Youtube playlists in VLC.

Browsing and browsing I found this very useful feature of the player VLC and is that now VLC You can play the "playlists" or playlists that exist in Youtube.

Without much ado, let's get to work. First we have to have VLC installed (dooh)

# apt.get install vlc

We download the VLC plugin that does the magic

Download Plugin for VLC

We create the folder / usr / share / vlc / lua / playlist / 

Once we have downloaded the LUA file we will have to move or copy it to the path: / usr / share / vlc / lua / playlist / if we want the plugin to work for all users, or if you want it only for one user.  $ HOME / .local / share / vlc / lua / playlist /

# sudo cp archivo.lua  /usr/share/vlc/lua/playlist/playlist.lua

After you have copied the file, just open the player and go to Medium → Open network dump (Ctrl + N key combination) and enter in the corresponding field the address of the playlist we want to play. The best of all is that we can save the list as a VLC playlist, this in order not to have to copy / paste the same address over and over again.



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  1.   Blaire pascal said

    Good contribution.

  2.   downloads said

    It is the battle player in GNU / Linux, it plays flac, the latest version is optimized to play files with mkv extensions, I think it also serves to correct the "lag" between the film and the audio, in addition to its already famous use for pasting subtitles in movies and series, this and SMplayer the perfect duo for audio and video. Cheers

  3.   vicky said

    Sometimes I forget how powerful VLC is.

    The other day there was one on reddit looking for a show that would play music and video podcast in playlist and nobody suggested VLC to him even though he can do it perfectly.

  4.   Carlos said

    Source: Is that you have even copied extracts: /

  5.   Blitzkrieg said

    The truth is that all the video players give me a battle but this is the only one that makes me cry, the worst of all, the sound fails, the videos are pixelated and they are high definition videos (HD), I tried with totem and it the sound goes, smplayer and gnome player, etc, they are all a slop to play videos in HD, I tried with several distro and their default players give the same problem

    1.    pandev92 said

      That is not a problem with the players, that is a problem with the video drivers.

  6.   edprogressive said

    Very good…

  7.   msx said

    You can also do it with Smplayer or Umplayer (a backend that I prefer to VLC).

  8.   downloads said

    Also banshee, play videos, you should try this player. Cheers

    1.    msx said

      But… but… Banshee is Mono / .NET bloatware!

      1.    pandev92 said

        The only bad thing about Banshee is that it uses Gtk, not .Net

        1.    elav said

          Is not using .NET bad? O_O Really? ¬¬

          1.    pandev92 said

            Seriously, mono is an open standard.

            Mono is a software platform designed to allow developers to easily create cross platform applications. Sponsored by Xamarin, Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework based on the ECMA standards for C # and the Common Language Runtime. A growing family of solutions and an active and enthusiastic contributing community is helping position Mono to become the leading choice for development of Linux applications.

            1.    elav said

              Already, an open standard that tries to copy a technology that, seriously, what is good about it?

          2.    pandev92 said

            Portability, simplicity of language, multiplatform and gives more possibilities with its different bindings.

        2.    msx said

          I share what @elav says. Gtk is not the problem (they will eventually port it to Gtk3), the problem is Mono and I will base it on you clearly and concisely:

          Mono is the foot that Microsoft wants to put in the GNU / Linux universe to continue its business unit that .NET has become (a rather strange mass of technologies that surprisingly seems to work well) and that has two aspects: a) the implementation of solutions based on this technology to companies, which makes them dependent on it, generally with onerous payment plans, b) the big business that Microsoft is MSDN.

          As friend elav points out, there are already F / LOSS technologies that do exactly the same thing but of course, they are FREE (or at least open), «communist» (here I paraphrase Steve Ballmer and several American senators a few years ago who classified them as that way) and accessible to everyone generally free of charge.
          Ah! And they are also more secure and stable as they are continuously audited!

          From what I heard about .NET it seems that little by little that hodgepodge of technologies is deciding on a real platform, which is good. The bad thing is that it is managed according to the interests of a company that we know how mean and deceitful it is and that stands out precisely for eliminating competition by absorbing companies and making them disappear instead of creating products of excellence and setting trends.

          Also ... why are you going to use a bloatware like Mono, which involves installing a heavy framework, in the best Java style, when you have incredible technologies that allow you to do exactly the same in a much more efficient way and without losing control over your code and the tools you use?

          Qt5 is going to be BRILLIANT, the power provided by the platform gives chills. PHP / Python / Ruby / MySQL / JavaScript / Lisp / Tcl / Perl…
          Do you really need something like Mono? No the truth is no. I repeat: Mono was born after the pact between Microsoft and Novell as an outpost of M $ to enter GNU / Linux territory.

          It's easy, if Mono really were the innocuous that it claims to be Debian would give it official support (instead of showing its teeth to the couple of devs of the distro that package it), Ubuntu would not have removed it from its distribution and as of today it would be widely used.
          If even the Fuduntu Jupiter applet (ported to Ubuntu too) was rewritten from Mono to Python ...

          Mono sux, not because of what it is objectively but because of the betrayal it represents. In F / LOSS we have no need for Mono or .NET and obviously M $ does not intend to use free technologies - openly - so this is an irreconcilable point and the polarity that exists with respect to it is very understandable.

  9.   downloads said

    I think you should check if you have conflicts with pulseaudio and alsa, it is the most frequent, in the VLC tools, see if you have "foul" alsa and pulseaudio and what Ubuntu brings in this case. Cheers

  10.   downloads said

    I know, but the list is very short. I think that by "putting a hand" on the VLC as I indicate, I think it will be able to advance. Cheers

  11.   downloads said

    I do not want to fall into errors when sending text (flood), I think that is how it is written, I am a simple user. Cheers

  12.   khourt said

    Great contribution, to be able to go with your music anywhere and run it easy and simple ... or without downloading

  13.   Alebils said

    I tried it but it didn't work, I don't know if I've done something wrong.
    When I want to download the file instead of giving me the option to save, it opens a tab where it shows me the code. What I did was copy and paste it into a file that I renamed playlist.lua
    After that file I copied it where the article says.
    I use Linux Mint 13 Kde and I tried downloading with Mozilla or Chrome and I did the same
    Thank you

  14.   downloads said

    I think we have the freedom to choose between what is free and what is not, what if blitzkrieg is the only player that does well on your system; But just because it's from Ruindos, will you no longer be able to test it? Not only did I say that there was this option, I also mentioned that he could fiddle with tools and configure it from there, and to observe that it brings ubuntu for "foul" pulseaudio or alsa, I have already tried that working in Fedora, Opensuse and Debian. Cheers

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