Xubuntu: The Experience of a Common User

I already have a couple of years in this world of free distributions and applications, of sudos and apt-gets, and I have decided to share a little of my experiences with the distribution that for me is my favorite (partly because I can never install another like god commands): Xubuntu, in this case in its version 14.04.

It never ceases to amaze me the fact (perhaps because it is new to me) that there can be so many distributions and so many facilities when it comes to wanting to customize, improve or experiment with what you can do with your PC, so many that sometimes one is left with the easiest or the least complicated (which I think is my case).

Before I even knew there was life beyond Windows, I messed up a Laptop due to the frustration it caused me back then Windows Vista. Now a few years later I can't stop thinking about how well that laptop would have worked with any distro available at that time, and how well it would continue to work to date.

Something that I really like about Linux is the possibility of giving new life to devices that would otherwise end up in the trash or forgotten in a warehouse, and as is the case with the new version of Xubuntu, also make our PC's handle and feel like new every time.

LightDM Xubuntu

Xubuntu 14.04 it is becoming more and more visually attractive and in my opinion it is one of the most attractive distributions for newcomers in the world Linux; And it was the one that finally convinced me due to the great customization possibilities it has, without sacrificing performance.


As a novice blogger that I am, and having no productive needs other than the basic ones: surf the net, download videos, files, music, etc., from time to time edit a video, record a podcast, Xubuntu 14.04 is what I need, a fairly complete, lightweight and customizable distro.

Although with some small glitches with docky, the menu Whisker It is a small step in the right direction, although I would like to see themes or more facilities to customize it, at the moment I write these lines my system with Firefox y Audacius running, it is using 33% of my 4GB memory and only 12% of my 6-core processor, I don't know if this is a lot or a little, but I never have a problem performing the activities of a novice blogger .

What more can one ask of an operating system? in my case no more than the above, well maybe more compatibility with HD screens, because when connecting my laptop to the television in order to watch a movie some compatibility details arise, nothing serious and nothing that can avoid enjoying the movie.

Installations of distros based on Ubuntu have always been easier for me and Xubuntu 14.04 It is no exception, since I don't have the cable to connect my laptop directly to the router, I have not been able to install other distros, so following the "don't get too complicated" philosophy, I stayed here and I liked it.

If I have to describe this distro I can only say: Lightweight, Customizable, Easy to install and With everything you need for the common user, just arrived from Windows can lift the collar of his shirt and proudly say "I wear Linux«.

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  1.   Rodrigo corozo said

    GNU with Linux, please. GNU / Linux is what you mean, we don't call a car "wheels", since wheels are a component of it. Well, the same goes for the GNU operating system, "Linux" is a part of it.

    1.    diazepan said

      I call automobiles cars.

    2.    rawBasic said

      Let's not get into extremists, it is not healthy .. .. we already know that we abuse the language by saying only linux .. let's pretend that we have a bind done: alias linux = 'GNU / Linux' 😉

      We have seldom talked about Linux properly in this blog .. ..and if we are extremists we should call it "From GNULinux" ..

      1.    elav said

        Amen rawBasic U_U

      2.    mitcoes said

        rawbasic, my opinion on this topic has changed, now Linux is more used in Chrome OS or Android, and nobody calls it Chrome OS / linux or Android / linux even Ubuntu is called Ubuntu / Linux,

        So the GNU / Linux community should start, in my opinion, to use EXCLUSIVELY GNU - WITHOUT LINUX - so I would like the blog to be called DESDEGNU in the future, to differentiate itself from Chrome OS, Android, Firefox OS, and others or if you want to cover all Linux that has sections Android, Firefox OS, Chrome OS, GNU and others

        1.    elav said

          But it is that GNU without Linux is nothing. Only tools and applications, because they don't even have a 100% usable kernel. 🙁

          1.    Xlash said

            Android without Linux is nothing, either, FIrefox OS is not. Linux alone is nothing either. GNU like Android is an operating system, so why not call it by its name?
            In any case, the term "extremist" is misused as it involves violence. Calling something by its name is not violent at all.

            Greetings gentlemen.

          2.    Staff said

            But if an operating system is precisely that, a set of tools and software applications, in fact the kernel is not more than one of those tools, but many people have the crazy idea that it is the most important component.
            GNU / sinalgoaquí is an operating system, incomplete, but an operating system after all.

        2.    joakoej said

          Hello, it seems to me that GNU / Linux is the most appropriate name because to call it GNU would be to detract from the work of the creator of Linux and to call it only Linux would be to detract from the creator of the GNU system, in addition to leading to various confusion.
          If we can't call it Lignux and voila, in short

    3.    DanielC said

      Car? In my region it is a way seen a little contemptuously, here we call them car.

      But seriously, how will this end? after a while someone will come to say not to name a distro by its colloquially known nickname but with all the GNU / Linux or Linux it contains….
      - «... and blah blah blah Debian ...»
      - "No, it's not Debian, it's Debian GNU / Linux"
      - "Ok, sorry, Debian GNU"
      - «No, it's Debian GNU / Linux, because there are also Debian GNU / Hurd, Debian GNU / kFreeBSD and Debian GNU / NetBSD»

      Where do we go if we wear tikis mikis?

      1.    elav said

        That's right, by the way, here we also say: Car.

        1.    superlative said

          Especially if they have tubarros, mirrored glass, gold rims and a spoiler not missing heh heh

      2.    Xlash said

        Man Daniel, one thing is to call things by their name and quite another to be picky XDDD.
        Here in Spain they say a car but I will always like a car more 😀

      3.    eliotime3000 said

        No idea about the etymology, but I usually get bored with these skirmishes started by freetards.

    4.    the mute said

      Beginner mistake, thanks for the tip

  2.   oscar said

    Good! I use Xubuntu 14.04 as well and thought it was the only one lol! (I have seen little news and contributions). I leave here a link to the forum where I am usually with my experiences about this system: http://www.pentaxeros.com/forum/index.php?topic=79294.0

    Thank you very much for your article, it is also my favorite distribution and I have also been using only linux for about 2 years. An experience of which I only have good words despite having no idea.

    a greeting!

  3.   patodx said

    I have tried XFCE, but KDE always speaks in my ear, and I come back again ...
    What if I could verify, the little use of RAM by XFCE in Debian, remarkable.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Meh, KDE far surpasses XFCE, but if you miss the old GNOME 2, XFCE is the best successor to GNOME2 (by far, because it runs GTK3 applications like nothing, and you can configure it as if it were Windows or have the GNOME look 2).

  4.   Staff said

    Xubuntu is, in my opinion, the best of the * buntus in a long time.
    But we must demystify the consumption thing, I with KDE with active effects, if I put firefox and amarok I have a 4-core CPU at 3% with approximately 1 giga RAM in use.
    And you don't need to physically connect to the router to install other distros.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      KDE-Meta lets you install what you really want to use from KDE, and yet, with a couple of effects, the consumption of resources like RAM is incredibly low.

      XFCE is also an option in case you miss GNOME2 (on my netbook, it goes smoothly).

      1.    juanuni said

        Is there a tutorial on how to deal with KDE-Meta?

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          In the same blog there is a tutorial by @elav to configure KDE-Meta in Debian (the post is so old that he did it when Debian Wheezy was in the testing branch, but it is completely valid).

    2.    the mute said

      Well, I really couldn't, because when I go to install another distro sometimes the wireless network card doesn't recognize me, or when I want to burn an iso to DVD, then it doesn't work, I have to be doing something wrong, but I always search "How to install this or that distro" does not explain so that I understand. 😉

  5.   kalevito said

    Good morning, colleagues. Xubuntu is great. However, when I installed version 14.04 in my neetbok (aspire one 0725 AMD Dual core Proccesor c60 with Turbo core 1,333 Ghz with 4 GB of Ram memory and HDD 320) every 5 or 10 minutes I blew a lot of air through the air expulsion slot (in the lower part). Something like when you are installing it. That doesn't happen to me with Lubuntu. Could it be that neetbooks are not designed for Xubuntu?

  6.   kalevito said

    Good day. I have an Aspire One 0725 (AMD Dual Core 1333GHZ 4GB Ram and 320 HDD). When I install xubuntu, every 5 or 10 minutes it blows too much air from the bottom (where the fan is), like when you install programs. Something it doesn't do with Lubuntu. Could it be that Xubuntu is not installable on my PC?

  7.   Horacio said

    xubuntu 14.04 lts support is 3 years or 5 years?

    1.    JL said

      Well, it's actually three years for the maintenance of the Xubuntu set, the one offered by the Xubuntu team. Yes; packages that are kept from the main Ubuntu, those will continue to have a five year support.

  8.   Juanra20 said

    A few months ago I installed Xubuntu on my netbook, I don't remember the version, and it was slow, very slow: Or it seems strange to me because in this same netbook I have used GnomeShell (3.8, 3.10), KDE (I think 4.8, 4.10), Cinnamon, and everyone was running smoothly without any problem.

    1.    the mute said

      That happened to me with my netbook, so I decided to use Joli os and so far it works great, I tried Lubuntu but didn't like it.

  9.   Chaparral said

    Open-Suse, Debian, Manjaro, LMDE and so many other leading distros are out there and they are telling you: "Try me."
    It is true that Xubuntu works fine, I myself am writing from there. But refraining from trying other GNU / Linux distributions for convenience, or laziness, or the lack of a simple cable seems to me an indescribable lack of curiosity. And it is precisely curiosity that led the human being to invent fire and thanks to this, a little later the effects of the wheel were discovered and so on until today. You can start with Xubuntu and end with Arch, or vice versa, or what do I know.

    1.    elav said

      Very good comment, just to note that although I understood the message: Humans did not invent fire! LOL. But I repeat, good comment 😛

    2.    juanuni said

      It doesn't have to be a lack of curiosity, sometimes it's just no need ...

    3.    anonymous said

      Humans never "invented" fire and excuse me, but of all the options you give, I'm very far off with Xubuntu (and yes, I've tried them all).

    4.    oscar said

      In my case it is out of ignorance, I would like to use Debian in XFCE but I am a sea of ​​doubts (apart from little experienced). The use that I intend to give it is for work, that is, minimum "decorations" and maximum productivity in a 4-year machine. If someone tells me that I can run Gimp 2.8, Wine, Hugin and not have to see the Terminal then great! Understand that I am a designer (without money) not a programmer and I already have my brain busy with other processes ...

      A cordial greeting to the entire community that is doing a great job.

      1.    mitcoes said

        I would put MANJARO, XFCE or Openbox, and you don't use the terninal if you don't want

    5.    mitcoes said

      My experience of years in forums is that you start with Ubuntu / debian / mint, and the most intrepid go to Manjaro Antergos Kaos or Chakra but to pure Arch, or to other options such as Gentoo, Sabayon or Slack even to modern Solyd, debian but rolling release

    6.    the mute said

      I've always wanted to use Debian on my laptop, but I can't find a way to install it correctly, in VirtualBox it works fine for me, but when push comes to shove, my laptop doesn't recognize the wireless card or it jams with the DVD. : / is not laziness, sometimes there is not much time and you need a system that does not complicate you so much.

    7.    joakoej said

      The best thing is not to try too hard, at least in my opinion, I started with Fedora, then I moved to Xubuntu as well, then I went into an infinite loop of distro hopping and finished, guess what, again on Xubuntu and Fedora. Quadruple XD

  10.   juanuni said

    ... lift the collar of the shirt and say with pride "I use Linux" ... hahaha I imagine doing it XD

    1.    juanuni said

      Changos ... it seems that they do not like me ... the few times that I have commented I have never seen my OS together with the browser and the desktop environment 🙁

      1.    Paul said

        Poor Juanuni, nobody wants him hahahahahahaha, what bad monkeys they are hahahaha 🙂

    2.    the mute said

      It's like being in an important club even if you're new and don't know much about what's going on hahaha

  11.   Paul said

    If you like Xubuntu, wait for the Linux Mint 17 XFCE release and you will like it even more than Xubuntu itself. 🙂

  12.   Mordraug said

    It happens to me like some of the colleagues who comment: I think the best * buntu is the one with xfce 😀

    XFCE is simple, robust and configurable, and I think that with respect to my user style, it gives unity (gnome in general) a thousand turns, however kde is becoming in its own right the GREAT desktop environment.

    For me the winning formula is xfce + awn + compiz = ^. ^ =… And if it is * buntu, mint or opensuse better * - *

    1.    the mute said

      I think what I like the most about Xubuntu is that with little you can have a very beautiful and fluid environment, well, although I am not a fan of compiz effects, I am more about changing themes and icons and with that I take well served.

      1.    Mordraug said

        Yup, you're right: 3
        Compiz is just to give a little more "aesthetics" to the desktop but with the manager that comes with xfce by default (xfwm) it is enough to have a fluid and beautiful desktop * - *

        But having awn as a single panel is priceless 😀

  13.   Ronin said

    XFCE, although it is a lightweight desktop, is very powerful and with many configuration options in my personal taste KDE is the ideal desktop ... although I must admit that for the niche that Xubuntu is aimed at, it is more than ideal and I would not be surprised if sooner or later I try it with some netbook to squeeze its full potential.

  14.   mitcoes said

    If you are going to edit videos you should install Ubuntu Studio (XFCE) or even better KXStudio (KDE debian) http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/

    Or at least the low latency or realtime kernels for when you edit or produce AV

    1.    the mute said

      Thanks for the information!

  15.   the mute said

    I think that like everything in life, when one reaches a certain age it is no longer too complicated when looking for or testing other distributions, just finding one that is not made of can is enough and that also can be seen so well is a plus huge.
    Take this into account young people: if we compare between distros Xubuntu is not in a bad position in general, but for a common user like me comparing Xubuntu with Windows that sometimes freezes for some nonsense or that no longer plays youtube videos well and that it is a waste of time to want to customize, or even want to change the icons or that just wanting to open the system explorer is asking too much, Xubuntu is a breath of fresh air, it is like a great sip of water in an oasis after having crossed a desert. Are there better distros? I'm sure it is, but I'm not asking for more at the moment. Maybe later I'll go with Manjaro, or Debian, or even Arch, but sometimes you have to appreciate when you have what you need and enjoy it, take your time and value other things. Greetings to all who took the time to read this post, I hope to contribute again to this great community.

  16.   oscar said


    I don't know what happens but since I installed xubuntu 14.04, Firefox closes several times a day, the same as the Gimp causing me to lose work and gives me system error messages ... I'm regretting it!

    A question, is there any point in reporting errors?

    1.    Ravencrown said

      Hey that happened to me a long time ago in the end I discovered that it was the memory ran of my pc that was bad, although it is hard to believe.

      Replace it .. Or if you don't believe me pass it memtest to verify.


  17.   Ravencrown said

    Today I installed Xubuntu 14.04 and I am not complaining, although it is strange because I also have linux mint petra 16 xfce and I have seen that in mint the memory is at 11% without executing anything and in xubuntu it is also at 24% without executing anything.

  18.   joakoej said

    Hi take a look at Voyager, it is a Xubuntu, but with a much improved and successful visual appearance.
    By the way, I know that it is confusing that there are so many distros, it also confused me at first, but I started to try many and in the end I ended up deciding on Fedora and Ubuntu, which are the most complete for me and the simplest and most functional. If at any time you have time to take a look at Fedora as well, it will not disappoint you

  19.   The Lopez's cat said

    Well, it looks interesting .. maybe I will try it to see if it fills me as much or more than KDE "Kubuntu" or maybe I should say: GNU / LINUX UBUNTU / KUBUNTU