The Elementary Experience (Beta) 2: Revenge

Hi, I'm elruiz1993, maybe you remember me from Post classics like Pantheon: The Elementary Experience y How to get WiFi (Broadcom 43XX cards) on Debian and derivatives without internet connection. Taking advantage of the Moonrise (beta 2) and that no one has written a word about it in DesdeLinux, I am going to tell you how it has gone in recent days.

Elementary Portal

The Linux 1% is a Lie

ElementaryOS Luna is the next version of the OS from Daniel Foré and his team. It is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and differs from its progenitor in offering a fast, stable, light and above all, beautiful environment. Both its applications, icons and the desktop have an air of lightness, functionality and good taste that other operating systems would like.

WARNING: This article presents an operating system in beta, so if you want to test it you may have unexpected crashes or closures of applications. Its prolonged use can cause addiction.


On my old laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Integrated Intel) it didn't take more than 20mins to complete the installation. On rebooting I found that it recognized my partition with Windows 7 without problems and took me to my desktop ready for the test, except for the always annoying detail of my Wifi (which I fixed thanks to my previous article). A reboot and try 🙂

Welcome to the Pantheon (Again)

At the general design level, not much has changed: We still have Wingpanel (top panel), Plank (Dock) and Slingshot (Application Launcher).

Default applications

By default we have Pantheon Files (before Marlin) as a file browser, Music (before Noise) as a music player, Videos (before Totem) as a Video player, Geary as a post manager, Software Center (without Ubuntu references and with Steam ready to download), Scratch as a plain text editor and Switchboard as a Configuration Manager.

Pantheon Files

The file browser has the classic options (mount and unmount partitions, organize files, breadcums, etc). What I like is its new property chart, with a lot of style and personality. Comply with what is fair and necessary.

Pantheon files

Pantheon Files showing the properties of my Videos folder


Unlike the eponymous show that is cooking GNOME for 3.10, Music presents a less "revolutionary" style but very practical and enjoyable. After installing the proprietary packages it reproduced my collection without problems. Unlike last time, now both the equalizer and the multimedia keys work. I would not have more to add to this application if I did not have to reproach him for having removed all the covers from my albums for no apparent reason.


If you are in album art mode and you click on one, you will see the option to play the song you like from its great pop-up box.


The GNOME media player still works without problems once you install the correct codecs, but since I am used to my dear Gnome-Mplayer I uninstalled it.

Screenshot from 2013-05-11 13:15:43

Gnome-Mplayer shows us what the new GTK theme looks like in third-party applications, the colorful icons for video playback and the wisdom of Gin-san


As I mentioned in my previous article, this was one of the programs that I had the most faith in, since it is a global and expandable configuration manager for all those who wanted to use it. So far the only application that has taken advantage of it is Plank, who thanks to Switchboard has a clear and simple graphical way to configure the size of the icons and the theme of the Dock.

Screenshot from 2013-05-11 13:24:00

Hand edit Plank? Not on my guard

Conclusion: Elemental, my dear Watson

Veteran users or staunch fans of a desktop may find it a desktop laden with functional options, lacking in customization options and lacking in key or much more complete applications, but for those of us who use Linux for convenience and speed, it is a luxury. It is a desktop based on current technologies, made with great care and a simple approach that I personally love.

I know there are applications that I did not try, so I invite you to complement the article and share your opinion in the comments.

Source and download: elementaryOS

Wallpaper: Stage Fright (2560X1440p)

Gnome-Mplayer capture anime: Gintama

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  1.   eliotime3000 said

    Very nice your desk. I'll finish downloading Debian Wheezy to install it with XFCE because GNOME 3 is going to eat up the measly 32MB of video on my S3 card.

    1.    elruiz1993 said

      I don't know, for a computer with such low power, Openbox with tint2 or LXDE does not suit you? Greetings and thanks for reading

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        The LXDE is mediocre on customization; the OpenBox I did not touch it thoroughly, but the XFCE is the closest thing to GNOME 2 in terms of consumption of hardware and custom resources.

        I'll wait until that distro completely stabilizes.

  2.   martin said

    I tested it thoroughly and for a "strong" user of the operating system, it does not work, the graphical interface is too simplified.

    Also by having Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as a base, which is fine for servers and corporate environments but not other environments, you are stuck with prehistoric applications - although not as much as in Debian.
    Sure you can add PPAs ... and that's when installation conflicts begin, stability problems and of course forgetting to do a safe and quiet upgrade to the next system release.
    Also adding PPAs to an LTS almost doesn't make sense right? It is a procedure diametrically opposed to the idea of ​​an LTS.

    The graphic section is a completely different topic: I am an unconditional fan 🙂
    I actually have my KDE (in Chakra) built using the Elementary Luna colors, QtCurve and Aurorae mods found at
    KDE more aesthetics elementary OS: power and flexibility hand in hand with beauty and design. (I have no enies!)

    1.    DanielC said

      "Besides having Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as a base, which is fine for servers and corporate environments but not other environments, you are stuck with prehistoric applications ..."

      Since you don't use Ubuntu, right?

      1.    elav said

        Neither is Debian.

      2.    msx said

        I used it daily at work, both in desktop deploys and in internal servers in installations as I did to small and medium-sized companies and also at work since the developments of the company where I worked were made on Ubuntu.

        Beyond the limitations of Ubuntu's base system and applications update scheme, your denying that PPAs are a miscarriage and a BIG headache is because you never used them in depth.
        From the moment you add PPAs, you lose stability and support, even if it is the smallest and in principle innocuous application, not to mention the tedium of having to review each one of the PPAs when updating to a new version of the system, as long as you don't bust everything in said update.

        Of course I don't use Ubuntu, I know it very well 😀
        And I do not say it in a derogatory way but with a totally practical approach, Ubuntu was my first distribution and I have affection for that, in fact I thank it that it has always been problematic when one wants to touch the base system since that prompted me to look for new ones horizons 🙂

        As for Lesbian, my dear elav, and leaving aside its objective of being a universal, community and free distribution, a very commendable objective and to which I adhere and for which I defend Debian tooth and nail, as I have already commented in Several opportunities, the distribution itself has some _fundamental_ shortcomings such as the blatant handling of upstream packages to adjust them to its way of building a GNU + Linux operating system: in this sense the only thing that makes Debian usable is the impressive community that it has and that it somehow "standardizes" the quirk with which the distro handles upstream packets.

        For my part, I am migrating all my servers to Fedora, which does respect upstream standards and uses -in fact is at the forefront of modern tools such as systemd, which greatly simplifies distro administration.
        If I find that the 13-month cycle is indeed cumbersome to use the distro on servers, I will have to migrate to CentOS and see how I can use current software - as needed.


        1.    msx said

          * work work puff
          How badly written the first paragraph was, to see if I get used to reviewing what was written before sending it xD

    2.    pandev92 said

      I don't know, honestly it seems like a rehash of ubuntu 12.04 :(, using the gnome shell appearance with some modifications, this implies that you eat all the bugs of libmutter 3.4 ... and I am not at all funny. The second thing ..., is I'm not attracted to this distro, for that I turn on the macbook air (I have it out there neglected) and voila…., at least it would have a real osx, with its itunes, with its safari etc xD

      1.    elruiz1993 said

        The libmutter thing cannot be, I did not mention it in the article because (I think) I said it in the past: they designed Gala as a window and effects manager to avoid precisely eating the problems of Gnome-Shell. Thanks for reading 🙂

        1.    pandev92 said

          gala is nothing more than a fork of libmutter, they are not engineers in graphic effects and other things, so I can assure you that the same problems of libmutter 3.4 are in gala.

        2.    pandev92 said

          sorry, I correct myself

          Harvey Cabaguio
          Posted 31 weeks 2 days ago

          Gala is not a fork of Mutter. Gala just use the same basis as Mutter (libmutter).

    3.    Leo said

      I added the VLC and XFCE4.10 PPAs to my notebook's LTS and it was a gem.

    4.    elruiz1993 said

      Obviously, that's why I highlighted it in the conclusion, but for one of those users who use the computer to access the internet, watch movies and do a job from time to time (probably 70% of the population) we fall in love with it. This system is for someone who does not want to complicate his life more than to install the codecs (which comes as standard). Thanks for commenting 🙂

      1.    msx said

        elruiz1993: right now I am writing this from my sister's laptop to which I installed the beta 1 of Luna and continue updating from that moment without any problem (knock on wood!).
        It seems very nice to me but the limited functionality of the desktop is too small for me, so I copied many things to my KDE that I did not change for anything!

        I fully adhere to your comment: for the vast number of non-IT people who use a PC, elementary OS covers their needs and demands.

  3.   zyxx said

    Gintama xD

    1.    elruiz1993 said

      An excellent series, it has action, comedy, famous phrases and a hypoglycemic hero. Too bad the last season is going to be canceled due to a low rating. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4.   DanielC said

    Ubuntu 12.04 is already on its 3rd maintenance update and Elementary is not yet in its final version ... and based on Ubuntu 12.04, not even 12.04.1 !!

    1.    pandev92 said

      hears ! that uses the repositories of ubuntu 12.04, with the sudo apt-get update, you already have the latest version of ubuntu xD

      1.    DanielC said

        Actually no, with that command what you do is just update the list of packages from the repos.

        If you don't know that, there is no point in explaining the difference between LTSs and what the intermediate versions are for.

        1.    pandev92 said

          Hey, or one, or you're a troll, or two, you don't know how to understand that Ubuntu 12.04.1 and 12.04.2 etc, are the same thing, with the only difference that 12.04.2 is updated, it's like a new snapshot, nothing else, you can update it with sudo apt-get update or sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and you get kernel 3.5. And you already have the new version, you can see that you are a ubuntunero xDDDDDDDDDD


          1.    pandev92 said

            * by the way, I wanted to write sudo apt-get upgrade

          2.    eliotime3000 said

            In Debian, the system updates are much more detailed, since they show you exactly what packages are going to be updated, plus it turns out to be much safer to do the updates by selecting nothing more than the files that will update the kernel and the version file to update.

          3.    eliotime3000 said

            @DanielC @ pandev92 In fact, Ubuntu is the Mandriva equivalent of slow .rpm packages (lousy package processing). Anyway, the good thing about the Ubuntu LTS repos is that they always use the version of Debian in which it will appear as Stable, and that makes Debian users have some packages up to date.

          4.    DanielC said

            pandev92, you start answering my comments and even with errors, it is not the first time, and apparently it will not be the last, and you call me a troll?

            Your cynicism is enormous, as great as your problems with reading and knowing what you criticize.

          5.    itachi said

            do not fight guys, we are community!

          6.    pandev92 said

            0 arguments :), but you get one saying that I don't know about updates from one distro to another, as if 12.4.1 and 12.4.2 were two different distros, which is even more fail. An applause

          7.    pandev92 said

            Now if you feel like crying, you can go and vent to deblinux-

            A salu2

      2.    eliotime3000 said

        What apt-get update exactly does is update the repos sources and nothing else. The kernel update thing can take about 100 or 200 megabytes, depending on how critical the update is being given.

        1.    pandev92 said

          If I forget to put sudo apt-get upgrade, after sudo apt-get update, but generally if you do sudo apt-get update and close the terminal, the icon will appear in the unity, telling you that you have x updates.

  5.   kennatj said

    Like ubuntu it gives me problems since I install the nvidia driver when I restart the screen stays black <_

  6.   vicky said

    Elementary is one of my favorite distros. I got my brother and my mom to drop windows by making them an account on elementary XD

    By the way, they changed scratch in the last update, now it is much more functional. I hope they do something similar with noise and audience.

    On a side note: how much versionitis there is !! All the applications that I use often are updated to recent versions (thanks to the ppa) and my system is stable.

    1.    elruiz1993 said

      I know, in all the time that I have used it, no program has exploited me. but as it is in Beta state, the clarification must be made.

  7.   stooges said

    elementary OS is anything but stable. My PC died after installing it, the grub did not show up. Use the supergrubdisk to repair it and gain access. After accessing I reached an OS that every 2 × 3 gave me errors. I decided to reinstall and this time the grub did not give me problems, but it was still just as unstable. Error messages, just drag the mouse over Plank to block the equipment, bad icons and views, etc. etc. elementaryOS is a beautiful distro, but its development is sooo slow. I wait for it since it was announced, even use Jupiter, the daily-builds and now the betas. I know that my PC is not the latest generation and I also know that they are still in beta, but they should already have a little more stability. I have an intel i5 + 4GB ram + 600GB HD.

  8.   likewho said

    "Hi, I'm Troy McClure ..." hahaha

    1.    elruiz1993 said

      Hahaha, there are 2 more references in the article

      1.    vicky said

        The one with the cake is a lie, right? 😀

        1.    elruiz1993 said

          And one more

          1.    vicky said

            Elementary my dear Watson?

          2.    elruiz1993 said

            Nope, that would be very obvious

          3.    vicky said

            Not on my guard 😀

          4.    elruiz1993 said

            It is in the title, it is more difficult and probably not as well known

  9.   vicky said

    Ahh, if you are interested, you can install the 3.8 kernel in elementary

    1.    sieg84 said

      from the repos? or from kernel .ubuntu .com / ~ kernel -ppa / mainline?

      1.    vicky said

        The repos, this is 3.5 and 3.8

  10.   ferchmetal said

    excellent the truth very good but I do not detach myself from my XFCE in Linux Mint ... it is really light! 😀

  11.   sieg84 said

    then just another ISO comes out of 12.04.x

  12.   edo said

    I have been using it for a day, and it looks very good, the truth is that it is fluid and fast, although the packages are very old, most of them are the same as those used by debian stable, such as gnome 3.4, kernel 3.2 , and even the kernel is 1,11 (debian uses xorg 1.12).

    1.    edo said

      I was wrong, I meant that "even the xorg is 1.11" I did not mean the kernel

  13.   Skull said

    on my pc it goes full even though it is beta .. 🙂

  14.   Blazek said

    Well, I have been testing it and it will definitely stay on my laptop, it goes like a shot, it is true that I had to use dconf for certain things on the desktop that did not convince me and fiddle with the style of the elementary theme, but once fixed, it's perfect. Looking forward to the final version.

    1.    Blake89 said

      forgive the stupidity, but could you put how you did it please ??. Thanks 🙂

  15.   George said

    I am a common user, and I installed this operating system to give life to a laptop that I installed a 64 gb solid disk.
    I thought that because of its space it suited me, but as a common user I cannot see the calculation templates or read the documents that I download in my emails
    I can't watch youtube videos either.
    As a basic user I am looking for an operating system that is easy to use and that meets my simple needs