LinuxTubers 2022: The most well-known and interesting Linux YouTubers

LinuxTubers 2022: The most well-known and interesting Linux YouTubers

LinuxTubers 2022: The most well-known and interesting Linux YouTubers

Almost 2 years ago, we did our first linux tribute. To publicize and support some of the best known and most interesting Spanish-speaking Linux content creators on YouTube. And today, we will repeat the same tribute for these “Spanish-Speaking LinuxTubers of the Year 2022”.

As a blogger, and personally, I see it pertinent and useful to support them. Because many times we Spanish-speaking Linux bloggers, that we make a living in written media, we use some of their content and knowledge to create our articles. And surely, on some occasions, they read our articles and produce their videos. Therefore, as in all IT media community, the synergy between all the creators of digital content, bloggers, Vloggers and Podcasters, is something essential.

Hispano-American Linuxero Tribute: From Bloggers to Vloggers

Hispano-American Linuxero Tribute: From Bloggers to Vloggers

And as usual, before entering fully into today's topic about some of the most well-known and interesting Linux content creators on YouTube this year, that is, "LinuxTubers 2022", we will leave for those interested the following links to some previous related publications. In such a way that they can easily explore them, if necessary, after finishing reading this publication:

"Today, we will dedicate this humble publication to the Hispanic American Linux Vloggers. Those who, like us, the Hispanic American Linux Bloggers, contribute every day, our grain of sand to contribute to Linux. Using our capabilities and skills to the dissemination, massification and improvement of free and open developments, in Spanish. So, we hope that it will be to the liking of many, and for the benefit of all Latin American Linux Vloggers". Hispano-American Linuxero Tribute: From Bloggers to Vloggers

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Spanish-Speaking LinuxTubers of the Year 2022

Spanish-Speaking LinuxTubers of the Year 2022

Top 10 LinuxTubers Channels 2022 from Spain and Europe

  1. Antonio Sanchez Corbalan: Channel of a Linux expert, ideal to learn the handling and administration of the free and open operating system in a professional environment. Current subscribers: 4110.
  2. Busy: Enjoy Linux and Open Source with me. Anything you can imagine can be automated, with a little programming, resources, and patience. Current subscribers: Hidden.
  3. Edward Medina: Channel of an avant-garde free software enthusiast who makes technical software tutorials and gives his opinion about GNU/Linux. Current subscribers: 3930.
  4. The Tech Penguin: Computer channel on Linux, Programming, Windows, Android and various tutorials. Current subscribers: 3340.
  5. Jasper Lutz Severino: Information channel, hardware, software and much more, but above all that related to free software. Current subscribers: 3000.
  6. laguialinux: Channel to learn and enjoy free software, technology, microelectronics and other related things. Current subscribers: 5660.
  7. Karla's Project: Channel of a computer and technology enthusiast. Therefore, its purpose is to share and transmit its passion for software, especially free and open. Current subscribers: 63.300.
  8. We like Linux: Channel about GNU/Linux and BSD Operating Systems, and other free or open Operating Systems. Current subscribers: 9080.
  9. Geek Salmorejo: Channel of the Community of followers of the Digital Hodgepodge known as Salmorejo Geek, on issues of SL/CA and GNU/Linux, as well as Windows and macOS. Current subscribers: 16.600.
  10. Voro VM: Channel dedicated to videos of GNU/Linux, science, technology, and much more. Current subscribers: 27.300.

Other smaller and lesser known YouTube

  1. 24H24L: 470.
  2. AgarimOS Linux: 2640.
  3. barbarapaola2003: Unknown.
  4. From Windows to Linux: 1560.
  5. ForatDotInfo: 2500.
  6. Juan JJ – Linuxeroerrante: 351.
  7. Playing on Linux: 625.
  8. KDE Spain: 694.
  9. Pedro Crespo Hernandez: 414.
  10. Reng Tech: 355.
  11. Everything In Linux: 471.

Top 10 Channels of LinuxTubers 2022 from America and the United States

  1. loopsubuntu: Useful channel for those who join the world of free software. A small contribution to Ubuntu and the community in general. Current subscribers: 3360, Peru.
  2. Linux Cumpi: Video channel for tutorials, news, reviews on technology, most of them oriented to the GNU/Linux operating system. Current subscribers: 7090, Argentina.
  3. Drivemeca (Manuel Cabrera Caballero): Channel that seeks for everyone to learn open source without the need for them to be engineers. Current subscribers: 18500, Columbia.
  4. The cave of the last dragon Last Dragon: Channel destined to the dissemination of technology in Mexico and Latin America, especially free and open technologies. Current subscribers: 8050, Mexico.
  5. Professor Carlos Leal: Channel of a University Professor, enthusiast of Free Software and Computer Security, who promotes the proper use of ICT, especially free and open. Current subscribers: 6680, Nicaragua.
  6. Crazy about Linux: Channel focused on reviews of everything GNU/Linux, in general, and free software. Current subscribers: 15.600, Brazil.
  7. Nestor Alfonso Portela Rincon: Channel that seeks to bring a little about everything in the aspects of technology, Linux, Ubuntu, Free Software and programming. Current subscribers: 15.700. Colombia.
  8. PC Tutorials: Channel oriented to Windows and Linux software. You will find tutorials, utilities, information, reviews and more. Current subscribers: 15.700, Argentina.
  9. Hands And Machines Between Videos: Channel with a varied theme, but always focused on the idea of ​​creating help material. And with many videos about GNU/Linux. current subscribers: 6.560, U.S.
  10. Zathiel: Channel dedicated to Unboxing Reviews and Operating System Tutorials and learning everything related to the use of Linux Windows and OSX. Current subscribers: 56.800, Mexico.

Other smaller and lesser known YouTube

  1. benny white: 906 (Venezuela).
  2. Compu Channel: 1550 (Colombia).
  3. Cris – Cat Grep: 189 (Unknown).
  4. Binary Entropy: 1010 (Uruguay).
  5. Federico Raika:95 (Argentina).
  6. informaticonfig: 6810 (Dominican Republic).
  7. ItzSelenux: 681 (Mexico).
  8. GNU Linux Latin: 1250 (Mexico).
  9. latin linux: 151 (Argentina)
  10. Linux Creole: 159 (Colombia).
  11. Linux at Home: 2940 (Colombia).
  12. Linux Gaming Spanish: 2610 (Colombia).
  13. linuxtuber: 442 (Peru).
  14. pablinux: 166 (Unknown).
  15. JAD Duck:602 (Argentina).
  16. Tic Tac Project: 189 (Venezuela).
  17. rickmintEC: 289 (Ecuador).
  18. Follow the White Rabbit: 281 (United States).
  19. Tech Review: 2690 (Unknown).
  20. Tuxedo 76: 1.770 (United States).
  21. A bit of Linux: 255 (Venezuela).
  22. GNU-Linux wanderings: 379 (El Salvador).

Other smaller and lesser known Fediverse

  1. Gnuxero the Rikylinux channel

yes for a Next Tribute to Linux Vloggers and Podcasters, wish to propose some own or third-party channels, you can do it through the following Telegram channel, to be taken into account.

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In short, this new tribute to the “Spanish-Speaking LinuxTubers of the Year 2022” It will be of great help to all free and open community. Both for Linux content consumers and for content creators on free and open technologies, especially GNU/Linux. Since, it will surely favor success, growth and productivity in their channels. So, everyone to support those who want and like.

We hope that this publication is very useful for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre, Código Abierto y GNU/Linux». And don't forget to comment on it below, and share it with others on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems. Finally, visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, and join our official channel Telegram from DesdeLinux, West group for more information on the subject.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

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  1.   zanson said

    and mrwhitebp where is he should be there instead of zatiel's meco

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Regards Zanson. Thanks for your comment. I didn't know the LinuxTubers “mrwhitebp”, so thanks for sharing it with us. I already subscribed to your channel. If you want, enter the telegram group that appears in the post, so that you can share the information there too, so that many more know about it. And let's keep it in mind for the next recognition of LinuxTubers.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings Daniel. Thank you for your comment and contribution. The Rikylinux Channel has already been added to the Post.

  2.   Hernán said

    Thank you! Good date.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings, Hernan. Thank you for your positive comment.

  3.   ArcanHell said

    Salmorejo Geek: He said that he no longer makes videos about GNU/Linux that would only be about windows and Mac

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Regards, ArcanHell. Thanks for your comment. Certainly, he said so himself, but he has continued to post videos on Linux topics and interviews with other Linuxers, big and small.

  4.   Voro MV said

    Thank you very much for spreading the Linux broadcast channels.
    Between all of us, we will be able to make this wonderful Community bigger.
    Greetings and strength.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings Vore. Thanks for your comment. It is a pleasure for us to contribute valuable content for the field of free software, open source and GNU/Linux, and you LinuxTubers contribute a lot to it.

  5.   slu said

    Hello, the list is very good, but I need to add the teacher «Binary Entropy» is an Education channel and more about the world of Open Source

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings, Slo. Thank you for your comment and contribution. I have already included it.

      1.    binary entropy said

        Thank you very much for the inclusion and recognition.
        Thanks to you and Slu, I have been able to see other channels of colleagues who are doing the same as one, and who have very good content.
        This type of gesture is very important for minority creators.
        Greetings from Uruguay and orders for anything. A hug.

    2.    binary entropy said

      Thank you very much, Slo.
      Without your contribution, this mention would not have been possible.

  6.   Tony Montana said

    The great juanetebitel and pedrote2222 from Spain were missing, along with Peka Linux. They also did not put SystemInside, since the former founder of this blog is Cuban.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Regards Tonymontana. Thank you for your comment and contribution. Personally, I subscribed to the first 3 mentioned, and to SystemInside, I have been for many years. The first 3 channels literally do not publish content anymore, and SystemInside does, but it is very varied in terms of technologies and almost nothing from GNU/Linux. However, through your great comment I am sure that just like me, others will subscribe to the 4 you mentioned.