Install Scribus on Debian Jessie / Sid [Error libtiff4]

Hello friends, I have been a GNU / Linux user for some time and one of my favorite programs has been Scribus, but since I last formatted my Debian, I had not given myself the task of installing it, until I saw the jose-rod article. So today I want to share with you how Install Scribus on Debian Jessie / Sid with the libtiff5 library.

The problem

Well, to the point, I started to check my sources.list to start the process:

deb testing main deb testing main deb-src testing main deb-src testing main

Check that the package "Scribus-archive-keyring" was installed.

And I ran:

$ sudo aptitude install scribus icc-profiles

What it returned to me:

The following NEW packages will be installed: icc-profiles icc-profiles-free {a} libhyphen0 {a} libpodofo0.9.2 {ab} scribus {b} 0 updated packages, 5 new ones installed, 0 to remove and 0 not updated. I need to download 50.7 MB of files. After unpacking, 99.6 MB will be used. Dependencies for the following packages are not satisfied: libpodofo0.9.2: Depends: libtiff4 (> 3.9.5-3 ~) but not installable. scribus: Depends: libtiff4 (> 3.9.5-3 ~) but not installable. The following actions will resolve these dependencies Keep the following packages in the current version: 1) libpodofo0.9.2 [Not installed] 2) scribus [Not installed] Do you accept this solution? [Y / n / q /?] Q Abandoning all efforts to resolve these dependencies Cancel.

Ouch! … That hurts

Doing a little research, Scribus depends on the library libtiff4 (3.9.7-3), which, in my system appears to me as a obsolete library, since I have installed the version libtiff5 (4.0.3-9)

Install Scribus on Debian: Libff4 Obsolete

Install Scribus on Debian: Libff4 Obsolete

Try changing the repos ...

deb unstable main deb unstable main deb-src unstable main deb-src unstable main

… But it was useless. How to install Scribus on Debian

Solution. Easy, looking I found that the package of Scribus for debian-sid depends on libtiff5 (and not from libtiff4 😀 ), then I downloaded the packages scribus scribus-template and scribus-ng from

Now, it is time to install the scribus * .deb, in my case:

$ dpkg -i scribus_1.4.2.dfsg.3 + r18267-2_amd64.deb Selecting the previously unselected scribus package. (Reading the database ... 162350 1.4.2 files or directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack scribus_3.dfsg.18267 + r2-64_amd1.4.2.deb ... Unpacking scribus (3.dfsg.18267 + r2-0 ) ... dpkg: dependency problems prevent scribus configuration: scribus depends on libhyphen2.7.1 (> = 0); however: The `libhyphen0.9.0 'package is not installed. scribus depends on libpodofo0.9.0; However: The package `libpodofoXNUMX 'is not installed.
One last mistake

Needed libhyphen0 y libpodofo0.9.0, so after installing them from aptitude:

$ dpkg -i scribus_1.4.2.dfsg.3 + r18267-2_amd64.deb $ dpkg -i scribus-template_1.2.4.1-2_all.deb $ dpkg -i scribus-ng_1.4.0.dfsg + r17300-1_all.deb

Done ... We run the program Scribus



Note: The names of the packages change depends on the architecture they have when downloading them from here

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  1.   jose-rod said

    It is a very good tool for editing.

    By the way, you are at the limit with the battery! 😛

  2.   Debianist said

    So much trouble to install scribus ?? !!. It wouldn't have been easier to have the normal Debian repos (stable, testing or sid, it doesn't matter, scribus is in all of them) and do an apt-get scribus ??? !!!! Be careful when mixing many repositories ... that then these things happen.

    1.    one of some said

      I was thinking the same 🙂

    2.    roader said

      It is that this article should not have been published, so that you are in stable debian if later you cannot support seeing an obsolete library installed ...

    3.    eliotime3000 said

      That happens to be addicted to the latest versions of these programs (and the irony is that Debian Jessie is up to date with Scribus as well as Debian SID, so this error that is shown implies that there is a redundancy in the package version in both repos).

      1.    roader said

        I have already said, what do you do in debian stable if it does not support having a somewhat old version? ... Not to mention mixing repositories, that is the key to disaster.

  3.   m said

    And ... Debian.