Keyboard shortcuts in Fluxbox

The day before yesterday on Twitter the user and collaborator Icausilla he asked me for some tutorials to configure Fluxbox, especially the keyboard shortcuts.
For the first I already wrote in this same blog a tutorial to set up the basics. In this post I will focus on keyboard shortcuts, for this we will edit the file ~ / .fluxbox / keys

As a precaution, before modifying this file, make a backup copy in case it fails

The syntax of the shortcuts is as follows
<modificador> [<modificador> <modificador>] tecla [tecla tecla] :comando <opciones>

As we can see we can use several keys for our shortcuts.
The modifiers are generally the following:

  • None: none
  • Mod1: Other
  • Mod4: «Windows» key
  • Control: ctrl
  • Shift: shift

To know which ones are yours you can use the following command:
xmodmap -pm

The commands tell Fluxbox if an external program has to be executed or if we are going to use any of the Fluxbox functions. Here are some examples:

  • Exec command [parameters] run a program or script followed by the parameters we want to pass to it. Can also be used ExecCommand
  • Restart restart Fluxbox. It can be passed as an extra parameter the startup program of another window manager to replace it with another (for example Openbox)
  • Exit exits Fluxbox. Can also be used Quit
  • Reconfigure reload configuration
  • ReloadStyle reload the theme we are using
  • SetStyle changes to the theme that is passed as parameter

There are many more commands, but in order not to extend the topic too much (and that most are already added in the file) below I will put a link to the official Fluxbox wiki with all the commands.

As we can see, Fluxbox has a good keyboard shortcut system that can facilitate some tasks.
I'm going to put examples of my shortcuts:

Control Mod4 w :Exec libreoffice --writer
Control Mod4 f :Exec firefox
Control Mod4 r :Reload
Control Mod4 n :Exec nvidia-settings

I hope this mini-howto helps you.

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  1.   jamin-samuel said

    you have to make one that says LXDE keyboard shortcuts 🙂

  2.   Yukiteru said

    Without a doubt simpler than the openbox xml configuration ... but I am already used to it 😀

  3.   eliotime3000 said

    I'm already using Openbox on Debian XFCE and Slackware 14. I'll try to use Fluxbox to see how it works.

  4.   Yukiteru said

    I never liked Fluxbox, it's like my love / deep hate relationship that I have with KDE. I never felt at home using those desktops, which I do with Openbox, strange but it is.

  5.   Lolo said

    I have a problem with Fluxbox to see if they can help me:

    When I run a game my screen resolution changes. It is something more or less normal but when I exit it I am forced to execute the "restart" option that appears in the Fluxbox menu.

    Does anyone know if it can be restarted by command line?

    I would like to add such an entry to my application menu:

    [exec] (OpenArena) {openarena; restart}

    But it doesn't work, I don't know how to do it.

  6.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    Sonlink I'm using Fluxbox but as I already told you ... using Scrot to pull screenshot doesn't work for me, that is, in Openbox I have since when I press the Print key what is executed is the command: scrot «% Y% m% d .png »

    But I can't get Fluxbox to execute that command for me, I'm thinking that maybe I put it inside a .sh file and then when I press Print, what sends Fluxbox to run that executable…. (that's a suggestion from @Gespadas xD)