Rubber Duck Debugging

Well… uh… yeah, it's a weird title but I found it interesting and actually, it worked for me.

It happens that developers get stuck in the head a lot, sometimes we don't hit the nail on the head and we are, as you would say colloquially, in my country stripping the shot all the time without reaching any solution. This is sure not only happens to developers, I can bet it happens to anyone who needs to solve problems in their work, whether they are artists without their muse, or KZKG ^ Gaara trying to invent some way to do something that someone else has already done, but in bash (xD).

Anyway, my solution for this was precisely to get up from the PC for a while, make a coffee, go to the patio and go around and around talking to myself while I finish my coffee and smoke a cigarette. It has worked for me, I have a lot of chalk-scratched walls and ugly algorithms in the work we have at home (and my mother wants to kill me), but reading this article en Geek World I realized that there is a more productive way of doing things and less destructive for my little lungs and for the walls of the work, and surely that will preserve my skull from flying objects propelled by maternal force (xD).

It turns out that psychologists have documented that vocalizing (talking) about the problems and ideas that we have helps, for some reason, to clarify and organize them; which explains why doing what I do has been giving me results (although when someone sees me, they think I'm crazy). Anyway, rubber ducky debugging is based on something simple: you buy a rubber duck, you put it on your desk next to your PC / Laptop and when you have to vocalize, well, you talk to the duckSimple isn't it?

Sure, in my case I don't have a duckling, but I have an old stuffed pikachu that they gave me a few years ago and, nothing, it's yellow, so it should work.

I hope the advice serves you, yes, the only disadvantage is that if they already have a reputation for being weird, this is not going to help them; well they say in the original article.


This is my replacement for the rubber duck

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  1.   helena_ryuu said

    Well, I have many stuffed animals, but a duckling had never occurred to me, xD-rays, because I explained those of the functions and variables to my kitten (a real one) hahahaha, at this point, the adjective «crazy» is no longer enough for me xD, but most of the time I talk to my sister, and as if it were not enough, I have these monologues in my mind all the time, but it is not schizophrenia …… right ???

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      HAHAHAHA you also do monologues in your mind? … LOL!!!
      In my house my own parents sometimes tell me that I'm going to go crazy, that I can't be like that ... even elav and other friends tell me that I'm a bit like "antisocial", and they're not wrong LOL !!

      The "way out" that I found so as not to torment myself too much (it is that I think very fast and several things at the same time, this tends to confuse me after several days) is to keep a log with personal notes, it helps me to look back 😀

      And hooray for the so-called "crazy" HAHAHAHA, the weirdos and crazy are the ones who have made the world move forward (see Einstein for example), so more respect with us geeks HAHAHAHAHA

      1.    helena_ryuu said

        mmmmm… ..a journal is …… is it like that diary I used to write ?? xDD hahaha I really like writing, there are times when I think faster than I write and I get frustrated ¬¬

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          HAHAHAHAHA no no, it's not a diary hahahahaha, that sounds very ... I don't know, weirder than normal HAHAHA.
          I use it to keep notes, which I know I will forget HAHAHAHAHA.

          And yes I understand you, not just thinking faster ... but thinking about 2 or 3 things literally at the same time. In fact, when they ask me to explain something ... damn I get in trouble, because I don't know how to explain it, not because I don't understand it well ... but because in my head I have 2 or 3 ways of explaining it and I don't decide on a HAHAHA

  2.   auroszx said

    It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen / heard, but if it works, it works.

    PS: Very cute the Pikachu ^^

    1.    dwarf said

      Yes, it's cute, I think I'm going to give it to my girlfriend and I'll get something more of my style xD

  3.   hexborg said

    LOL!! It is an original technique. When I get blocked I go to the toilet. LOL!! 🙂

  4.   ErunamoJAZZ said

    Rly? : 'D

    We are going to have to make a virtual duckling as an assistant then xDD (In the style of the MSoffice click).

    hahahaha, mm .. I'll have to try with the stuffed cat that I have in my house ... they had to be of something, right? Maybe that's why children don't have so many problems finding solutions ._.

  5.   alphaser said

    Are imaginary friends worth it? 😛


    1.    dwarf said

      Well, I spoke with the air xD

    2.    taregon said

      hahaha, as long as such friends do not answer you ... (if it happened, one would be crazy)

  6.   alphaser said

    Are imaginary friends worth it? 😛


  7.   KZKG ^ Gaara said

    The method is interesting… what I was doing was making a bad impression, snorting and pouting… but I know what to do now, I buy myself a baby toy and talk to him, right? 😀

  8.   Lulu said

    a mirror is better.

    It also helps a lot to talk about anything with the gossip in the area. (although sometimes it leaves your head blank, watch out)

  9.   msx said

    The mediocre confuse "rubber ducky cleansing" (I liked the term, let's call it that!) With schizophrenia, and so on. because they just don't have the power of abstraction - or anything better to do with their lives.

    The next time a jerk plays funny and tells me: "hehe, are you talking to yourself !?" I'm going to answer him "no idiot, I'm debugging the rubber ducky" with my best Troll face.

  10.   alpj said

    Hehehehehehehehehe. Well, what I do is sleep, walk, drink coffee, watch gore or the classic of talking to myself.

  11.   Camus said

    Well it happens to me when I am blocked after hours, I stop, have a coffee, go to the bathroom, do things outside the pc and in a matter of minutes or hours, I get a potential solution or the solution (sometimes I am sure what it is), I think is that my mind is working in the background in a relaxed mode and that is why it is easier for me to solve the problem from another point of view.

    1.    Hugo said

      So that was the explanation, vocalization… Hmm in that case, I have already practiced it (without duckling). Since my acquaintances already think me crazy about computing, I don't usually have any problem "vocalizing" these days. Anyway, I agree that switching activities sometimes helps, when you focus on something for days (in fact, dreaming about the problem and everything), doing the rest of things on automatic pilot. Or at least this happens to me, hehe.

    2.    Daniel said

      It happens to me too, sometimes, when a problem I can't solve, they spend hours or days, and suddenly doing anything the flash comes to mind with the solution and I feel as if my brain is working in the background. and when it ends everything is clear.

      With the monkey I will look for a penguin, even if it is not yellow hahaha

  12.   Nano said

    I already said it, pikachu is my confidant

  13.   brutosaurus said

    Curious. When I read it it reminded me of the movie Shipwrecked when Tom Hanks was talking to Wilson (a volleyball). It also reminded me of this folk tale
    What inspires me is to relax by controlling my breathing. 1 greeting!

  14.   Moderate versionitis said

    When I get home I take a picture of my Firefox Plush !! and I show you !!
    It's just a fox with similar colors that my lady gave me, I had a hat (the fox .. hehe ..), but I took it off and now it looks more like him .. hehe ..

    1.    helena_ryuu said

      I have a penguin on my desk, a mocchi, and a panda that an uncle from Hong Kong gave me, they are the most valuable that I have xDD but one from firefox, is super !!

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        1. Penguin
        2. Mocchi (no idea what it is haha)
        3. Panda Bear
        4. Firefox

        ... baby come on, give one away, don't be stingy ... T_T … HAHAHA

    2.    Moderate versionitis said
  15.   rainbow_fly said

    x3 aawwww chiu chiu chiuuu how cute the pikachiiiuuuu <3

    I have my kitten xD, will it help me?

  16.   elav said

    You buy yourself a rubber duck, you put it on your desk next to your PC / Laptop and when you have to vocalize, well, you talk to the duck, right?

    And hopefully no one passes by your room, sees you talking to a duck and they admit you to a sanatorium for crazy people XDDD

  17.   nosferatuxxx said

    I think any plush or plastic figure will do, in my case it could be a madagascar penguin, a darth vader doll or R2-D2, and so that they don't label me crazy, I put on a cell phone headset and that's it.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      I'll see what I take for this…. I don't have stuffed animals at home hahaha.

  18.   Charlie-Brown said

    Don't worry ... talking alone is not a sign of madness; at least until you start answering yourself ... HAHAHAHAHAHA

    By the way, now I understood why you wanted a hamster ...

    1.    elav said


  19.   jesus perales Israel Martínez said

    I spoke just to understand my ideas and then they told me weird because I was talking alone, I grabbed a rubber pig and started talking to it and now they see me strange but when they ask me if I'm talking I only answer that I speak with the pig xD

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