MinerOS GNU / Linux: Operating System for Digital Mining (MilagrOS)

Greetings, members and visitors of this great and extensive Blog of international reach on Free Software and GNU / Linux. After many months without writing in this way, today I bring you a publication about my new development in the Free Software World, which combines everything that I have learned so far about GNU / Linux, Internet (Webapps) and Digital Cryptocurrency Mining:

GNU / Linux Miners: A 100% Ready Operating System for Digital Cryptocurrency Mining

What is MinerOS GNU / Linux?

It is a GNU / Linux Distro, which is currently under development and available for download in beta version (0.2) and previous donation (contribution to the project) in its version beta 0.3.

However, it is expected that the first stable version, that is, the 1.0 version (Petro) of GNU / Linux miners can be used as Daily use district, since it brings all the Basic and Essential Software for Home and Office, in a configuration based on Ubuntu 18.04 (Modernity and high Compatibility) and MX Linux 17 based on DEBIAN (Stability, Portability and high Customization) in a fusion of the XFCE Environment (Light and Functional) + Plasma (Beautiful and Robust), so it adapts perfectly to any PC (Personal Computer) of low medium or high performance without any problem.

Future stable version

La 1.0 version de GNU / Linux miners will come based on Ubuntu 18.04 and it will weigh 1 GB plus (4.3 GB) that 0.3 version due to the Personalized Plasma environment with more native applications, but it will consume less RAM memory, approximately 400MB versus 640MB of Version 0.3. Fully boots up to the login session manager (lightdm) on average in 30 seconds and fully shuts down on average in 10 seconds. With its 5 Digital Mining Software and 6 Wallets installed.

The Distro MinerOS GNU / Linux Version It is expected to be launched from April 19 2.018, or after the official publication of Ubuntu 18.04. MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0 will bring the mining programs Minergate, CGMiner, CPUMiner, Claymore and XMR-STAK-CPU, plus the Armory, Exodus, Jaxx, Magi Wallets, and the Trezor Hardware Wallet detection plugin installed by default.

In short, MinerOS GNU / Linux is a “Non-Privative” and “100%” Operating System ready to use at Home, Office and / or Cryptocurrency Mining. And easily convertible into a Linux Gamer compatible with proprietary Microsoft applications by installing PlayOnLinux and Steam.

Important information updated to 11/07/2018

Has been released MinerOS version 1.1 and it has been decided to complete its development completely. So in the near future, everything developed on it will be migrated to a new Distro called MilagrOS.

MilagrOS - New stable version

Important information updated to 30/07/2021

Since July 2.019, the old Distro MinerOS based on Ubuntu 18.04, has not been more updated, however, all the development of it has been migrated to new Distro MilagrOS, based on MX Linux 19.X, which in turn is based on DEBIAN 10.X, consequently, to learn more about this Distro suitable for Digital Mining, they should only visit the official website of the same in the Tic Tac Project | Distros.

"Miracles GNU / Linux, is an unofficial (Respin) edition of the MX-Linux Distro. Which comes with extreme customization and optimization, which makes it ideal for low-resource or old computers, and for users with no or limited Internet potential and knowledge of GNU / Linux. Once obtained (downloaded) and installed, it can be used effectively and efficiently without the need for Internet, since everything you need and more is pre-installed".

You can also see more recent information on our website in the following link.

GNU / Linux Miracles: New respin available! Respines or Distros?

GNU / Linux Miracles: New respin available! Respines or Distros?

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    hey! good post 🙂.

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Thank you! I have put all my knowledge in that Distro!

  2.   Anonymous said

    Hi Jose, good morning
    I understand that it is a new distro and my question is: Does this new distro support the installation of programs such as postgres, docker, postman, mysql, etc. without problems or is it only for home programs (free office)?

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Anonymous, of course. Supports all the basic GNU / Linux programming platform!

  3.   cloudbox said

    "The code name of the Distro MinerOS GNU / Linux Version 1.0 will be“ Petro ”in honor of the first Official Cryptocurrency or Cryptoactive of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela." Too bad, you included the policy (and not the best) on a linux OS.

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Certainly, it is a pity that you see the name as something political! Version 1.2 will be called Onixcoin, 0.3 will be called Bolivarcoin and the following will be called as the future National Private or Government Cryptocurrencies created by the National Private Sector or the Venezuelan State (Government), regardless of the party or doctrine that commands it! Therefore, it is not called Petro for something political, it is called Petro for something of logic and marketing! If Capriles, Machado, Mendoza or another of the Opposition of the Country draws a Crypto, then surely some of the future 1.X will be called that. I am not a politician, I am a technologist!

      1.    Leo said

        Mr. Technologist who does not want to politicize:
        Anything with the mark "Venezuela" is not trustworthy, not a cryptocurrency, not a linux distribution. The world knows what is happening in Venezuela.

        And by the way ... yet another linux distribution ... that offers the same thing that you can get in your linux distribution with a couple of commands on the console. Speechless.

        I do not buy. Thank you.
        It has everything any hoax would have.

        1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

          Interesting and respectable approach! Let's see if I understood: Nothing that has to do with Venezuela or made in Venezuela is trustworthy? Let's say, in a denied assumption, that this is absolutely and irrevocably true, and therefore you are absolutely right. But by having it, you deny yourself as a thinking being, evolved developed, since you are, are or use this beautiful and great Venezuelan Free Software Blog. And as far as I know, the Venezuelan People (All: Officialists and Opponents, Socialists and Capitalists, Rightists and Leftists) are the same, good and bad, as any other people. In short, when we talk about evolutions. Greetings and take care of the sweet ...

          1.    Leo said

            A thousand apologies for my previous comment. I withdraw everything I said with shame.
            Venezuela is a beautiful people, in a beautiful country, and it really always stands out for wanting to improve itself, even if, in my humble point of view, its government does not accompany it.
            I also recall having disparaged his work. I know very well that he must have spent many hours on it, and time is the most valuable thing we have.

            Sometimes, on a bad day, mistakes are made, like my despicable comment. I beg your pardon and thank you for taking pity on my very poor evolutionary level.

            I appreciate your contribution to the free software community.

            1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

              Your apologies accepted, and long live Free Software!

      2.    Anonymous said

        Hi José, good morning. My intention is not to create a tirade. Except that the names you choose for whatever you develop or invent ultimately set a tone, be it positive or negative. I am particularly not aware of Linux-based distros that make references to countries or political conditions. Not even Nova OS, a distro created in Cuba and that to date did not fit into the world of OS, or Canaima, which refers to a natural heritage in Venezuela. It's just my personal criteria. Ah, I am not a politician either and although I am not a developer I am also a technologist.

        1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

          The key names of the Distro MinerOS will only refer to any state or private Venezuelan cryptocurrency, as it is a Venezuelan Distro focused on Digital Mining, which is created in Venezuela! I don't see anything political in that, but I respect your point of view, which makes sense if a project from any country falls within your exposed parameters.

    2.    Miguel said

      Cloudbox, I do not see the supposed "political" action to mention the codename of a distro.

    3.    Manual said

      Absolutely right, I do not believe that the Venezuelan dictator Maduro deserves this honor.

  4.   Rodolfo said

    Amazing project! I will download the distro to test it. Will the project be supported in the future on a platform like Github?

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Currently in the Blog is available the 0.2 totally free and the 0.3 accessible after donating to the creation project!

  5.   Alejandro TorMar said

    It looks interesting. I will be attentive to when they publish it
    Thanks for the screenshots and the review

  6.   Imrahil said


    Will this distro be focused on mining Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency? Thanks in advance, it looks great

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Any cryptocurrency is mineable on this GNU / Linux Distro as long as it is possible to compile it on Ubuntu / DEBIAN-based Distros.

  7.   Darwin Cabin said

    Dear José from the Cry & to CA Corporation, startup advisory company in Blockchain and Cryptoactive Registered in Venezuela, we would like to contact you to discuss ways to support the development of MinerOS. Please contact us by email corpocrypto@gmail.com. Greetings and more successes.

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Anything my email is: albertccs1976@gmail.com

  8.   anderson said

    My friend called me a lot, your project and I am really interested in it I would like more information about it, will you have a telegran channel where I can ask you several questions regarding the project? thanks in advance .. and up VENEZUELA! ignore absurd comments that say about our beautiful country .. greetings

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Channel: https://t.me/proyectotictac2k1x

      Telegram: @Linux_Post_Install

  9.   Ares said

    It looks very good. When I can I try it.
    And it is a pleasure that it is a Venezuelan enterprise (it is the only thing that will bring Venezuela out of the ground, not waiting for messiahs).

    The "Petro" thing is just a code name, as far as I know it's not mineable by just anyone. They shouldn't make a fuss about it and it makes sense that cryptocurrency codenames are used.

    Just as you name the included mining software, you could also comment which cryptocurrencies are mineable from there, that could be "more visual" information for many people.

    I only add that the years of the dates do not have a separator of thousands.

    PS: I thought Bolivarcoin was a joke, not a real thing.

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Thank you for watching the date! And the Non-State Origin Cryptocurrency Community called Bolivarcoin is older than Onixcoin.

  10.   Rainerhg said

    Comment: Thanks for the post. I was particularly struck by the "fusion of the XFCE + Plasma environment". I did not know that these environments could be mixed.

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      My previous Distro, never crowded, called XenOS came with all the environments already installed and stable, it was based on DEBIAN Testing. But it was not famous since it had not managed to make its installation stable through Systemback, but on LiveCD it was wonderful, and it came with Virtualbox already installed included.

  11.   Melvin said

    Greetings Albert, a faithful follower of your blog Project tic tac, and of your work I once asked you that if you did not have a free software teaching academy I would like it to be so, maybe in the future you could assume this type of project would be more accessible Those of us who would like to receive linux classes with you and do not have to pay for private classes, regarding the excellent cryptocurrency course.

  12.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    I don't teach at any academy yet, unfortunately. Just for now I provide my professional and technical services, and home-based advice on Free Software and Crypto-commerce. I am from Caracas, Venezuela as you know!

  13.   ChrisADR said

    Good afternoon engineer,

    Since in your article you comment that one of its versions is free and free, I would like to know where I can find the source code of the distribution, since I would like to review the form and distribution of the configurations before installing the system, I do not doubt his word but I think it is critical to be able to have this information in the case of a free distribution (GPL) and that has software that must be carefully configured to avoid unexpected leaks or bridges.


  14.   Ing. Jose Albert said


    The source code is the same ISO, that is, when you download the ISO you can unzip it and edit each of its configuration files. Or in its DVD / USB Live format, run it and submit it to traffic tests and monitoring to see if it has or performs any type of automatic traffic not authorized by the user. The source code of the binaries, as they are the same originals as the Ubuntu 18.04 and MX Linux 17 Distros, since the 2 were merged to achieve said MinerOS Distro. I invite you to download the 0.2 so that you can test it and comment!

  15.   Nicholas said

    The problem is that in Uruguay the lights go up every year

    Excellent work

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Thank you! Well, the main obstacle in mining is energy consumption, so a lightweight and low-process consumption Distro relieves a little of the energy consumption of equipment dedicated to this activity.

  16.   Nicholas said

    Supports UEFI?

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Being Ubuntu 18.04, I imagine that it supports it, since Ubuntu is the most compatible and modern with Windows that there is at the level of GNU / Linux.

  17.   Jose Gonzalez said

    Congratulations. Very good distro !. I see that you even have AnyDesk already installed and with certain configurations. My question is whether version 0.2 or 0.3 will be upgradable to 1.0 once it comes out? Cheers…

  18.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    MinerOS, like the Distro MX Linux 17 (Distro Mother) through the native installer MX Install supports updating the Distro to later versions, however, in this case it will not be upgradeable from 0.3 to 1.0 since its other Distro Mother (Ubuntu) changes from 17.04 for version 0.3 to 18.04 for version 1.0. Therefore, it is absolutely recommended to install MinerOS version 1.0 from scratch.

    Now whoever donates the stipulated amount to access version 0.3 will get the download link for version 1.0 totally free. And whoever donates the amount stipulated for 1.0 will get the amount stipulated for versions 1.1 and 1.2 absolutely free.

    Note: It is not a payment, it is a donation to the development of this new GNU / Linux Distro that has taken a lot of hours / labor to build in a totally altruistic way for the benefit of all!

  19.   Walter Silveira said

    It arrives at the most suitable and indicated time to mount mining in schools and universities. Being free software and easy to empower.
    As a colleague and university teacher it is a good starting tool
    Thanks for your contribution Jose Albert, Congratulations.

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Thank you very much for your good wishes! Soon I hope to release version 0.3 of MinerOS GNU / Linux for free, which is the last one based on Ubuntu 17.04. And have the version 1.0 based on Ubuntu 18.04 ready for download after donation. The differences between the 2 are basically the version of Ubuntu that serves as the base, its lower consumption of RAM, and the inclusion of Wallets. By the way, now I included the Arepacoin Wallet, and update the Webapps (Bookmarks Menu) in the Browsers. If after 20Feb and before 20Mar there is no news of Petro Mining Software, I will only include the Wallet online or by Software that they launch and I will put Version 1.0 online for April. And with respect to its use in Universities and Colleges, or other locations that will serve for the Federated Nodes or for those individual or legal Users, who wish to enter Digital Mining without much knowledge because this Distro is ideal because it is already used in Format (DVD / USB) come alive (Live) or installed, it is practically ready to use unlike any other Distro including Ubuntu that must be installed and configured from scratch, which saves hours / labor and shortens the learning curve for profit! Well, finally I hope that everyone enjoys it and donates what they can so that I can continue to advance in its development, little by little!

  20.   pablojet said

    Impressive, I clarify that I did not know that this website that I have been following for years from google reader times, was Venezuelan, I congratulate you and thank you for the web, long live linux and any action that weakens this system of consumption and financial corporation, government narco warfare

  21.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    Thanks to you for following DesdeLinux!

  22.   Joel canes said

    Congratulations! It really is a great contribution to the world of Free Software and the decentralized economy. I hope Monero can be mined with the distribution, Greetings!

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      If not there should be no problem with that! The ultimate goal of this Distro or another would be to embed them in Gamer Consoles (with their respective optimized kernel) so that when you run it with everything already ready (installed / compiled) to mine from, for example, a PS3 / PS4 or Nintendo Switch. as I saw today in a video of some Hackers who built a GNU / Linux with Plasma on a Nintendo Switch.

  23.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    21-Feb-18: The Cpuminer-Opt Mining Software and the NEM Wallet were included in the future version 1.0. Webapps (Web Bookmarks) were updated, and updated information on the Petro was included. The base (apps) of the Operating System based on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic) was updated until 21/02/18.

  24.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    02-Mar-18: Taking advantage of the fact that as of yesterday, the MinerOS Base, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS "Bionic Beaver", the next LTS version of Ubuntu has entered a freezing phase, which means that no new features will be added before from the launch and the work will focus on correcting existing bugs and facilitating the adaptation of the different packages, today a new image of MinerOS GNU / Linux was made with it! With this new update of the GNU / Linux MinerOS Base, now we will also see things like: Kernel 4.15, Xorg as a graphical server, Wayland graphical server available, GNOME 3.28 Desktop, with some packages like the Nautilus file manager still in 3.26, Mozilla Firefox 57.0.4 and the first sample of LibreOffice And before April, before the official release of Ubuntu 18.04 and MinerOS 1.0, I hope to be able to add and leave the Virtualbox 5.2 functional inside the Distro so that in Live DVD / USB format or after installed, it can handle ISO images of itself. same or other Distros to try.

    1.    Frank Silva said

      Extraordinary work !!

  25.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    For now, after installing MinerOS, you must delete the .anydesk folder (directory) from / home / $ USER with the command: sudo rm -f /home/$USER/.anydesk so that AnyDesk (Access and Control Software Remote) is regenerated and can be configured from scratch, since otherwise each installed GNU / Linux MinerOS would have the same username and password. In the release version 1.0 this will be fixed! And for now the only news is that LibreOffice does not run in DVD / USB format Live (Live) but when the Distro is installed it works perfect! I also hope to add Kodi to expand the use of the Distro!

    1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      I correct: sudo rm -rf /home/$USER/.anydesk

  26.   Frank Silva said

    Dear Ing. Jose Albert, it is fair to acknowledge and congratulate you for the creation of this Distro. His immense contribution to the community is unquestionable. Well deserved congratulations. I wanted to ask you some questions: 1. Where can it be downloaded once the donation you suggest is made? 2. What mining programs does it include? 3. Does it include Claymore's Dual Miner? 4. Do you have a step-by-step Installation Guide? Thank you very much for your answers. Please write to me, I would like to cooperate with you in the development of this project. Congratulations!!

    1.    Frank Silva said

      Also ask how is the MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0 support for the drivers of different motherboards and GPUs used for mining? Thank you

  27.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    1.- After the Donation of 0,00010000 BTC for Version 0.3 or 0,00030000 BTC for Version 1.0 I send you a Google Driver Link with the same to the email you indicate! I use Eobot Wallets to receive Donations!

    2.- MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0 will bring the miner programs Minergate, CGMiner, CPUMiner (Version: Multi and Opt), Claymore (Dual ETH + DCR / SC / LBC / PASC GPU Miner 10.2) and XMR-STAK-CPU, plus the Armory, Bolivarcoin, Exodus, Jaxx, Magi, Onixcoin wallets and the Trezor Hardware Wallet detection plugin installed by default.

    3.- Yes: Claymore (Dual ETH + DCR / SC / LBC / PASC GPU Miner 10.2)

    4.- You have an installation video tutorial in this publication: https://proyectotictac.wordpress.com/2018/03/07/mineros-gnu-linux-1-0-ya-esta-lista/

    5.- I am at your service by this email: albertccs1976@gmail.com

    1.    Frank Silva said

      Ing. Jose Albert thank you for responding. Other questions? What is your BTC address? Contact you by mail for the donation? Can I install the Claymore's Dual Miner 11.2 on your Distro, which is already available? The download links are GOOGLE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B69wv2iqszefdFZUV2toUG5HdlU and MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!O4YA2JgD!n2b4iSHQDruEsYUvTQP5_w

      Thank you. Regards. Congratulations

      1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

        BTC Address: 1GdmeZ6J13vPeVk6y8Ef8AM6ehxAgXryq9
        LTC Address: LgcK79zr7zoRP2HqfGrMvdWPKobcdWtqzE
        BCH Address: 1QBVdzdQTmEzSc7PEcXmogiqCbbqC274iC
        DOGE Address: DTDg3KYKQvPPZs5p5kwKYXxzpHafs4zcg4
        XRP Address: rB1za2ZVgDnNB7u8LbVN61k5nCByBUtXCA
        Destination Tag: 1286923
        DASH Address: Xk7mpUUss3p4o2wjfKCQ7hoEku24dZe5Se
        CURE Address: B6uu9bAKmtVMLL7XAVckAfnzgzP1AJzL81
        Message: 1286923
        ZEC Address: t1eCN7qmsTQQiHgAbVNPYYgYFGPuvQGRUjr
        XMR Address: 45SLfxvu355SpjjzibLKaChA4NGoTrQAwZmSopAXQa9UXBT63BvreEoYyczTcfXow6eL8VaEG2X6NcTG67XZFTNPLgdR9iM
        Payment ID: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001286923
        FCT Address: FA3koQBnFEcStEWGypq5kcqi3kWEPbHfL9PsfJbXtDBoccp2hCJL
        MAID Address: 15easGdbFy4TuwvsmVDwNYZukxRskGodJN

        After the donation, an email must be sent to the email account "albertccs1976@gmail.com" with Name or Internet Alias, Country and Amount donated, to confirm the transfer and send back an email with the respective download links.

      2.    Ing. Jose Albert said

        YES. You can update and / or add practically any Mining Software that comes for Linux and even Windows if you install Playonlinux or Wine!

  28.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    By the way, last minute I added the WPS Office Suite totally in Spanish that if it opens in the live mode of the Distro to compensate that LibreOffice does not! And it also has the KODI Multimedia Center that allows the management of multimedia content online or downloaded and even playing retro video game consoles by emulating their ROMs.

  29.   Frank Silva said

    Ing. Jose Albert good afternoon, other doubts I have:

    MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0 is upgradeable with Ubuntu repositories ??
    How is the MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0 support for the drivers of different AMD and NVIDIA Motherboards and GPUs used for mining?

    Thank you

    1.    Frank Silva said

      Considering that Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will be released on April 26 in its final stable version, will there be any update of MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0, after this? Would it still be MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0 or would it have a sub-version like 1.1 or something like that?
      Thank you

      1.    Ing. Jose Albert said

        MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0 will be out a few days after Ubuntu 18.04 is released, then 1.1 and 1.2 will probably be out.

    2.    Ing. Jose Albert said

      Yes. Use the Ubuntu and MX Linux 17 repositories alone or together. The support is the same as Ubuntu.

  30.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    For those who want to donate and / or acquire the Distro, these are my Wallets for donations:

    BTC Address: 1GdmeZ6J13vPeVk6y8Ef8AM6ehxAgXryq9
    LTC Address: LgcK79zr7zoRP2HqfGrMvdWPKobcdWtqzE
    BCH Address: 1QBVdzdQTmEzSc7PEcXmogiqCbbqC274iC
    DOGE Address: DTDg3KYKQvPPZs5p5kwKYXxzpHafs4zcg4
    XRP Address: rB1za2ZVgDnNB7u8LbVN61k5nCByBUtXCA
    Destination Tag: 1286923
    DASH Address: Xk7mpUUss3p4o2wjfKCQ7hoEku24dZe5Se
    CURE Address: B6uu9bAKmtVMLL7XAVckAfnzgzP1AJzL81
    Message: 1286923
    ZEC Address: t1eCN7qmsTQQiHgAbVNPYYgYFGPuvQGRUjr
    XMR Address: 45SLfxvu355SpjjzibLKaChA4NGoTrQAwZmSopAXQa9UXBT63BvreEoYyczTcfXow6eL8VaEG2X6NcTG67XZFTNPLgdR9iM
    Payment ID: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001286923
    FCT Address: FA3koQBnFEcStEWGypq5kcqi3kWEPbHfL9PsfJbXtDBoccp2hCJL
    MAID Address: 15easGdbFy4TuwvsmVDwNYZukxRskGodJN

    After the donation, an email must be sent to the email account "albertccs1976@gmail.com" with Name or Internet Alias, Country and Amount donated, to confirm the transfer and send back an email with the respective download links.

  31.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    16-Mar-18: Up to now 7 GNU / Linux 1.0 Mining Operating Systems have been installed on various Desktop and Mobile Computers with different technical features in different locations (Institutions and Homes) for their exclusively administrative use (office automation) and to evaluate their performance as a general purpose Distro for Homes and Offices. Everything has been executed satisfactorily so far.

    15-Mar-18: Last ISO with the inclusion of the Petro Wallet.

    14-Mar-18: Penultimate compilation of the ISO with 4.5GB with an average consumption of 0.4 GB of RAM memory at startup and 13 GB of Disk Space when installed, and more than 3700 applications already installed. The conceptualization of the specifications of versions 1.1 and 1.2 begins, which are expected to incorporate the following changes:

    a) Version 1.1: ISO higher than 4.7 GB so it will only be executable from an 8.4 GB Double Layer DVD or an 8 GB USB Storage Drive. It will come with Playonlinux, Wine, and Steam already installed. And probably a few Retro Game Console Emulators. It will support the (easy) installation of native Windows Applications, especially Games.

    b) Version 1.2: ISO higher than 4.7 GB so it will only be executable from an 8.4 GB Double Layer DVD or an 8 GB USB Storage Unit. It will come with MS Office 2016 already installed. For a transparent, acceptable and stable use by Windows and MS Office Users on GNU / Linux (MinerOS).

    Note: While MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0 is 64Bit architecture, versions 1.1 and 1.2 will be multi-architecture, that is, 32 and 64 Bit. For a wider universalization of its use!

    Mar-13-18: The process of eliminating excess (unnecessary) applications in the Distro began to add more important ones, without increasing the current size of the ISO (4.5GB). This has allowed the following to be added: Alternative Firefox (Version 51.0.1) that supports the Java web plug-in (JRE), which was installed together with the full Sun Java JDK 9.0.4. All this in order that the Distro is ready for the execution of local and web programs and applications made in Java such as Retro Console Emulated Games. A broader list of links (URL / Links) has been added to the webapps (Internet Browsers Bookmarks Menu) to Emulators, ROMs, and Online Games and Retro Consoles downloadable sites.

    10-Mar-18: Removed custom 5th Conky (Desktop Monitor) added and improved 1st Conky added with the same information and more. Since the 5th Conky gives graphical display problems when starting at low resolutions.

    08-Mar-18: WPS Office was included as an additional Office Suite, totally in Spanish, with its spelling dictionary in Spanish and all the native fonts included and LibreOffice was updated to version and Mozilla Firefox to version 58.0.2, causing the Distro's ISO image to go up to 4.5GB.

    07-Mar-18: From this day on, only the new video tutorials will be made on how MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0 is, installs and works, so that they will know the Distro in its entirety. Until Ubuntu 18.04 is released to, together with the latest MX Linux 17 updates, generate a final and definitive version and ISO image of MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0, which will be made available totally free of charge to Donors with a donation of 10.000 satoshis ( 0.00010000 BTC) of version 0.3 and by paying a donation of 30.000 satoshis (0.00030000 BTC) for new donors.

    06-Mar-18: Kodi (Multimedia Center / Media Center) was added to the Distro MinerOS GNU / Linux 1.0. You can log in directly from the Multimedia Center or from the XFCE and Plasma Desktop Environments, to manage Multimedia Resources (Movies, Videos, Music, Sounds, Images and other content online or downloaded). Including the possibility of Retro Console games (Atari, SEGA, DreamCast, among others). It already comes with the Repositories of Intrcomp.net, SRP.nu, Fusion.tvaddons.co, Gamestarter and Zach Morris. And Internet Archive ROM Launcher add-ons (plugins) among others. Which will grow to optimize the use of the Kodi Multimedia Center.

  32.   Miguel Matos said

    Very good, I already have a live version of said distro to test it; but I do not know why I need to enter an access password, and I do not have that information at hand to enter. I would like to know if that comes like this by default, or was it because the disk imaging tool was used from an installed version and I was not advised of the password.

  33.   Francisco Esposito said

    Good morning Jose, I congratulate you for your blog, what kind of hardware is recommended or worth it to mine?

  34.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    For now, the graphical miner and the console miners that are installed can easily mine by CPU, but after installing the Drivers for each graphics card they will surely be able to mine without problems by GPU.

  35.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    Version 0.2 - 0.3 - 1.0: User: sysadmin / Password: Sysadmin * 2018 *

  36.   Carlos escobar said

    Excellent, people like YOU, enthusiastic and with the conviction that things can be done locally. I congratulate you. I will install it and write to you about it.

  37.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    Thank you for your comment and if it is very true to resolve that locally, taking advantage of opportunities (crisis).

    Today you can download the Beta 0.2, 0.3 and RC1 versions of Version 1.0 for free. And prior donation version 1.0 final stable.

  38.   Lucio said

    Hi Dear, I want to test your distro to mine with an exclusive team for it. But I have some questions, can you send me an email to consult you?

    My email is kleisinger.lucio@gmail.com

    your work seems very interesting

    thanks in advance, greetings from Argentina

  39.   Johan linares said

    Did you know that the MintMe mining platform is compatible with Linux? So especially after the improvements that they released with their latest version 1.2. Here I leave the link for you to review all the updates that were made https://www.mintme.com/news/release-notes-v1-2