When we open a computer, on the board we find a fan on it.

Underneath that fan is the processor, which is like the brain of the computer.

The reason why the processor has its own fan is because it reaches very high temperatures, depending on the processor model they can exceed 70ºC.

What is overclocking?

Overclocking is a process by which the processor is pushed to its limits to increase its performance. It can also be done on the graphics, in RAM, etc.

What consequences can this have?

The processors hold up to a maximum temperature, and this maximum can be exceeded with overclocking.

We literally burn out the processor if done repeatedly.

To avoid this, the processor must be cooled, if possible with liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is a gas that liquefies at a temperature of -195,79 ° C (63 K).

For this reason, when handling it, it is important to wear gloves, it is advisable to indicate something long because liquid nitrogen causes burns when in contact with the skin.

My advice, don't overclock for two reasons:

  • We load the processor
  • Not usually necessary

Here is a video of an overclocking with liquid nitrogen:

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  1.   Fernando said


    I have been a Linux user for a few years and currently I use Arch and I am a regular follower of your page (every day you take a daily visit from me hehe)

    I study Software Engineering, and I have a friend who is a real overclocking geek.

    Overclocking if done carefully may not be too bad. Really overclocking a processor with a head, for example an android terminal so that the system responds a little faster is sometimes useful. Of course, the life of the chips is shortened and that is imperative.

    A hug!

    1.    Courage said

      In mobile matters it may be more useful.

      The problem above all is that, that the chips are screwed

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      I am a regular follower of your page (every day you take a daily visit from me hehe)

      Well, thank you very much 😀


  2.   Windousian said

    Overclocking takes the life out of the processor, but if done right, it won't load in the short term. If you do not mind that it lasts less, in return you receive a higher return. Liquid nitrogen is quite the beast of a cooling system. There are high-end fans and liquid cooling systems that control the temperature rise well.

    1.    Courage said

      Liquid cooling ... I hope my next computer has it because they say they are better and they do not make noise

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        I had a computer with gas cooling ... great, it was the best 😀
        But I had to sell it for other reasons, lack of money hehe.

      2.    anubis said

        Don't they make noise? And the fans that the radiator carries? And the water pump?

        Right now with air cooling you can do some pretty beast overclocks, without the machine getting hotter than it should.

        In addition, with what has improved the passive cooling issue, you can get inaudible PCs (literally) as long as you do not want to squeeze too much of the machine, obviously.

        1.    Courage said

          There are tropo hundred liquid cooling kits, not all of them have the external radiator.

          Well, it's not that they don't make noise, they make less noise than typical fans ¬¬

          1.    anubis said

            All liquid cooling systems have a radiator. I did not say that it had to be external. And no, they don't make less noise than typical fans. Put a good air cooler and you won't hear a thing.

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      The overclocking said in a simple way, is to increase the load of electricity that enters the CPU, this will make it work faster than normal.
      The CPU was not developed for this ... by default it is not, if a CPU is 3.0 it means that it is 3.0, yes ... they can take it up to 5.0 ... but for the record, the CPU was not developed for that.

      Therefore, it is obvious that this has consequences, for example the useful life will be reduced.

      1.    Windousian said

        Sometimes they increase the processor clock frequency from the factory itself. They release new models with the same processor and more speed (they play with a "safe" temperature range).

  3.   Merlin The Debianite said

    I really didn't even know that overclocking existed but for that grace I prefer to buy a more powerful computer or use a simpler system.

    I don't see a use for that or for cell phones.

  4.   ariki said

    Overclocking is very entertaining, I did it around 2006, uff I feel old jaajaj I did it with an AMD 64 processor and with a board that in my opinion was the best of those times the DFI Lanparty, a piece of board for the OC I leave you a capture of those years of my oc cooled only by air with good heatsinks yes !! greetings UP THE IRONS !!!


    1.    Courage said

      uff i feel old haajaj

      It is that you are.

      Damn yes you were passing hahaha

  5.   proper said

    Welcome to the hardware world… I'll be your guide…

    Although you say it is to increase the performance of the processor this is not limited only to the processors, as the name says, overclock is to increase the clock times of something, that is, to increase frequencies and this applies to both the CPU and the GPU as well as to RAM, etc.

    1.    Courage said

      Well yes, but it is usually done there

      1.    proper said

        I tell you no, before I participated in an overclocking forum and working with the GPU or RAM was as common as working with the CPU

        1.    ariki said

          You are correct, you work together with the times of the ram, cpu and gpu, because if not you can never upload mghz to the cpu, now to do this there are two ways by software or directly in the BIOS which according to my experience is The best, of course this OC has changed a lot in recent years, greetings to all

          1.    dwarf said

            This reminds me of my 16, when I got half junk computers and put OC in them, and put them to work with some distro or windows XP.

            In fact the OC is dangerous depending on the Mzh ratios that you use and above all, how much you move the Vcore, to increase the mhz you need more voltage and more voltage requires more energy and more energy, more heat.

            Right now my processor is an Athlon II X3 with an unlocked core, it is an X4 now and it went from 2.9 Ghz to 3.2 ... it's perfect, it doesn't go from 50 ° at full load because it has a good cooler and the noise is almost undetectable even when the house is in total silence ...

            It is dangerous? Oh yes, I have taken more than one ahead, but if you know how to do it, there is no danger. In fact, AMD unlocks the multiplier in its Black Editions specifically to make them OC much more comfortably and a good part of the OC champions are AMD cpu's, they are cheap and powerful.

            1.    Courage said


              Please nano, be nice this time

              It is that I could not avoid it XD XD XD

  6.   Keopety said

    fence, I put that in my room fuming and frothing and my old woman kills me
    hahahaha, I have a water-cooled one and right now it has 22 ºC and with the machines that right now I don't think it is necessary to overclock

  7.   dwarf said

    @Courage Are you a bastard? XD is that you can't stand the urge to ride a trollwar with me XD

    1.    Courage said

      It was a mistake to tell me that, because I can't help it.

      I was so funny hahahahaha.

  8.   sieg84 said

    I ever did it with a gpu ati.

  9.   rudolph alexander said

    Overclocking in a liquid way does not attract my attention, I am left with the fans and there are very good ones and they do not make noise, when it comes to liquid no matter what they say there may be a leak and bye pc hahaha, I better continue with bigger fans. Although I do not see much need to overclock a pc for that better buy a faster processor and go 🙂.

  10.   mdrvro said

    I understand that processors are more efficient over time, but I think it is in theory. Now you have to be very careful with overclocking video cards that is much more risky than a cpu and above all having a good source of power when overclocking there are fewer risks and not a generic one that is suicide xd. Also what is dangerous is to overclock notebooks I do not understand how there are people who do it. Good article.

  11.   v3on said

    Why do I need to oveclock in linux if it goes fast anyway?

    1.    Courage said

      Not at all carcamal

  12.   Arturo Molina said

    I overclocked a machine with pentium 4 to 3.2 ghz ht to run FIFA 11, with disastrous results, the one that managed to run ugly but decent was the PES 11. Although it only went up to 400mhz: p
    On my hp mini, atom 1.6 ghz, I managed to run the FIFA 08 decently, with the same 400mhz: p

  13.   luis perez said

    what they do is very good and the demonstration is very good