My solution to incomplete startup in KDE SC

Well, I just made another discovery. It turns out that it occurred to me to change the Plasma theme, make some modifications and others in my KDE and something happened to me that has happened to me on other occasions and that until now, I had not found an effective solution.

It has happened to me that every time I log in, they only load the icons to the Network Applet, neither the sound one, nor the Clipboard. Besides that, opening an app is almost impossible, and it doesn't work KRunner ni Dolphin.. Anyway.

Checking in the file ~ /.xsession-errors I got this:

QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.

I started looking and the only solution they offered was to rename the folder ~ / .kde, but it was not viable for me, because I could lose my settings.

So I looked inside that folder for something login related and deleted all content from ~ / .kde / share / config / session

And ready!! If anyone by any chance knows of the ultimate solution for this, let me know. That happened to me with KDE 4.8, KDE 4.9 and now with KDE 4.10.3.

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  1.   biker said

    This also happens to me a lot = / I will try your solution to see if it works. Another thing that happens to me is that sometimes for some reason I cannot enter my HOME with my user,., And I can only like ROOT = / I have to restart so that I can enter again with my user: Yes if you know about this you I will appreciate it!

    same thanks 😀

  2.   elendilnarsil said

    It happens to me that sometimes KDM does not load, and I have to restart the X to log in and enter

  3.   Bla bla bla said

    It has never happened to me, and I think the solution is extremely simple: go to System Preferences -> Startup and Shutdown (in the "System Administration" section) -> Session Management -> and select "When logging in" " Start in an empty session.

    At least when I looked at the contents of .kde4 / share / config / session, there was nothing.

    1.    elav said

      That's how I always have it ... 😉

      1.    Bla bla bla said

        It does not hurt to thank when the intention is to help, a matter of courtesy. Anyway.

        1.    elav said

          And this comment that means .. Is it because I didn't say thank you? Well Blablabla no problem: thank you.

          1.    loon said

            How is the rock of demanding ...

  4.   Diego said

    Whoops! I thought that incomplete startup only happened to me, but it is rare that it happens in KDE 4.10.3, it happened to me very often in KDE 4.8, 4.9 and even in the first versions of KDE 4.10 but from version 4.10.3 .4.10.3 stopped (Well I reinstalled with XNUMX: B)
    It seems to me an article with very valuable information, thank you for sharing it


    1.    sieg84 said

      I have been using KDE SC 4 since the first versions, and the truth is that this thing that is mentioned has never happened to me.

  5.   msx said

    Ah well, the old KDE does his thing again: /

    The last time something like this happened to me was when I installed the Tomatoid plasmoid in 4.10.2 and .3, it would not directly start Plasma so I had to delete ~ / .kde4 / share / config / plasmarc.

    Good date!

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      And with this I want to thank the Debian team for not updating the KDE in Wheezy.

      1.    msx said

        YOU THINK!!!???

        Since I left Arch (after +5 years) and fully migrated to Chakra about two months ago everything has been rosy including the two full KDE SC updates (.1 to .2 and then to .3).

        In fact I am waiting for the .4 that has been in testing for several days to be stable to update.
        One of the things I like the most about Chakra is that everything is going moooooiii well, a pleasure really 😀
        (With kernel 3.9.2 and software in its latest versions!)

  6.   ShutDowN said

    Elav, something similar happens to me, only that it takes me about 20 minutes to start the environment and when it finishes loading it does not let me open the dolphin and other applications, it does not let me turn off the computer, since it frizza and I can not do anything alone It remains to get into the tty and turn it off there, nothing else happens with Debian, I have tried other distributions with kde 4.8.4 and everything works without problems, I really don't know what it will be.

  7.   vicky said

    When I have a problem in general, I delete what is inside / tmp / kde-User and / var / tmp / kdecache-USER

    1.    elav said

      MMM interesting

  8.   Blitzkrieg said

    If this had been published before, I would not lose my configurations -.- (It does not load me kwin)

  9.   kennatj said

    It only happened to me when I used Debian in other distros nop xS

  10.   karlinux said

    I'm late: What a pity because I had installed debian and there was no way to solve the error ... Although there is no harm that for good it does not come ... I installed Mageia and the truth is that it works much better than debian .... I'm not from rpm but at the moment great distro

  11.   jony127 said

    Hello, if despite this change the problem recurs, please comment here.

    It is to rule out if that is the definitive solution or there is something else.

  12.   jimmi said

    Hello everyone, the same thing happens to me, after installing the oxygen tranparent theme, I wanted to have my kde transparent, before that everything worked fine on my kubuntu 14.04. After that installation of the theme and when I turned off the computer I got the message of Baloo it did not close well, I searched the network and I found a page to deactivate baloo, but when I turn off I get that I have problems with kmix. In the terminal I put kmix and I get QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave. apply what this page recommends, install qtconfig-qt4 that I found on another page and follow the instructions:
    Run qtconfig-qt4 → Interface tab
    Setting the default input method for xim

    If for some reason it didn't work, try using im-config:

    Check for available and default input systems:

    $ im-config -l ibus xim $ im-config -m default ibus ibus

    Set another, xim is the standard for the X server

    im-config -n xim
    I started with a new session and the problem continues. Now I am thinking of two alternatives to uninstall kmix or uninstall the oxygen theme to see if everything returns to normal (although this last option I do not have so much faith). I started with linux at the beginning of 2010 with gnome on ubuntu 10.04 then when I saw the gnome changes that I did not like, pass it to unity, I like its stability but it is very boring to work on it, then kde seemed super, ultra customizable, but I must recognize that applications crash very often 🙁 i think maybe i would switch to linux mit cinnamon.

    1.    jimmi said

      I think I found the solution, put these command lines
      mv ~ / .kde ~ / .kde.old
      page :

  13.   January said

    I had never used KDE and it made me very sad that this failed me every so often, sometimes I had to log out for the configuration to load properly.
    Thank you!