Musique: A modern and beautiful player, but ...

I consider myself a Melomaniac by birth, so a good music player is one of the applications that I can't miss on my computer.

Just a few days ago i wrote about Amarok, C and my current header player, Cantata. In one of the comments a user talked about Music, and I was curious so I installed it and left my impressions.

Music has been developed by Flavio Tordini, the author of applications a little more known as they are the case of Minitube y Musictube.


In fact, Music is very interesting since it offers versions for Windows, OS X y GNU / Linux, and while donations are accepted for the latter, for the rest there is the option to buy it.


We are clearly talking about a player that just by looking at it, we know that it wants to become a light and minimal alternative to iTunes. And I think it fulfills its mission, simpler and lighter impossible.

The first time we run Music As is logical, it asks us to locate the folder where we have our music collection:


In a normal situation, Music You will be able to download the Album Covers and information about them from, as can be seen in the image that begins this article, but in my case, this step was forgotten.


Once our collection is loaded we will have something like this:


The search engine returns the result below the search box and not in the Artists area, and once we have selected what we want to find, when clicking on an album, we access 3 levels: Artist »Album» Playlist.


As I was saying, the options are really scarce, if not null. By options I mean I couldn't find a way to Music had an icon in the system tray, or loaded the album image locally.

In fact, in the configuration file located at /home/tu_usuario/.config/Flavio Tordini / not much to see either.

There are no extra options and it is only limited to offering the basic actions of a music player, that is, random playback, in a loop, and it does not allow me to filter by musical genre either. The albums can be sorted by name, popularity, year, number of songs or number of times played, but no more than that.

Although Music Yes, it allows you to obtain information about the Artists from the Internet, but strictly, as we cannot modify the sources you use.


We can send the data of the songs we listen to, be able to play the player in full screen and stop playing after a certain track, no more.


If you can see with the naked eye a simple player, very beautiful in terms of appearance, but (there is always a but) above all, very little configuration, which is why it is not among my first options.

Despite its simplicity, it consumes quite a lot of resources, about 95 MB of memory that far exceeds the 75 MB of C and the 45 MB of Cantata.

Of course, what you have to do, you do well. In fact, due to its characteristics, it applies as a better option than Noise guidance on ElementaryOS, since in addition to meeting the minimalism requirements of that distro, it is much more stable.

It is modern, yes, but for my taste it is still incomplete.


From the project page only the installer is available for UbuntuBut Arch we can compile it from AUR running in the console:

yaourt -S musique

I don't know if the rest of the non-based distributions Ubuntu o Arch has the way to install it.

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  1.   ivanbarram said

    Port of PowerAmp (Android) to Linux damn !! I find it by far the best of the best on Android, perhaps one day we could see it as one (of the many) alternatives we have in Linux as a music player ...

    I don't know, I agree with Elav, too basic for my taste. I think that many developers confuse aesthetic minimalism with functional, the latter very important (the most) within an application.


  2.   Fungus said

    I have version 1.3 in Ubuntu 12.04 (the most recent) and see what difference with the covers. I have version 1.2 in Trisquel 6 and I have not had problems with the covers either. Obviously the player is not perfect, however the best I've seen.

    1.    elav said

      Of course you have no problems. The one with the problem is me with my Internet connection and the restrictions that I have 😀

      1.    shini-kire said

        Or: sarcasm? where? xD by the way I will test it in archlinux, maybe they will launch an update that corrects that 😀 it is only a matter of waiting

        1.    shini-kire said

          wooow is resource consuming! xD I would like to report the excessive use of resources, but I am not very good with English: S

          for those who want to publish bugs, errors or something else, in the menu there is an option, Greetings!

  3.   adrian said

    It seems to me a good player, but it lacks the equalizer, important to configure the sound according to the type of music we listen to or customize the sound to our taste and needs

  4.   let's use linux said

    I've known Musique for several years and I love it, although I honestly don't have music on my computer anymore. Nowadays, with Deezer or Grooveshark it no longer makes sense.
    Hug! Paul.

    1.    Fungus said

      It is always good to have something locally, I have about 5gb of music in Musique in case my internet fails (which rarely happens). I also usually do a lot of streaming on bandcamp, jamendo and grooveshark the latter in html5

  5.   Nebuchadnezzar said

    I have 132 gigabytes of music and for about a year and months that I switched to Linux and I must say that the only thing I miss in windows, THE ONLY THING, is iTunes, which is not even Microsoft.
    There is not a single Linux application that comes close to it, so I had to settle for clementine, because I only do this virtualizing windows to enter my iTunes account.
    I wish Apple had the opportunity to develop the store and the player on the Linux platform, or that a Linux player as good as iTunes would emerge. : - /

    1.    Fungus said

      132gb locally, great, let's not lose these customs.