WEB version of OpenOffice will rival Microsoft and Google Office.



They describe themselves as an open source software company, "A disruptive open source software company", Open-Xchange, a team of developers of the famous OpenOffice office suite has announced the release of OX Documents, a cloud-based office suite that runs in any web browser, highlighting OX Text as a word processing tool.

At the beginning of April will be the moment chosen by the project staff to launch the first version of this tool under GNU license and Creative Commons (GNU General Public License 2 and Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5). With the launch, two other applications that will be part of this suite, Presentation and Spreadsheets, will also be announced, tools that, as can be seen by their names, will allow us to make our presentations and create or manage our spreadsheets, in addition to working with our texts with the aforementioned OX Text.

The software offers us directly the possibility to edit the text formats belonging to Microsoft Word (.docx) and OpenOffice / LibreOffice (.odt). It will also be possible way text editing Collaborativethat is, multiple users will be able to view and edit the content of the same document in real time based on the «structured collaboration«, In addition to allowing us to handle types of documents of many other formats.

One of the most important features of these applications is the non-destructive support for formats belonging to Microsoft and OpenOffice / LibreOffice, which means that XML-based documents can be read, edited and saved in the original format with a degree of fidelity that has never been previously obtained in an application with these characteristics (remember that we are talking about a web based app).

Open-Xchange will provide commercial licenses that will offer us support for telecommunications and mobile operators, hosting companies, cloud companies, VAR's and SI's to enable their SaaS, management of services and strategies on mobile technologies.

In case of using this software for personal use, for charitable or non-profit organizations, we can use it completely free of charge.

I leave you a small introductory video.



What do you think of using tools in the cloud to store your information?

Would you trust this type of service for personal and professional use?

If you want to know more about OX Text you can click here!.

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  1.   v3on said

    in my time it was called Google Docs not Google Office xD

    The news is old and I do not know what its sources are, but in the other articles nothing is mentioned of any relationship with openoffice, perhaps it was invented by those of the article in English

    1.    codelab said

      The news is not old since it indicates the release date of the first release and the link to test the application, data that I think has not been previously exposed anywhere, and regarding the relationship with OpenOffice I refer you to the capture screen that I sent in a previous comment, a document published by them as an example on the application site.


      1.    v3on said

        If you come to show it a week after the whole blogosphere, if it is old, and your capture does not help me, I had to read the (to the bottom right) to check it, and yes, I apologize for that xD

        1.    codelab said

          I think that your concept of old / new should be reviewed, I think it is somewhat subjective and you use it as it suits you.

          On the other hand, the web where to obtain more information about the news is indicated in the article, you should have been more cautious before accusing anyone of having invented the information, it is only a modest advice, you are free to follow it or not.

          As the purpose of the article is not to create controversy, I consider the issue settled here.

          A greeting.

        2.    msx said

          Old are the rags - and Debian !!

  2.   pandev92 said

    I think it will be a good alternative!

  3.   elav said

    I tried it and it is luxurious 😀

    1.    useragent said

      how do you put the desktop in the useragent ???

      1.    asd said

        is added at the end

        1.    useragent said


  4.   Blaire pascal said

    Oo I love the interface, really attractive. Without a doubt, if OpenOffice gets to get something like that on the desktop, it will happen to me without hesitation.

    1.    codelab said

      I really think they are doing a great job in the graphic section, we will wait until it is more mature to see what it offers us.

      A greeting.

  5.   just-another-dl-user said

    Doesn't work in Firefox

    1.    codelab said

      In my case with Firefox 19.0.2 it works perfectly.


      A greeting.

      1.    albert I said

        It has an interface similar to calligra, how does it work when the window is minimized? Does it adapt or not to the reduction of space?

    2.    Blaire pascal said

      Strange, I just just tried it on the same version of Firefox as you.

      1.    msx said

        What happens is that Arch uses ...

  6.   Helena said

    confirmed, it works in firefox 19.0.2, although it is in Italian Oo
    By the way of the note, this collaboration between OX and LO will be very beneficial if different capabilities are integrated and contribute something to the UI 😀

    1.    Miguel said

      It can be put in Spanish in the XD menu

  7.   eX-MDrvro said

    This is more than good news, it is excellent :-D. At the moment I have only used it "superficially" since it is a sample, then I will give you more time to see it, but it looks very promising. I also wait for «Spreadsheets» 😉

  8.   F3niX said

    This is good news: D. Looks great.!

  9.   NaBUru38 said

    Creative Commons licenses are not made for programs. Bad idea of ​​the guys.

    1.    Miguel said

      I do not see the problem

      1.    msx said

        If the licenses are created for community creative content then they are inapplicable to the software in the same way that an artwork cannot be licensed under an inappropriate license.

        It's like eating sausage with jam.

  10.   Eduardo said

    Can I use it on my website? In other words, on my website I can upload office documents. Can I see and edit them with this new tool? Thank you..