Alternatives: Best Sites to Compare Free and Open Software

Alternatives: The best places to know and compare Free Software

Alternatives: The best places to know and compare Free Software

When dealing with websites to read and know the news of certain Software (Operating Systems, Applications and Platforms) nothing better than Blogs, and when it comes to Free Software, Open Source and GNU / LinuxWell, even more.

Blogs like ours, FromLinux, among many others, are excellent information sources to be up to date in these areas. But, when in addition to being up to date we want to explore at the same time good alternatives existing on the programs we are reading, as there are sites that facilitate these tasks. Therefore, today we will explore some to see which ones are best adapted to each person's needs.

Alternatives for Free Software: Introduction

Already in the past, we had touched on this point superficially when talking about Openhub, he which, although it is not exactly to compare Free Software applications but Open Source Projects, also serves this task through its small built-in comparison tool called: Compare Projects.

It is worth remembering and highlighting for those interested in Openhub, which is according to your Official website:

"UAn online community and a public directory of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), which offers analysis and search services to discover, evaluate, track and compare open source code and projects. When available, it also provides information on vulnerabilities and project licenses".

For more information on Openhub, at the end of this reading you can click on our next previous related post:

Open Hub: The Ideal Site to Discover, Track and Compare Open Source

Alternatives for Free Software: Content

Websites to search for free and open alternatives

Find alternatives in Spanish

Although in Spanish, there are very few sites of this type, the 3 most useful and well-known that we got were:

Free CD

A legendary website featuring free, open, and free programs. It is of Spanish origin and to facilitate the tasks of comparison or search for alternative or similar applications, it divides them into categories within a huge and growing Free Software Catalog.

When entering a CategoryEg Graphics and then Graphic editors, shows us all similar software that we can use to carry out the same tasks, while in each one, it offers us various information links to know them in depth.


(Open Source Developers Network) It is also a website with many years in line that basically and mainly offers a free service for developers of open source software. Among these services we can mention: Support of varied repositories and mailing list, among many others, to offer an easy and comprehensive management of registered projects.

In addition, it has a Software Map that meets the same purpose and characteristics as the Free Software Catalog described in Free CD. For example, you must press Themes, Multimedia, Graphics and Editors, to obtain a result similar to that of Free CD.


It is a not so old commercial website, also of Spanish origin, which provides an excellent free service, focused on facilitating the search, comparison and choice of required software for those interested. For this, it also has a Software Directory divided by very well specified categories.

However, unlike Free CD y SourceForge, its smart search engine works and very well. So the search and comparison it can be done faster and more efficient. 2 important things about this site is that they offer user reviews (opinions) and alternatives with Private, closed and commercial software.

Note: In Spanish, there is also another small website that offers a small alternatives section that makes use of these comparison websites, in Spanish and English. It can be visited by clicking on the following link.

Find alternatives in English

In the English language, there are many more sites, some of which will already be known and used by many. Reason why, we will only mention them so that little by little, they will get to know and use them to achieve the best alternatives of free, open and free software to proprietary, closed and commercial software. And these are:

  1. Alternative To Linux Software
  2. Find Best Open Source
  3. Find Better Software Alternatives
  5. Free Software Directory
  6. Free Projects
  7. Open Source Software Directory
  8. Openhub
  9. Saashub - Software Alternatives And Reviews

Note: Most of the websites in English include manual searches by categories and through an intelligent search engine.

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We hope this "useful little post" about these interesting and practical websites dedicated to publicizing various software, especially the type «libres y abiertos», which help many in facilitating the search for reliable and secure alternatives to proprietary, closed and commercial Software; is of great interest and utility, for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the diffusion of the wonderful, gigantic and growing ecosystem of applications of «GNU/Linux».

And for more information, always do not hesitate to visit any Online library and OpenLibra y jedit to read books (PDFs) on this topic or others knowledge areas. For now, if you liked this «publicación», don't stop sharing it with others, in your Favorite websites, channels, groups, or communities of social networks, preferably free and open as Mastodon, or secure and private like Telegram.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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