Tips repository

Below you can find a list with all the Type that we have been publishing in DesdeLinux organized by alphabetical order, as well as other articles that are of special interest.

================== General ==================

Blueman: manage your bluetooth devices.
Capture your desktop in a gif with byzanz.
Right click send attachment with thunderbird in KDE.
How to open mht files in just 3 steps?
How to fix touchpad problems in LMDE?
How to delete Recent Documents in Unity?
How to install Archlinux using a USB device?
How to install Xfce on Archlinux?
How to mount usb devices and cdrom in PCManFM with our user?
How to password Grub2?
How to receive websites by email?
Compare files or directories with Meld.
Get to know Xfce thoroughly with your help.
Creating a file browser for Thunar with Zenity.
Create LiveUSB with terminal.
Command cubes for some GNU / Linux distros.
Run Google Chrome on CentOS 6.
Installation guide for Nvidia cards in LMDE.
Import Thunderbird emails to Kmail.
Always start with Gnome Shell on ubuntu 11 10
Install KahelOS
Install KahelOS from USB
Install packages from source code
Keep Chromium up to date on Debian and Ubuntu.
You don't have internet learn how to take your repositories home.
Optimizing gnulinux startup with e4rat.
Post installation of KahelOS
Reduce icons in application view in Gnome Shell.
Restart the pc safely if your distro crashes.
Silenteye hides one file inside another.
Solution to the error cannot open display 0: 0.
Fix crash when loading application menu in Xfce.
Solve all your problems with the touchpad.
Tips after formatting everything in its place.
Tips for choosing a GNU / Linux distribution.
Tips to solve error with windows in Xfce.
Using apt pinning on Debian.
Use proxy in Openbox, Fluxbox, LXDE, Xfce and the like.
Reuse eth0 in LMDE.

================== Administration ==================

Increasing the user capacity in old Zentyal Ebox.
Change root password on Debian / LMDE.
How to fix dpkg ldconfig warning error in Debian Testing?
How to use proxy in Turpial with LMDE Xfce?
Put global proxy in LMDE Xfce.
Proxy socks in KDE.
What to do so that Zarafa does not manage mail delivery in Zentyal.
SSH without password only 3 steps.

================= Terminal ===================

5 tricks videos and sound with ffmpeg mencoder.
Learn to do without the graphic environment.
How to convert mdf to iso?
How to install our LMDE packages in 3 seconds?
How to get the microprocessor type from the terminal?
How to know when we install our Linux?
With the terminal: Calendar and Cal
With terminal: change monitor resolution.
With the terminal: basic commands in gnulinux.
With the terminal: size and space commands.
With the terminal: compress decompress files.
With the terminal: listening to music with mplayer.
With the terminal: listening to music with vlc.
With the terminal: Finch instant messaging client.
With the terminal: format a usb memory.
With the terminal: improving the appearance of the console.
With the terminal: Newsbeuter reads your rss by console.
With the terminal: hide one file inside another.
Creating aliases in gnulinux.
Find out if you can use Unity 3d with compiz.
Run a graphical application even on another pc as another user.
Restart the pc safely if your distro crashes.
Python code highlights in nano
Script to restart restore our session in Xfce.
Tips download the rss of desdelinux in the terminal.
Work with runlevels in a semi-graphic way.

================== Customization ==================

Change the Amarok Splash for another.
Keyboard shortcuts for Gnome Shell.
Change the appearance of the grub with Oxygen Grub2 theme.
Change icons of our folders in Gnome.
How to fully configure and customize your wallpaper in KDE?
How to install ambianceradiance in LMDE?
How to show http prefix in Firefox 7?
Debian kde installation and customization.
KDE 4 copy dialog as in KDE 3.
Set cursor theme to Xfce.
Modify the gnome's appearance with Gnome Color Chooser.
Modify user agent Opera beyond the ordinary.
Modify Turpial to connect to DL.NET.
Modify Turpial so that it connects to statusnet.
Another way to change the Chromium user agent.
Customize your menu in LXDE even Xfce with LXMed.
Replacing the Xfce panel with Tint2

Tips how to change the Chromium user agent.
Tips how to change the Firefox user agent.
Tips how to make Xfce look the same as KDE.
Tips to replace panels in Gnome2.
Use proxy in Chromium / Chrome.
Wallpapers different KDE desktops.

================== Graphics ==================

How to create shadow effects with Gimp?
Create frame with Gimp
Create 3D web button with Gimp
Create animated userbar with Gimp
Create Plasma themes in 8 steps

================== Sound ===================

Fix no sound in LMMS

================== Distributions ==================

How to boot Ubuntu in text mode?
Things I do after installing LMDE Xfce.
Fourth part LMDE thoroughly gaining in performance.
LMDE guide first revision.
Guide to customizing Linux Mint LXDE.
First part LMDE thoroughly installation.
Part Two LMDE in-depth system update.
Third part LMDE thoroughly optimizing even more.
Tips for MATE and MGSE in Linux Mint 12.
How to install ArchLinux