Disney messes with Open Source

- Do not stand there and fix it

- You used open source to save time, and the virus was hiding there?

- Maybe……. (laughs)

- Rookie mistake. (laughs)

What you just read is from the Disney Channel series "Shake it up." And I say read because at any time Disney will want to remove the video from youtube ……… ..

What do you think? Ignorance and stupidity, or propaganda? I vote for the first.

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  1.   Simon Oroño said

    What are Disney people going to know about open source? It's not a beginner's mistake, it's an ignorant's mistake.

  2.   sieg84 said

    gringos promoting their product ...

    with that spiderman using bing and windows 7 ...

    1.    Perseus said

      XDDD excellent XDDD stitch

  3.   lajc0303 said

    What could you expect from that Disney crap, currently Disney is stupid trash, it wasn't what it used to be.

  4.   Algabe said

    Speechless!! ¬¬ '

  5.   ubuntero said

    Disney is Nazi we all know it, but few of us say it ...

  6.   Houndix said

    I do not understand the meaning of "hiding a virus" in open-source. The normal thing in any case would be the opposite, because a virus or malicious code in free or open-source software, anyone with enough knowledge would notice it when the source code could be seen, in addition to that if something like this were discovered, its developer would lose all his reputation. This rather than anti-open-source propaganda seems like a silly way to use "weird" words that "normal" people don't understand to be funny.

    1.    Xykyz said

      Yes, I think this is going to be ... I don't even think that the risk will come to do it with bad faith

  7.   Rayonant said

    I think it's a bit of both, and I'll stick with the second comment of the video: "How the hell can anything be hidden in * open source * software ?!"

  8.   Perseus said

    Disney ... Fuck you. |.

    1.    Perseus said

      [angry_linus's_face off]

  9.   Pavloco said

    Naa, just kidding, Pixar (owned by Disney) recently released OpenSubdiv with everything and patents. Here the note in case someone (I would but I'm ignorant on these issues) wants to echo it.

  10.   VaryHeavy said

    Well, I think they are both, ignorance and propaganda. The scriptwriters of these series for children may know a damn thing about computers, much less about programming, but they also shoehorn that intrinsic idea that "proprietary software will rid you of the evils / botches of open source", which could be sponsored in the shadows for a contract with a company that is dedicated to software development (proprietary of course).
    I believe it about the Yankees.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      In addition, one only has to look at the image they give of the child who "knows" about computing, which is quite similar to the corporate image of the employees of the aforementioned companies.

  11.   vicky said

    The people who write are usually screenwriters who often have no idea what they are writing. I have a friend who is studying medicine and she tells me that all medical series are anything. I remember a video from a series in which they wanted to decipher a password and two of the characters started typing on a single keyboard. LOL
    I leave the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8qgehH3kEQ

    1.    davidlg said

      hahaha what video, how can two type on a keyboard? pos is not na, with the zompo hands we have, they could only hit the tab key hahaha

  12.   jamin-samuel said

    Ignorance - Arrechera - and also nVIDIA ahahaha

  13.   Oberost said

    What to expect from the killers of Bambi's mother? xDD

  14.   Windóusico said

    Propaganda, stupidity, ignorance ... Whatever it is, I find it painful. Screenwriters should do a little research before getting into technical stuff. Prometheus is another maddening example (especially if you're a biologist or geologist). That it will cost them to consult an expert.

  15.   Ernest said

    And that in TRON Legacy, which is also from Disney, they make a fairly clear criticism of proprietary software; It turns out that the OS privatized (and expensive, it seems) because of a pro-profit company management that appears in the film is based on UNIX, and this OS is posted for free on the internet illegally implying which is how it should be. Also the world of TRON is created from a UNIX system.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      Certainly. Those details made me love the Tron Legacy movie. When I saw him type in the command terminal and I said to myself: "Damn! but if they are the Unix commands and paths! » It was a pleasant surprise 😛

  16.   elav said

    I'm sure the scriptwriter is one of those who say that Free Software, being free or free, is useless. Fuck Disney's assholes, dedicate themselves to improving the quality of their shitty movies, and that do not get where you should not .. I said U_U

  17.   charlee said

    On top of the notebook there is a stench of the Debian xDD logo ...
    On the other hand I have not seen the chapter but it seems that the Asian woman was using opensources programs and the scriptwriter gave her the cheapest and most ignorant excuse of all. Making you think that the virus was there as if saying that the opensource is a spyware virus, probability more than zero considering that the code is open. And I say, with the debian logo and the bad joke, because for me that is a joke, is it not that there is a scriptwriter a bit geek? I think we all know the joke. There is no spyware in the free code, the boy mentions such a virus.

  18.   charlee said

    Above the laptop is a MAC completely covered with the crappy Debian logo as I said, which is worth by default to the brand for being on TV but they are very cheeky, we all know it is a mac.

  19.   Blazek said

    hahaha, have you noticed the similarity of the computer dwarf with a certain person who appears in Forbes magazine and who loves blue screens? haha.

    Honestly, the real "newbies" (not to use a bad sounding expression) are those who mess with open source discrediting it in that way to instill those ideas in the kids who watch these series by telling them that they should spend $ 1200 on a computer when for less than half you have one just as powerful or better thanks to free software.

  20.   linuxman said

    They do not think that the geek boy is very "Gates" style ...

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      That I had thought xD

  21.   rockandroleo said

    I think that more than ignorance (which there is, by the way, to say what was said), there is, rightly, bad milk and a clear intention to discredit.
    Disney "educating" children from their most innocent age.

  22.   kesymaru said

    I laugh at the ignorance of the producers of this series, I have also seen that this channel is complete garbage, the programs are all that stupid.

    On the other hand they use Linux servers to render the digital graphics of the movies (like almost everyone in the digital animation industry) I do not understand why the producers of that series do not investigate at least the minimum before making a joke (if you can tell that thing is comedy) on a topic.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      It may simply be due to commercial contracts with proprietary software developers. In that sense, no matter how much open source software they use, they have justified the discredit of open source software in front of the owner.

  23.   Mystog @ N said

    Money, silver, pasta, wanza, money or whatever you want to call it ... This is why, not only Disney, Warner Bros., Century Fox or anyone gets their hands on the SWL, Obama and the mother of tomatoes ... for that reason no case with them. If they want to believe or give to believe that SWL is garbage without logic, mediocre and full of viruses, there they and the stupid who swallow it.

  24.   federico said

    It does not surprise me that Disney does this kind of thing, Disney was always a fundamental part in the dissemination of colonialist and capitalist thought, in the 70's his comics were an important part of capitalist indoctrination in Latin American countries, with their implicit messages and not so implicit. now they continue to do it with movies and tv.
    I recommend the book by airel dorfman »to read donald duck»

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      Much reason.

  25.   Rain said

    There is ignorance and pure Forrism

    they repeat the verse of those who promote proprietary software in a children's series as a joke to implant the idea in the children who see it
    But what will happen the day that some boy of those bumps into a real programmer or someone who simply knows about free software and Open Source?

    They will be quite like assholes


    "Anyone can, but there is a process, not that you say" I want to modify debian! " and they let you enter the group of developers, also ... if there is a "virus" everyone can see it and everyone can correct it, not like in closed software, where if one of those companies that loves people so much and is not interested in money ... puts a virus Only the company can correct it »

    "Ah ... LINUX IS FUCKING!"

    PS: xD it was a real conversation that I had a few months ago

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      Ignorance… ignorance everywhere!

  26.   LU7HQW said

    One question, the character that appears just before the video ends, is not the famous "Hello, i'm a PC" from the Mac ads? Or is it very similar ...

  27.   adrian said

    Well ... as long as they only mess with Open Source and not with Free Software it shouldn't be so bad ... 😉

  28.   oscar said

    Disney like Hollywood are clumsy. The dream factory was called hehehe .. how convinced!