AryaLinux: Another interesting Distro built under Linux From Scratch

AryaLinux: Another interesting Distro built under Linux From Scratch

AryaLinux: Another interesting Distro built under Linux From Scratch

Continuing with the diffusion wave of Free and Open Distributions that are not so well known, but they are usually interesting projects, just like yesterday we talked about Serenity OS, today we will talk about aryalinux.

An interesting fact of aryalinux is that, among the hundreds and perhaps thousands of GNU / Linux Distros or similar around the world, it currently occupies the table of Top 100 of the last 6 months de DistroWatch. So, it was one more reason to choose her.

Linux From Scratch (LFS): Project to create your own Linux Distros

Linux From Scratch (LFS): Project to create your own Linux Distros

Such as SerenityOS, AryaLinux it is Distro Linux From Scratch (LFS), that is, it is built following the steps and knowledge provided by the LFS and BLFS books or guides, and a little more according to its own developers.

It is worth noting, for those who could not be clear or not know anything about what is the LFS project, which the same is, according to our previous related post called «Linux From Scratch (LFS): Project to create your own Linux Distros":

"A project that provides you step-by-step instructions to build your own custom Linux system, completely from source code.

"A way to install a GNU / Linux System by developing all the components manually. This is naturally a longer process than installing a precompiled Linux Distribution. According to the Linux From Scratch site, the advantages of this method are a compact, flexible and secure system, which provides a great knowledge of how a GNU / Linux Operating System works in its entirety.".

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Linux From Scratch (LFS): Project to create your own Linux Distros

AryaLinux: Linux from Builders

AryaLinux: Linux For Builders

What is AryaLinux?

According to his Official website, said Distro is promoted as follows:

"AryaLinux is a GNU / Linux Operating System built from the sources, using the instructions from the LFS and BLFS books. Although AryaLinux started out as an LFS implementation, many things changed along the way to make AryaLinux a full Distribution on its own. AryaLinux supports the KDE Plasma 5, XFCE, Gnome3 and Mate Desktop Environments, while as of now, the default is Gnome3".

Unlike Serenity OS, aryalinux if it is available in formats downloadable ISO files from its own website, specifically from its section of Downloads (Download). And the sizes of their ISOs (Slim / Normal) vary from 1.7 / 2.6 GB with Gnome3 but also 1.5 / 3.4 GB with XFCE.

Highlight features

Although its last visible update on its website is dated 16/03/2020, aryalinux it is GNU / Linux Distro worth knowing and / or trying, especially for those Linuxers lovers of "Distrohopping".

In addition, between outstanding features of its latest stable version, number 2.4, we can mention the following:

  1. Gnome 3.36
  2. Kernel 5.5.8.
  3. Libreoffice:
  4. Alpsui: A synaptic user interface for Alps.
  5. Much improved Indian language font support.
  6. An improvement in the support of applications that make use of kernel headers.
  7. Development aimed at being Rolling Release.

One of the good and striking things about said Linux project is that its official website has useful and detailed information in its sections «Documentation" Y "Help and Support». And for more valuable information on aryalinux you can visit your official website at Sourceforge and in DistroWatch.

Screenshots and video

AryaLinux: Screenshot 1

AryaLinux: Screenshot 2

AryaLinux: Screenshot 3

And since an image or video is worth more than a thousand (1000) words, we advise those interested to see the last functional update of the same live, to visually weigh up to what point this has come. Linux project with bliss Distro aryalinux, by viewing the following video, which is one of the most recent in Spanish that can be found, since, the Official YouTube Channel does not have recent videos:

YouTube video: Arya Linux | Review

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We hope this "useful little post" about another interesting and little known LFS Distro call «AryaLinux», which is usually striking due to its modern interface based on GNOME 3.36 on a foundation entirely built from source code for packages, libraries, and applications that are publicly available over the Internet; is of great interest and utility, for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the diffusion of the wonderful, gigantic and growing ecosystem of applications of «GNU/Linux».

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