GrapheneOS and Sailfish OS: Open Source Mobile Operating Systems

GrapheneOS and Sailfish OS: Open Source Mobile Operating Systems

GrapheneOS and Sailfish OS: Open Source Mobile Operating Systems

Since we recently commented on the Operating System for mobile devices called Ubuntu Touch, today we will explore 2 more calls "GrapheneOS" y Sailfish OS.

"GrapheneOS" is developed as a project of open source non-profit, focused on privacy and security, and includes compatibility with Android applications. While, Sailfish OS is developed by a Finnish mobile phone company called Jolla, but is supported by a global community that contributes to the foundation of open source of the same. And it also focuses on the security and compatibility with Android apps.

Fairphone + Ubuntu Touch: Hardware and Software in favor of open source

Fairphone + Ubuntu Touch: Hardware and Software in favor of open source

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"Ubuntu Touch andIt is an open source software Operating System. This means that everyone has access to the source code and can change, distribute or copy it. That makes it impossible to install backdoor software. And it is not cloud dependent, and it is also virtually free of viruses and other malicious programs that can extract your data. In addition, it focuses on achieving the goal of Convergence between laptops / desktops and televisions, for a completely unified experience. Ubuntu Touch focuses on minimalism and hardware efficiency." Fairphone + Ubuntu Touch: Hardware and Software in favor of open source

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Fairphone + Ubuntu Touch: Hardware and Software in favor of open source

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GrapheneOS and Sailfish OS: Interesting Android Alternatives

GrapheneOS and Sailfish OS: Interesting Android Alternatives

What is GrapheneOS?

According to his Official website, "GrapheneOS" It is briefly described as follows:

"GrapheneOS is a privacy and security focused mobile operating system with compatibility with Android applications, which is developed as a non-profit open source project. It focuses on privacy and security technology research and development, including substantial improvements to sandboxing, exploit mitigation, and the permissions model."

Therefore, among its remarkable features are generally:

"Improving the privacy and security of the Operating System from the ground up. Since, it uses technologies to mitigate entire classes of vulnerabilities and make it substantially difficult to exploit the most common sources of vulnerability. Therefore, it improves the security of both the Operating System and the applications that run on it. In addition, it adds several switches for features such as network permission, sensor permission, restrictions when the device is locked, among others. All together with more complex privacy and security features for the user with its own UX." To amplify information

What is Sailfish OS?

According to his Official website, "Sailfish OS" It is briefly described as follows:

"Sailfish OS is a secure mobile Operating System optimized to run on smartphones and tablets, and also easily adaptable to all types of embedded devices and use cases. It is the only independent mobile operating system based on open source, without any ties to large corporations, backed by strong intellectual property rights, including all intellectual property rights and trademarks. In short, it is an open platform with an active open source contribution model."

And between his remarkable features the following may be mentioned:

"It is built like a classic Linux distribution. Its flagship user interface has been developed using QML, a powerful user experience design language provided by the Qt framework. The language and features of QML give Sailfish OS the ability to provide a rich set of UI elements, for creating animated and touch UIs and lightweight applications. In addition, it includes a technology called Sailfish Silica which are native applications with custom components based on UI building blocks." To amplify information

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In short, Operating Systems "GrapheneOS" y Sailfish OS, along with many others open source, are an interesting option to explore to successfully replace Android. But above all, why use Free and open mobile Operating Systems, whether on our computers or mobile phones, improves our privacy, anonymity and cybersecurity.

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