Calligra, a great rival of Libreoffice


I can still remember what was put together with openoffice and the great hatred that was generated towards oracle, which motivated the birth of libreoffice as a fork that was adopted by most (if not all) distros.

But unfortunately as the versions of this office suite advance, there are still the same annoying problems as always, not to mention its interface similar to Ms office 2003.

In a world where Windows continues to be the dominator of the pc's market and its formats, .doc, .docx, .xls etc. are still the most used in the world, it is obvious that an office suite that knows how to read them is needed in the best possible way and really libreoffice, except for the .doc, the other formats read quite badly, especially if you start to put tables or other artifacts.

This is where calligra appears, a suite written in qt, which is still in beta but which has not created any problems for me personally, it reads perfectly the proprietary formats of Microsoft, adapts perfectly to kde and above all offers an alternative it would be to Ms office and I sincerely believe that this will improve even more with the release of the final version.

I especially love Words and Tables (for their great resemblance to Ms Exel), although krita is also appreciated.

So this is my recommendation of the week, that you give a little opportunity to this office suite that comes with strength and wanting to stay on our computers.


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  1.   Claj said

    It is not to create controversy, but I think you have to accept that some functions are cumbersome for some users in LibreOffice.
    For example, although Writer covers a large part of my needs, that to move a table I have to cut it, paste it and delete the original is not very productive for me (and that is a request from a few years ago, I suppose that donations do not reach and there are other characteristics with higher priority). As for formats, I think that's another matter, but if the Calligra team cares about compatibility with proprietary formats, then I must thank them for making my life easier (that doesn't mean leaving free formats aside).
    When I used Koffice, the big annoyance it generated me was the font rendering, which was really bad compared to any other similar editor. But now that they posted that they are going to fix that (and the screenshots were showing a huge improvement) and considering the great flexibility you have in configuring the interface, I think it will be my default editor.
    And a great bonus for me is that it integrates with KDE, so I really hope this project will prosper in the best way.


    PS: What distribution did you test this suite on?

    1.    Francis said

      I tested it on chakra Linux :).

  2.   xfraniux said

    and what would be the always annoying problems of libreoffice ???. I think it is better to support the projects than to criticize them ...

    the problem with proprietary formats is not from libreoffice .. it is known that converting .doc, .docx or .xls to free formats is a real problem, that calligra is not exempt either ..

    1.    pandev92 said

      Explain to me then why when I save in my institute an .xls with different graphics and different calculations, with its buttons etc, in libreoffice they open badly and in calligra well? In your opinion, you shouldn't criticize anything in this world, just encourage improvement, we're doing well!

      In the institute I use microsoft office 2007

      1.    xfraniux said

        I see that you do not accept criticism my friend, the only thing I can say is that your post has a disqualifying touch towards libreoffice just because it does not show you your graph well ...

        I think it is not a very accurate qualification .. the conversion problem is the fault of the proprietary formats and doing the conversion is a real chance ..

        1.    pandev92 said

          Very well, this is the third time you have written the same thing, I already understood you. If it is your opinion ok, but I do not accept it because naturally I do not agree, otherwise I would not have written that I wrote it.

    2.    Chango said

      I share the opinion of xfraniux, libreoffice covers most of the needs, and its main focus should be open formats. On the other hand, what a mania is this for messing with the interface! If many users prefer the current LO design, it is because the ms office suite brings less and less usable interfaces, from ms 2007 onwards, everything is chaos. The only new thing about calligra in terms of design is that it groups the formatting options towards the side panels. It is a matter of perception, nothing more.

      1.    xfraniux said


      2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        It is valid to clarify that Calligra is not actually the KOffice package 😉

    3.    May said

      That when you open a document in Microsoft office (2007/2010) that was created in free office, it moves margins, images, if you changed any effect to the images they look terrible and what to say when trying to print them… Quite a circus. The problem is not with Libre Office, the pex is the compatibility to open the files in Microsoft Office and we are talking about 80% of the computers in which you could have to open your documents, as in the university or any school for example ...

      1.    Ranmaru Hibikiya said

        Already at this stage of technology, depending on an office suite, apart from being impractical, is something silly.
        Currently you use a google docs with your documents and voila, you can work from any machine with an internet connection.
        If the above does not seem to you, how about buying a cheap USB memory and putting a portable libreoffice in it? You connect it wherever there is a winbugs and you can continue working, printing, etc.
        I think that such dependencies to one side or the other should be over, open formats are there to get the most out of them on any platform / device.

  3.   Erithrym said

    I have been using libreoffice since its appearance and before this I was using openoffice, both on Windows and Linux, and I did not have or have any complaints. If at the institute you have problems with the format, save the documents in a different format, it is not that Libreoffice does not read the formats well, but that, as they said before, MS Office keeps its formats closed

    1.    pandev92 said

      They cannot be saved in different formats because what I do must be delivered to a teacher who is not going to use libreoffice to open an odt, without taking into account that the .odt (exel) does not even reach the soles of the shoes del .xls, but of course for that you must work on important things and not just a graph that puts the name of the week on one side, the time on the other and a multiplication a2 * b4. Support only open formats is a mistake, you cannot close yourself to the world, this is like saying, from now on we will only use websites without flashs, we will listen to music that is neither mp3 nor aac, we will not see h264 videos or connect to msn nor will we use skype etc etc, there is a world out there and what it needs is interoperability and you cannot impose your one format being only 1-2% of the world's PCs, because you simply lost the battle before starting.
      The interface is very important in a world like today, in fact I know a lot of people who do not use libreoffice because of the interface and prefer to hack ms office, and this happens even in Linux.

      1.    Perseus said

        […] Supporting only open formats is a mistake […]

        OMFG, WTF?

        I do not share your point of view, partner, more I will respect it 😉

        […] The problem with proprietary formats is not with libreoffice […]


        1.    pandev92 said

          You don't share it but give me an explanation, are we going to stop communicating with other mortals? Do you really think that other Windows users, of which 60 or 70% are going to stop using .doc, .docx etc just because we tell them that odt is open? You already know that this is not the case and that it can only happen if all the governments of the world decide to do so. I can not support only free formats because for serious things, for work in companies, and for presentations that are going to happen to more than one person who does not use only Linux, he will not be able to open them, since Ms office opens the .odt also from a special way.

          1.    smudge said

            […] I cannot support only free formats because for serious things, for work in companies, and for presentations that are going to be passed on to more than one person who does not use only Linux, they will not be able to open them, since Ms office opens them. odt also in a special way. […]

            This does not seem very adjusted to reality, or at least to what I perceive. There are a large number of companies that, although they do not use Linux on their work computers, do use free office packages. And yes, for serious things, and very serious you can use the .odt.
            Moreover, every time I am verifying a greater acceptance of these formats by the business world.

          2.    pandev92 said

            Man it may be, but I am talking about Spain, the rest of the world I don't know how things will be, but here in Spain I know very few companies that use Linux, even on servers many use windows 2000 server.

          3.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

            The solution to this is very simple:

      2.    xfraniux said

        You are a true * provocateur * friend…. nothing more to do than generate controversy, it was as simple as generating a table of comparisons between libreoffice and calligra, than just generating a post in my opinion disqualifying ...

        1.    pandev92 said

          Well, it is your opinion and you are free to have it, but remember, go through people's posts and call an editor a troll, it is not very respectful to say, but you share an opinion, because you reject it, period, but you do not have the right to insult others. Be happy that your comment will stay here and will not be deleted.

          1.    xfraniux said

            I think you are a very serious friend…. but if you feel offended by the troll I apologize ... but the definition of troll is:

            A troll or troll is an Internet word that describes a person who only seeks to intentionally provoke users or readers, creating controversy, provoking predictable reactions, especially by novice users, for various purposes, from simple entertainment to interrupting or deflect the topics of the discussions, or provoke flamewars, angering your participants and pitting them against each other. The troll can be more or less sophisticated, from rude, offensive or off-topic messages, subtle provocations or lies difficult to detect, with the intention in any case to confuse or provoke the reaction of others. Currently this term is also used for any type of mischief.


            It doesn't just mean provocation ...

          2.    pandev92 said

            I have already told you that, if you want to insult, my posts are not the right places, I do not accept insults in mcanime, will I accept them here?
            The second thing is that the definition of troll is as extensive as the one you want to give it, since it is an invented word and second to the site where you look for its meaning it will say one thing or another, and the subject is settled. And honestly, it's not nice to go around insulting other people's posts, the next off-key comment won't be well received.

          3.    Perseus said

            Gentlemen, to my point of view, this is getting out of control. We already look like certain blogs, Muy… xxx where instead of looking like a blog (with all the letters), it looks more like a show program; I do not like the idea of ​​spoiling the essence of this blog in this way.

            Everyone has their opinion and criteria, if they are broad, I think we could accept points of view "foreign" to ours ...

            PS: I hope you do not take this as rude, but I prefer not to express my opinion for the same reason described above.

          4.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

            No, mistake ... the comments are not deleted, each one must behave, it does not matter if a user insults me, you, or a casual reader, here it is not differentiated or privileges are given to write, administer or something like that 😉

          5.    Courage said

            KZKG ^ Gaara… Let's see something, do you want it to be like a certain blog or a place where there is no bad vibes?

            Imagine that an uncle comes to tell your mother about something that happened to you in McAnime tropo hundred thousand centuries ago (when you were young), do you also have to leave the comment?

            It is one thing to let people express themselves and quite another to let each one do what comes out of there.

            Think a little bit…

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              Man, is that you touch the extremes HAHAHAHAHA.
              All excesses are bad, and I am more than not thinking about tomorrow ... when that situation arises, at that very moment we make a decision (yes, we make ... not only elav and I make those decisions)

  4.   Perseus said

    I will try, although according to apt-get He tells me this:

    I need to download 550 MB of files.
    2012 MB of additional disk space will be used after this operation

    WTF O_O?

    1.    pandev92 said

      Mhh do you use a gtk environment? Also perhaps what happens is that all calligra is downloading, which is words, tables, krita, calligra flow etc, look well what packages are or pass me a pastebin ehehe

      1.    Perseus said

        If I use GTK and it must be because I installed the dev repository

        sudo add-apt-repository ppa:neon/ppa \
        && sudo apt-get update\
        && sudo apt-get install project-neon-base \
        project-neon-calligra \

        but even so, the consumption of resources is quite exaggerated, although who knows ¬_¬

        1.    pandev92 said

          It is that it is qt and take into account that you use a gtk desktop, it is quite normal, and the second thing is that it is a beta5, but beta and there are things to polish, it is understandable: /

          1.    xgeriuz said

            @ pandev92: You know I agree with you, one has to adapt to the world, not the world to the minority, it is known that it is a heavy and hard work to change certain things but we try.

            An example is msn if your girlfriend uses this protocol and because I use free software I am going to stop talking to her that seems exaggerated "my love stop using msn and go to jabber if I don't finish with you".

            If the company uses MS Office and what comes with using it, we cannot enforce the .odt found just because I want to. It's time to adapt or else "I quit: D".

            If it is true there are systems that are very poorly planned and that fail in a lot, if we have to fight to change them but we must bear in mind that it is another life outside and the world almost never turns as one wants.
            It is not only in this blog that they say that calligra better manipulates the .docx, xlsx, pptx, they have said it in much more blog than I have read, and also calligra is just green and is beginning the hard way of imposing itself in the linux universe and the windows world, but as calligra goes in a very short time he will surpass Libreoffice it hurts whoever hurts. It seems to me that I read that the implementation of the calligra code is cleaner and less complex than the free office code, which makes it easier for calligra to develop faster and much better. Calligra is the offimatic suite that is going to make many development of these types in linux get pinched.

  5.   truko said

    Every day not only KDE but also applications for the environment, they are improving a lot. The KDE office suite is not far behind, many talk about the work behind this latest version ^ _ ^
    Thank you very much, good information 😀

  6.   kik1n said

    In fact. I wait for you anxiously.
    Only the final version comes out, I tear it down

  7.   Giskard said

    Well, LibreOffice converts me perfectly to and from XLS and XLSX. Also, Calligra is very heavy. I keep my LibreOffice that runs smoothly and smoothly on my XFCE.

    Between tastes and colors ...

    1.    Francis said

      One question, what is very heavy for you? How much ram do you have? Is that using firefox and criticizing a very heavy program ...

      I can only say that in a notebook with amd turion x2 and 4 gb of ram like mine (about 500 euros two years ago), it is not necessary to look at the resource monitor.

      1.    Giskard said

        Dude, I don't use Firefox. If you look at the logo you will see that it is the Chromium logo. I don't use Firefox because of its heavy weight.

        I have XFCE installed for exactly the same reason, due to lack of RAM. But in any case, I didn't know that it was a crime to want your machine to perform well.

        KDE is very nice but it sucks all the RAM it can.

        My machine only has 1.5GB of RAM. Can't I give an opinion for low RAM? I did not know that in the Free World we had come to this type of discrimination.

        1.    Francis said

          Man had confused the ubuntu logo with firefox, sorry XD ..

          1.    Giskard said

            Ok 🙂 Nothing happens.

        2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          I was able to use KDE in all its glory, only now when I changed the RAM and I no longer have only 1GB but 2GB.
          Before (with 1GB) I used KDE, I took away many things and the truth was pearl, it started with just over 200MB consumed, although it was not the panacea, the real difference was noticed when raising the RAM ... 🙂

  8.   Eduar2 said

    The style of "pandev92" at least on this topic, reminds me of a guy named metalbyte from a certain site.

    PS I have no complaint about libreoffice.

    1.    Courage said

      Come on, you fix it with that comment

      1.    Eduar2 said

        Sorry is that all this reminded me of this!

        1.    Courage said

          If you don't have to say that to me, I'm not in the flamewar

        2.    Francis said

          The pity is that half of those things are real, but of course, you need to live in Spain, have worked in the administration, be in a marketing or business course to see that, if you are simply a home user, it will not matter to you.

          1.    Eduar2 said

            Well, I live in Sudacalandia and nobody can force me to use MS Office, and at the university I had a vanero with a teacher and in the end she ended up installing openoffice to correct, was it that or they gave me the windows and office license 😀

            Since here there is a decree for the use of software in the public administration and well another thing would be in some particular work. Luckily I don't work with office suites.

          2.    Courage said

            I live in Spain and I have taken an administration course, but I have not had any such problems, maybe because all my classmates were shitty Mongolians (and some were an ironing board) stoners and it took me the 4th part to do the work in class hahahaha, without homework

          3.    Francis said

            Courage, are we sure we don't have the same partners? I also have posh stoners mac XD users

          4.    Courage said

            Not at all, if they even asked me how to put the @ ...

            It was an administration PCPI, you can imagine the level for Mongolians ...

  9.   ranmaruhibikiya said

    Good post, although a bit resentful with libreoffice.
    In my beginnings in this world I tried Koffice, a disaster at the beginning, having as a really useful option (for me) openoffice.
    Fortunately (or whatever you want to call it) I never had problems using free formats for my work and / or clients, since most of them were printed and I didn't have to submit digital works.
    As time went by (and as I love KDE) I tried Koffice again, my surprise was such that I saw how some features were unique to it (a kind of quite nice wordart among other things), which, maybe this wrong, but other open format editors were not displaying correctly. At that time I left aside libreoffice, in case of interface, because of its "weight" (I remember that it was always heavy, I don't know if only for me) otherwise koffice.
    I always admired and admired KDE applications for being quite polished, functional and visually beautiful, calligra promises a lot and from what I read it is on the right track.
    Sometimes it is good to compare, and to some extent to criticize, because that is when the developers or the users themselves see the differences and that development would be needed.


  10.   Lucas Matias said

    I had never heard of the project, but I better wait for citrus 😀

  11.   Alf said

    I once had the problem that a document from one suite was deformed in the other, my solution was simple, adjust the margins of libreoffice, install microsoft fonts, configure tab spaces, line spacing and voalá, I don't know deform. For memory consumption, free and openoffice can be configured to consume less.

    1.    Francis said

      If that's what I was also doing from time to time, many tables that my computer science teacher gave me that are made in .docx, they left the edges of libreoffice and I had to change margins etc.

      1.    Eduar2 said

        weird, go to the folder containing the file

        cd /etc/profile.d

        and do a ls -a

        ls -a

        tell me if it doesn't appear

        1.    Eduar2 said

          I was wrong on the subject.

          1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

            Look what we have told you not to comment while drunk ... but you don't even care ... LOL !!!

          2.    Eduar2 said

            Idiot I do not drink. (At least not regularly, like someone who says once to Lent) and that's if I get caught by some pretty girl 😀 (it doesn't matter if she's blonde or a little older than me).

          3.    Courage said

            Or a guy, being drunk you know ...

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              Do you say it from experience? …. LOL!!!!

          4.    Courage said

            The only time I got drunk (I think I was more drugged from stoners than drunk) was with old men and women over 30 years old, I was still somewhat conscious although with short-term memory loss. There were no scrolls or anything

  12.   KZKG ^ Gaara said

    Let's see, clarifying all this a bit 🙂
    <° Linux It is NOT a site that unlike others, likes flamewars or nonsensical discussions, or insults and others.

    This is not directed at anyone, but it seems appropriate to say it 😉

    As you have seen, we are no longer just elav and I writing on the site, now we also have Courage and pandev92 (yet Erithrym it has not been released haha). The point is that each writer has their own way of writing, their very personal opinion, and most importantly, their own unique experience in this world.
    By this I mean that the result that someone with X application could obtain, does not have to be identical to the rest, I myself now have problems with OpenGL and I had to change to XRender, but the rest may not have these problems ( even when using the same distro).

    Anyway, behave yourselves, let's not call someone an idiot or something like that just because they may not know something elementary, or because they experienced X results that are different from ours.

    Greetings and now ... we are all grown up for this LOL !!!.

    PS: I really want there to be a good atmosphere here, please… 😉

  13.   guille said


    Sure ... now to deliver a job to the teacher, he forces you to pay for the office license or become a pirate. Come on ... the tree doesn't let you see the forest.
    Look .. ODF is as free as a .txt.
    If the teacher wants it in .doxjksdfsd, let him pay you office 2018 and I'll see if I infect my pc with that basophy programmed in basic.NET14.


    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      The license does not distinguish between developer and average user, therefore it is restrictive for both by default, for developer even more.

      It is a "prison" for any type of user, firstly because the OS you buy is not even yours, because you cannot lend it to a friend, you cannot format and reinstall, the company is not responsible for loss of data, yet when it could be the same OS (vulnerabilities, bugs, etc.) the reason, etc.

  14.   kondur05 said

    I understand my friend Italo, I also have the same complaints about open and libre office, that we are going to make office dominate for now, and I think we should support open and libre, as well as they should see how to solve the problem with .doc, from There is no use fighting between us and those of micosoft laughing, I like my office for its ease of use, but it is heavy, takes a lot of memory and takes its time when installing (well so far I have not paid for its license lol).

    So there is someone who comes up with a solution for the .do and its combo.

  15.   Fabian said

    And why can't your teacher install libreoffice? He will not pay anything to install it and you should (should) install Ms office, also does your teacher necessarily need to modify the document? or just read it?

  16.   Francis said

    Clearly he has to modify it, correct it, put annotations etc. xD, that's what the teacher is for, in addition, paying for something good I don't see that it is a problem either and more with the little cost that student licenses have.

  17.   José said

    Could someone inform me if there are installers for Mac OS X? I find it cumbersome to use the MacPorts or Homebrew repositories, have to compile, etc.

    Greetings from Ecuador, South America.