Linux Foundation and Microsoft join forces to offer certification in the Azure program

Linux Foundation y Microsoft have decided to join forces to attract free software users to Azure Cloud by launching this new certification with which the knowledge that is possessed in technologies can be accredited Linux integrated in Microsoft Azure. It has been available from December 9, 2015 and will be issued by Microsoft Be Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Linux on Azure certification. This is mainly aimed at system administrators who manage or wish to manage solutions of Linux on the platform Azure.

MicrosoftLovesLinux If you want to obtain this certificate, you should know that it will be awarded to those who pass the Microsoft exam 70-533 (Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions) It is costing 150$ and of Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCSA) It is costing 179$ approximately. These exams allow to demonstrate the ability of the candidate to design, implement and maintain the complex Cloud-linux Recognizing that having the ability to take advantage of the extensive functions and capabilities of Microsoft Azure.

Jim Zemlin. CEO Linux Foundation

Jim Zemlin. CEO Linux Foundation

In comments offered Jim ZemlinExecutive Director Linux Foundation, states that this certification is a new tool that will undoubtedly allow those professionals who obtain it to stand out among their co-workers. It is not news that today's IT environments demand more than ever from workers, especially those in charge of system maintenance, who are forced to have the ability to handle complex and hybrid environments, for which it is necessary to master both systems (Windows y Linux), that is why this certification would represent greater opportunities to work in the current technological field.

It should be noted that more than 25% of users from Microsoft Azure they use Linux, therefore, this new certification represents another step to embrace Linux en Azure

However, this collaboration is not the only innovation of Microsoft  since he recently signed a contract with the rival Red Hat to go RHEL a Azure, demonstrating the ability of Microsoft to generate important changes in the industry.

It is no secret to anyone that Linux Foundation y Microsoft working together on many projects, these old rivals have taken advantage of their cons and similarities to promote great changes and new things to their users, in a process where it has been necessary for both parties to renew themselves to remain in the market and continue to attract users. So after all, it would be interesting to see if Windows becomes a member of the foundation.


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  1.   toño said

    It is sad to see that the Linux community is going from bad to worse; in the good times of Linux (when Linux involved being part of the resistance, being part of the solution and not the problem, fighting against the big and abusive) news how is not only would they have been impossible but in fact, totally contrary, but no, today news like this excites current Linux pousers.
    I am sorry for them.

    1.    pedrini210 said

      I share your concern, but I do not totally agree with you.

      Linux has been fighting the big boys for a long time, but this news is about victory, not giving in. That a company known for its commercialization of software, for being hermetically closed in its developments and with a marked economic advantage, sees the need to offer Linux on its platform is a clear victory.

      If Microsoft did not accept Linux in its Azure service, it would clearly lose the Cloud Computing market to services like AWS, Google Cloud, or Oracle Cloud. They offer native support for Linux.

      That Windows has the need to coexist with Linux is a clear demonstration that despite all the efforts, economic and intellectual capital, Microsoft has not been able to bring down the GNU / Linux Community.

      At the personal computer level the reality is different, we see a large presence of Windows, many developers (myself included) have seen the need to have Windows virtualized to be able to offer solutions on the clients' platform. But when it comes to high-performance computing, enterprise solutions, and distributed systems, Linux is definitely ahead.

      That the majority of the population does not recognize Linux (and is not even able to distinguish it from Windows) is not a defeat, it is the next step! That Linux can be competitive for users without any personal computing experience!

      In war, no one would call defeat to invade the enemy's terrain and for it to see the need to cooperate with you!

      Greetings and thanks for your contribution!

      1.    paco22 said

        It would be if really the invaded terrain were that of the rest, but it is "Linux" and its community that have had their terrain invaded for a long time and more and more. In my other comment this point is a bit clear.

        If today everyone eats together with Linux, it is not because the others changed tables, but because now Linux is at the table of the rest. Linux is now "on the system."

        Linux is now just one more tool in your arsenal. There are no victories except for those who want to imagine it, it is another defeat.

    2.    Roberto Flores said

      "Linux pousers hurt me."

      When reading such a comment with an ending so *******, I can only think that your opinion comes from fanaticism and not from work experience.

      Linux is a tool from which many of us who comment here have made a living. Better opportunities mean a better quality of life.

      I don't really know why I'm answering you. Radical people who base their opinions on fanaticism, disconnected from the reality in which other mortals live, hardly have the ability to reason other people's arguments.

    3.    Alejandro said

      Systems administrator who is not able to use one or the other systems; then you are not a system administrator. In my company we use windows from where we virtualize Linux servers, and everything is wonderful, in addition Azure is used for app development and this change will suit us perfectly.

    4.    johny said

      That happens by confusing GNU with Linux, and calling both "Linux". GNU has not changed, it has not regressed, and it remains the same as 30 years ago. Linux is another story: the little ones got big (RedHat), and there were giants that joined (Intel, Google, Microsoft, etc). Two different visions, but that can coexist.

    5.    paco22 said

      Being a Linuxero today is a kind of religious militancy where what matters is that you dominate the object of worship (Linux), at any price and negotiating any principle.

      So you see them supporting DRM support if that helps Linux succeed, getting excited with a computing increasingly focused on Clouds where companies and governments have more control of ours than we do just because they are using Linux, accepting and justifying a system and increasingly trojanized kernel with closed source, idolizing and rabidly defending a certain company that lives off adware, spying and monitoring everyone just because it uses Linux to do so, promoting closed source stores just to finally have little games and applications on Linux already consoles that are a total waste of money and hardware; not to mention the traditional lies and half truths always used to apologize for Linux. All of this just to have the vague hope that it will help Linux succeed.

      It is an interest as if they had actions in Linux or worse, as if the triumph of Linux had become the meaning of their lives. If Linux wins they will win. If Linux triumphs their lives too. Like in a cult.
      Linux went from being a means to becoming The end.

      Before I had a lot of respect for these movements, but now it has become clear that what they were looking for was to climb (as everyone wants) but playing the role of saviors and different (as many do).

      I guess you and I are on the cheating list now. Or more ironically, on the "fanatic" list, because now seeing your own inconsistencies and not wearing a blindfold is "being the fanatic."

      I do not know if this comment will be published because I see that now on this page the comments first fall somewhere.

    6.    abaddon said

      totally agree

  2.   Alejandro said

    For one as a system administrator it is good news, as when Hyper-v is improved every day to use GNU / Linux OS more comfortably, it is comfort. Good for Linux that is winning a competition with private companies. good for microsoft that thinks about opening a little in its products.

  3.   Alexander TorMar said

    It seems to me that these alliances are the best, that war between corporations is behind us and this in the long run is very beneficial for those of us who are GNU / Linux users (better support for programs for example)

  4.   Ernesto said

    I rate the comment of pedrini210 as excellent.


  5.   Jose Juan Herrera said

    Polaroid rocket cell phone stopped working, it says it has nothing programmed, how can I make it work again, thanks, I hope answers

  6.   g said

    use triskel or parabola and voila you have free software and also the 100% free kernel too