Google and its respect for users

Crazy, I'm going crazy trying to unlink my Gmail and YouTube accounts.

And is that Google does not respect its users at all, if you do not want YouTube you have to put up with it and have your Gmail account linked to YouTube because it comes out of their noses.

Some due to character problems we should not have YouTube but nothing, here it is worth nothing and less what people want.

It is not that it is very annoying but it is annoying that I get recommendations for music that I do not like like Nu Metal groups or bullshit for having seen a video of X thing Vs Y thing. The thing is that even current groups have sometimes come out of me that most people dislike.

But it is not only that you cannot unlink YouTube, but they also do not let you remove the recommendations.

Another point is the racism that exists on the part of YouTube and the videos uploaded by record companies, many times we can find this nice warning or something similar:

I don't care if the pasta comes from anyone, but not these. It's money, no matter who comes from.

And above with racial discrimination without doing anything wrong.

There is a saying:

What works best not to touch it

So I wonder, if before everything worked why do you have to touch it?

Let's see, everyone can make a mistake, but if you make a mistake, rectify and more when the vast majority of people do not like the new YouTube.

The truth I don't understand, is digging your own grave

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  1.   Rafuru said

    I don't understand the problem: /.

    Well, it's annoying that to use YouTube you have to have a gmail (or google) account.

    But, well ... It's not that to watch videos you have to be in the open session. D: ..

    The other is the part of the musical recommendations, you mean the google music service ?, because well ... according to me you can control the emails that come to you.

    1.    Courage said

      No, I mean this:

      Everything is indicated in the photo

      There we see that I get videos of Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess, Dark Moor and Dimmu Borgir.

      Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess and Dark Moor, so good because I like them, but they already screw up with Dimmu Borgir, it is true that once I began to investigate that group to see if what they said about being posers was true and besides, I did not like the group too much and I have not seen videos again. So why do they keep putting them on me? For once?

      And they don't let me delete the recommended ones, that's the annoying thing

    2.    elav <° Linux said

      Do not get hot with that, it must have been a tantrum from colleague Courage. Actually, it is not just Google who does that, they all do it: Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo ... well. So Courage, if you don't want any of this, then stop using the Internet 😀

      1.    Courage said

        So how do I bother you without internet?

        It's not that it's a tantrum, it's true, but of course you don't have YouTube because you don't see it. If we talk about berriches I know a certain elav who took one with his mother-in-law and told it around here (piss out of the pot), at least this one is more in line with the blog.

        Of course, many companies screw up but it is directly the one that has screwed me with restricting videos.

        It's just racism and it fucks me up.

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Damn what memory you have O_O….

          1.    3ndriago said

            Courage I support you 101%, first because I do not like Dimmu Borgir or Cradle Of Filth or any of that bullshit and second because fucking Google has become the Microsoft of the XNUMXst century. A BOYCOTT is the thing to ride him. And don't pay any attention to Elav that if it's tantrums he will ride them and good!

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              Damn, Apple's fansboy xD xD were already missing around here .. What do you think of 3ndriago, I bring you here to Alain so that he can form the same thing as on Fb? LOL

          2.    Courage said

            And ... what does the apple have to do with it? Come on i say

      2.    Rayonant said

        Man, it is true that it may be that Courage had a bad day and caught it with Google and YouTube, but it should not be an issue that is taken so lightly, the filtering of information can also become a form of censorship and control of the information, to give an example

  2.   diazepam said

    And no single fuck has been given to Google

    1.    Courage said

      Many companies fuck, that's clear

  3.   hypersayan_x said

    Normally these things are configured from your account, I leave you 2 links that can serve you:

    Also try deleting the cookies and you can use the ABP to hide the suggestion bar. Firefox has some extensions to unblock some videos, for example:

    1.    Courage said

      Yes, if it is not that there are no ways to solve things, it is that if people liked it as it was before, why put it in a way that people do not like? It's very silly of Google

  4.   Maxwell said

    Well, I understand your annoyance as a user of these services, as far as YouTube is concerned, it has been a long time since I stopped using it. For his deletion of videos and his poor performance with Midori, although like everything, it is a matter of taste.


  5.   Giskard said

    I really don't understand, if you stand over the RECOMMENDED ones with the mouse you can click on an [X] that appears. With that you close it and (probably) inform the results engine to exclude you from those. Those engines are not infallible, help them get to know you better!

    1.    3ndriago said

      I think (maybe it doesn't come from there) that Courage's anger comes not from the suggestions themselves, but from Google's excessive obsession with controlling the activity of its users in detail. At least I don't want Google to "know me better", in fact, I would like it to ignore my existence ...

      1.    Courage said

        Of course, that's it, because I know that they can be erased one by one as I have sometimes done with Dimmu Borgir's suggestions for example.

        The annoying thing is the little configuration that exists for it, because in the YouTube of before you could hide the recommendations

      2.    elav <° Linux said

        Man, but it is that everyone controls. Your dear Apple especially, Didn't you find out that they wanted to patent or patent a function in the iPhone that did not allow to use the camera to record videos in Concerts and events of this type? I do not know if they have carried it out, but that is to violate everything that can be violated. As well as the fact that whenever they want and from where they want, they deactivate the iPhone and you don't even know 😀

        1.    Courage said

          but that if you violate everything that is rape


  6.   Tina Toledo said

    What is this topic about? The truth is that I do not understand ... very well Courage, there are functionalities of Google that annoy you, but open a topic just for that? :OR

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      You don't even mind Tina .. That was for sure because the blonde he likes in high school sent him an air kiss and he was disheveled .. Since he had no one to attack, well, nothing, he opened the browser and the first thing that came out was Google .. 😀

      1.    Courage said

        That was for sure because the blonde he likes in high school sent him a kiss

        When did I say that I like that blonde? ¬ ¬ I didn't know I liked blondes.

        That was said by KZKG ^ Gaara, not me

        In addition, I have not seen her for a week, you see what possibilities there are of dislocation

        By the way, I'll tell you again what I told you yesterday:

        It's not that it's a tantrum, it's that it's true, but of course Since you don't have YouTube, you don't see it. If we talk about berriches I know a certain elav who took one with his mother-in-law and told it around here (piss out of the pot), at least this one is more in line with the blog.

        Of course, many companies screw up but it is directly the one that has screwed me with restricting videos.

        It's just racism and it fucks me up.


        1.    pandev92 said

          If you don't like the blondes of your school, you can always introduce them to me, I give affection to all those who need it.

          1.    Courage said

            Well, you're late with her hahahaha, although yes, she's very good.

            Other than that he's too young for you

          2.    pandev92 said

            Courage, I've had girlfriends for 14 years, no problem ahhahaha

          3.    Courage said

            You are still old for her hahaha and it is still too late to bind her, even if elva's carcamal does not enter her head

    2.    Courage said

      Of the mandatory functionalities of YouTube and its mandatory link with Gmail, a very good temptation for people with a lot of character, people like me

  7.   Thirteen said

    The capital industry (in all its variants and dimensions), with its never-satisfied appetite, is going to great lengths to make the internet a space of greater control, to maximize it as a market tool and limit the possibilities of other uses.

    Nowadays, it is practically impossible to navigate without every word you write, every song you listen to, every video you watch and every page you visit, end up being recorded and stored in databases that can be used or sold for different purposes (generally for studies consumption and markets).

    Google has always done it (with all its services), but in a few days, when their new unified privacy policy comes into force, they will do so in such a cynical and crude way that it can only be surpassed (in cynicism) by «facebook ».

    And it is not that it is about personal espionage (in fact they do not care what each user does individually), but about social monitoring that allows creating as many indicators and categories, as interests may have those who collect them and those who buy them.

    I've been thinking a lot lately about the analysis Foucault described in "Watch and Punish" and the panopticon that the internet has become.


    1.    Courage said

      The best comment

    2.    Tina Toledo said

      The Truth is Out There…

    3.    Tina Toledo said
  8.   3ndriago said

    Damn ELAV, how easy is it to mix things up? Look, here we were talking about Google, not about anyone else. But hey since you mention Apple I only tell you one thing: they are an empire / monopoly and they have never tried to hide it. You know in advance that if you buy one of their products you automatically tie yourself to their hard-soft ecosystem. They make it clear in the EULA: your computer is not yours, your software is not yours, and what you produce with it is only partially yours. How are you? What bothers me about Google is that they hide behind a facade of freedom and respect for the user and sooner or later they nail you the same or worse than other companies.

  9.   3ndriago said

    By the way ELAV I love the detail of the Safari icon next to the Android icon ... this is the kind of thing that our friend Alain doesn't want to understand

  10.   C said

    Good post. The idea of Thirteen about the internet panopticon made me realize that it is not a bad idea to migrate from gmail to another company because google with its new privacy policy ( "Offers" me something I don't want. So I've searched the net and can't find anything outside of: aol, yahoo, hotmail, and: S gmail.

    I consider that Courage You have every right to complain about Google services, but I fear that it is also necessary to offer good alternatives for readers. Without further ado, I send you a cordial greeting and a +1 karma to Courage

    1.    Courage said

      It's just that old elva has to contradict me.

      By the way, you can try Gmx

    2.    the Fox said

      You could use jabber