Steam: My Recommended Games.

Screenshot of Counter Strike: Source

Well, after a season using Steam I think it is time to publish a list of games that in my opinion are worth buying for those of us who use the client for GNU / Linux.
Without further delay I begin.

Half Life:

How could it be otherwise, we started with the VALVe game par excellence, Half Life.
In this great game we take on the role of Gordon Freeman who after surviving an explosion during an experiment, which opens a portal to another plane so that the most dangerous beings invade the laboratories of Black Mesa. Gordon will try to reach the surface and save the workers while fighting with the beings of the other plane and the military who try to prevent anyone from leaving at all costs, at least alive.
Price: 7.99

Counter Strike: Source:

What am I going to tell about Counter Strike at this point, one of the most played games on the internet and that together with Half Life and Portal is one of the jewels of VALVe.
In this game we are part of the anti-terrorist or terrorist corps trying to kill the opposing team, either trying to rescue hostages, place and explode a bomb, etc. A game to have a good time, especially if you can play through a LAN network (what memories in the Cyber ​​playing with colleagues)
Price: 14.99

Champios of Regnum:

Champions of Regnum is an MMORGP created by an Argentine studio. In it we can choose between three kingdoms, the races that inhabit it and the class to launch into the adventure fulfilling the missions that we are assigned, killing monsters and fighting against the enemy kingdoms in the War Zone conquering forts.
The game is free, but we can get hold of various packs that give us items or buy crystals with real money to buy premium items in the game.

Team Fortress 2:

Another of the star games of VALVe and network games.
In this game we can choose a team and choose between the different classes available, each one with its weapons and characteristics. The game is free, but it has a store where we can buy various items to equip our soldier.

Beat Hazard:

Beat Hazard may appear to be just another ship shooter, but it is not. In Beat Hazars each screen is different since it generates each screen based on the music we choose, whether it is the one that comes with the game or using our favorite music.
A game to pass the time and to propose challenges.
Price: 6.99

And these are my recommendations to date since there are games that have not yet come out, or that I have not been able to test (that one does not have money to buy everything one wants)

I leave you with the links to the pages in the store, to my profile (in case you want to add me) and to the Hispanic Linux group so that all of you who want to be part of this group for those of us who use the Spanish-speaking Linux client.

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  1.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    I don't see DOTA 2… the CounterStrike thing… .. good

    1.    pandev92 said

      Pfffu how heavy you are with the p ... dota, there are lots of better games that should be ported before, one of them is COUNTER GO and Left for dead, also I would like to see some port of games like F1 2012, which is for mac so you must be using opengl, it shouldn't be difficult to port.

      1.    eX-MDrvro said

        Well, F1 would be fantastic, I also play Dirt and why not even dream of GRID :-), I would like car games on linux, some can be loaded with wine but it's not the same ...

    2.    Juan said

      you can try Heroes of Newart (I think that's how it's written) it's identical to Dota, but it's not on Steam, you just install it, it's free ...

  2.   xxmlud said

    They make quite a few offers on Steam, I would wait for them to take some out and take advantage of making the purchase

  3.   semproms said

    Apart from those mentioned in the entry, I would add, the world of goo and the trine 2, great games that work perfectly on Linux, also at a low price.

  4.   elruiz1993 said

    As I would like Portal and Portal 2 to port them to Linux, we will have to wait in silence 🙁

  5.   codelab said

    I would like to know if any of the visitors to this website regularly play Team Fortress 2, how well it performs with the linux version of the Steam client, because it is really bad for me (in my case and with the same specifications there is no point of comparison between one platform and another).

    A greeting.


  6.   frame said

    all private and paid games, what a good recommendation !!!!

    when I read the title I said to myself «… puff another one that is going to recommend free and free games like Urban terror 4.2, open arena, alien arena, wolfenstein enemy territory, etc etc….» but luckily I was wrong !!!!

    talking about free software already has me half rotten

    1.    dwarf said

      Will you be a troll or just an idiot? This is the only comment I make but if you have rotten free software and the topic ... Why the hell do you read an article on a Linux and Free Software blog ... and do you use Debian and a free version of Firefox?

      Counterproductive? Trolleo? Am I unable to understand a strange sarcasm because of the lyrics?

      I do not know.

      1.    Rolo said

        Neither one nor the other, just that it makes me very sad to have to see these types of articles on a blog like this one where, unless I'm wrong, the use of free software is encouraged.
        I did not want to be impolite, emitting some kind of expletive, so I decided to use sarcasm (if I offended someone I apologize), to express my dissatisfaction with these types of articles that ultimately, directly or indirectly, encourage the use of software proprietary on linux.
        I don't think it's bad that steam supports linux, but I don't think it's right to advertise its proprietary and paid games since they have enough money to do their own advertising.
        Money that those who make openarena, urban terror, nexuiz, 0ad, fligtheard, warmux, wesnoth, warzone2100 do not have, among many excellent games. But unfortunately for these, the promotional articles in blog linuxeros, are scarce like water in the desert.

      2.    pandev92 said

        Man, I was using sarcasm, but those games have not advanced in terms of friendliness and graphics for years, which is already tiring ... why not use a graphics engine like unity or others that are ported to opengl? instead of following the quacke…. or as it is written.

  7.   Calvin said

    It is good that you have named the Champios of Regnum, really an excellent MMORGP RvR, with a very dynamic invasion system and taking of forts, totally recommended!

    1.    Ritman said

      And how is progress without spending money on it? Because there are many Free2play that since you don't pay, you have nothing to do and you miss out on many things.

  8.   anon said

    Hello a question, I downloaded a game for linuxmint version 14 desktop XCFE and it did not run the games so it is not so good the steam games?
    any advice?.

  9.   Ghost said

    A game that I think many have already tried, and that is also available on Steam, is Bastion. He is very currado and entertaining. A very good choice. It's currently $ 14.99, but they tend to put it on sale often. Another good game, too, is Shank 2, which is on sale, $ 3.39. Cheers

  10.   kik1n said

    I recomend you:
    Diablo III
    Starcraft 2
    Battlefield 3
    Silent Hill 1-8
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Call of Duty Black Ops 2
    Mass Effect 1-3
    Fall Out 3 and New Vegas.
    Command & Conquer.
    etc etc..

    1.    lastnewbie said

      troll detected.

      I have the CS: Source, and the HL2DM, the TF2 was downloading it but I'm lazy to finish downloading it xD
      I bought the Cubemen, an entertaining little game for only USD 1.24, I bought the Bastion on eBay with the promo of USD 15.00 for free from paypal, a Key for steam. The Bastion is fun.
      Waiting for the HL2 and portal also for another company besides VALVe to make their Linux version of their games.

      Hopefully METRO LAST LIGHT comes out for LINUX, safe purchase 😀

      1.    kik1n said

        Sorry you don't use win or do you?

        Na in linux I don't use it to play games, I don't see it layered for that.

        1.    alberto said

          "Layered" surely not

          1.    kik1n said

            Hehehehehe, one kidding, the words are gone.
            trained 😀

  11.   likewho said

    Does anyone know if Spiral Knights can already be installed via Steam?

  12.   karlinux said

    I do not know how you can not put The Cave and Serious Sam 3, come on they are the best, that if the price is a little more expensive than what you have put.

    1.    pandev92 said

      I can't even run the serious sam with intel on linux, 40000 weird colors and textures come out xD, but on win… it's correct, I hope the intel devs will solve it!

  13.   rainbow_fly said

    Long time without reading a synopsis of Half life 1 ... what memories xD

  14.   edo said

    In the case of half life, I download it for windows and run it through wine (it runs excellent), and so I do not pay the 8 dollars it is worth, maybe it did not help to proliferate the adoption of games in linux, but it is not my fault make it so easy to get 😛

  15.   vinsuk said

    Faster Than Light should be included: -S

  16.   Adventure Time said

    Hello, I leave you a fun website full of Adventure Time games with Finn and Jake