Sublime Text 2, a truly sublime code editor

How good it feels when you get "your love" ... and I'm not talking precisely about love between two people, I'm talking about geek love, pure love and based on bits, bytes and lines of code.

I am always looking for new things for my system, I am a computer science student who is enthusiastic about Free Software and everything related to it. The fact that I am a programmer makes things better since that prompts me to search at all times, any number of things that can be useful to me and that suit my tastes, and one of those things that I love to look for are IDE's or code editors, and until recently I had not got one that meets what I am looking for, that is:

<° Light.
<° Powerful.
<° Free.
<° Multi platform.
<° That supports many languages.
<° Very geeky.
<° Nice.

Without those qualities it is useless, in fact, almost all the tools that I could try were either too simple and weak or too heavy (Eclipse ...), and although I have no hardware limitations of any kind I like to keep things clean (for that's a staunch pythonist), in the end, after going through a lot of programs I was able to find Sublime Text 2.

As its name implies, it is sublime, really, it is beautiful, simple, powerful, multi-platform, multi-language, IT'S GOOD GEEK and it compiles everything ... yes, it compiles everything, it doesn't matter as long as you have the plugin ( for example G ++ guidance on C y C++ o Python installed), in fact, if you do not see a build system already ready to use, then create it and period, it is simple, although I have not done it because it brings what I need and I do not compile anything more than C++ because like i said i am python to death i use HTML5, CSS3 y javascript, etc ... the fact is that there is a possibility, period.

Anyway Compile? What is that?

But so that they do not say that I did not say what I like about this IDE, or rather, editor (IDE is somewhat heavier) I put my aces on the table:

<° KISS: nothing to do with Gene Simons, Keep It Simple, Stupid is, for me, the basic principle and the golden law of computing, and this editor cannot keep this feature alive and high. It allows you to concentrate on the code, period, that's how clean the interface is and that doesn't mean it loses an iota of functionality, it's just not for noobs.

<° Either you learn or you fucking learn. This is perhaps the most interesting thing about the editor, which forces you to learn. Yes, if you have tools like auto completion and syntax highlighting, but no all-powerful and omnipotent buttons that create tables, constructions __init__ not a demon, here is the pure, tough, ancient, reliable and truly powerful do it yourself.

<° Multi platform and portable. I love this ability for the simple fact that a lot of times I'm forced to use Windows in college and archaic stuff like BORLAND (I'm serious), but ST2 is so easy to take anywhere that I just skip that nasty bit from my high school and make fun of my fellow noobs who still work with that filthy blue interface ...

<° Mc-Gyver did everything with anything, I do everything with Sublime Text 2. Yes, that Build Systems thing is incredible, it allows you to compile anything, or at least almost everything, although as I said, I have not had the need to use it, I know that when I need it, it will be there for me.

So do you want more? What are you waiting to try it? I assure you that you are going to love it, otherwise, we will give you back your lost time for reading this article.

For time returns please contact the office of the Doc (Emmett L. Brown) to go back to the future, fill out the forms, get on the Delorean and then give us the rights of the remaining time to the time returned for the time lost for having read this article. Certain extra conditions apply.

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  1.   Courage said

    Gene Simmons wears two M.

    Fuck first post and I'm criticizing you hahaha


    1.    Nano said

      I'm not surprised by you brother, hahaha. In fact, I ask myself a question: What do you do using windows? xD

      1.    Courage said

        My computer's hard drive with Arch broke

  2.   pandev92 said

    Uff because the kiss principle does not work for me, in fact I am used to using the microsoft visual studio c ++ to program in c ++ and now I find it difficult to find in Linux a text editor with all the features I need and also compile and execute then compiled it D8.

    1.    hypersayan_x said

      QtCreator is sooooo superior to Visual Studio if you're going to program in C ++, it's a complete IDE, with plenty of documentation, demos and examples.

      1.    pandev92 said

        Well I'm going to try it, to see if it goes well for me, since being multiplatform it would let me program both from linux and from windows 😀

  3.   Jhals said

    Oops! cool item = P

    I had been thinking about writing an article about SublimeText2 for some time, but in the end I couldn't even start. So congratulations on this 😀

    I wish you could do some more articles on this editor, such as option handling or editor shortcuts, something like a summary of its documentation :)

    PS: for whoever wants to try it out, you can with Soda theme and Monokai color theme from: =P

    Greetings and excellent info

    1.    dwarf said

      in fact I plan to do it but first I want to go deeper into its use.

  4.   Anonymous said

    Sorry for the intrusion, but isn't this software proprietary and paid?

    Sublime Text 2 may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use.

    1.    StuMx said

      Well, yes, it is exclusive and paid, but you can try it as long as you want with all its functions before deciding if you want to pay for it.

      I think someone deserves a slap for not reading the web of the little program xD

    2.    Nano said

      StuMx said it, you can try it as long as you want and without any limitation,

  5.   Gabriel said

    I need to clarify that it is proprietary software.

    1.    Nano said

      Yes, it is proprietary, but at least it is totally free since you can try it as long as you want before buying it, in fact, I intend to buy it to contribute something.

  6.   Chinese said

    And where is the link to the official website or something?

    Greetings very good page.

    1.    Chinese said

      I answer as in a later post

      Official Website


  7.   Javier said

    Hello and what do you think of panic coda for Mac?
    Are there any plugins to put sublime text 2 in Spanish?
    Thank you.

  8.   Edgar said

    SublimeText like gedit I like them a lot, they are the most complete, but I have a question, what computer knowledge is needed to be able to develop an editor of these calibers, (Sublime & gedit)? ...

    1.    dwarf said

      Many, believe me xD

  9.   Earl said

    You are right, it allows you to concentrate on the code, it is simple, exquisite to work with Sublime Text, with time you gain experience and snippets save you a lot of typing too, sets of keys ... ufff I don't know ...
    Greetings .. good article