Platzi: The definitive platform to learn about technology (My Experience)

I consider that continuous learning is the most important process of human beings, we learn from the moment we are born until we die and it must be a moral obligation to try to learn something new every day. Today, access to education in any area has been democratized, the University, institutes and academies have become accreditation mechanisms, while the bulk of knowledge has been acquired from different sources, often in an overwhelming and disorderly way. others in a structured, methodical and well-founded manner.

All this has led to the creation of multiple platforms focused on learningSome of them are free, free, private, paid or simply hybrid, each one has its pros and cons, and many of them allow more and more people to be adequately trained to exercise a trade, profession or specialize in an area of ​​high demand. . I have personally participated in several of these platforms, each of them has given me a variety of knowledge, but without fear of being wrong, Platzi has been the one that has contributed the most to my working life.

What is Platzi?

Platzi is a online education platform That I consider highly fun, practical and professional, which focuses on helping students to acquire knowledge that allows them to achieve significant improvements in relation to their salaries, work position or capacities to improve or create their own companies.

Platzi mainly rotates in technology-related education but not necessarily linked to programming, since it groups careers and courses that will allow us to learn from creating an adequate image of ourselves to creating the application of our dreams, through learning the processes necessary to give life to our ideas, capitalize our companies, develop and design our products, market our solutions or simply help us enjoy while doing magic or what in other words could be said, while programming.

This platform has more than 100 courses and 24 careers, more than 100000 students learning about web and app development, online marketing, interface design, servers, among others, who use the platform around a fairly active community, which complements the learning with Live and Recorded Classes taught by industry experts.

The success of Platzi, without a doubt, is its power to empower its students, with learning aimed at the general public with attractive and useful content, with simple and entertaining teaching mechanisms, but above all with constant innovation. Similarly, the platform has a high course completion rate that exceeds 70%, which implies that the people who dare to study at Platzi, the vast majority end up finishing the courses that are proposed, something of utmost importance in a society that has many alternatives but that unfortunately finds it difficult to specify objectives.

How to learn Linux with Platzi and get certified?

The first thing I did when I started with Platzi was perform the Linux Server Administration Course, in which they give us excellent reasons why we should use Linux on Servers, teaching us to carry out basic and advanced configurations, such as initial parameterization, program configuration, partition and boot management, the different actions to properly manage the server , commissioning, monitoring and backup, as well as advanced Linux security education.

The course is divided into several videos that are complemented by quite interesting sources, something that I particularly like, is that throughout the lessons there are challenges that students must overcome and that allow validating the knowledge acquired.

At the end of the course we can take a Certification course, which will guarantee the knowledge acquired and which has the support of Platzi.

How to learn to program for free with Platzi?

Platzi's goal is to teach Programming to more than 1 million people, a task that seems simple but few have achieved, this is undoubtedly one of the most fun and important challenges in this community and to achieve it they have created an amazing and fun course that will allow people with total programming knowledge to learn algorithms and the use of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, C, Arduino and Sketch.

This course begins with simple examples such as generating an alert in our browser and with a detailed but entertaining explanation of how this happens, then it gives us a tour of the functionalities and basic programming commands and then delves into solve six programming projects that will allow us, among other things, to calculate our Weight on another planet (according to the gravitational conditions of each of them), draw on Canvas with the keyboard arrows, create the basis for our own video game, calculate common problems like the famous fizzbuzz, create an ATM or enjoy making an advanced client server application.

If you do not learn to program with the Platzi Basic Programming Course, I personally assure you that it will be very difficult for you to learn to program, it is really simple and clear, with complex examples with simple solutions.

An extra help that I recommend is that you use the learning paths, one that I suggest for example for those who want to learn to program in Linux, is the following:

learn about technology


Knowing the Platzi Races?

Platzi maintains a Career scheme that groups together a series of courses from different areas, by passing a career we have acquired diverse knowledge that will allow us to consider ourselves a specialist in that area, for example, to pass the career of Server Administration and DevOps you must have approved the Introduction to terminal and command lines courses, Linux Server Administration Course, DevOps Professional Course, Deploy Course with Amazon Web Services, Azure laaS Course, Azure PaaS Course, DigitalOcean Course, Deploy Course with, Application Architecture Course with Docker and the new IBM Cloud Fundamentals course, that is, we will have extensive and complex knowledge in the area, equivalent in many cases to university degrees.

Platzi currently offers the following careers:

  • Programming Fundamentals Degree
  • Backend development with PHP
  • Development with Java
  • Frontend Architecture
  • Apple Full Stack Developer
  • Android Application Development
  • Development with JavaScript
  • Cross-platform app development
  • Online Business
  • Databases
  • Backend development with Ruby
  • Marketing and Digital Strategy
  • Server Administration and DevOps
  • Video Games
  • Email Marketing
  • Application Development with ASP.NET
  • Big Data and Data Science
  • Informatic security
  • Backend development in Python
  • Arficial Intelligence
  • Digital Product Design and UX
  • Backend development in GO
  • Development with WordPress
  • Audiovisual production
  • Creation of Startups
  • Developing with React
  • Data Based Marketing
  • Internet of Things

Upon completion and approval of careers or courses Platzi gives you a certificate like this:

Platzi Diploma

Win a scholarship for a month of Study at Platzi

First of all tell you that platzi offers 5 very important free courses such as the Git and GitHub Professional Course, Basic Programming Course, Voice to Voice Marketing Course, Personal Branding Course, and Software Engineering Fundamentals course.

In addition to the courses mentioned above, Platzi offers monthly and annual teaching plans where we can enjoy a wide variety of courses and careers taught by professionals from the most important industries. This time we give you a scholarship for a month in platz is So that you discover all the courses that you can study online, simply enter from here and follow the steps indicated, likewise we will also accumulate months for those users who join, a win win.

Although it is obvious to everyone, I personally recommend being self-taught and learning from the various mechanisms that the internet offers us, however, Platzi is that orderly, practical and pleasant mechanism to learn about which I have spoken to you many times, it has served me greatly measure to know new technologies and to properly model my ideas. Something that I must highlight about Platzi is that from the first moment it motivates you to make your business ideas come true, that is, it motivates us to be entrepreneurs and to have professional improvement.

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    Thanks for the PLATZY post.
    In the post you indicate that there are some free courses such as the personal brand. Well, there are none for free or at least I did not see. If you were kind enough to indicate how to access the free courses (hopefully I don't know that you have to pay any before accessing the free one).
    Well greetings and thanks.

    1.    Genesis camacho said

      I'm doing the Personal Brand and it's totally free Luis.

    1.    Carlos said

      Platzi is the best in the world in Online education !!!! I would pay a thousand subscriptions, because its content is of quality and its platform is extremely great !!!!

  2.   Tecprog World said

    Good entry dear, keep going, see you at the top. 😉

  3.   Josue said

    Platzi Courses do not represent the cost of the economic amount, very low quality of the exhibitors.

    1.    lizard said

      In my case, I believe the opposite, the price of the courses seems to me to be the most accurate, considering that the graduates are worth 10 or 20 times more and in a month I could see several at the same time for a flat rate.

  4.   Anakin SW said

    What an infomercial, how much did you get paid for the article? It shows too much friend.

    1.    lizard said

      Well, nothing, I study in it, and also if you apply to the Scholarship they give me a month of Scholarship as it says in the article, but quite apart from that, Platzi is a platform that serves me too much in my day to day and that it has allowed us to learn about many things around technology.

  5.   said

    I do not share the idea, I am not saying that the Platzi teachers do not know, because they probably know a lot. But they do not have the knowledge to teach, they usually explain in a very practical way, they tell you what to do for such a thing and now, but no further. You have to structure more. Personally, I think that if you want, for example, to learn to program without having any notion, it is best to read the documentation, references, etc.

    PS: the post seems a bit sold to me, I hope I'm wrong.

  6.   Felipe Rodriguez said

    Low quality of the courses, teachers tend to make mistakes in terms, some even in basic things, the courses are limited to learning a language generally (for that I read the documentation and I learn faster).
    In my opinion edx is better, the certification is more expensive and they are generally in English, but the quality of the courses and their teachers and the variety of topics covered is much higher.

  7.   jazzescobedo said

    Honestly, I followed them for a while, there are things you can learn from them, but for example everything depends on the tutor / instructor / teacher, honestly the only one who has convinced me that he knows what he is saying is Arturo Jamaica, it is not so formal or so informal, not boring and knows how to explain (although sometimes you notice that his throat gets dry hahaha), and Freddy I think he talks about more in order to pretend to know MORE than how much or little he knows, Arturo Jamaica I think he gave part of A python course, Freddy Vega's (Javascript and C #) only the free means works, but paying for a course of him, I would not do it xD, in udemy I bought a course when it was with a very good python discount that is It calls «python 3 completely from scratch», that if it is very worth it xD, the guy is very good explaining the topics and I really liked that in the beginning he teaches how to use JupyterNotebook to do the exercises, in my experience, I think it depends a lot more from the teacher than from the platform, for example in me utube there are great videos of X themes, although there are also those who are very bad

  8.   joseph bernardoni said

    very good contribution, thank you… ¡¡¡¡¡

  9.   Sete said

    Interesting article. Horrible grammar, but interesting in any case.
    Review for example the following paragraph, please:
    "If you do not learn to program with the Platzi Basic Programming Course, I personally assure you that it will be very difficult for you to learn to program, it is really simple and clear, with complex examples with simple solutions."

  10.   Alberto Cardona said

    I have a little doubt, the first month is free and after the month the first payment is already charged?

    1.    Leo said

      I think you have to pay a month to get another free month.

    2.    lizard said

      You must pay the first month, and then the second is free

  11.   Victor said

    And if you pay monthly, can you change the payment method in the future?

  12.   lizard said

    Indeed, and as far as I know, if you pay for a month and during that month you decide to move on to the year, they will recognize the amount you paid for that month

  13.   tris said

    If you are a beginner in the world of technology and you like to develop, this page is super to learn to program

  14.   davidcrx said

    The page itself is fine, I think it is a good initiative to learn new concepts. Although having a degree / certification seems a bit chorus to me, since you can take the exam as many times as you want.

  15.   Elijah said

    The site is good, you learn basic things but then you stay there. I learned to program in Go in and now I am learning React.