Wine: Does it help or hinder?

Well known to all is this application that allows us to use Windows programs in Linux, which apparently is a ball but it is not so much from my point of view.


Wine = WINE Is Not an Emulator.

Based on the acronyms we can say that Wine is not a Windows emulator on Linux. What Wine does is copy Windows' own libraries to allow the execution of .exe files

It's a good thing because if not an emulation we could disgrace our Linux because it could do the same nonsense that Windows does, but even so, Wine is not good at all.

Everyone knows that not all Windows applications run on Wine apart from the fact that if they run they may perform worse than on their native system.

But this is not the most important problem, the most important problem is that Wine can make it difficult for users to learn Linux.

To some it will seem like bullshit but it is not true. Let's start thinking, when you change the operating system it is normal for applications to change, if you change you know that you have to learn all that.

So if we use the same applications it is useless to switch to Linux.

  1. Windows applications if they are closed do not go with the philosophy of GNU / Linux
  2. We don't learn anything, which is what it is about
  3. For the same reason, we will not get used to using Linux.

Who wants something, it costs something.

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  1.   Alba said

    The only thing I use on windows is the Blackberry program that I detest with all my being and Flash, but the one that is to edit animations, not plugging. After many unsuccessful attempts to run Macromedia Flash under Wine and see that it just doesn't truncate, I set up a virtual machine and it was fixed.

    For tastes, colors ... And well, it is clear that if you pass one to any Linux distro or learn or learn, there is no more, but many people only change because "the effects of the compiz are cool", "they say there is no virus And I still apply it »and pretexts like this ...

    People are stubborn with desire, the important thing is one's will to learn or not.

  2.   Diazepan said

    I only use it for two small programs and nothing else.

    1.    Courage said

      Man, in case you don't have more balls, I understand, but I mean more in cases of people who, for example, install iTunes having Amarok and Gtkpod in the repositories

      1.    Diazepan said

        Nah, I don't use ITunes ………… .Neither the banshee, nor the amarok.

        My thing is 2 things: a digital guide of my city (I use it to know which bus to take from one side to another) and a remote upload program.

  3.   dwarf said

    Who wants something costs

    I agree with you, but Wine helps me with many things, extremely specific things at the level of tools.

    To show a button. I use adobe air to play dofus and wakfu (and some strange experiments that I do) which is discontinued for Linux x86_64 (64bits) and also its development in Linux 32bits is very slow, so what is left for me? Simple, wine and it's over, a couple of touches and I have adobe air, an application necessary for me but that does not hinder my movement in the system or take anything away from me, it is simply something that I need and that is no longer in Linux.

    1.    Courage said

      Man the Mierdofu $ (no offense) can be installed in the flash version and you don't need any of that

      1.    ren said

        Because everyone hates shit fu. hahahaha well I have nothing against that.

        1.    Courage said

          Mainly because the workers are racists and for more things.

          I leave you this article that I wrote almost a year ago in which I focus on all that racism and others, so I do not lose myself here

          1.    ren said

            Huy hard the article looks like they hit you in the balls. Personally, I never played it for the reason that many of my teammates were addicted fans, who spent their time wasting all their money on that game dandruff. LOL

          2.    Courage said

            Nah, I just had a huge hormonal imbalance at that time and part of what you say

  4.   Maxwell said

    I think that the use or not of Wine depends more on the needs of the user, there are people who unfortunately cannot do without certain proprietary applications, either at school or work level, which is reasonable. There are also the gamer users who cannot live without X game, in fact most of the gnu-linuxeros that I know have a dualboot with Windows.

    Personally, I do not use Wine, with the applications available in the Trisquel repositories I have plenty.

  5.   Chango said

    It seems to me that a better solution than Wine would be to virtualize Window $ with Virtualbox, but for that you need a fairly modern machine with a processor that flies and all the ram possible. Wine requires much less machine, but it is screwed with the issue of "dependencies" windows, such as dll libraries, and that crap, so you have to tune it a lot. Two years ago I completely switched to linux, I only go to win to play my favorite game, pro evolution. If I had a more powerful pc I would virtualize from linux, but unfortunately I don't have it. Now, my reasons are silly, but I still feel faithful to free software, because I always try to use it (but I depend on the proprietary flash plugin and the nvidia driver, because its free options do not work optimally). There are even guys who are programmers and designers, who necessarily need to virtualize from linux to test their developments on other platforms. Virtualbox, Qemu-kvm and Xen seem to me to be better alternatives than Wine, because you can run any architecture and systems, not just the windows. This issue is closely related to the philosophy of free software: to what extent could you use everything 100% free, if from now on the kernel has proprietary binary code (the famous blobs), and all the popular distros that we use have that code ( ubuntu, arch, slackware, gentoo, debian + non-free repository, etc.). I will continue to test free kernels, and free hardware when it comes out, but in the meantime I must settle for a 99% free system. Hypocrisy aside, right? What do you think?

    1.    Courage said

      The truth is that being free or not doesn't matter to me as long as I don't feel tied down, I totally don't know how to program and I can't contribute to the code, but many people do care about that and that's why I said it

    2.    Diazepan said

      I will never be able to use 100% free software and for a fundamental reason. My laptop has a Broadcom brand wireless controller. This one needs non-free firmware to work (that is, without it I have no Wi-Fi connection).

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        All extremes are bad ... 😉

        1.    Diazepan said

          That is why I am not going to test Trisquel on my machine.

          1.    Chango said

            I understand that broadcom is releasing open drivers for linux, or so I understood from the news about the kernel-libre project, and trisquel always uses the most recent version of that kernel. A friend told me that this distro gets along very well with network connections, so I confidently give it a try. I use the salix os distro, but I have tried trisquel and it works very well, better than ubuntu.

          2.    Diazepan said

            If you mean the brcm80211 package, it only works for BCM4313, BCM43224 and BCM43225. But mine is BCM4322.

        2.    Ares said

          And "the middle ground" is a fallacy.

  6.   Wolf said

    When I started on Linux, back in 2008, I did use Wine on occasion. In fact, sometimes he did it mostly to experiment, to see if he could get Oblivion or MS Office to work. I have a personality that is very prone to "tinkering" and trying things.

    Today, after several years delving into the world, learning, adapting, I could no longer live without my favorite applications (Amarok / Clementine, Gimp, Dolphin, etc.), all of them native to Linux. They more than meet my requirements, so I consider myself quite lucky in that regard.

    And for those who need Wine, it is another option, which is never bad to have in case the flies.

  7.   Hokasito said

    And what do you do with the games? Until there is native support for a large majority, there is only that option or to have a partition with Windows, and as far as possible I prefer Wine (or also as they say, MV's with Windows in VBOX), and use it not It makes me "despise" Linux.

    Also, you don't have to be so "radical" with free software: except for games, which I use both free and proprietary, I prefer to use the former when it comes to other types of software. However, it would not occur to me, at least for now, to use drivers made by the community for the graphics card (especially in ATI), due to the problems they bring in themselves.

    1.    Courage said

      To play it is better to buy a Play Station, I do not see the computer for that

      1.    Giskard said

        I agree with you. Do you want to play? Use a console!

        I use VirtualBox instead of Wine. Wine ends up messing with your file associations and I really don't like that it tries to run an EXE for that matter. I prefer Windows in a well controlled box, as you have to keep dangerous animals.

        1.    pandev92 said

          You do not have to be fans, that a play 3 costs € 299, and not everyone has for it, I prefer to have windows 7 with the games where they will always run well, also that the games for play are more expensive and on top of that the play It is also exclusive, so between using play or windows, there is no difference.

          1.    Courage said

            You can buy it second hand in the Game and it costs you less.

            The games thing, yes, charging you more than € 60 for each game is a robbery but it can be hacked

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              Cof cough .. Did someone say Hack?

          2.    Courage said

            Old if you prefer to pay for the perfect pasture.

            Let's see, if you had to use Hasefroch for the hell, what would you prefer, pay the 300-odd € it is worth or hack it?

            Well it's the same

            PS: I have been confused when giving to answer, it goes for the old elav

      2.    Hokasito said

        And that's why then we will have to stop using Wine, because Play is better? And what do we do with all the games for the computer? What about indie games? And those of companies that only work for PC, like Blizzard, to name a few? Is there any way to play them on Linux, right?

        1.    Courage said

          That's what I think but everyone who does what they want

      3.    Maxwell said

        I do use the computer to play games, these days I'm giving Open Arena and the Dungeon Crawl a lot, although I also have a Wii to play with. They both amuse me equally, in their own way, of course.

        I admit that you are also somewhat right.

      4.    Alba said

        Point in favor, that's what home consoles have been created for and there are many, and of all flavors and colors of games. Even mobiles have interesting games, but no, I include myself, I don't see myself playing on the computer either (except for a couple of flash games from Nyancat, Sims and things from Newgrounds)

      5.    Ares said

        To play old games or new games but capable, then a console is better. Otherwise a PC is unrivaled ...

  8.   Luweeds said

    Like Chango, I also see virtualization better if our machine allows it, wine is not on my system but if a virtualized windows that I only used for Pokerstars, now that the Android ice cream 4.0 aspect can be put on windows I will also try it. If a user has decided to install a gnulinux distro, I don't think wine will interfere with him, little by little he will stop using it if linux hooks him.
    Oh by the way it is not that I am in favor of Oracle, and Wmware, when I find something better I will opt for that future option.
    A greeting

  9.   Tina Toledo said

    the truth is that I have never liked Wine, if I have to do something in Windows well ... I do it in Windows!

  10.   Courage said

    This goes for everyone:

    Here they talk to me about games, but it's something different.

    For games it is even worse because natively you already need a graphic of the ciborium, and you carry a little one and it goes wrong.

    Imagine a fair and Wine, heh heh

  11.   v3on said

    hahahaha why the mania to believe that people use linux because they like free software? For example, I change to linux for web development, and as a developer I must know if or if the LAMP formula (linux, apache, mysql, php), there is no other way, not because of free tools, luckily I manage well With SublimeText2 or with any text editor, and if one day I had the need for DW, sure Wine helps me, in the end the user does things better with what he feels comfortable with, so if the user wants to emulate, virtualize, or use Wine, good for him !!!

    speaking of windows, irfanview was using a light but super powerful viewer, it had everything and nothing heavy, what alternative do you recommend? I use CruchBang, a derivative of Debian….

    1.    Courage said

      There are many reasons why Linux is used and one of them is that.

      speaking of windows, irfanview was using a light but super powerful viewer, it had everything and nothing heavy, what alternative do you recommend? I use CruchBang, a derivative of Debian….

      Openbox does not use libraries of anything so you can use GTK + and Qt programs.

      I recommend QIviewer

  12.   electron22 said

    If it is a subject with many nuances, in my case in almost all the applications I have found substitutes and very good ones in Linux. In other cases I must use specific Programs, such as Pic-c ccs and Isis-Proteus I use a virtual PC with XP. I have another partition with W7 when I have to use the heavy Autocad and the office. With regard to the game and burn that stage, but I prefer a PC-Gamer than a console.

  13.   Windóusico said

    If you don't want Wine, don't install it. I hope Wine continues to advance and improve, I consider it a very powerful weapon against the Microsoft monopoly. Courage's arguments are childish.

    1.    Courage said

      If you are going to say something say something with reasoning instead of disqualifying me for having a different opinion from me as more people have done in this same post.

      If you don't want Wine, don't install it

      We are already with the magic phrase. I have not said that I have it installed so do not say things that I have not said.

      Let's see if we lower the smoke I'm not for bullshit.

      1.    Windóusico said

        It is not a disqualification, it is a fact. They are the reasoning of a naive adolescent. And the last sentence goes for almost all your comments / entries, it is difficult to synthesize so many nonsense with reasoning. Wine is good for linuxers and what makes learning difficult in Linux is not true. It does not come standard in the distros and you can use the PC without it. When people install it, they do it to use an exe application that they need, not because they are lazy to learn.
        The "if you don't want Wine, don't install it" thing goes for everyone who rants about Wine.

        1.    Courage said

          If you have no choice, yes, but there are still applications that either don't run on Wine or that perform worse.

          I think that if there is a native Linux alternative, it is better than using a Windows application on Linux, such as those that use iTunes on Linux, with Gtkpod, Amarok, aTunes, etc.

          1.    Windóusico said

            I cannot argue with this last comment because I think you are right in that. But if someone uses iTunes it is because they like it better than the native Linux alternatives, that does not hinder learning. What's more, to make some applications work, you accidentally learn Aramaic. Wine improves day by day and applications perform better over time. We must support the project so that that symbol of Windows XP that you carry in your comments disappears. By the way, the lilac in the boxes looks great on you: P.
            PS: I notice you are solid as a rock, taking blows undeterred, you are getting old by the minute. Sorry for the hesitation, I needed to mess with someone.

          2.    Courage said

            I'm not very young anymore, the truth is that I already have a mania for that lilac hahaha.

            But purists for example would disagree with the use of Wine for allowing to put programs in Linux that go against the issue of open source.

            I don't really care as long as it works for me but I do prefer things natively, it seems more "clean"

  14.   Lucas Matias said

    I use Wine for Ares and nothing else (I tried to install Ps, I succeeded, but the result ... terrible)

  15.   freakware said

    finally someone who shares my point of view!

  16.   nwt_lazaro said

    I use Wine to play WarCraf III (DotA), and for nothing else, I still have a DualBoot with W7 for the rest of the Games that don't run on wine, Direct3D doesn't emulate very well, does anyone know why?
    I am a gamer, I would be happy if I could say goodbye to the multicolored flag without losing my games, hehehe

  17.   Alvin said

    I use wine, just for Loquendo "their voices are wonderful", but I tune them with Audacity, put them in the browser in Bluefish or Bluegriffon or Inkscape "Sozi and Jessyink and ecmascript", or in a video with Blender, Kdenlive, Openshot, ffDiaporama the videoporama, LiVES, Kino and Pitivi !!

  18.   Charly jum said

    Well to me this article seems very closed in thought.
    I really believe that the Linux user who installs a distribution is already a curious person and if he is curious the first thing he will do is tinker or install the applications that he likes, it may be that he will take time learning if he does not He has no one to teach him, since no matter how much there are forums on some problem or topic, the Windows user is used to installing through a graphical interface and only putting the following. It is very difficult to put that mentality aside, it is even a shock See that some programs are not in the store and you don't know how to install them, not only that, the Windows user is used to downloading their programs and double-clicking, here you have to put a command line to install a program. All this is easy but it costs at first, there is some resistance
    Now maybe I have left the topic xD, but what I'm going to is that a user curious to learn will simply do it even if it is a journey at first. But for me the underlying problem is not that, if not the other users who simply want to turn on a computer and open the office or their favorite applications, you cannot promote GNU / Linux if you have to tell these people that they should learn all over again, or that your favorite program is not there and that there is another one that is really better but that is handled in a different way, what is going to happen is what is already happening now and is the low Linux share, due to these thoughts.
    I think that the more options there are for the users, the better, the one who wants to learn, let him learn, the one who doesn't, because it is simply necessary to make it easier for him to use any program that »he considers essential» through Linux, always in a reasonable way . With this we all win, we have more users using Linux, it is very likely that those users, who have their Linux at home installed and configured by third parties, have a child, grandchild or nephew and that he will start to like this and start to tinker with your home computer. Therefore, this is how a nominal effect of increasing users is carried out.