NewSeven: Transform KDE in Windows 7

Voucher. I know that many users of our blog do not support "copies" of other desktops, but from experience I know that sometimes it is necessary to provide newcomers to Linux an appearance as close as possible to what they had with Windows, and precisely, KDE, Gnome or even Xfce, can be configured to achieve this purpose.

In this case I bring you a Configuration Pack to KDE, which manages to give it an appearance very similar to Windows 7, as you can see in the previous image.

Setting the appearance

Do you want to use it? If so, the first thing to do is download the file that contains everything necessary to achieve this appearance:

Download NewSeven

Once the file is downloaded, we unzip it and we will have a folder called newseven_Transformation_Pack. We access it, and press F4 en Dolphin to open the terminal. We wrote:

$ chmod +x *.sh

With this we will give execution permissions to all the files with the .sh extension that we find inside that folder. Later we write:

$ ./

or if we want to install the appearance also to root:

$ sudo ./

Once the script finishes executing, then we restart the session and that's it. If we want to uninstall everything, we just have to run:

$ ./


$ sudo ./

Now, to give it more similarity to KDE with Windows 7, we must replace the Task Manager by Icon Only Task Manager.

Ready!!! Although I think that as a last detail, it would be good to find an icon theme for the tray more similar to that of Windows 7.

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  1.   nerjamartin said

    Argh !!!! shut up, shut up!! I have enough with having to use it at work to also have it at home! remove remove!!

    P.S. yes, the very useful guide for those who want it hehehe 😉

    1.    elav said

      Maybe you can install Linux at work, you put this appearance on it, and your boss doesn't even notice hahahaha

      1.    Giskard said

        Well, not a bad idea!

        I think that would be the only way. Well, you can also put a VM and boot it in fullscreen.

      2.    Perseus said

        +1000 XD

      3.    Citux said

        Excellent idea !!!

      4.    JP said

        Hahaha you are very right! xD

  2.   proper said

    : O is the same !!

    1.    elav said

      You can add some more details, but come on, at first glance anyone believes it 😀

  3.   TheSandman86 said

    I am not one of those who views this favorably, but I understand that the transition is sometimes very difficult for some. Anyway, very good tutorial!

    1.    elav said

      I already tell you, from my own experience it happened to me. In my previous job, we did a full migration to GNU / Linux. At the Director's PC, many people sat down to work who belonged to other institutions, and when they saw Gnome they ran away.

      Solution? Windows XP skin. In the end it was the same but they almost did not realize it.

      1.    Giskard said

        It's a great idea. I think I could fool a few with that. And then I reveal the TRUTH (as if it were the Gospel): that they have not been using winbugs but Linux.
        I'm going to try it with a family member to see what happens 😀

        1.    diazepam said

          there are several who did that. now with this topic, they swallow it better

  4.   ferchmetal said

    Noooooooooooo no more windows please !!! XD hehehehe but if the idea of ​​disguising it at work is good and nobody would notice 😉 I like it. good tutorial!

  5.   clown said

    this theme has better ink than the one I used in kubuntu 9.04 ...

  6.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    They should put you in jail and throw away the key for publishing such an outrage ¬__¬

    1.    elav said

      Hahahahahahaha ...

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      LOL !!!!

    3.    Perseus said


  7.   Mehizuke Nueno said

    Useful for people who just want to go to the "dark" side XD, but for that reason the outrage against KDE is still regrettable

  8.   merlin the debianite said

    I'm going to try it with my old man to see what face he makes when I tell him that he has been using Linux. XD

  9.   Neo61 said


  10.   Manual of the Source said

    Well screw me if you want, but I've always loved the appearance of Windows 7. I think it's too fanatic to repel something just because it looks like him. They will be able to criticize what they want to the windows but not the appearance; at least not the 7 which is in my opinion one of the most visually beautiful systems ever created.

    Oh, and it would be nice to see a screenshot of the displayed menu to see if the deception is discovered there. 😛

    1.    Windousian said

      To get a "Windows 7" menu you have to use GnoMenu.

  11.   kondur05 said

    It provokes me to do it on the computer of a certain stubborn neighbor who says he swears and swears that windows is better because linux does not give him anything he needs

  12.   auroszx said

    I have friends that I could put this on. Excellent 😉

  13.   hackloper775 said

    Very good I thought that the first image if it was from Windows, also Zorin is good for XP and 7 if we like the Windows interface or as they say above gnomenu in gnome also deceives

    Another thing is that also

    In windows they are putting KDE

    I remember when on the iphone I wanted to imitate android and on android I wanted to imitate the iOS XD


  14.   Miguel said

    I'm only interested in the performance that KDE or Win 7 performs better