Script to see all Spanish digital TV

Here is a simple script en bash guidance on watch and record television on GNU / Linux / BSD systems no capture / tuner card. You only need an Internet connection, have installed Mplayer, Curl, Rtmpdump and Zenity for Gtk environments or Kdialog for desktop that use Qt like KDE. There are currently more than 80 channels of Spanish DTT.

Install dependencies

En Debian / Ubuntu:

apt-get install mplayer rtmpdump curl

En Mandriva / Mageia:

urpmi mplayer rtmpdump curl

En Arch:

sudo pacman -S mplayer rtmpdump curl

NOTE: The "curl" package is not required, but will allow you to display the programming for each channel.


Once Discharged and having the necessary packages installed, it only remains to give it execution permissions. We can do this graphically or from the terminal.

Graphical environment:

1.- Right click on the file and click "Properties".

2.- Permissions tab, Make the file executable.

3.- Double click on the file.


chmod u + x
./ (it would also work by double clicking on the file)


To run the program we can do it from the console ($ ./ or double click from the graphical environment.

Once executed, if a package is missing to install, you will be notified of it.

Some channels do not broadcast to the Internet at certain times or do not broadcast certain programs due to copyright.

It is possible that some channels stop working, we will try to update (Look at the date) the script periodically to replace channels and improve it.

If the bandwidth is saturated or insufficient, there will be disconnection problems (See the "Configuration" section).

To change the channel you have to close the player (Letter Q or close the window).

Some channels do not show their programming, that is normal, not an error.

Practical tips

Have unsaturated bandwidth (P2P, Youtube, Torrent, ...) to avoid problems with reception.

If the sound and audio are out of phase, with the left cursor we can go back 10 seconds and it usually solves the problem.

If you have Zenity and Kdialog installed without using Kde as desktop, the script will use Zenity, to force Kdialog modify the script in the section «KDE Desktop»

If disconnections are frequent, we can try to pause (Letter P) the playback shortly after starting, that way the cache will go up. You can also modify the script in its "Settings" section so that it caches longer before starting to play.

At the bottom of the script you can modify the player to use, although mplayer is recommended since other players such as VLC do not synchronize the audio with the video as efficiently.

If the programming has strange characters instead of accents, it is because your GNU / Linux distribution does not use the UTF-8 encoding.

If the player shows a blue screen, it is due to problems with the Nvidia driver and the mplayer command must be modified by adding the option: -vo gl

Useful mplayer keys to know

Left: Go back 10 seconds.

Right: Fast forward 10 seconds (Not recommended unless we have a lot of streaming cache).

Up: Advance 1 minute (Not recommended unless we have a lot of streaming cache).

Down: Go back 1 minute.

Pg Down: Go back 10 minutes (Not recommended unless we have a lot of streaming cache).

Page Up: Go forward 10 minutes.

p, Space: Pause / Play.

m: Silence.

F: Full screen.

Shift + t: Always on top.

q, Esc: Close mplayer.


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  1.   Ale Riera said

    In Gentoo with KDE it is great ..! To install the dependencies it asks for is:
    emerge mplayer && emerge rtmpdump && emerge curl && emerge kdialog

  2.   Pako said

    Wonderful!!! I got to see Grey's A. ~ Thank you!

  3.   oscar said

    A doubt this works even the sh, it lowers me in white has something happened ???