Purism promises a unique experience with PureOS on your Librem 5 mobile


The people behind the Librem 5 and which is backed by PureOS, have expressed to its users Purism guarantees provide them with a custom built operating system and not just for the financial benefit of corporations.

The company even prides itself on powering the one and only genuine community-based project instead of a Big Corp governance model. Besides being mentioned that the user is not tied to a single system so you can easily also remove PureOS and install another compatible GNU / Linux operating system on your Librem 5 phone.

PureOS is a GNU / Linux operating system based on Debian and beyond being open source PureOS incorporates benefits such as security, privacy and user freedom.

Speaking of freedom, Purism has pushed the limits of its free system standards so far, succeeding in integrating PureOS into the very limited list of ten "free" GNU / Linux distributions approved by the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

To be part of this inner circle, it is necessary to follow a certain number of guidelines issued by the FSF such as the use of an appropriate free license, the prohibition of guiding users towards obtaining non-free information, not integrating browsers that implement EME , self-hosting, etc.

PureOS technology is built on the shoulders of giants, the result of decades of clever engineering and refinement by a quality-conscious crowd: the "free desktops" community, who care about technical excellence first and foremost in place of short-term thinking. to "quickly roll out an app and maximize profits." PureOS may showcase the best work the "free desktop" community has to offer for the Librem phone platform.

On the applications side, we also expect independent developers from the global community to complement our initial work by creating their own applications, porting existing applications, and improving the overall 'app store' experience; The Librem 5 platform and PureOS represent a shared collaboration with the broader developer community (not "read-only open source", but a true free software collaboration).

Purism adds that if the Librem 5 user uses PureOS, you will be entitled to sustained security updates, privacy enhancements, bug fixes and new features and most importantly, updates that will not compromise the performance of the mobile device, this in a nod to Apple, which was caught in the act of reducing the performance of old iPhones supposedly to preserve battery and the performance of iPhones.

Unlike updates provided by some companies that reduce the life of devices or destroy the user experience, Purism promises that with PureOS, the user experience will be like "fine wine." As feature and app updates are added, it will enhance the user experience rather than destroy it, says the phone manufacturer.

Judging from the promises made with PureOS, you could say that this operating system has everything to attract users and find success where Firefox OS failed, Mozilla's open source mobile operating system, as well as other open source systems have failed. But despite the attractive features of PureOS, it could not gain ground with users if the most popular applications are not moved and new applications are developed on the system. This is what Firefox OS was missing and even proprietary systems like the BlackBerry OS.

Recognizing this issue, Purism encourages independent developers from the global community to create their own apps, migrate their existing apps, and improve the overall app store experience.

If PureOS manages to overcome this difficulty that has overcome even the largest projects, Purism will also have to solve a persistent problem that could be a brake on the expansion of PureOS: the availability of Librem 5. In fact, many are the users who have commissioned the Librem 5 for several years, but they are still waiting for delivery.

Source: https://puri.sm

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