LXDE and Razor-Qt merge

A few seconds ago via Twitter (I'm talking about when I started with the draft) I heard the news that the projects LXDE y Razor-Qt will join forces in a single project.
the merger began to be managed after the announcement of LXDE to port the project to Qt, since although Razor-Qt will soon launch a new stable version (0.6.0) development in general has declined.
The plan is to gather the best of each project and port, or write from scratch, everything you use GTK, in addition to optimizing the project as much as possible so that it can work on a large number of computers, just the spirit of both projects and offering an environment that offers a great experience, in addition to encouraging everyone who is interested in collaborating on their development since it will not be something simple and will take time.

The truth is that I am happy with this news, since I like both projects (you know that I love light environments, and in fact I use LXDE), and I think that a great environment will come out, capable of overshadowing heavy weights (and never better said 😉)
What do you think?

By the way I leave you a screenshot of LXDE-Qt that I made a few days ago:

Source: The replicant's gaze

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  1.   caveman said

    Personally, RazorQT is a project that I liked, but even with how good it was, I found that its development is very slow based on other projects. Personally, I think they should move their stable razor to QT5, and then finish LXDEixarlo. Surely this step would be of great help in the face of future advances….

  2.   RafaGCG said

    What good news. I also like light desktops a lot and I use Lubuntu on a machine. I hope to see something with "shape" soon
    thank you!

  3.   Dark purple said

    Great this news. Other projects with similar objectives should take note. Of the news that I have liked the most in recent months.

    1.    truko22 said

      «Other projects with similar objectives should take note» Totally agree 😀

  4.   hernan said

    excellent news, definitimnt the best in months, pity that ubuntu with its mir does not take the same path

    1.    TheGuillox said

      those responsible for lubuntu already said that they will not go to look. will continue with xorg, leaving mir as optional

  5.   Rayonant said

    Tannhausser's words seem to me to sum it up:

    "I think this is excellent news, a sign that the free software community, beyond the fragmentation of which we are traditionally accused, is capable of coming together to bring out the projects that are really important"

  6.   Euphoria said

    The screenshot looks like windows with so many icons on the desktop hahaha (just kidding, don't make me mad)

    Regarding the news, I read that the change is due to the fact that gtk2 is no longer being developed and the option is gtk3 (more consumption) or qt. In any case, I'm glad to hear the news, so the change will be faster.


    1.    Ankh said

      Actually both Gtk3 and Qt4 / Qt5 increase consumption. What happens is that since they are going to port to a new library, they prefer Qt because developing on it is easier.

    2.    yukiteru said

      It suits me that QT4 asks for more resources than GTK3 asks, but it is easier to program and reuse code in QT, that is why they choose QT to do the development.

  7.   cat said

    Mergers are always better, hopefully the final result of this merger will convince me to switch to Qt (everything is more beautiful in Qt).

  8.   Sunday said

    Good news. That lessens fragmentation a bit and coordinates efforts in one direction. This week has already passed with Let's use linux and from linux.

  9.   truko22 said

    Certainly good news 😀

  10.   adrian said

    I see this news and I think who uses this 99 percent uses window and the other one is divided between the 1000 linux distro that exists that failure linux software long live the proprietary sfw

    1.    another one said

      Oh these boring trolls!

    2.    Ankh said

      Yes, thanks to the proprietary software and its propaganda machine we have brains like you in abundance. So we can feel them superior.

    3.    ed said

      Does proprietary software work for you? I'm very happy, although not so much for me, free software works more for me

    4.    yukiteru said

      Well, every time you enter and use Facebook, Google or Wikipedia, give thanks to free software, because all the servers of those sites work on Linux. TROLL!! 😀

    5.    sexiest said

      Well, what you paid for güindous you could invest in some writing classes that you really need, Adrián. XD

  11.   Juan Camilo said

    Everything seems that Qt is light.

  12.   yukiteru said

    Being a bit OT, it seems that for Linux 3.11 and the new version of MESA there are some pleasant surprises for those of us who use nouveau and radeon, along with Gallium3D, our internal gamers will surely appreciate it 😀

    1.    ed said

      Also comes native directx

      1.    yukiteru said

        Direct3D 9, 10/11 has been native for some time, and improvements to nouveau and radeon DRM drivers, as well as support for VP2 / h264 hardware acceleration, really nice improvements 😀

        1.    ed said

          the news of native directx is since 2010, but it does not seem that it has been implemented yet to the mesa driver, until now the project has come to light again

          1.    yukiteru said

            The development is experimental at the moment, it can only be used if your disto compiles those features, or you take the source and compile it yourself. In Arch I had the opportunity to test it, and it worked really well in games like Starcraft II and Diablo 3, the performance improved a lot using Wine.

  13.   Elijah174 said

    This will be a great fusion, it seems that I will leave KDE hahaha ...

  14.   curefox said

    It seems to me excellent news, very good for these two projects that come together.
    Good that XFCE and E17 did the same.

  15.   Miguel said

    Sounds good to me because LXDE and Razor excited me at the time, but they have been stagnant for a long time and they only advance by dripping, to see if now they really advance

  16.   sexiest said

    I am just testing Sparky Linux (Debian testing) with Razor QT and I am really enjoying it. Also LXDE seems very good to me. Hopefully the combination brings out the best of both initiatives.

  17.   Leper_Ivan said

    Well, the truth is that it is very good that relevant projects join forces. What better example than From Linux and Let's Use Linux ..
    I hope to see progress and will try to collaborate on something.

    1.    Leo said

      I say the same. It is incredible the results that are achieved when the efforts are united.

  18.   eliotime3000 said

    The decision to merge the two projects is excellent, as Razor-QT can help with QT and LXDE compatibility, with the performance of the desktop environment.

    Oh, by the way, the LXDE theme you have is great. It reminds me of the XFCE.

  19.   Marco said

    This should happen with as many projects. Merge into one.

  20.   st0rmt4il said

    Waiting to see what the oven will just come out ...


  21.   Ilikejazz said

    I love LXDE, I use it in Fedora.
    A detail of the post: in the first paragraph an ax is missing: «it has decayed» (it is the verb form of the auxiliary to have)

  22.   aleexfrost said

    I just hope it's not the same as kde, I know that many like kde, but I don't like it very much and I hope it doesn't look like it or have the same characteristics,
    but really I preferred lxde in gtk3 more than anything because most applications are made in gtk and those of kde or qt are separate, although I have always found the fact that gtk is not 100% compatible with qt and vice versa
    I already know that gtk applications work in kde and qt applications in gnome, but they always have to be adapted and they do not always look good, I remember it did not take long when I tried kde and installed 1 gtk application, it worked but it seemed that I used the classic theme Windows, I just hope that lxde is the same as always, the only thing I would like to change is the default theme, because the appearance of gtk2 is horrible and I hope that when lxde-qt is launched it will have a better appearance, like the People confuse good performance with ugliness, I do not say that it has transparencies or glitter or anything of trinkets, but generally low consumption things are ugly and I do not understand why it should be like that if it can have a decent appearance with The same ones who created the default theme and that will not increase the consumption of resources just to make it look decent, well that would be and do not take it the wrong way if I said something that someone does not like, take it more than anything as my personal opinion because that's what I say in this comment