MacBird: theme for xfce

Hello! I have created a theme for xfwm by modifying one called Greybird-mac, you see, this theme is somewhat outdated and does not combine well with the current Greybird theme and since I could not find another that worked well, I have modified it a bit to fit ...... ta-da!! (~ _ ~ U) (it's not a great story right?)

PD: Excuse the little creative Name "MacBird»I have put it like that, because I was sleepy and I couldn't think of any better.

The theme I have used for firefox is called MX3 and it's available here!.

You can download the MacBird theme here!.

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  1.   elav said

    Excellent!!! Too bad I no longer use Xfce much less Gtk 😀

  2.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    Nice 🙂

    Xfce rox 😀

  3.   Obux said

    Very good theme, if you want I can package it for Archlinux and derivatives… .. just send me an email…

    Greetings ..

    1.    helena_ryuu said

      it is not necessary, do it if you wish, just remember to mention me or something like that 😀

  4.   DevilTroll said

    If courage raised its head XD

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said


  5.   Blaire pascal said

    Why does the same thing always happen to XFCEros converted to KDErism? It's an excellent topic, too bad I'm with KDE.

    1.    helena_ryuu said

      It must be that they did not lose everything from XFCEros xDD hahaha

      1.    elav said

        I did not miss him ..

  6.   Pavloco said

    I love XFCE, it never fails me. Thanks for the input. The Firefox theme is excellent too.

    1.    David said

      the only thing missing is that firefox is fully integrated into the environment…. I've been waiting for that for a long time

  7.   Marcelo said

    Nice theme, I like it. I will install it on my Xubuntu.

  8.   jamin-samuel said

    It looks super cool ... 😀

    Xubuntu and any distro that uses XFCE is a great option 😉

  9.   frk7z said

    I think it's just me (sure she's clumsy xD), but when using the theme, the middle of the bar where the buttons are, it stays transparent uu


    data: archlinux xfce4.10

    PS: It would be interesting that when the window is not in focus, the gray buttons remain, so you can clearly distinguish with which window you are working, but thank you very much for the work 🙂

    1.    frk7z said

      in case the image does not come out, see it from here:

    2.    helena_ryuu said

      mmm… .. how strange, I have exactly the same configuration (arch + xfce4.10), but exactly the same thing happened to me a long time ago, when I installed the proprietary ATI driver, this is how you looked at the edge of the window, then I installed the free driver and everything was back to normal.
      Unless it is a driver problem like it happened to me, I would not know how to help you

  10.   AurosZx said

    I left XFCE, but for Openbox xD the theme was very nice.

  11.   martin said

    And the graphite version !!? And the tuned rc.lua !!! ???

    There, this girl ...


    1.    martin said

      JJAJAJ, what lining, * Ay!

    2.    helena_ryuu said

      hahahahahaha is that the entry about awesome is making me more complex than I thought xD tomorrow will be published

      1.    msx said

        Perfect, waiting it then!

  12.   Carlos-Xfce said

    🙁 I installed it on Xubuntu 12.10, but it doesn't appear in the parameters. Maybe I did it wrong ...: -s

    1.    helena_ryuu said

      if you copied it in ~ / .themes try copying it in / usr / share / themes (as root of course)

      1.    Carlos-Xfce said

        I did it both ways but it didn't help.

        First, I found out that I didn't have the .themes folder in / home, so I created it and unzipped the .tar.gz file there, but when opening the Parameters (settings), the MacBird was not showing up.

        Then, as "root", I went to the directory you say and unzipped the familiar file there. I closed. I opened the Parameters and nothing: the MacBird did not appear.

        Is there any other way?

        1.    Rayonant said

          Well, strange, I am also on Xubuntu and without any problem, you could try a third way, open the Configuration Manager, enter appearance and drag the .tar.gz to the window so that it can be "installed" which from Xfce 4.10 Can be done.

          1.    Carlos-Xfce said

            It didn't serve me well either. 🙁 Couldn't. In any case, thank you.