Blender 2.76b: When it comes to 3D

Blender 2.76b is the latest stable version of the Blender Foundation and went Released on November 03, 2015 logo blender

Blender is an example of how an application that was released for commercial purposes ends up resulting in an application free and open source. The commercial failure of Blender made the president of the company that was behind this 3D modeler, create the Blender Foundation to continue its development, but this time under the GPL license. We can say at this moment and without a doubt, that this version of Blender Open Source (and especially this latest release), it is much better software than the Commercial Blender. Its characteristics and versatility make this tool more than just a simple 3D modeler.

Materials and lighting in Blender

Materials and lighting in Blender

Blender is an extremely powerful and cross-platform for 3D graphics that for 15 years and during all that time, has managed to expand its core capabilities step by step and become one of the 3D graphics editing programs with the most tools and possibilities on the market. This latest version released comes with a multitude of powerful features for editing, rendering, 3D modeling, animation and playback, all this fused into an incredibly well designed and stylish interface that rivals the organizational skills of other professional tools such as Maya or 3D Max with great arguments. To combat these professional software packages, Blender managed to create its own catalog of great open source tools that fully cover all aspects of 3D modeling, texturing, masking, compositing, rigging, camera tracking, particle simulation, video editing, smoke, soft bodies, and even a fully integrated video game engine, all to make your 2D and 3D projects.

All these tools and services are integrated into an interface that can be totally modified according to the needs or comfort of the users, with intelligent contextual menus present in all places and two editing models. Object Mode and Edit Mode. The help with Hotkey is of course very well done, and after a short time of using it, even inexperienced users can get an excellent overview of all that Blender has to offer. Today, Blender attracts some of the best artists on the market and also countless newcomers to the world of digital modeling, all of whom are interested in getting the most out of this wildly popular 3D modeling software that outright competes with its most popular. old (and much more expensive) competitors.

Blender 2.76b GUI

Blender 2.76b GUI

I invite you to discover the wide range of tools available in Blender, which define a complete project (from only modeling to sequence editing) controlled by a user interface flexible and consistent.

There are several ways to obtain the source code for this powerful tool. If you are going to try to use source code, you really should use Go to check it latest version.

At install blender, should Download the right package for your platform. The Windows version comes with an optional self-extracting installation, for other operating systems you can simply unzip the compressed file to the location of your choice.

As long as the Blender binary is in the original extracted directory, Blender will run straight out of the box. There are no system libraries or system preferences to be altered, so there is nothing to worry about.

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  1.   Raul P. said

    A pity that I have no idea how to use blender or other similar programs.

    1.    Alexander TorMar said

      We are already two

  2.   TERROR GAME said

    Despite additional functionality in the interface it will make it worse. Very specific and detailed, thank you.

  3.   Tony said

    A good article, it is a pity that you have not reviewed the translation of the last paragraphs.

  4.   Enraged Artist said

    As a professional 3D artist, I have to say that while Blender allows you to do wonderful things, the program has a long way to go. The "Blender is for Blender users" is a philosophy that falls by its own weight, and that is… if Blender is for Blender users… hopefully their retinas will fall from using it so much, because no professional artist will use it or recommend using it. unless forced.

    The reason Krita has succeeded and gotten funding from GIMP is that they have done what they had to do… an interface that people are used to. Neither I nor anyone else is going to learn the interface of a program like Blender being in the situation that it is. You hang your head with ZBrush because there is no other choice, but Blender will never be able to conquer even SMEs until its interface is adapted to industry standards.
    The reason why Maya LT and Indie Mode are the order of the day is because for the first time in history, accessible software has been offered for SMEs, software that completely beats Blender because it does not matter if the professional has been using all the software. 3D Max life, or if you have been using XSI all your life, or whatever the program ... you can easily adapt to Maya LT and Indie Mode because they have a common philosophy when it comes to operating, nothing to do with Blender that, like GIMP, they go to the opposite of everyone and expect them to follow.

    1.    adal romero said

      I'm NOT with you, the shows you mention are worth a fortune, that for one thing.
      On the other hand, the quality is more than enough for a quality job, working on it.
      Also tell you that it is multiplatform, what you mention no.
      And two very important things Blender is free, open.
      I am sure that if I write to the brands mentioned saying that I use their tools, they will not thank me for using them, they will ask for my license and if I do not have a complaint.
      With blender they will thank you. "Don't look at his teeth on a gift horse."
      Help this program go where you want.

  5.   James_Che said

    Blender is excellent software. A suggestion that they added to the blog that panel that says More Stories is a bit annoying as well as the social networks on the right. And thanks for returning the button to go up.

    1.    Ivan Molina Rebolledo said

      For me the button to return has a bad position. It gives me problems with feedly (1920 × 1080).