Fixing Gnome: The SolusOS Nautilus Patch

I just published an article about the huge mistake that in my opinion you have made Gnome by removing some options from Nautilus, and just a few minutes ago in the SolusOS Blog, an article has come out that can make more than one smile.

Como I had commented on my previous post, Ikey doherty I was working on a patch for Nautilus and we can already see the results. This patch recovers some of the buttons that were previously available in this file manager and not only that, but it replaces the arrows of Back / Forward before the navigation bar (something that many were crying out for), as can be seen in the following images:

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The objective they pursue in SolusOS, is that the transition from version 1.1 to version 2 is not so abrupt. At Original article there are talk of other modifications that will gradually be added to Nautilus and that many, many users are going to thank.

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  1.   Wolf said

    SolusOS is common sense. Gnome 3 technology but no weird inventions. It improves the existing and returns to the users useful options, even if those options are hidden by default. I think I'm going to closely follow this new distro, because I'm in the midst of searching for a good GTK3 environment, to combine with my beloved KDE.

  2.   Makubex Uchiha (azavenom) said

    wow excellent info, you can see that the SolusOS xD developers are doing a good job

  3.   Marco said

    to applaud that a few do what it seems that many no longer want.

    1.    Acute Versionitis said

      Exact!! Why do I want the efficiency and speed that the double panel option gave me when pressing F3 .. ??
      Really, we all want the Nautilus increasingly useless for everyday tasks.
      I say again what in the previous post: SAVE GOD IKEY !!
      Thanks for worrying about this "minority" who do not have touchscreens, tables, and who want a Functional Gnome !!

  4.   Faustod said

    His this Man of SolysIS continues like this, this OS is going to rise like foam ...

  5.   Manuel Escudero said

    The Arrows and other navigation functionalities are still in GNOME / Nautilus and no patch is needed to have them, they are simply "hidden" and unhide with the following command:

    gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry true

    which is the same as setting that boolean with the Gconf-Editor

    1.    jamin-samuel said

      interesting ..

    2.    Giskard said

      Yes, but it's easier to say that the almighty soluos solved it. I suppose that it must be easier to install solusos than to look in a forum to show them again.
      And I had migrated from muylinux because of fanaticism but it turns out that there is also here.

      Thanks for the tip Manuel. Anyway I see that they have not looked at it because there are later comments saying the wonder of the "patch"

      1.    elav <° Linux said

        The problem is that what Ikey did (the patch) I highly doubt that they will teach you to do it in a forum. Anyway, I invite you to see if you find something about it, because now I am the one who can say, that it is easier to talk about something that could be probable, than to accept something that is already a fact.

        Just to know, do you have something against SolusOS? Because to begin with, I don't see any fanatic around here (except the Yoyo company) 🙂 and your comment denotes a certain dislike towards the distro.

        And no friend, you don't have to install SolusOS, simply by having Debian Testing it is enough, you add the repositories of SolusOS and ready.

        Another detail, the tip provided by Manuel is very interesting, but it does not have the same function of the patch (which incidentally incorporates many more things), which for now only shows some hidden options, but later on it will have many other functionalities .

        Finally, if I acknowledge in public, through this blog that I admire the work they are doing with SolusOS, it makes me a fanatic, because that's what I am 😀

      2.    vicky said

        Well, it shows that you come from muylinux.

    3.    Marco said

      But it's these things that bother me. For a newcomer user, or with little path in Linux, these changes are unknown, so why make them go through the network, looking for how to solve something like that, when it could come by default? And I'm not bragging about my Linux experience, but I would hope that I wouldn't have to resort to these kinds of changes in order to have an intuitive desktop.

      This discussion reminds me of the controversy that arose when the Mandriva team, seeking to simplify Dolphin (sacrilege), what they achieved was to mutilate said administrator, eliminating options, and hiding others where, an inexperienced user, would not easily find.

  6.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    God save the SolusOS, God save the Ikey ...

    1.    Acute Versionitis said

      Amen!! hehe ..

    2.    Ivan Bethencourt said


  7.   Manuel de la Fuente said

    Hope Clem and his team include this patch in Cinnamon.

  8.   ama94 said

    Honestly, I think this is more a question of age, older minds are more static and rigid when they see a change, as far as I remember in fedora 17 with nautilus 3.4.2 I have not had any problem adapting and that I am a relatively user new I've only been using linux for about 3 years, but the changes in gnome are important and they are new, maybe some of the veterans in linux do not like it but the new ones call us a lot of attention: D.

  9.   jamin-samuel said

    Hey where is @Perseo .. There will be no more how to de Fedora?

    1.    JUYT said

      at least say: Offtopic

  10.   federico said

    good for ikey !!

  11.   Adolfo said

    I hope they incorporate it into Cinnamon

  12.   Fernando Monroy said

    Many times I do not understand why large projects are making so many mistakes and instead of gaining the support of the community they are losing it. SolusOS is on the right track +1.

  13.   Wedxrl said

    The back and forth functionality has always only changed sides, today it is in the upper right corner