacy.

    1.    Gonzalo Martinez said

      It is not for fanboy, I clarify, since I use what is more comfortable for me more than following philosophies (Mac as laptop, Linux on servers, and to play Windows 😛).

      But they did not hack into iCloud security and / or encryption, most of it was intensive social engineering work, and other brute force attacks for childish password security.

  22.   nacho said

    This issue has generated controversy between the three most recognized systems since the old days, such as DOS windows, BSD Unix, Linux / GNU.

    They ironize Windows saying that it is corporate, because of the policy towards its users, because of the viruses that contaminate the system, however it is the most used system.

    They complain about Linux because it has betrayed its own principles and its own philosophy with the incorporation of SystemD into the heart of its kernel, surrendering to Red Hat corporate.

    BSDs complain about their lack of hardware towards modern times, in general every system has its pros and cons.

    1.    Gonzalo Martinez said

      Are we going to claim something from Red Hat, the company that contributes the most to Free Software and the world of Linux, by far?

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      At the very least, Red Hat's contributions are screaming at the madmen:


      Can you tell that most of the fanboys don't have the slightest idea of ​​what a programming language is?

  23.   arazal said

    I completely agree. A very interesting article

  24.   Fernando Gonzalez said

    Well for me privacy has always been of the utmost importance, but unfortunately I cannot work with free systems either at my work or at home, although at home I maintain the double partition, at my work not, unfortunately I have to use Corel software and Adobe for graphic design, yes, I know inkscape and gimp, but I really work with plotters and I really can't risk the pantone palette, I like gnu / linux, I use it, I use Trisquel more in my home, but in the I work with windows ... 🙁

  25.   Armando said

    I agree, like you, I had seen Windows 10 as the first that had what it takes to give it a try, I still think about it. But when I realized that the system is an open terminal for US security companies and agencies, the truth is that I consider it a threat to privacy. If anyone has read 1984 windows 10 it is the modern implementation of the telescreen.

    As they say, it does not imply that you hide something, but it makes things easier for agencies, governments and companies to be able to get hold of your information at any time they want, either by opting for resources for their own resources or by "buying" it from agencies and governments for "mere favors ». In Mexico this should not be taken lightly.

    Operators are obliged by law to retain your geolocation data, calls and data in real time, data that an "authority" can request without a court order, only that here in Mexico the authority may well "lease" its powers and powers to crime organized. For me these are extremely worrying.

    The arrival of Windows 10 opens up those "powers" of having your information to practically anything you use, view, browse, create, or store on your computer. This is simply unacceptable. So leave aside the option of using windows 10, in fact windows 7 is the least worst to say the least.

    That is what I believe and I prefer to keep using Linux on all my machines.

  26.   indiolinux said

    W10 is part of the global elite's initiative to establish a control and surveillance model. The panopticon theory would seem crazy, but it is what is being implemented with the current media.
    It is completely normal to find people who defend the use of surveillance technologies even if their use violates their freedom, since the media (tools of the elites) have been telling us for years that this is how society should be: a set of disciplined individuals.
    Snowden did not rebel anything new, only made the supra-state surveillance more visible. And what was the reaction of the elites?… Create an electronic anti-surveillance initiative? no, the answer to the scandal uncovered by Snowden is to give each of the PC users a W10 that collects our data openly and blatantly.
    I hope that in 2125, looking back at history 100 years ago, the society of the future has eradicated the defenders of surveillance theories from the foci of power, it does not matter if there has to be a new world war involved ... a world is preferable from cavemen with the potential to create a good society, to a world of technological gadgets in the hands of individuals without freedom

  27.   Josue said

    "Besides that it is free software and anyone with enough knowledge can review its source code."

    Is there really someone who checks the source code, or audits the source code of linux applications ??. I say this because there is software that dies for lack of developers to say that there are people who review it carefully… I use kubuntu and I have not switched to windows 10 because it is very easy for it to fill up with viruses or spyware; thing that is more complex in linux